The VOID: a VR theme park coming to Pleasant Grove, Utah

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 8, 2015

Virtual Reality is becoming highly accessible, but you can only do so much when using your consumer-optimized VR headsets. The real dream is to have complete immersion, and for that you need a dedicated area (a large one) and more advanced systems. Call it a VR arcade, if you will.

For Pleasant Grove, Utah residents this is becoming more than a far-fetched geeky idea. The VOID will be a virtual reality theme park where attendees can play games in full immersion. People would use a Rapture HMD (head-mounted display), a Rapture Vest and Rapture Gloves. This combination of devices would provide visuals, audio, haptic feedback and hand control.


That is not where the immersion ends, though. The VOID team is going all out with this one, providing full 4D elements. There will be smells, temperature control, changes in air pressure, moisture alterations and more. They are creating a complete experience that will make you feel as if you are really in the game.

Gaming experiences will also alternate. As you can see in the video, there will be war, flight, scary and even medieval fantasy experiences. At launch, there will only be 3 experiences, but more are to come as The VOID team and other studios create content.

But what about those darn lines?! Well, The VOID team is glad to tell you there will be no such nuisance at their theme park. Users will schedule their date and time beforehand. The company relates the experience to that of an IMAX theater – it will be full of great technology, impressive experiences and a much more organized system.

You can be sure I will take that road trip to see what this is all about! Will you? Sadly, we will have to wait a bit before we get to enjoy these high-tech experiences. The VOID is set to launch in the summer of 2016.


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  • Yash

    i like it’s budget friendly price and the eye-catchy design.. what i dislike is use of snapdragon 810 chipset which is known for ultimate heating… other powerful chipsets like mediatek’s helio x10 or samsung’s exynos 7420 chipset could be used…

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