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The Chromecast is cheap and reliable so it’s no wonder that it’s become so popular. If you’re picking one up, don’t forget these awesome Chromecast apps!

When life gets between you and the airing of The Vampire Diaries on TV, the Hulu Plus Android app comes to the rescue. While the app doesn’t run perfectly on all Android devices just yet,... the latest update should bring relief to owners of 7-inch tablets and ICS devices, who have long clamored about the app’s lack of optimization for their gadgets of choice.

The new vers...


Time to get those popcorn ready for some movie marathon as Hulu may now be installed on your Android device. Yes you read it right, tons of TV shows and movies are now right at your fingertips through Hulu, which has been made to run on an Android device thanks to a developer who goes by the name blunttedsmurf.

Is the Hulu Sale at Risk?

by 3 years ago

It seems that all of the sudden, the owners of Hulu, may have changed their minds about selling Hulu. Either that, or they want the bid prices to go higher, and this may be a way to do that.

Over... the past week of bidding, the price gap between what the bidders are offering and what the Hulu owners are willing to accept, has widened. Bids have gone from as low as $500 million, to $2 billion, with the most...


As you may know, Hulu has some strange policies for their service. You can’t watch the free version of Hulu on your phone or tablet for example, even though you can on your PC. It seems... like an artificial restriction meant to squeeze more money from their customers in my opinion, but hopefully all this will change if Google buys Hulu.

But until then we have something else that...


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Google is getting closer to buying Hulu. They seem so committed to it, that they’ve offered the owners of Hulu, a much bigger bid than what the others... are offering, but with some conditions of their own. What could these conditions be? Here are my 3 guesses:

#1 Much longer content deals

Hulu is not worth that much to the networks owning it n...