Samsung Galaxy S6 gets Marshmallow on Sprint

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 10, 2016


Sprint Galaxy S6 users are next in line for an update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

The same day Google clandestinely unleashed Android N upon us, Sprint has deemed it worthy to update Samsung’s 2015 flagship to Marshmallow. The update, as reported by Twitter user @RAZOR32308, weighs a hefty 1235.87MB and brings the build number to version G920PVPU3CPB6.

The change log mentions the usual assortment of UI changes, performance improvements, and various tweaks, in addition to the features brought by Marshmallow. These include the new app permission system, Doze mode for lower battery consumption, and Google Now on Tap. You should also expect updates to Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, including changes in the color scheme of the notification drawer and new icons.

Android 6.0 lacks a decryption function, so if your device is encrypted but you don’t want it to be encrypted for good, you need to disable it before updating to Marshmallow.

So far, a precious few Samsung devices have received the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in North America. Notably, Verizon pushed it out to the Galaxy Note 5, while AT&T kicked off a beta program for the same device. As for Samsung’s timeline for other updates, it remains as tenebrous as ever.

For the latest on Marshmallow, check out our update roundup. If you’re already dreaming of what’s next, our Diving into Android N series is where you need to be.

  • Alex El Pillo Cisneros

    It’s about freaking time!!! ?

  • Varo Studio

    where the fuck is the update for g920I

  • Shakur Silvinho Silva

    Marshmallow for Galaxy Note 5 on Sprint anytime soon?

    • abn

      Dont quote me on this bro but talked to sprint today since i have the s6 edge plus with no update. They told me, assured me by next tuesday it will be there. I asked about note 5 the support tech said maybe in two weeks. I hope im wrong for you but just keeping it real. Create a fuss and ask for a credit on your account for waiting so long. They gave me 10.00 credit then a 25.00 credit. So check it out

  • xtriker360

    What about the freaking note 4 samsung? Why can’t just google make good nexus phone to kick the shit out of samsung?

  • Freddie Tiffani

    downloading now! woohoo!

  • Roger Broadus

    Best new feature… you can switch to any screen you want by tapping the circle for the screen (instead of only changing one screen at a time). It works on the Home Screen and App Drawer. Still no round robin on the home screen.

  • motang

    Got my update this morning! :D

  • abn

    Hey sam 6edge + wtf?

  • Jim Maddox Jr

    I got mine this morning, too.

  • Rusiru Hemage

    I got the update few days ago. My phone is not a network locked version. Marshmellow sucks. Heat like hell. Battery is also draining faster than before. Some of the in-call features are disabled too. Man this is the worst update.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    When is Verizon going to update S6edge

  • Dan91

    What about european S6 ??

    • Daho

      I received the update today (Slovakia – T-mobilr)

  • Rob

    Got the update for my S6 Edge, yesterday. Haven’t noticed any real helpful changes. Most of it seems simply just moving crap around and recoloring it. I rebooted it this morning to find it optimizing apps again. This may mean that it needs a few long-term uses and reboots to really get going, but how can I be sure? So far, battery seems about the same and nothing seems any faster or helpful. I never use the edge’s side bar, so that’s not even a factor for me, but may be helpful to some. The biggest regret I have with this phone is not having gone with the S6, instead. The edge is useless for it’s main functionality.

    • Rob

      My main recommendation for people looking to get a new Samsung…don’t bother with the edge mess. It’s a waste of money. Just put your money towards a phone that’s not gimicky. This phone had so much potential, but it’s been well over a year for Samsung to do anything good with it and they’ve made a clear statement they used it as a selling point and nothing else.

  • abn

    My daughters phone has the update on the S6 edge. Loves it.

  • abn

    Sprint rolling the marsh out. Go sprint about tiime you did something right
    S6. And s6 edge sprint rolling out update very fast.
    Next up s6 edge + told me by Tuesday i will have it. My son and daughter love it. We decided to wait to see what the s8 has to offer b4 going for our approved upgrade. My wife decided to go for upgrade s7 forcing one of us to go for upgrade s7. We get a really good discount and we get head gear. Probably gonna let my son get the upgrade too and wait it out a year. Keeping my plus daughter keeping edge so it will be interesting to see both phones in the flesh in use all the time.

  • abn

    6 + better be on phone tomorrow. Lol