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15 Best eBook reader apps for Android

by: Joe HindyJune 1, 2016
It's become a lot easier to read eBooks than it used to be and there are a ton of options. Here are the best eBook reader apps for Android!
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BitLit – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyNovember 29, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is BitLit. This app wants to turn your collection of books into a collection of ebooks for as low a price as possible. Sometimes even for free!
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Moon+ Reader 2.3.5 update brings smarter highlighting and bug fixes

by: Jonathan FeistJanuary 28, 2014
Users of Moon+ Reader and Moon+ Reader Pro were pleasantly surprised today to receive an update that brings improved highlighting, better performance and bug fixes.
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Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini now available in Canada and the U.K.

by: Kristofer WoukOctober 7, 2012
Two new e-readers from Kobo, the Kobo Glo and the Kobo Mini, are now available in Canada and the U.K., selling for $130 and $80 respectively.
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AutoReader 3D: Reading in 3D stereo and reducing eye strain

by: Dan EvansJuly 25, 2012

Being able to carry copies of digital books may have made things easier for many of us, but if you read something for hours on end, it won’t take long before you’ve developed a headache and eyestrain. We have different ways of coping. Some of us turn down the brightness level of our mobile devices, while others change the background and the text color. Smarter, more savvy Android users, will have a different approach to preventing eyestrain.

Developed by webstunning apps, AutoReader 3D looks like a regular reader at first. When you launch it, you’ll see a very clean interface with no frills. The app comes with an explanatory guide which you [...]

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Kobo eBooks for Android receives revamped UI and extra features in latest update

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 2, 2012

Our smartphones and tablets have been responsible for making obsolete a lot of electronics, such as MP3 players and point-and-shoot cameras. Looks like books are the latest casualty in the path to electronic dominance by our handheld devices. Does that mean we’ve stopped reading? Not even close! We are now seeing an increasing trend of consumers turning to eBooks and eReaders to get their literary fix. Gone are the days of papercuts from turning a page. Swiping across a screen is so much easier.

There is not shortage of good eReader apps on the Google Play Store, and Kobo eBooks has been one of the more popular ones. Kobo boasts an extensive collection of free [...]

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Digitimes: Amazon to release color e-readers later this year, 6 millions units to be shipped in 2012

by: AdrianMay 11, 2012

While not long ago, e-book readers were rudimentary devices far off from the capabilities of tablets, the thin line between a basic e-reader and a more complex slate becomes increasingly thinner and thinner and thinner.

Amazon is the most important company “responsible” for mixing things up and the makers of the Kindle Fire are apparently planning to “confuse” us even more. Aside from preparing the release of a bunch of new tablets, set to take the Fire’s popularity to new heights, Amazon is reportedly prepping the launch of at least one color e-book reader as well.

Unknown “industry sources” cited by Digitimes told the website that [...]

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Best Android apps for book lovers

by: GeneMarch 31, 2012


For centuries, the wisest of men – poets, priests, and scholars – have basked in the company of books to grasp the infinite knowledge of the world. Today, much has changed, yet books continue to parade the streets of enlightenment inside the minds of every thought leader of this mobile generation. However, the Web 2.0 era, with its “Midas’ touch”, has pretty much digitized almost everything form of physical media, making ebooks and audio books the gold standard in education, both formal and informal.

For all book lovers out there, here is a look at the best Android apps guaranteed to please the bookworm inside of you.

Kindle for [...]
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Pandigital Launches 230-dollar Android Tablet-Style eReader

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 13, 2011

Pandigital recently added a new device–the Pandigital Supernova–to its Media Tablets family. Although its not the most incredible new tablet to hit the market, it’s listed with a sweet little price tag of only US$230.

Don’t forget, though, that you get what you pay for, and this product is a great example of that theory. Pandigital has decided to load a modified version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread onto the tablet along with a mere 4 GB of internal storage. However, the device is being marketed as an “eReader” and therefore this product is right in that wheelhouse. In addition, it will offer tablet and [...]

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Android Tablet/eReader Coming From Panasonic

by: Aerol BibatJuly 11, 2011

When we last heard from Panasonic, they had plans for as Toughbook Android Tablet. You would think that the Japanese electronics giant would be satisfied with that – but it seems the forward-thinking lads at Panasonic know where the wind is blowing and are planning for an added arrow to their bow. Recently, they’ve been showing off a demo unit for an Android tablet for general use – with an added bonus that it will be an eBook Reader that has access to a digital bookstore with over 10,000 titles. That’s a pretty impressive entry into the tablet market right there.

All everyone knows right now are the basics; all final details have yet to be [...]

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