Unlocked HTC One A9: software upgrades within 15 days of every Nexus update

by: Andrew GrushOctober 20, 2015

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Today HTC took the wraps off its new hero device, the HTC One A9. While the phone isn’t exactly a “flagship” by the traditional sense, it does offer some compelling features including a high-end metallic design, Marshmallow out of the box, a fingerprint scanner, and more. One other big change? The unlocked version of the One A9 will not only have a unlocked bootloader that won’t void the warranty, it’ll also get almost Nexus-fast updates.

In an official Tweet, HTC revealed that the unlocked A9 will get “every software update within 15 days of Google’s first push to Nexus.” That’s a pretty bold claim, especially since HTC fell behind on its 90 days promise back in the days of Lollipop.

For what it is worth, we’ve seen HTC push more and more of its apps to the Play Store, decoupling them from Sense. With the promise of 15 day updates, perhaps HTC has found a way to push away even more of the HTC Sense experience from base Android? After all, it’s generally the “customized parts” of the UI that slows OEMs down when it comes to launching new updates.

Android 6.0 marshmallow logo DSC_0126See also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – October 15, 2015157

What if HTC can hold true to the promise? The HTC One A9 will be one of the most modder-friendly devices on the market, offering fast updates and an easily unlockable bootloader. Of course, it’s specs aren’t exactly the kind power users dream of, though there’s more to a good phone than the specs. For more casual consumers used to iPhone’s update policies and for those that fear the dreaded (and exaggerated) “fragmentation issue” of Android, the addition of fast and frequent Android updates will also likely be welcomed.

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What do you think of the HTC One A9, and its near-Nexus update promise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Daggett Beaver

    This would be great for Nexus fanboys if they would ever consider a phone other than Nexus. In other words, never.

    • J G


    • Ibrahim Ansari

      I just hate the word ‘fanboy’. Anyone with me?

  • J G

    updates for a year? 2? 3???? Also I hope they release the factory image to revert back to if we start tinkering with new roms.

    • Пешо Пешев

      Year? A WHOLE YEAR? You are very optimistic…

      • J G

        I can only dream man. I can only dream lol

  • Mike Bastable

    Foogle has not managed to update my nexus 2013 wifi yet….pretty appaling from them….so i wish htc luck…

    • cdm283813

      I updated my 2013 N7 within 24 hours. But I understand that most folks don’t want to jump through hoops to update manually. But then again that’s the beauty of a Nexus device.
      If you don’t like Nexus updating cycles the next best option is iPhone. Funny part is that I won’t be updating my iPhone 6S unless the update can be jailbroken. It’s very ironic coming from years of slow Samsung updates. I plan on getting a Nexus 6P as a Nexus 7 replacement. To old to play the fanboy role any longer so I bat for both sides.

  • nytimes

    SD808 and a bigger battery would have attracted Nexus fans for sure!

    • Пешо Пешев

      Why do you think that Nexus fans want a direct copy of an iPhone made by a fucking morons?

      • kcz7

        Not sure if you’re talking about the phone in the article, but if so, I’m pretty sure it’s NOT a direct copy? Do some research, friend. HTC has been using that back side design before the iPhone did (see: HTC One; 2013).

    • Marty

      The SD617 is probably much better than the SD808.

  • Marty

    15 days after Nexii updates? Hmmm,..so HTC is commiting to A9 updates before Nexii gets them? The Android 6 Nexii update started rolling out over 2 weeks ago yet my N6 and N7 have yet to receive it.

    • kcz7

      Dayum, for real? My Nexus 5 got MM 2 days after release, and that’s over WiFi only (no SIM inserted; use it as a music player/ChromeCast video watching device).

      • Marty

        That’s how it is for the 6 and 7. The last update hit the 6 absolutely last…after even OEMs.

  • Catalin Bunescu

    the back looks like the iphone and the front like a samsung….how original haha…bravooo htc…you dit it again…haha

    • kcz7

      Do your research, friend. It was the iPhone who copied HTC’s ‘back side’ (see: HTC One; 2013). That’s right, I’ve been telling all the Apple lovers the truth since they wanna call out people for copying.

      • Catalin Bunescu

        Do your research, friend. When the first photos came out with the Blackberry Z10, HTC changed the phones design starting then….and guess with what design they was similar? :))

        • kcz7

          Whoa…. you’re supposed to be defending the iPhone and how the HTC is so original. You’re trying to pitch a curve ball when I obviously hit a line drive to midfield. Anywho, the BBZ10 doesn’t have the same back side as the HTC One. But it’s ok, try to change the subject I delivered while knowing I was right about my statement.

          EDIT: I see you’re typing to reply. I forgot to add: I will say, the home button insertion on the M9, is very iPhone/Samsung’esque and I have no idea why they implemented that. No idea. They have never had a home button, in my knowledge (still have my 2010 HTC Evo 4G).

          • Catalin Bunescu

            I am not defending the iPhone….i’m an android fan…I love smartphones in general…change them often….and I observe the evolution in terms of design of new and old phones…and to be frank…I am disappointed of HTC….in my opinion they can do better

          • kcz7

            I have to agree with you on that.

          • Catalin Bunescu

            thank you :)

  • hekermeker

    HTC made me a Nexus, Motorola or Sony fan. Why ? Because their support, their credibility and their update policy is shitty. And their prices are HIGH. So I don’t care what are they promising. I will NEVER- EVER buy again HTC products.Not even a Nexus made by them.

  • StormShadow

    after the whole Lollipop update promise thing HTC pulled out a while ago, I have my doubts…