US will only receive 32GB Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

by: John DyeFebruary 21, 2016


Although the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge come in 32GB and 64GB variants, rumors began circulating prior to the Unpacked event that only the 32GB version would be available in some European markets. Now Samsung has confirmed that not only is this true, but moreover, the 64GB version won’t be available in the US either.

There’s still speculation as to why Samsung is limiting device selection in some of their largest markets, but some believe that the 32GB versions of these devices may have a higher profit margin than the 64GB equivalents. They are effectively assuring that only the more profitable version is available in areas where sales of these devices will be massive.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-2See also: Official Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge introduction24

If this is the case, then it’s a clever move that probably won’t ruffle too many feathers, seeing as the S7 line brings back the greatly-missed expandable storage capability that was absent on S6 models. Since users can easily expand their device’s storage, it seems unlikely that too many Samsung fans will be disappointed by being unable to snag 64GB of internal storage.

galaxy s7 crop

However, this does put an as-of-yet unconfirmed feature of the S7 line in the spotlight. Although Android 6.0 offers the capability for external storage to be treated as internal storage, it’s not clear yet whether or not the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge will support this. The LG G5, for instance, does not offer this capability, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to hear that Samsung’s flagships won’t either.

It would seem that if the S7 line will let its users treat microSD cards as internal storage, then this will be a complete non-issue. However, if power users start to feel limited by those 32GB of storage space, we might start to hear some squeaky wheels. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, but in the meantime, what are your thoughts about the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s lack of a 64GB version in many regions? Let us know your theories and opinions in the comments!

  • Stevie V

    What a boneheaded move. Just offer the damn 64gb model. Can’t just let us have it all, huh Samsung?

    • Sweet Note

      We used to have it all, but nows our curtain call :(. But seriously, what banana degenerated department at Samsung, Industrial Design at Apple, is the bonehead of leaders, but at Samsung, who did this retarded marketing decision? Like heck, if the phones microsd aint being treated as internal storage, screw this potential purchase then…

      • Brett Howard

        Notice how the news of this all trickles out after pre-order period has begun ? First, we hear no 64gb or 128gb, just 32gb, but there’s a 200gb SD card reader…then, the next day, we hear that Samsung has disabled the feature to merge internal storage with the SD card, forcing us to run all apps on the 32gb internal storage….What else are they hiding from us ??

  • Chris

    What a shame. After all Americans have more money then these Forigners

    • Happy

      …and yet the Americans cannot spell foreigner…

      • gurudeep p

        nailed it

      • Chris

        We don’t blow up airplanes and eat egg Foo young all the time

        • NamelessStar

          yup i’d trade that for monthly mass shootings every month such a good win for america

        • MarkUkanela

          Yeah but we supply others with planes to blow up houses of other people. We also supply others with weapons to steal and build illegal settlements on the property of others.

    • sum1

      What exactly do you mean by “these foreigners”? …which you’ve spelled wrong. Who are “these” exactly? I detect a condescending tone in that remark- and coming from someone who can’t even spell correctly in his own language, one would expect less arrogance. (You also got the conjunction wrong in your comment: it’s “more than” not “more then” ).

      More accurately however, it’s not a question of “more money,” as you naively and insultingly put it; it’s more a matter of market size when it comes to many aspects of the U.S. market. Many of mobile telephony’s most profitable markets are smaller in population and have lower per capita GDP than the U.S.

      • EasyCare

        From his spelling and grammar you know you shouldn’t waste your time with delivering complex explanation to him…

    • Howdy. Foreigner here. I bet I earn more than you :)
      – a norwegian

      • Chris

        Dobut it.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Any word which CPU the US (and Canada) will get?

    • Luca

      Most like you’ll get the better version of the two (Snapdragon 820).

  • arbocorp

    How does limiting the consumer translate to more sales? I don’t care about expandable storage when the manufacture could just as easily provide it. Isn’t additional storage getting cheaper? Why not set yourself apart by offering 128gb internal storage? I was hoping to jump to a Samsung phone this year upgrading from my Oneplus One, guess these aren’t the phones I’ve been looking for.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Offer the 64gb and a 128gb model. Samsung is ridiculous. Apple offers a 64gb and 128gb option, so does Google. I would love an S7 edge 128gb with micro SD for the most storage possible. A carrier free unlocked version is a must, but as usual Samsung forces you to go to the carrier’s and get f*cked. The S7 and S7 edge seem great, and I was looking forward to it as a secondary phone to go with my 128gb 6p. Ordering a 128gb unlocked 6s plus. Carrier free, no tramp stamp, and no bloat is a must. Samsung and LG are ignoring a pretty large niche that wants unlocked flagships.

    • Iceman89

      Apple have no choice, they have no sdcard slot, Samsung had no choice with the Galaxy S6.

      Now they do have a choice, so they’re going for the option which will give them most profit which is obviously going to be the 32GB version.

      Is that not what everyone wanted?

      • Marc Perrusquia

        Samsung “had no choice” with the Note 5 and ditched the 128gb option. LG’s V10 has 64gb of storage with micro SD expansion. There’s no need to make excuses for only having a 32gb option. There’s no reason not offer a 64 and 128gb option with micro SD.

        • Brett Howard

          More bad news just announced… cannot run any apps on the SD card in the S7. All apps must be run on internal storage…figure that one out….

      • “Is that not what everyone wanted?”
        nope. I bought the S6 specifically because of the 64GB internal memory. I don’t want to be bothered with moving apps and stuff from and to the memory card.

        But I wouldn’t upgrade to the S7 even with 64GB internal since the S6 still works great for me.

        • Brett Howard

          I wholeheartedly agree about having to run apps off the SD card. It’s a pain….you lose apps if you want to swap cards to play a movie or access other files on another card. I filled my 32gb Note 4 in about a year with just apps. It was overflowing apps onto the SD card. I upgraded to S6 with 64gb to get away from this scenario. Might as well keep my S6 Edge Plus 64gb and get a OTG plugin for SD cards…That way, I’ve got 64gb + 200gb on a card thru the OTG….

  • Ryuto Arisato

    Well, it’s not a big deal to me since I’m gonna have microSD card in S7 but it does sound awkward to hear the news.

  • Michael

    Who makes these retarded decisions at Samsung? Why are they even making 32GB phones? For grannies who don’t know how to install apps. I barely get by with my 64GB Note 5. Of course if I could, I’d, put a 200GB micro SD on there. But I’d still buy a 128GB device and put a 200GB SD card on there. I like the freedom. But a 32GB phone on an OS with half ass micro SD support. A 128GB S7 Edge is like a 9/10. A 32GB S7 is like a 6/10 for me. Barely worth considering, expandable storage or not.

    • Jake

      I agree these days having a 32GB internal storage for a base model device is kinda of a bad idea. With apps and games getting larger and larger with each new iteration. It only makes sense to increase the internal storage capacity of a device from 32 – 64GB. That said at least Samsung has brought back the microSDCard slot and seeing as Marshmallow will allow us to use the microSDCard as booster for the internal memory. I guess it’s no big not having larger storage capacities on the SGS7 series.

      • Gunther Mangelschots

        Uh, no, that is exactly what Samsung removed or disabled in their Android M. You can’t merge the internal and microSD to one big storage on the S7. They did go the same road as LG did with the G5 regarding this

        • Brett Howard

          Yup, saw that news today….All apps must be run from internal storage…If u have a lot of apps or large ones u could be SOL with only 32gb….My 110 apps on Note 4 filled up the 32gb…

    • Iceman89

      We influenced this, if enough users and reviewers complain about the lack of sdcard guess what happens? sdcards return and goodbye 64GB/128GB internal.

      Not something I’m happy about, guess I’ll have to adapt.

      Congrats to all the users and reviewers included that complained and made a fuss over the lack of an sdcard slot, we’ve taken a step backwards as a result.

      • GuyGnole

        Are external hard drives a step back for laptops?

        • Iceman89

          Laptop’s aren’t limited to 32GB so it’s not relevant.

        • estebanrey

          External hard drives are mainly used as back-up or to move data between machines, not as a primary storage drive. Likewise people don’t think “I’ll buy a laptop with a tiny hard drive because I can always buy an external drive to compensate for it” like they want to do with phones.

          Furthermore I suspect most people understand that the external drive isn’t “as good” performance-wise as the internal hard drive which 99% of people crying a bout a lack of an SD slot on a phone don’t.

        • Paul Creamer


          My laptop has a 250gig ssd drive…as well as my desktop… my tablet has a 200gig ish hd builtin .. yet I still have a 4tb external network drive.. that I can access from my phone anywhere in the world (wd cloud drive)..

          I can even get to it via my Gear vR — just haven’t figured out the gear vr yet

      • Gunther Mangelschots

        Uh, not goodbuy to the 64GB. They will be sold, just not in European and US market. So did only Americans and Europeans influenced this? And what is up with not offering titanium silver in europe?

        • aries1470

          Not Sold in Australia either, only 32GB. When time came for me to get the iPad Air 2, for my kid, due to school decisions, I got the 128Gb. I hate how the companies and especially the Telco’s, since they are even MORE RESPONSIBLE in the decision making, just get the least amount available for their markets here, and are COLLUDING! Only exception to the rule, is Apple, since the Telco’s go by what they say. Even thoguh I don’t like Apple, they are doing a service, even though it is for their own bottom line, it also benefits the end user. if we were to “boycott”, no one would follow either… so, “win-win” for Samsung, and especially the Telco’s that “subsidise” the phones on 24 month contracts.

        • FBA

          It’s not sold in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, UAE, Qatar, or Saudi either.. so where is the 64GB variant sold then? 64GB is a key factor for me to buy this phone or not asI will be using the SD card slot for another SIM card instead.. sigh…

          • Gunther Mangelschots

            Yeah, I noticed it too. There were rumours that the 64GB would come to thailand but same as you I could not find it. Guess Samsung thinks Asia is Korea. Maybe it is being sold there. I really want this phone. Looks far better than the LG G5 and HTC 10 in my opinion but that 32GB is where I decide not to buy it. The problem however is that this S7 is selling like sweet biscuits so I guess Samsung hasn’t got much to worry about us complaining about the 32GB since the market is in for it and not troubled by it at all
            I still hope for more variants later in the year but I know this is just wishful thinking!

      • estebanrey

        Precisely, and we lost the IR blaster (something I use regularly) to make room for the SD Card slot.

        I bought a 64GB S6 Edge a year ago and I’ve never run out of storage because guess what? I actually go through and delete all those videos and picture I took 3 months ago…the important ones were uploaded to my cloud account anyway.

        Of course having expandable storage is always preferable to not having it, but I feel most of the moaning last year wasn’t from power users who actually “needed” over 100gb of extra spaced but by mostly lazy people who take a lot of photos and can’t be bothered to go through a wipe all the junk every now and then.

    • VerlandersPhone

      thats odd, apple has no issue selling a 16gb device without expandable storage… come to think of it, Samsung sells even more with 32gb! what gives? without 128 internal and 200 sd, both should be out of business right? the decisions make no sense at all!

      not trying to pick on you, but both companies are running successful businesses and neither one of them will ever cater to extreme user demands.

      • Rob

        Marketer: If I sold it all to you, now, you wouldn’t keep buying my products.

        Customer: No! If you sold it all to me now, I’d more apt to buy more of your products.

    • Brett Howard

      You might want to purchase an OTG dongle with SD card reader. Plugs right into the micro usb. Amazon has some tiny ones that will support up to a 200gb card…In the meantime, I agree…64gb should be the minimum internal storage if you run a lot of apps so that the apps do not have to be moved to the SD card…

      • Michael

        I have one. It’s not the same. Basically, I just don’t use it and my 128gb card I bought is sitting on my desk.

      • aries1470

        The OTG dongle comes in the box for the S7 series… ;-) So, why even use it though, since it can have either 2 sim cards or 1 sim card and one MicroSD.. unless you want to transfer videos etc to external storage. I must though suggest, that if you go the OTG way, get a dongle that can be charging your phone, since from experience, some USB Sticks use plenty of power, so your battery will drain, especially while transferring files.

    • Rosalind

      Well, here is one granny who will definitely NOT be buying a S7 with 32 Gb internal storage. My S4 with 32Gb + 16Gb sd-card is bursting at the seams and I have to juggle with apps. Only a few can be transferred to SD card.

      I had decided to buy the S7 with min. 64Gb internal storage. If it becomes available in France in the next month or so, I will get it. Otherwise I’ll be looking elsewhere.

  • cdm283813

    I was going to get the cheaper 32GB version anyway. I’ll use the money to buy a 128GB card for music and movies.

    • MarkUkanela

      After a few apps you will only have around 5gb of internal storage space left. You will be using around 80% of your internal storage capacity which will bog down performance.

  • V-Phuc

    Doesn’t Marshmallow give the option to turn your microSD into internal storage? If that’s the case, I’d buy the larget microSD they support and turn it in an internal storage. Nevertheless, I’d admit that some strange decisions have been taken at Samsung HQ lately. Should we even bring the “no Note 5 for Europe” decision? LOL

    • Iceman89

      It does give you the option but it doesn’t really work, still installs to internal first.

      It’s a broken feature.

    • Yes, Marshmallow allows that, but Samsung disabled it in the S7. So yes, you can use a microsd as storage for music, pictures, etc., but Android won’t be able to use it to also store apps. Samsung messed up big time with that. I could understand disabling it since consumers seem to be confused by the concept, but with on 32gb…that’s going to mean you’re going to have about 22 gb of usable space as soon as you turn the phone on. :/

      • Alex

        Does that include the partial transfer like was supported with the S4?

    • Brett Howard

      It does, BUT Samsung announced they are turning that feature OFF in Marshmellow. MicroSD won’t be able to merge with internal storage on the S7…

  • Kody

    Makes sense, I’m fine with a 32gb model that supports micro sd.

    • Iceman89

      I hate you,

      • Kody


        • aries1470

          Because… the SD is NOT for running apps, only saving photo’s / movies… Makes sense now? ;-)

          • Kody

            I know this. But for general users this isn’t going to be a problem. An average user won’t scratch 15gb worth of apps. Only heavy gamers would run into this issue. Most people are more media heavy than app heavy. So selling the 32 gb to maximize profit makes more sense. Plus a real power user would go for the note anyway.

          • Alex

            So sell the 64GB for more money to keep the profit margin the same. I’d for sure pay $50 more and probably even $100 more for the 64GB internal memory just to future-proof my phone for as long as possible. Many wouldn’t and would be fine with the 32GB model but I’m guessing anyone complaining here would gladly spend an extra $50 for the space. I already have a microSD card for my music (over 30GB) and photos which is why I never touched the S6.

  • Marty

    Pffft…with all the upcoming premium choices in smartphones, the S7 is looking less desirable. The LG G5 and HTC One M10 are intriguiging me more…with the M10 probably being my next phone. If the G5 had an OLED display, it’d probably be at the top of my list.

  • The truth is OUT there

    The 32GB is the SD820 version
    The 64GB is the Exynos version
    Because the Exynos version GPU is NOT as good as the SD version. So, samsung will give the user an extra of 32GB internal storage

    • Cakefish

      Incorrect. UK has 32GB Exynos model.

    • MarkUkanela

      I bet it will be close though. Probably not something too big a user will notice. I am waiting to see if LG with their G5 or HTC with their new M10 will offer a 64GB version.

  • Doc

    Samsung Aust can’t tell me how much app storage is available on a 32GB! At this stage is appears that Telstra in Aust will only sell the 32GB version. I would have happily paid for a 64 or maybe a 128GB version to avoid the “insufficient memory” (app memory) messages I’ve had for the last 6 months, forcing me to uninstall apps so updates could come through. My current HTC One XL phone had 32GB of storage, with only 7.5GB for apps, which has been very frustrating! I may have to look seriously at getting the HTC One M10 if it comes in 64 GB. Unless the micro SD card can be used for app memory, or the 64 version comes t Australia, this is a deal breaker.

    • Alex

      6.0 will but it sounds like Samsung took it away. Then they can bring out the 64GB model later and get people to switch over.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    How could 32GB versions be with higher profit margin than the 64GB ? ROTFL
    Are you insane? Or you just couldn’t find better bashing right now?
    It’s more like- With SD support and less profit margin of 32GB versions(cheaper) , Samsung think will sell more right now.

    • kennsg

      Cost less to make and can sell at a higher margin..thats my guess??

  • Heiro78

    LG G5 just lost me. It’s confirmed that it wont support full external storage usage on android 6.0? Why not? I mean a root exploit will probably fix it but cmon man.

  • VerlandersPhone

    lets see, i could have samsung build in 128 gb for $200 extra, or buy a $90 SD chip with 128GB in addition to the 32gb included with the phone… hmmm basic math here people. What could the heck could people possibly be complaining about? really, incredibly silly. non issue if there ever was one, and total click-bait, masturbate headline.

    • tonkotsu

      Internal memory is usually SIGNIFICANTLY faster. The more you have, the more you can use. Having 64gb and 128gb options does NOT remove your 32gb option. Basic logic.

      • Iceman89

        “Internal memory is usually SIGNIFICANTLY faster. The more you have, the more you can use”


        “Having 64gb and 128gb options does NOT remove your 32gb option. Basic logic.”

        Makes no sense, try again.

      • VerlandersPhone

        SIGNIFICANTLY faster, to do what exactly? You can easily launch apps, watch movies, look at pictures, and listen to music that are stored on an SD with 100% effectiveness. So what’s the problem? Again i’ll state, this is a complete non-issue, and sales of the 64/128gb model would back that. Plug in the SD chip and go on your way. Or buy another piece of hardware, problem solved.

        • tonkotsu

          To do things you don’t do apparently. If you find no use for it, thats great. But others will use those features. You don’t need those features? Good, STFU because this issue doesn’t concern you.

          • VerlandersPhone

            hey man, i understand. you want your vast porn library to load fractionally faster so your dear mother doesn’t catch you in the act again. its cool… and youre right, issues like that dont concern me. for all other matters 32gb and an SD card have you covered. you responded to me, now youre telling me to stfu? classic. go buy a different device and learn how to converse with people, genius.

          • tonkotsu

            No, more like you trying not allow other people to have options because you don’t need a particular option. No need to star cracking porn jokes because you’re too narrow minded to figure out why people want more storage.

    • AlexFirth91

      Apple already baited the iPhone price tag, I doubt it would hurt Samsung much.

  • kennsg

    No USB C port..No 64GB model..I wondered why they held back on these items..maybe Samsung will include the next year..or they might come out later this year. Either way I like the new models but wish they put it all out there for us and let us make the decision ourself’s

    • Chrisdroid

      Their VR hardware it is not compatible with USB C, Which I think it’s very stupid, but that’s the only reason why, a Samsung rep told me.

      • Happy

        Let me get this correctly. So they are crippling a 700/800 Euro device because of 100 Euro VR goggles? Very clever. CHANGE THE F***** GEAR VR!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chris

          Or they can wait till USB C becomes mainstream.

          • aries1470

            LG and other companies have gone USB type C…

    • Chris

      USB C is still very much new and I don’t think quick charge will work with it.

      • AlexFirth91

        Quick charge works with USB C and probably better, but the issue is VR, and potential issues of poor third party C cables. BUT its safe to say the Note 6 will hopefully introduce USB C.

  • AS118

    Wow, seriously? No 64gb means no sale for a lot of people. Do they WANT to lose money?

  • Daggett Beaver

    Yawn. After well more than a year, I still have 12 GB free space left on my 32 GB Note 4.

    • tonkotsu


  • Jonathan Masters

    This is supposed to be Samsung’s “flagship” device? Hardly. If it’s only available as a 32GB model, then it won’t be worth buying. I’ll switch to a stock Nexus 6P, or the LG V10. Seems like Samsung keeps screwing around with customers, and doesn’t care if they drive people away with stupid decisions. Why cripple their newest device like this?

    Also, after reading comments here, I’m confused. It was my understanding after reading numerous online articles that the adoptable storage (using external SD card as internal) does NOT augment the existing memory, it replaces it. That is, if you have 32GB internal, and add a 64GB card, you will NOT have 96GB of storage, but only 64GB, the size of the SD card. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Bryan

    And adoptable storage isn’t going to be implemented on this phone… And we are stuck with 32GB also.

  • kenneth czyz

    Expandable up to 200 gb micro SD 32 gb should be good enough

    • is there any 200GB micro sd’s? 128 -> 256. or am I missing something

  • IceTrey

    How much of the 32 gigs is actually even available?

    • I think the S6 OS and stuff took about 9-12GB. don’t remember exactly.

  • stfu

    They do have 64gb though. Sucks for america lol.

    • aries1470

      AND Other markets too… Australia & Europe included, not ONLY America…

    • FBA

      Not in Asia and Middle East either.. I guess 64GB is just in Korea only..

  • David U

    I can’t believe the insanity of this choice, a flagship phone with a measly 32gb, I had the cash ready to buy this phone. I’m going to wait for the sony z6 instead now or get the z5, samsung needs to re think their life choices!

  • HotInEER

    People need to calm down. Yes, choices are great, and I wish they offered 64 and 128 GB options, but this decision has to be based on sales data. It’s probably the model that sells the most, and helps Samsung keep costs down by not having so much extra stock being sold, and they added the micro SD card so I’m sure they assumed people would buy the cheapest model and throw in a cheap memory card. Is not rocket science, it’s business.

  • Terry

    They are losing money because their product decisions are retarded. Find the executive that made this decision to “Screw Customers so we can make another 11 cents per phone” and fire him!! Even if you didn’t want 64GB you should boycott them just on principle.

  • c0yshizzle

    if the sd cards are not recognized as internal memory, then thats a deal breaker for me. Having a 64GB memory phone is just right for games, music and movies

    • Rob

      You’re confusing memory for storage…which sound very much the same, but are treated very differently by the OS.

      • SculpinIPA

        No, he’s not.

    • Brett Howard

      The news just trickled out that you can’t run any apps on the SD card in the S7. All apps must be run from internal storage….

  • Tony

    What a turn off

  • Rob

    1) 32Gb because they can sell it at the same price as last year but put less in it to supposedly compensate for what they’re adding, elsewhere.

    2) 64Gb version to come in the latter half of this year or next year so that you go out and buy another phone.

  • Brett Howard

    I had a Note 4 with 32gb….It took me a year, but I filled up the device with just apps, forcing me to run some apps on the SD card….I upgraded to S6 Edge Plus 64gb and what a difference. If I’m going to be forced to to run apps on the S7 SD card, it defeats the purpose of using a removable card for other things like movies….

  • Gunther Mangelschots

    No 64GB and no Titanium silver in Belgium. Sigh. Ok, guess I will buy it in Thailand then. Marketing, pffff

    • MarkUkanela

      I would not buy a smartphone with under 64GB of internal storage,especially a Marshmallow one. Not sure if Thailand will get 64gb model though. Dual Sim 64gb would be great but even better would be a Dual Sim 64GB LG G5 as one can replace battery more easily. I like being able to just swap out batteries.

  • Lamar Taylor

    This is bad news for me…I always prefer internal storage and hate using memory cards. My GS6 is 64gb and that was perfect and I didn’t mind paying extra for more memory. Samsung needs to stop over thinking and deliver basic needs.

  • Arthur Ashmann

    This has been a subject for me for the past couple weeks as I was looking forward to purchasing the S7 edge due to its expanded RAM footprint and adoption of Snapdragon. However, storage is one of my main concerns currently as I am running low with the 16GB S5. Moving Applications to a micro SD card is not an option as they lose functionality (mainly in widgets from what I am seeing) so if I want those functions in my applications, internal storage is essential. The problem with the 32GB version of the S7 is that according to AT&T, after all of the bloatware installed by the carrier, only 10GB of useable memory is left on the 32GB disk. I don’t want to root my phone just to get more bang for my disk space.

    I figured the above storage issue could be alleviated by Marshmallow’s ability to format the expandable memory to internal storage. However, this feature converts the installed SD Card to be the primary disk which runs at a lower throughput than the internal disk which can hinder performance of applications installed. In addition, this replaces the usable memory on the device instead of augmenting it. For example, if you have a 32 GB internal disk with only 10GB of usable memory and you add a 64 GB micro SD card and format it to be an internal disk, your usable memory becomes 64 GB wasting the 10 GB unused space on your higher performing internal disk.

    All of the above storage issues makes me think that I’d rather have a large internal 64 GB disk in my S7 edge (128 GB would be better) or just move over to an iPhone which makes the storage issue a moot point.

  • Bruyork

    I’m only now seeing this. This is the only thing that i can see i won’t like about the new galaxy s7s. I don’t understand why. It would be fine if adoptable storage was an option. Either way still getting the s7 edge.

  • Paul Zee

    64 GB variants will be available in the Philippines for 44,990 in memoExpress, the sales lady told me, and it’s awesome! Can’t wait to get mine! :)

  • Heck, with all the carrier bloatware, the internal 32GB is used up fairly quickly.

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    I am just waiting for 64gb/128gb version as I want to use it as dual sim phone. I keep all the video and pictures in my mobile phone. I am not going to buy 32gb….. SAMSUNG…….LAUNCH IT……EAGERLY WAITING FOR IT.

  • Christopher Klemetson

    I just upgraded to the S7 Edge 32gb from a Turbo 64gb. The Edge is clearly faster than the Turbo,but I’must not too happy with the S7 not being able to combine internal memory and Micro SD card as one storage device. I was looking to get the 200 gb micro SD card too. Ive maxed out my 32 gb already with apps and using Gear VR. Also the S7 doesn’t support cast screen “miracast” mhl to stream to tv. They want you to have to use WiFi thru a router. Sucks!

  • Paul Creamer

    Here is my thing about s7 storage… I want to use gear vr — but ive only had the s7 a week or so..and I’m already maxing out 32gig..and am already looking at ways to use my 4tb network drive via wireless or url or other..

    Now wishing I had gotten anything other than s7 because I will need huge storage for gear vr eventually and while I admit I haven’t gotten there phone wise. I can attetest its likely… my 4tb drive Is half full of tv related..and has 100% of all my audio cd’s now mp3’s and etc… that’s about 800+ audio cd’s..most of which I still have.

    Tv related was a previous pc that had a tv tuner in it…

    I like the gear vr, but am finding that it too is limiting…………….not having external storage options for gearvr or s7 is getting me to a point of no longer wanting Samsung products.

    Btw, Ive been a longtime Samsung buyer (my TV’s, fridge, etc) are all Samsung.. that’s likely to not happen anymore

  • Christopher

    I care. A lot. You know, I think I’ll get the vivo Xplay elite. It has 128gb, audiophile sound, AND all your best parts.


    Not cool Samsung! Stop this crap now. Sell the 64gb versions in the USA.

  • Jim Harvey

    I have had samsung phones since the beginning of time.. While they come out with flashier versions, the problem is that they are run by a bunch of idiots. If I could conveniently get out of my contract at ATT, I’d dump Samsung in a heartbeat and find another Android device.

  • Do we know yet if the SD can be used to store and execute apps? If not, restricting to 32GB draws a heavy vacuum… Certainly agree with Michael…