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Samsung introduced a powerful tool with the Galaxy S5 called Ultra Power Saving Mode. As the name suggest, it is designed to bring maximum battery life to your smartphone, boasting up to 24 hours of standby time on just 5 percent battery. The trade off is a limited color display, switching off most connectivity radios and access to only six apps.

For some people, the only thing worse than running out of power on their phone is being locked to a specific set of apps that they do not like or want to use.

If the restricted apps provided by Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode, including the default Browser, WhatsApp and Hangouts, don’t do it for you, and you have gone ahead and rooted your device, UPSM Manager is here to save the day. Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM) Manager provides one simple, yet important function, it allows you to choose which six apps are available in Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Ultra Power Saving Mode Manager


Simply fire up UPSM Manager, check off the apps you desire access to and save, which requires superuser root access. Apps will need to be accessible to the Ultra Power Saving Mode framework, which should cover most of your favorites. In between the restriction, and the fact that the developer considers this an initial test release, there may be some trial and error before you get a solid set of apps locked down.

Get it on Google Play ButtonUPSM Manager can be found for free over on the XDA Forums, or hit the version in the Google Play Store for $1.01, if you would like to support the developer.

If Ultra Power Saving Mode, with or without UPSM Manager, is not the right solution for your power saving needs, remember to follow our old battery saving tips or try out an extended battery for a little extra oomph. If in doubt, you might also try to stay away from your favorite games, many of which sap a ton of juice on the average device.

You know what I am about to ask, don’t you: What are your six apps?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • The Lion

    i find the best way to save on power hungry apps is to firewall EVERYTHING but the few apps you actually need to have access and use Greenify and again Greenify everything , i normally get 24 hours or sometimes more out of my S4 with this , you will need a rooted phone obviously and install avast and use the firewall which i have found to be the simplest and most effective , also dont use auto brightness use the built in slider to manually control it.Also if you have a rooted phone use Nobloat and remove all the bundled crapware which also speeds things up.

    • David Baláž

      Well my S4 used to have like all day battery with 6:5h screen on . Then I installed some apps(also greenified them) and was down to about 5h . Now with som many apps I cannot past 3h mark and I use greenify to all apps I install except whatsapp.

      So there has to be something wrong with some app or I dont know

      • Mike Reid

        Some people blame “lazy devs”.

        As a hard-working, non-lazy dev I’d “blame”: too little time for devs, too little incentive to reduce battery usage (vs new feature or support for more phones), and managers telling devs the same things customers do: Give us X, Y and Z, and don’t worry about battery.

        Battery usage can crank up when apps send info over the Internet.

        My own apps do the “software evil” of polling, and in many cases, Google does not provide an API that allows “the proper way of app notification”.

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  • William

    Phone, messaging, Internet, music, gallery, and camera.

  • peter noble

    Can one of the 6 chosen apps be kindle app?

  • Nghi NguyenViet

    Is there anyway to enable color screen when i use camera app in this mode? It’s not convenient to take a photo without color on screen.

    • Brendan

      Just turn off UPSM when using the camera then turn it back on when you are done. Turning colour back on will defeat the purpose as screen uses most power when on.

  • Justin Willis

    Is there anyway to add apps to UPSM without root? I don’t mess with that stuff. They have twitter on there it should let me add some apps I actually care about.

  • Shubh

    Any similar app for samsung A8 ?