How to Tether Android Phone to your Computer Without Being Blocked or Detected

by: JoseJanuary 17, 2012

Nowadays, people on the go don’t tag along just one mobile device. It is typical for them to have multiple mobile devices in their bag. Smartphones, PDAs, tablets, and laptops are some of the usual gadgets they carry around. And, having to bring these gadgets along gave birth to Internet tethering, through which one can share the Internet connection from one’s phone to other gadgets.

The sad part about Internet tethering, though, is the fact that most wireless providers would charge you extra even if you are already subscribed to an unlimited data plan. This is an issue that has been debated on even until now.

The issue may be bad, but the good thing is we always have a workaround for it. If you check the Android Market, you will see several tethering apps that offer solutions for issues like this. ClockworkMod Tether is one of these apps that offer Internet tethering solutions. The app is basically a USB tether solution that will work with Windows, Mac, and Linux. You don’t need to pay extra for Internet tethering.

The app is a free trial good for 14 days, which is not bad. After that period, you can still use the app but it will limit you up to 20 MB of download. If you like the full version of the app, you can buy the premium one.

This app has been launched recently and it has already received a lot of positive feedback. There are many people who are happy with the app. This app came from the developer of the famous ClockworkMod Recovery, so we shouldn’t be surprised if this app is a good one.

For the steps on how to install and use this app, see the instructions below.

  1. Download the ClockworkMod Tether app from the Android Market and install it into your smartphone. Get the app here.
  2. Download the software for your PC. If you have an Internet connection on your laptop or desktop, download and install the software to your computer. For Windows (XP or higher), get the installer here. For Mac (10.6 or 10.7), get the installer here. For Linux, get the installer here.
  3. If your computer doesn’t have an Internet connection at the moment, open the ClockworkMod Tether app that you installed to your phone earlier. Go to the Help option in the app and then download the PC software into your smartphone from there. Copy the downloaded file to your PC and install it afterwards.
  4. Download and install the USB/ADB drivers for your Android smartphone from here.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your device by going to Settings > Applications > Development and check the box for USB Debugging.
  6. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  7. Open ClockworkMod Tether on your phone. You should now be able to surf the web on your computer.

Congratulations! You can now tether your computer to your Android phone without needing a separate tethering plan or without being blocked or detected by your mobile carrier.

Have you tried this app to bypass your network carrier’s tether detection? How’s the Internet connection speed on your device?

  • Anonymous

    Nice post…. my only question is how am I not getting detected by the mobile carrier? Thanks,

    -Will G.

    Android Authority

  • Dmwhittley

    My I suggest moving to Sweden. No restrictions by opperators have been implied. You do however pay through your nose ($100+) a month for unlimited data, sms and mms!

  • Bazzzer

    Now, how can I tether my Asus Transformer ver. 1 to my phone?

    • Fisheyephotos

      bluetooth works for me. I’m just using a basic Nokia c2-01, and just now tried it out. Make sure you enable public discovery on both machines, and when you get the connection to the phone, immediately open up something that accesses the internet on the tablet, or the phone will close the connection.

      • Fisheyphotos

        …oh, and for the USB version described here, you will need the docking base for your transformer, unfortunately. No way around that.

  • Grutane

    Pda net works great, but my carrier doesn’t like to see massive data flowing. They told me that have no idea how I am using so much data (the Mask’s Work) but they DO see the data flowing…and they SHUT my phone off without notice…after an hour I had my phone back on and I am currently tethering again…lol. No skype, no streaming. Nothing. i am using straight talk as a provider and they use sprint as the carrier. all they could tell me is that Sprint the carrier had enough over the past two weeks and SHUT me down without ANY warning. VERY displeased as I pay for unlimited Web, and i only tether to use facebook and skype, which are PRE LOADED apps on my Samsung Precedent…..they told me I just have to be careful…straight talk has NO control. literally. its a joke.

  • I can see why they have to crack down on unlimited plan users who are hogging the bandwidth on the system. They offered those plans back before everyone was using mobile data devices. There is only a limited amount of bandwidth available for us all to share. If a handful of users tie up all the bandwidth, there will not be any left over for anyone else!

    That being said, I also believe that if someone pays for a fixed amount of data (say 4 GB), it is no one’s f*** business how that data is used — whether it is on the phone or a device attached to the phone. So tethering in that case should not be an issue.

    • frodo wiz

      I bought unlimited and use it mostly on my pc. As for the hogging, I used 20gb a day on android with torrents. 2 at most from my pc.So get off your high horse. I could easily do more and will if my carrier ever tries to stop tethering. Internet is internet and the resson its so expensive is because fools like you settle for plans that profit your provider

      • Urban Suhadolnik

        20GB a day that’s outrageous. Using that much data can destabilize the network. Because of people like you we got tethering blocks.

      • ct

        20gb a day? You are a dumb fuck and need to fucking be kicked from using internet all together. That is absolutely absurd. I think your the one that needs to get off your high horse. It’s fucking idiots like you as to why my connectioni so slow and why companies do stuff like this.

        • frodo wiz

          I see I am dealing with the elite braintrust here so I will speak and type slowly. Did you even check what you said before you posted and shot off to find another pokemon.

          You do not understand what data usage is so I guess I’ll have to teach you son.

          I have an unlimited 4G let package for my phone. Look up unlimited, join the conversation when you learn something. Tethering makes no difference. I paid for unlimited and I will use as much as I can.period. wether I tether or download to the phone is irrelevant.

          You and urban can go back to you tube and cuddle with pewdiepie now. Please read more slowly and learn something along the way

  • Dshock666

    Well. Everything worked except downloading the PC stuff. Kept saying my card didn’t have enough space even though it HASNOTHING on it. Its a 2gb card. And its 1.89gb available. Doesn’t make sense

  • D P

    Interesting article. The author probably should have run this article past an editor or proof-reader, though…..maybe take a class on writing.

  • Koleypunch

    This app was working great yesterday.. unfortunately Cricket seems to have caught on and is blocking me again

  • karthik

    but how can i connect my galaxy y internet through pc(laptop) internet

  • Dave

    US Cellular has this clamped down! I cant even plug in a USB cable with “USB debugging” enabled! This is on a Samsung GS3, This was never a problem with my blackberry!

  • minoruhackerguy

    Ah, Something I’d REALLY like to mention on this article, is that.. no matter which of these apps you use(to my knowlage), if you do not change the user agent string on your web browser to an android web browser, they will detect you are using a desktop OS web browser…

    To do that, go to the addons on the web browser of your choice and type in “user agent” in the search.. After you install the addon, click on “android” or some other such android device and you should be good. :) Really though, it’s much nicer if you change it to the agent string of the “desktop mode” of the Dolphin Web browser..



  • FR335TYL3

    Anyone who tethers should be aware of the possibility that background tasks could be using tremendous amounts of data. Tasks such as Windows Update can pull hundred of megabytes of data without warning. Configure all of your software to notify you when there is an update before it downloads.

    Also be on the lookout for malware and viruses that may be sending unauthorized GIGS of YOUR DATA to unknown recipients.

    The easiest way to monitor usage is to use your OS’ network monitoring software.

    WINDOWS XP USERS: Right after you tether, open Windows Task Manager and click the Networking tab. In the pull-down menu, click View–>Select Columns and make sure these are checked: Bytes Sent, Bytes Received (you can uncheck others to reduce clutter). This displays an accurate running total of data usage since the connection was made. I also have Bytes Sent/Received Per Interval. This will show current through-put (normal interval is two seconds).

    WINDOWS 3.1(hehe)/95(who are you ppl?)/98(your friends are right, that laptop is too old)/2000/2003/me(god, why?)/Vista/7/8/etc… users can look it up.

    LINUX USERS: I dunno, try a bunch of random characters until it does what you want it to? do this in /etc?

    MAC USERS: Good for you, you own a mac! Stop telling me that!

    Good luck!


  • techgeek

    Lets start making mesh networks and ditch the faulty internet… more power to the people!

  • Brandon Jones

    Use foxfi and/or pda net in the Google play store to do the same thing