At its Uncarrier X event earlier today, T-Mobile announced a new initiative called Binge On that will allow its customers to stream videos from popular services for free, without the need to take up any mobile data whatsoever. 24 video streaming services will be available at launch, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, HBO Now, Sling TV, Showtime, Vevo, Watch ESPN, Encore, Fox Sports and more. This is similar to the carrier’s Music Freedom program, which allows users to stream unlimited music from popular services like Spotify, Google Play Music and more without using up precious mobile data. The carrier says 200 million songs are streamed each day through Music Freedom.

24 video services will be available at launch, with more on the way

To take advantage of Binge On, you’ll need to be a new or existing Simple Choice plan customer. Streaming video through T-Mobile’s network will be available at “DVD quality or better,” says T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “DVD quality” was later clarified as 480p or above.

Of course, one could say that Binge On falls under net neutrality scrutiny, as users would be much more inclined to use these video partners rather than a video service that isn’t involved in Binge On. However, T-Mo says this isn’t the case because the video partners don’t pay to get involved with Binge On – it’s completely free for both video providers and customers.

In addition, the carrier also announced that it would be doubling every data bucket in its Simple Choice plans at no extra cost. Previously the company offered data tiers of 1, 3 and 5 gigabytes, and now those tiers will be raised to 2, 6 and 10 gigabytes for the same price.

Both Binge On and the new Simple Choice plans will be available to new customers starting Sunday, November 15th. Binge On will be available to existing customers on Thursday, November 19th.

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2 weeks ago
Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Josh Flowers

    Well, that was the one thing keeping me with Cricket–for $55 I got 20GB of data, of which I used about 14GBs largely for Netflix on lunch.
    If they build out their coverage here and I have to get my wife off Verizon, this isn’t a bad option.

    • Btort

      came from AT&T, and I thought they were bad…but tmobile is worst in the bay area sadly :(

      • Jonathon Rios

        It’s OK in the San Jose area around downtown but as soon as I go home from sjsu my signal drops to 1-2 bars and I don’t even live that far away from downtown.

        • Btort

          sometimes I have 3-4 bars of lte and I get no data for a few minutes in towns but when you go to sf or downtown sj, my signal is extremely good. Yours is not as bad as mine, my living room gave me 4 full lte bars and great signal but my room just 10 feet away I got edge or 3g at the highest…waiting on tmobile to ship me a updated cell spot booster because the one last year barely worked

  • LOL

    Ask if they will ever increase 128kbps international roaming to 256kbps or more?

    • PoisonApple31

      Forget that. They have enough crap “Service Partner” 2G Coverage all over the United States they need to do something about – whether or not they can directly or indirectly I do not care.

      • LOL

        US crap is expensive and not easy to fix, updating roaming agreements to increase speed doesnt take much

  • Mo Yang

    Nice! 50gbs a month goes to Netflix. This’ll help with the network prioritizing that happens when I hit 23gbs of streaming from Netflix.

  • LastKings31

    They should promote this as “Netflix and chill has never been so easy and accessible until Binge On”

    • Btort

      now you can do it in the car! no tv needed

  • Karly Johnston

    So why am i wasting money on unlimited data? I don’t want these peasants hogging all my bandwidth.

    • Sabrina Shaffer

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    • smokebomb

      Despite these changes, I’m keeping my unlimited data.

      • Flip Jumpman

        It’s nice that we get 14gb of tethering now.

        • Cole Raney

          We do? That is awesome.

    • Cole Raney

      Because we unlimited data users can turn this feature off, and access high resolution video.

      • Karly Johnston

        Non-issue on a 5 inch screen.

        • Cole Raney

          We it is. Bing on limits it to 480p. You can definitely notice a difference at that size between 1080p and 480p. Plus, we also get a free rental from Vudu every month if you do want to keep it on.

          • Karly Johnston

            Yeah, but on such a small screen it isn’t a big deal. When these peasants get it for free they have nothing to complain about.

  • Pamela Doe

    This is a great deal!

  • LastKings31

    Wish they would’ve doubled the 10gb to 20 as well ?

  • Ryan B

    There is one blaring omission when it comes to this list. I’ll let you guys figure out which one it is while I go over to You…(out of range)

  • smokebomb

    I love T-Mobile. John Legere is leading the mobile industry in the best possible direction. Happy that I switched from Verizon 3 years ago.

    • Say What??


  • Say What??

    Nice. We just switched to the 4 lines for $120 with 10gb data per line. We both had seperate unlimited plans which we averaged between 2GB and 4GB of data a month. The unlimited plans aren’t always better when you’re not using a ton of data. We are saving about $65 a month. The service here on Long Island is great now and band 12 is up in a lot of places. Once they put up band 12 on the towers here I no longer needed the signal boosters for my basement.

  • sluflyer06

    Am I the only one seeing through this as a way to raise prices? Sure
    you get more data but the cost is now higher for anything but the lowest
    tier. RIGHT NOW you can get 2 lines with 3GB each for $100, starting
    Sunday unless you want the 2GB option, your next
    bucket up for 2 lines will be $110. This is NOT A DEAL folks.

  • Stevee

    I’m temporarily living smack dab in the heart of the DFW messyplex and my signal is total crap I’m using a tmobile signal booster and it’s pretty much useless. I’ve spoken to tech support several times and they haven’t help at all. Amazing seeing all this tmobile hype while they’re killin me and my unlimited plan.

  • Pablo

    How can i download tha binge on app??