TAG Heuer Connected

We’ve known about TAG Heuer’s plans to release a high-end Android Wear device for months now, and today the luxury watchmaker has finally made it official. At its press event earlier today, TAG took the wraps off its new connected smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected.

Inspired by the company’s Carrera watch, the Connected is made of grade 2 titanium and comes in a total of seven colors. It comes with a 1.5-inch circular LTPS LCD scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display with a resolution of 360 x 360 and a pixel density of 240ppi. It’s 12.8mm thick, 46mm in diameter and also comes with a rating of IP67 for water resistance. There will be a number of useful watchfaces on the Connected as well, and you can customize each one with different information such as weather, step count or calorie count.


It sports a 410mAh battery which TAG says will get users 25 hours of use at a minimum. Additional specs include a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of on-board storage.

Smartwatches become obsolete much more quickly than standard mechanical watches do, which is why TAG Heuer is giving you the chance to trade in your new wearable if it becomes dated. In two years, you’ll be able to pay another $1,500 and trade in your Connected for a more traditional TAG Heuer Carrera watch. Considering the fact that normal Carrera watches cost about $3,000 a piece, this might not actually be a bad deal.

The new smartwatch goes on sale today in the U.S. on TAG Heuer’s website for a massive $1,500. Only the Black band color option is available online. All other color options will be available in TAG Heuer stores around the world. European users can purchase the wearable starting November 12th.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think TAG’s new smartwatch is worth the money?

Jimmy Westenberg
Lover of all things Android, Star Wars, dogs, coffee, and music.
  • seems way overpriced….is all you’re getting the name printed on it?? I mean its pretty, but just seems way overpriced for what u are getting IMO.

    • Camilla/קמילה

      Specially for the very limited android wear.

      • Dolores Becker

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    • Javid Nazim Mammadov

      People will buy it anyway.

  • Scott Ricketts


  • Hans Pedersen

    It’s a really nice looking watch. But I’m a bit disappointed in a couple of details. I thought the watch itself would be upgradable, but the “eternity” is simply a way to pay the difference to the real watch and get it replaced that way. The lack of proper water resistance is really surprising too.

    • John Doe

      What do you mean by Upgradable? You can probably swap out the watch straps, but everything else
      is software driven.. (I don’t know of any watch that can be upgraded hardware wise ..)

      • Hans Pedersen

        I mean the hardware, of course. The way they talked about it in the summer they made it should like the electronics would be easily replaced. But it turned out that they basically mean it’s bought as a “down payment” for the more expensive analogue version. Which isn’t too terrible, but not what I had hoped for.

        • tiger

          The problem is WHICH mechanical they are giving you for the “extra” $1500. TAG is not specific on this.

          • Hans Pedersen

            They actually are, you just have to read the model name of the watch.

  • Peter

    Moto 360 2nd generation is 100 times better than this, and you can buy them for your whole family for that price… Stupid. Face it TAG and other ridiculous “luxury” brands – while you can milk the rich and stupid with your pointless overpriced pieces, technology is simply not your thing and if it takes over, you will go down.

    • tiger

      Remember Quartz Revolution and how most of Swiss almost crashed and burned? Yup, if Swiss is not careful, then this is the 2nd coming of such….

  • Jeff Moreira

    I liked it but 1100GBP is definitely out of my (financial) league.

  • tiger

    1. Display is NOT “retina” at 240 ppi…less than current high-end smartwatches.

    2. NOT Swiss-made because most components are not Swiss.

    3. NO heart rate sensor.

    4. Android Wear only. Limited functionality when paired with iPhones.

    5. It is BIG and THICK, but lightweight due to titanium.

    6. Made by TAG with processing chip from Intel and software by Google.

    7. First smartwatch with 1GB of RAM.

    8. No inductive charging…charges via pins on backside.

    9. At the end of 2 years, you can TRADE it in for the MECHANICAL equivalent for an ADDITIONAL fee of $1500. (The mechanical equivalent currently costs just over $3000.)

    10. No upgradable components.

    IMO, this is DOA. This is a joke. Took them this long to come out…and what we get is this????

    • Hans Pedersen

      You’re at an Android site, who gives a flying one how it works with an iDevice?

      • tiger


      • Paul M

        because when you get bored with it, and wish you’d spent your money more wisely, you might be able to find some rich iSheep to buy it?

        • tiger

          Except that this TAG is about as useful to iPhone owners as the idea of security and privacy is to Android. :D

          • Hans Pedersen

            Careful so you won’t trip over your own legs when trying to cover all bases with your trolling… :D

    • tiger

      At $400, Hauwei Watch matches or exceeds this TAG. SS case, check. Sapphire, check. Android Wear, check.

      In contrast, Hauwei Watch is better than this $1500 TAG: heart rate sensor, smaller in size, high-res display.

    • Jeremy Loo

      who cares about iphone?

  • ecaps24

    MOTO 360 is enough for my daily needs but I’m waiting for Gear S2 Android Wear Edition.

    OT: Why is that there is no Uber App in Android Wear? Tizen has it already.

  • ctrlSHIFT

    I can understand buying an expensive watch because it’s something you can use for a very long time but why would you buy such an expensive smartwatch which will be obsolete in a couple years?

    • John Doe

      I don’t know .. ask Apple watch buyers ..
      I saw a pic of someone’s dog wearing 2 Gold Apple watches ..
      Stupid people do stupid things ..
      There are too many people on this planet that have nothing …
      Maybe it is just too much to ask …

      • tiger

        Why do you care what others do with their money? If they earned it, then so be it. How do you know that they are not helping thru other means? What if that guy (know the story) is just playing around and putting two Gold Apple Watches on the door? Why assume the worst out of people? That is kinda opposite to what you’re preaching.

        • John Doe

          Should I respond to you? Nah … You’ll never get it till you have nothing …

          • tiger

            Should i care? My family and I did have nothing….

      • abazigal

        That man happens to be the son of the richest man in China. He has enough money to have his dog wear a different Apple Watch for every day of the year and he won’t blink an eyelid at the cost.

    • tiger

      Well, watch is not like a phone. There is no camera wars to fight, no cellular frequencies that needs to be updated, no display resolution war, no need to play Modern Combat 5 on it, etc..

      Hell, a 5 yr old chip runs Moto 360 1st gen well enough.

      Most current chips (Intel above, S400, and Apple S1) should be more than enough to run WATCH software for many years.

  • Jimy Trainor

    Hate to say it but Tag dropped the ball on this one. Here is one of the worlds finest watch makers and their first go with a smartwatch is for lack of a better term a dud. Lets start with the display 360×360 is towards the low end there with Lg coming out with their new one having a 480×480 display. The intel chip and 1 gig of ram they got right but only 4gig of storage again a fail. Add to that no heart rate sensor no GPS a 410mAh battery and you got an ASus Zenwatch 2 in a Tag body. Tag could have hit the homerun here if they wanted to at this price point, give the watch the 480×480 display, a top of the line heart rate monitor, GPS, a nice large 500+ mAh battery and maybe 4g connectivity. Now that would be a watch at least for me I would go for 1500.00 or even 2000.00 but what they put out is a disappointment at least to me.

    • tiger

      No HR sensor is downright stupid!

      No need for GPS because most watch GPS takes forever to take signal due to weak antenna.

      • Hans Pedersen

        You demand a buggy heart rate monitor but don’t want a GPS that’ll actually help you with most of your automated tasks? I think you’ve got your priorities wrong, mate. :)

  • tiger

    “According to Tag’s online store the least expensive Carrera has a list price of $1,500. there are six more variations between $2,250 and $2,400 and the next 12 variants are between $2,600 and $2,900. Unless they said any Carrera watch, I am guessing the many watches that sell for over 3,000 are not part of this promotion. Would anyone be surprised if it was limited to the $2250 models or even the 1500 model?”

    A poster wrote this…damn…not good.

  • Btort

    This is a luxury watch company, do you guys really think they care most of us think it’s over priced? They have a market for people who buy these types of luxury watches, we are obviously not the target market…that’s why the specs aren’t mindblowing for the price they are asking for. I know a few people who actually bought regular watches from them for about $2,000-3,000

    • abazigal

      In that case, I don’t see why Tag even bothers talking up the specs in the first place. The people who do care about specs would be more tech-savvy and price-conscious and unlikely to spend so much money on a smartwatch, while the people who would be willing to spend that much money, generally won’t care about specs to begin with.

      Very mixed marketing messaging from Tag here.

  • Paul M

    Some time ago I considered and rejected the LG G R, because of the fake bezel. I do not understand why Tag insisted on perpetuating the pointless ring.

  • schahram

    I will be waiting for a mechanical luxury watch that is connected and smart. I guess, Tag Heuer couldn’t figure out how to build such technology. They just used the same technology that is used in many other cheap smart watches.

    I imagine a mechanical watch that charges the battery by wrest movement and also is as smart as all other smart watches. I would pay for such watched a $1,500 price tag.

    • tiger

      You mean like Seiko Kinetic? I am not sure if that is enough juice to power a smartwatch and its numerous functions, including a processor.

  • sbmiller

    By introducing this “plain” smartwatch I do not understand the filosophy and premium brand strategy of Tag Heuer.

    In my opinion Tag Heuer had a unique chance: they should have offered a case and two seperate interchangeable internals, 1x digital and 1x analog.

    And they should have offered two straps, 1x rubber and 1x steel.

    That would have been a unique proposition, because you would have been able to change/update the digital internals. In that case I would have paid the premium price and the extra for the 2 year update for the digital internals.

    A watch like Tag Heuer you buy for life and now it has become a disposable item. Now it is just a smartwatch like the rest. And in my opinion a premium brand like Tag Heuer should keep a clear distance from brands like Samsung, LG and Motorola.

  • hoggleboggle

    Love the style and build of this watch, but a rubber strap is an instant no for me.