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You can now book an Ola or Uber ride directly from Google Search in India

by: Abhishek BaxiOctober 19, 2016
The feature was made available on the latest version of Google Maps earlier this year with a dedicated tab with information for cab services in addition to the existing driving, public transport, or walking options.

15 best free Android apps of 2016

by: Joe HindyOctober 8, 2016
Apps are one of the best things about Android and you can get some pretty sweet ones without spending a dime. Here are the best free Android apps!
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Google Maps just got a bunch of new voice commands

by: John DyeSeptember 29, 2016
Google Maps now has enhanced voice command capabilities that let you operate your mobile device without taking your eyes off the road.
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Blue dot on Google Maps now shows what direction you’re pointing

by: John DyeSeptember 20, 2016
It's not exactly a game changer, but this addition to Google Maps kind of makes you feel like an enemy in a stealth game's mini map.
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Google Maps getting improved location analytics thanks to Urban Engines acquisition

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 18, 2016
Google is no stranger to acquisitions, and their latest purchase makes company Urban Engines part of the Maps team. But what is the purpose of this merger?
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Google Maps starts displaying speed limit signs while navigating

by: Robert TriggsSeptember 14, 2016
Some users have spotted that Google Maps is now displaying speed limit sign information when using Navigation mode, both in the app and Android Auto.
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Google Maps “experimenting” with retouched Explore section

by: Quinten PlummerSeptember 13, 2016
Maps beta users are reporting an update to the apps' Explore section, but Google isn't ready to talk about it yet.
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Google Maps can now keep track of your Pokemon Go journey

by: Robert TriggsSeptember 5, 2016
A little update to Google Maps now allows users to set "Catching Pokemon" as an activity in the app's Timeline feature.
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Google Maps to soon feature voice commands to avoid tolls, custom lists for Local Guides, and more

by: Ankit BanerjeeAugust 31, 2016
Google Maps to soon feature voice commands to avoid tolls, custom lists for Local Guides, and more.
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Google Maps update improves Street View on mobile

by: Sanjit DuttAugust 19, 2016
The latest update to Google Maps brings optimizes Street View for mobile devices by improving visual and navigation for a much smoother experience.
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