Timely Clock app

As alarm clock apps go, there isn’t much excitement. Fonts change, colors are different, and maybe the alarm is a voice rather than a melody. All pretty gimmicky, and all easily ignored or quickly forgotten.

Timely is a new addition to the Play Store, and could change your perception of how an alarm clock should work. The interface is gorgeous, and the functionality sublime, making Timely a true standout. Setting an alarm is done by choosing your desired time on a timeline, which sits on the side of the screen rather than the scrolling wheels or typed input we’re all used to.

The interface is gorgeous, and the functionality sublime, making Timely a true standout.

The alarm features Smart Rise, which softly begins before your alarm time (at a start time you choose), and slowly gets louder until it’s time to wake. Rather than being jolted out of bed, your wake pattern will be much more natural. It can also be set to rely on gestures to know you’re up; the volume gets gentler as you pick the device up, and snoozing can be done by turning the device over. You can also customize the duration of the snoozes, and just how often you’ll be reminded to get up.

The stopwatch and timer are exactly what you’d expect, they’re just a bit more pleasant to use versus what we’ve been shown in other apps. The theme designer is fun and comprehensive, showing you in real-time what you’re doing, and how it looks on the screen.

Interestingly, Timely syncs across your devices, so you never have to worry about making changes to alarms. If you set an alarm for noon on your tablet, it’ll be there on your phone as well.

Timely is clean, simple, and immersive. The widgets are beautiful, and the app is a joy to use. It’s free to use, but the various paid options stay with Timely’s customization theme: pay for and use what works best for you. Their “Premium” option is currently discounted to $2.99, so take advantage while you can!

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