If Timely is your alarm clock app of choice make sure to head to the Play Store sometime soon, as a big update is rolling out as we speak. If you’re using a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop, you’ve likely run into some trouble with this app in the past (force closing, incompatibility with Priority Notifications). With that said, it’s been quite awhile since this app has seen any improvements, so the update to version 1.3 should be welcomed by all users.

First and foremost, the folks at Timely have fixed a ton of bugs and visual glitches found throughout the app, which should make your Lollipop-running device compatible again. Also added is the ability to set timers and alarms through Google Now, using either voice or text. The developers have included support for upcoming alarm notifications, support for the new alarm API to show the alarm icon as well as the ability to select your own sounds or music for your alarm or timer.

The update also brings a handful of nice visual improvements. The status and action bars, notifications and overview headers are all colored and take on the current theme that you have set for each page.

Take a look at the full changelog below:

  • Select your own sounds
  • Upcoming alarm notification
  • Option to ask for the challenge to snooze
  • Google Now support for timers and reuses alarms
  • Android 5.0 adaptions:
  • Colored notifications
  • Colored status and action bar
  • Colored Overview headers
  • Support for new alarm API to show the alarm icon
  • Numerous fixes for crashes and visual glitches

If you’ve never given Timely a fair shot, now is probably a good time to do so. Head to the Play Store link below to grab the update.

Download Timely from the Google Play Store

Jimmy Westenberg
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  • bakakun028

    what a timely update

    • MasterMuffin

      That was an easy one :D

    • Jesus

      How about STFU and add in an Analogue clock widget?

  • MasterMuffin

    It’s sad how Google bought it and the development stopped. This isn’t a big update, it still has many holo elements. Only thing Google adopted from Timely was the changing of the background colour in the Lollipop clock… I wish they’d merge Timely and stock clock into something good

    • crutchcorn

      That would be super pimpin.

    • Luqmaan Mathee

      Well once they do that the clock app will probably become the next closed source component added to their list. It’s sad that Google just stopped updating AOSP apps

  • fatspirit

    It already was lollipop compatible. But good to know that it was improved in a proper ways (:

  • Lucas Baker

    I had moved to the stock Android Clock because of problems with Timely and other features like Material Design but I reckon I’ll move back

    • Lucas Baker

      Actually, tried it and it still isn’t Material Designy enough for me. There should be a new look coming to it soon

  • Emmet

    I hate the new Upcoming Alarm Notification, it does literally nothing for me and its just taking up space in my notification tray.

  • Sebastian Fernandes

    It’s that possible to make this app my lock screen?

  • Bloated. Takes ages to start on Moto G.