Update #2: Marshmallow updates for Galaxy flagships delayed again on Telus, this time indefinitely

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 23, 2016

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Update, March 22: Telus has updated its timeline again and the news is pretty bad: instead of setting a new target date, the updates for Samsung devices are now simply marked as “Delayed.”

Update, March 15: Telus has announced even more delays for the Marshmallow update on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. The Telus Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 will now get Android 6.0 on March 16. Hopefully. The Galaxy S6 Edge is slated – tentatively – for March 30 and the date to circle on your calendar for the regular Galaxy S6 is April 16. But, you know, don’t get your hopes up…

Original post, March 5: Have you been hoping to get that sweet Marshmallow update for your Samsung device on Telus? If you are sporting one of the newer handsets from the Korean manufacturer, chances are you have already seen a time table the carrier released a couple weeks ago. There was plenty in there to be happy about, but it seems celebrations will have to be pushed back a little for certain smarpthones.

Telus has updated its upgrade timeline to reflect delayed deadlines on some of Samsung’s top-tier handsets. Namely, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On-19

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Instead of getting Android Marshmallow on March 9th, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 will get the special treat on March 13th. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users will have to wait until March 30th, as opposed to getting the OTA update on the 16th.


By the way, Samsung Galaxy S6 users are also getting this update, and the date hasn’t been pushed back. You will still have to wait longer, though, as that update is scheduled for April 13th.

Bummed? Well, at least you won’t have to wait around too long… hopefully. No reasons for the delays were specified,

  • Samir Patel

    Telus Canada?


      Yes Telus is in Canada ?

    • Kate

      S6, S6 Edge, S7 and more are now on sale only on NewSmartphoneDeals,com

  • My Galaxy Prime

    Verizon Note 5 got their Marshmallow update 2 days ago.

  • saksham

    whats telus ? when will the update be available for SM-G925I ?!

  • Anat Shay

    A solution for the missing IR blaster in the Note 5, S7 and iPhones:


    Please please check it out.

    • vomov

      Who actually uses an IR blaster?


        I know a bunch of ppl that use the IR blaster including myself. I control my TV, set top box, stereo and even my air conditioner with the IR blaster and hate that they got rid of it but I’ll live, just have to go back to their individual remotes.

        • spanfer123151

          Ah, we don’t use set top boxes here; the TV contains a receiver. We do have an old DVD player, but the TV simply shunts the commands to the DVD player over the HDMI connection. Our stereo doesn’t have a remote, since it’s literally an arms length away (while most people now use online streams through the phone and a bluetooth speaker anyway). We also don’t have an air conditioner here, since all homes here are built to proper specifications; if they need air conditioning, it’s built in and self regulating.

          Actually, the only thing in the house that actually has an IR receiver, is the TV (not counting the never-used DVD player). And that actually has Wifi and bluetooth remote as well.

        • T Redd

          I use mine on my galaxy note 4 everyday.

  • max

    Fuckin greedy assholes. If they didn’t spend so much time and money on marketing the S7 then this wouldn’t be an issue. You can’t seriously expect us to believe this bullshit.

  • Roy

    Crappy updates from Samsung like always. I can’t understands the suckers who think they got a premium device when clearly they don’t.

    send from my gold 6p the real premium device:)

    • Major Sceptic

      The 6p , a real premium device ? Dunno mate , I have one, I don’t think it’s even close to my galaxy note 4 other than being a bit faster which it should be being a later model device..


        I have both of those as well as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and I think the Nexus 6P is more premium than the Note 4 but not the Note 5 or Galaxy S6 or S7 and all those respective models. The S6 and above including Edge models and note 5 are IMO the most premium devices on the market right now. That said I’ll still probably stick with my Nexus 6P as my primary device due to the amazing front facing stereo speakers which Samsung can’t even attempt to compete with until they adopt them, as well as updates which the user is left waiting nearly a full update cycle to receive on Samsung devices and I’m sick as hell of that.

        • Major Sceptic

          Fair comment mate, we do all have our perspectives, for example button placement on 6p I think is terrible, but that’s just me , every time you pick up the phone you either hit the power button or alter the volume, the on screen button s I hate with a passion,
          I would trade the bottom speaker on the p for the mechanical home button like on the note 4,
          and you own the note 4 you know it has many features the p does not.
          But 6p does a lot of things well, and certainly the quick updates are a part of that, I might add I really am not a fan of pure Android.
          But we all like what we like , so we will agree to disagree on the 6p , but I fully agree the note 5 and S6/7/edge are top of the tree.
          Good talking to you anyway mate, it’s good to chat and give our perspectives without the often internet slanging Bullshit.
          Have a good day.

    • Vomov

      It’s not due to Samsung, it’s the carriers like Telus, Vodaphone, and Verizon wanting their own crap on your phone.
      I find this odd; in Europe carriers don’t do this. In fact; phones in Europe tend not even to be locked to a carrier at all.

  • Robi Szilagyi

    Got the 6.0 on GS6

  • John Doe

    On a side note, the HTC One M8 Marshmallow upgrade kills the Telus Link application.
    Word is there is a patch for it coming out sometime soon..

  • Yolo

    Lol while us Nexus users are on latest 6.0.1 lol what a joke

  • Box

    typical Telus for you!

  • John Doe

    Telus Link has issues with the new OS update, so if your business uses Telus Link I suggest waiting till
    they have all the bugs worked out and update the app.

  • Gangsta101


    This is just supreme! Samsung, you’re the best! You’ve worked out the ultimate business strategy, “take the money and leave’em ganging “, those dumb North Americans, and if they need the latest update, well, shell out some more and get the S7.
    Oh how I hate u guys

    • WorldStarrrrr

      What? It’s Telus not Samsung. The s6 builds are already global. Please learn to comprehend what’s written.

      • Gangsta101

        Alright, I’ll take the time to enlighten you. With the exception of Sprint in the US, no marshmallow update is available for any carrier across North America. And that includes Mexico. Telus would have been the first for Canada, but they failed to deliver.
        Next time find out the details of the subject matter before getting into a discussion

        • Daniel

          Telus has received the updates. They are now loading it up with bloatware and then making sure all that bloatware and the actual software needed for operation works as it should. They received it long ago, that’s why they can give us projected, albeit horribly inaccurate, estimated release dates. Don’t believe me? Go contact Telus. I believe when I asked them, they said they received it in October or November. So it’s already been four months. Telus is also the one who is making the decision to screw everyone over by not updating in the hopes that those people will get the new devices. Chances are, I’m not going to stay with Telus though if they can’t even send an update to the S6 as it’s only a year old.

          And yes, OTA updates have been pushed through to some devices on Telus and Rogers. Don’t remember which, I just remember pissing around with my friend’s phone and updating it for him. >.> I like playing with different phone and learning about them.

          • Gangsta101

            Finally, someone who knows what he’s talking about . It is a premeditated attempt to get folks to move on to the new device. And for me, this is my last non-nexus device

  • BeKumar

    This is awful, I haven’t got update on my Galaxy S6 Edge yet. I am on Rogers network in Canada. It’s simply because of the carriers lack of interest in doing so!