Although some T-Mobile customers have already begun receiving their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge pre-orders, it appears that the carrier is planning an even better offer for the official launch day on March 11th. According to a document seen by TMoNews, the carrier will be offering customers an opportunity to buy one and get another free on both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Of course, there are a variety of conditions attached to the deal. First off, you will need to buy at least one new line of service and one of the phones will have to be on that line. Both phones also have to be purchased on an Equipment Instalment Plan, so no outright purchases here, and there’s mention of a pre-paid MasterCard main-in rebate, which seems less appetising.

T-Mobile Galaxy S7 BOGO

Customers will still have to pay for the tax and any down payments on both of the handsets. Even so, two brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 flagships for the price of one seems like an amazing deal.

We should hopefully hear more about this offer on or just before the Galaxy S7’s March 11th launch date. While you wait for the launch, check out our first 48 hours with the two phones.

Robert Triggs
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  • Kanoosh

    meh, these BOGO deals are never worth it.. that’s TWO payment plans now.. so not really a BOGO is it? , because it’s not “free”.

    • yankeesusa

      How is it 2 payment plans? It’s only a payment plan on the first phone. The 2nd phone is free. So, would you be able to buy one and get one and then cancel the new line and sell that phone? The payment is attached to the first phone anyway. Has anyone done that?

      • raffr

        I don’t think you can cancel the 2nd line. It is usually a requirement to keep BOTH lines for 2 years.

        • yankeesusa

          T-mobile doesn’t have 2 year contracts. The only contract is the eip or lease program. Once that is paid off then you are no longer tied down. The only restriction i see is the unlocking restriction of keeping phone on account for 40 days. That’s easily bypassed by paying $10 for unlock code.

          • afernandes91

            The trick is the mail in rebate. You absolutely are signing up for two payment plans both at the full price of the phone. They then supply you with the Mastercard gift card presumably preloaded with the amount it costs for the second phone. You are then expected to use that gift card to pay off the entire balance using that card. But it is most definitely two payment plans, this is why you have to pay taxes on both phones as opposed to just the first one.

          • yankeesusa

            So they don’t give you the mastercard at the store then. Got it. As long as i can use it towards the payment of the phone i’m ok with that and as long as it doesn’t take weeks to months.

          • afernandes91

            Precisely. And you have to also remember that if it takes them over a month to get it to you, you will make additional payments towards the plan on that second phone that is supposedly “free”

          • yankeesusa

            That sucks. I guess i’ll pass on it then. I guess it depends if they are still offering all the freebies. If they are then it may still be worth it.

          • RedWolfeXR

            You don’t understand how EIP works, you don’t HAVE to apply the card to the phone at all – although it makes sense to do so. If you get an Edge you already have to make a $60 down-payment and then 30/mo payments. Those payments ALL come off the price to buy out the phone. So you get a $780 MIRMC and your phone balance is under $700 since you paid the balance down at 0%. So you have as much “left” on the card as you made in payments after you pay it off.

            You DO get stuck with the taxes though, and they are not rebating THOSE. That would only happen if they discounted the price down to $0 or sold you two at half price each — which they did not do.

            Good news is that its a “normal” transaction within Tmo. So you are eligible for anything they offer on top. The Rebate is no different than any other except for being larger than the usual $100 ones.

          • afernandes91

            Good catch, I was incorrect on the initial monthly payments as they do give you the entire cost of the phone through the rebate sans the taxes paid in store.

            With that being said, in order for the phone to be considered free you HAVE to use the card to pay off the balance from you EIP or else like I said before, you just financed the phone at full price. I bought two S7 edges this weekend, and the rebate card doesn’t get shipped for 8 weeks. Which means despite the promise of reimbursement, I will be making two monthly payments prior to ever seeing that rebate even though I’ll be getting all my money back. Just a heads up for anyone still thinking about it.

  • raffr

    Already? The phone is barely out. i wonder what is prompting this so soon with the GS7.

  • DanG

    Does T-Mobile still pays for the other carrier’s payment plan and early termination fee when switching over?

    • RedWolfeXR

      AT&T explicitly said they were allowing it on their plan – so I don’t see where T-mo won’t. Not to mention the MIR itself is not a “special” device – you are paying EIP payments for both. So there is no reason Tmo’s ETF reimbursement would not apply.

  • schnapster

    So if I am Metro PCS (new line) and my sister is on TMo. I can buy both phones, get the MIR and use that to pay off the second phone? Right? Sorry I am a little confused.

  • Noah Jones

    you spelled installment wrong

    • Cameron K

      Technically both spellings are correct. Outside the US, usually only one “L” is used, with the exception of Canada. Not trying to be rude at all, so I hope I didn’t come across that way.

      • Adam P

        Here in California (where you’re apparently from), it’s spelled Installment. Also, I assume the “main-in rebate” you’re referring to is in fact a “mail-in” rebate.