SPB Shell 3D Launcher – Android App Review

by: Matthew SabatiniFebruary 19, 2012
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One of the best features about Android is having total control over how you customize your device. More specifically, Launchers and Skins give Android users access to tons of new user interfaces and features. In addition, a bunch of Android devices are subject to bloatware. When this happens, the average user probably is not interested in playing around with custom ROM’s or even rooting. Putting aside some of the more well known launchers, SPB Software recently release SPB Shell 3D. The app, which will cost you $14.95 in the Android Market, will bring a whole new look and feel to your Android 2.1+ device. Over 100,000 people, including us, have already downloaded the launcher. Don’t be scared off by the steep price tag, SPB Shell 3D packs dynamic folders, custom widgets and panels, sweet animations and a full 3D experience. Once you download this app, no additional skins or plugins are needed.

The second you start using the Launcher, you’ll notice that it fits your screen much better than the standard launcher by utilizing just about every pixel. Also, swiping between screens is incredibly smooth. You’ll notice that SPB Shell 3D is different than other launchers because it does not simply give you a set amount of screens to mess around with. Instead, SPB starts their users off with pre-loaded panels such as:

  • Home
  • Contacts
  • Travel
  • Calculator (A Beautiful Full-Screen Calculator)
  • Pictures
  • Deals
  • Weather
  • Communication
  • Notes (A Beautiful Full-Screen Notepad)
  • News
  • Moon
  • Time
  • Calendar

Out of those pre-set “panels”, you are free to add apps and widgets. Furthermore, SPB Shell 3D allows for the creation of custom panels. For example, I created my own “Music” Panel to store my variety of music applications and widgets.

As you can see in the image above, all of your panels are arranged side-by-side in an infinite circle. When you click the ovular button in the bottom of your customizable dock, the launcher zooms out so you can have a birds-eye view of all of your panels. In addition, after waiting a second or two after pushing that button, SPB Shell 3D will take you on a tour of your panels. In this tour, any folders or widgets that were created by SPB will become animated.

As previously mentioned, the app is $14.95 in the Android Market. SPB Shell 3D will completely reinvent your phones user interface. The app was just released not long ago and it has already been purchased by over 100,000 Android 2.1+ users. After having the privilege to test SPB Shell 3D, I highly recommend this application, especially to someone looking for a way around the standard Android launcher.

Check out the video below for a full walk-through and demo of SPB Shell 3D:

Any thoughts? Will you be downloading this and giving it a try? Let us know in the comments!

  • Tacman

    I prefer the free Go Launcher Ex

    • paxmos

      I bet because it’s free ;)

  • Free version of this programm known as “Yandex.Shell” https://market.android.com/details?id=ru.yandex.shell
    It has absolutely same functions as SPB Shell 3D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIz0JDJnOdA
    But now it is available only for Russian users.

  • Rsaclot41

    If you choose Go Launcher over SPB shell you don’t need an Android

  • Pantelei7

    I use it on my Transformer Prime.
    I saw a strange video on youtube, the guy didn’t say a word and never answered questions people were asking what we were looking at, so it took some time and research to find out that it was SPB Launcher. Now I got it and it’s great and beautiful, but I’d like to mention few points (for further development if they read it…).
    The carousel is great, but why it goes around in infinit circle only when it’s zoomed out?

    I like the world time widget, but again, no way to add more cities than 3. I frequently call suppliers in other countries and need to know what’s the time at their place… so it would be great if this number could be raised to 4 or 5 at least… Or they could combine it with the full screen weather widget, which doesn’t really work well…(except that it really looks amazing…) yesterday it was showing rain throughout the whole day, but in reality it wasn’t raining at all (although Worthing is not that small, so maybe it was raining at the other end…;o) It showed that the data was from forecast (?) I understand if the data is from forecast in the early morning, but the whole day? So, basically I had to install couple more weather forcast widgets to get real local weather info as well as worldwide weather forecast.

    I really miss the dock at the bottom that would give me an option to click the most frequently used apps on whichever window I am on.

    When I go to apps and add one to my home screen and then return to the apps it will always start from the top, so I always have to scroll down to the same place which is very annoying when you deal with lots of apps… It really shoud remember the last position I left it. t would be great if I could choose a group of apps and add them in one go to a folder (I hope I haven’t missed something, but I couldn’t figure out if there is such an option).

    If I create a folder, it uses 4 images of the first four apps to make up its own image, however it makes them too smal to easily recognise. I liked the original ICZS’ y of dealing with it: the
    first app’s image in front and slightly sideway behind saller images of the rest.

    The sticky notes widget is great, nothing to say.

    The Moon widget is beautiful and very informative, especially if you’re an astronomer…
    Well, that’s all I have time for now and could remember…

  • Randy Gray

    I have tried every launcher out for android, including next launcher which is an awesome launcher ,but spb shell beats them all hands down. Only cheap skates who don’t get involved with their phone will think the price to high. Its on my brand new rooted s3 and as of tomorrow it will be on my new note 2.