It’s possible to use dual SIMs and a microSD card on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge… with a little work

by: John DyeMarch 23, 2016

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Those who need the dual SIMs on their device might have been disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. After all, the smartphone really only supports either dual SIMs or expandable storage. Since many regions only received the 32GB version of the Galaxy S7 Edge, with Samsung banking on the microSD slot to assuage the doubts of high-storage users, it’s possible that you might feel a little confined by these restrictions. Fear not! The folks over at No Replied have figured out a hack to bring microSD storage to your device even if you’re rocking two SIM cards.


Okay, so I said “fear not,” but maybe a little fear is justified or even healthy. This hack requires you to heat up and disassemble your nano SIM chip, then cut it apart with scissors before permanently fusing it with your microSD card. This is not an undertaking for the weak of heart, small of soul, or anyone who got shaky and nervous just playing Operation as a kid. The stakes are pretty high, as you could damage not only your SIM card, not only your microSD card, but you also risk breaking your S7 Edge. No pressure there, cowboy.


What all do you need for this open heart surgery? Why, just your SIM card (it has to be a nano SIM, by the way), a lighter, a pair of scissors, some double sided tape or Gajah super glue, your microSD card, and the courage of a viking warrior.

If you’re someone who would really like to use two SIM cards while simultaneously expanding your storage space through the use of a microSD card, and you also possess the stoic eye of a man who has stared death in the face and yawned, then head on over to No Replied for the full step-by-step procedure. And may the gods be at your back. For the rest of us, who have shaky hands and nerves made of talcum, post in the comments what you think of this hack and whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits. Will this be something you’ll be trying with your Galaxy S7 Edge?

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  • Shashank5988

    Absolutely splendid stuff. Not that much of an effort. Only deal is – someone get me those bucks to have S7 Edge, and I assure I am gonna pull this off!

  • KeyserSoze

    Noice, pretty easy mod. Me loikey!

  • Edgar Oliveira

    Hey guys, does Verizon s7 support dual sim or/and sim and micro sd? I thought it was only Sim and micro sd.

    • I walked into a Verizon store to find the answer to this very question. The SIM/microSD tray shaped differently so you can’t even fit two SIMs in there; only a SIM and a microSD. Found out the phone doesn’t support two SIMs either which is probably the case for all carriers in the US. You’ll have to get an S7 made for other markets to get a dual-SIM variant. I’m currently trying to figure out which of those dual-SIM variants will work on Verizon but I’m worried because although a phone may have support for particular bands & frequencies, the firmware on the phone may have some of them disabled depending on region. How can I find out without buying one to try it? So much uncertainty, argg!

  • Major Sceptic

    Very brave those who do this , I have another alternative , buy another el cheapo phone and a cheap Sim for a month for less than $100.00 just for phone calls , texts, etc , no risk.

    • RiTCHiE

      100 bucks? you nuts? You can get them old bar phones for around 7 to 8 bucks and a prepaid is almost free.

      • Major Sceptic

        Sounds even better .

  • meyerweb

    I assume this only works on the dual-SIM version of the Galaxy?

    • RiTCHiE

      Is it that hard to read? No its for all versions.

  • Red_Sky_Road

    What do they mean with “Breaking edge” and “facing up or down”?

    • needa

      Just look at final pic and make it look like that. You are taking the sim off of the plastic it is stuck to. Then you are trimming the sides down so it fits in between the frame of the SD/sim tray.

      The most important thing is to be sure it isn’t curled in any way, shape, or form when you glue it down. In other words… The sim needs to be completely flat/flush when glued onto the SD card.

  • Piyush

    Thats not a No Replied innovation,
    it has been quite popular here in India & they call it “jugaad”

    • Hari


  • Ravi Mohan

    Very impressive

  • Wan Mohd Amir Asyraf

    Gajah super glue?? Are you Malaysian or Indonesian?? ??????

  • Lindle

    Using a Zenfone 2. Rocking both dual sim and SD card no problem. Who needs overpriced flagships

    • none

      Those who want great photos, excellent displays. the ability to have more than just a few apps in the phone, and superb performance. That’s who needs “overpriced flagships”. I used to exist entirely in the realm of the cheapo compromise phones. No longer. It’s not worth the hassle.

  • Robert Sibley

    Ingenious. Risking an sd card and a sim, I could handle, but not my brand new phone. Hats off to the super cellular ninjas that conquered this undertaking.

    • JaCe88

      My thoughts exactly. I really would like to mod this but am worried I’ll ruin something in the process. Given I live overseas now there is no chance of me easily getting a replacement nano sim if I screw it up!

    • Jay Koerner

      while they say there is risk, its really only the risk you will jam up your sim slot, a pain in the ass to fix mind you reacquiring a full disassembly of the phone a pair if fine tip electronics tweezers and possibly a soldering iron, my friend stuck a nano sim into a phone that took micro, like a dumd ass

  • Inha1966

    Will this work on network locked phones?

  • Ethan Campbell

    I just discovered that dual Sim is useless in Canada. Canadian carriers are nothing like American carriers

    • Shannon Miller

      Why is it useless? I am waiting for delivery of my dual sim phone and plan on using it in Canada. Will it not work? I’m on a month to month plan with Rogers.

      • Ethan Campbell

        It would work for companies like Telus, but most Canadian carriers are not internet carriers. So AT&T and T-Mobile can work together, but only because they have their own networks. Rogers and Bell, for example, don’t provide their very own networks. I checked that with Bell. Dual Sim will work, but only if you are planning on using it in other countries too. Having an AT&T sim and a Rogers sim both in a dual sim enabled phone, but Rogers and carriers like Bell or Koodo or Fido don’t. So when I get my Oneplus 2, I will not need the other sim slot.