Sony Xperia Z5 devices get a significant price cut (yes, already)

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 7, 2015
sony xperia z5 & z5 compact & Z5 premium aa 18

The Sony Xperia Z5 smartphones haven’t even been released yet, but it seems the Japanese manufacturer has changed its mind and decided to cut down the prices before launch. The Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Premium were expected to cost £549.00, £599.00 and £699.00, relatively. Those cash sums definitely seemed fair, but we suppose Sony figured they could do a little better; now the official site shows a completely different set of prices.

Instead, the new pricing goes as follows. The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact carries a £429.00 price tag. Meanwhile, the Xperia Z5 will set you back £549.00 and the Premium version will go for £629.00.

sony xperia z5 & z5 compact & Z5 premium aa 16

Of course, these are the UK prices. We are still not sure if a similar discount will be applied on devices from any other markets. I suppose we will have to wait for more availability details to show up. Until then, you can check out our hands-on content on the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Premium. The latter happens to be the first smartphone to get a 4K resolution display, making it one of the most stunning mobile screens around. The other two handsets also offer great specs and awesome functionality… as well as value, now.

Are any of you wondering why Sony did this? Maybe they simply want to stay more competitive in this fierce market. Whatever the reasoning behind these price reductions is, we definitely won’t be complaining! Are any of you buying one of these? I am seriously considering upgrading to an Xperia Z5.

  • Erning

    Definitely grabbing one of each.

    • Arngrim

      Damn! I wish :D Maybe i’ll get the regular or Premium one next year if it has a price drop, but for now im only getting compact. Hope its not to small for my taste, i feel that Galaxy 4 is huge, but something like the iphone 4 is way to small, this seems to be in the middle of both.

      • Danish Sohail

        You gonna love it, size is perfect for you.

  • Rani

    Please bring these into the US market. Please, Sony, we are begging to give you our money over here.

    • Sunny all day

      Just buy it on ebay, I hope they don’t it keeps the exclusivity. Plus the states is all Iphones anyways.

  • ferdz

    I really like this too. But I think its just a lost dream for me. lol

  • Arman

    The camera is still not great for low light shots since there is no OIS! Really Sony?

    • Achyutam

      They have their own system which they call steadyshot. It’s just their version of Oil.

      • kiss my asthma

        True, but (and I’m not sure, so please correct me if I’m wrong) no software based stabilization would be better than OIS.

        • Raul Serrano

          Who knows, honestly it could be sensor base. Like the steady shot inside the e-mount cameras they have.

        • Arman

          From what i read its software based and not as good as OIS which is hardware based. But again it might not be correct..

  • The lower Xperia Z5 range, ie the Z5 Compact got the biggest chop from £549 to £429! That’s a huge discount. Thank you Sony


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    • Biath Fan

      Now it’s worth buying!

    • Will Mac

      because Sony decided to launch an updated compact in a couple of months..

      • Lukas


    • Cakefish

      Preordered one. 29th September delivery. Can’t wait :)

      • Howard

        Wait! Where did you preorder this????? Are you in the US?

        • Cakefish

          Nope, UK. Sorry to disappoint.

  • Damon Lewis

    Still $1000AUD for the Z5, that’s more than the S6 at launch.

    • Jehan Kateli

      In NZD, the Z5C still costs more than the Note 5…

    • Tjaldid

      Based on the UK price?

      • Damon Lewis

        Based on the UK price converted and from what I’ve been told talking to people in Sony stores.

        • neonix

          Well as far as converting the price, don’t do that. Wait until they release it in the US market and the price will be different. And as far as people in Sony stores, they probably don’t know shit. Nobody working in retail knows anything more than you or me or any guy reading info and rumors about unreleased phones or electronics in general.

          • Damon Lewis

            Well he asked another guy where the ‘Z5 spreadsheet’ was and read stuff off there so it seemed like he knew what he was doing.

            As for US prices, the AU price is usually much closer to the EU price than the US price.

  • Arngrim

    I hope this applies across the world. I’ll get it either way, but i feel the prices where abit to high for what you get. At least so for the Compact, hopefully the price i pre-ordered mine for gets reduced aswell.

  • 4k or not 4k… what y’all think??

    • Pez Smith

      go for it … you know you want it. :-)

  • jimborae

    Still to expensive! Paid £429 for Z3 on launch, won’t be upgrading to a Premium till it hits that price.

  • Adeyemi Kayode Abdul Hafeez

    Yes, Xperia Z5 Premium

  • Filip Balan

    Finally they came back from the clouds and made some discount. In the over-competitive Android market you can’t have the same price policy like Apple because they don’t have any competition on IOS. In Android there are lot’s of new players to the table delivering great phones at prices that were used only for junk hardware in the past.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    They have to reconsider the competition. And also economic is really bad on Asia, their biggest market, so yeah, it’s pretty much straight to the point

  • GuerillaRadio

    If the Z5 lives up to the promises of 2 day battery life and a great camera then I think this will be the most well-rounded Android phone on the market. I’m looking to replace my old HTC One M7 (great phone but appalling camera and battery is way past its best now). There are so many great options on the market now but every one seems to have a fatal flaw that is enough to put me off buying.

    Galaxy S6 – probably the best Android phone out at the minute but loads of complaints about battery life.
    Moto X Style – good build and pretty much stock Android but it is way too big for my personal tastes.
    Moto X Play – incredibly good value but I’m not a fan of the plastic build or the design.
    OnePlus Two – like the design and software but seemingly impossible to get a hold of and is again too big for my tastes.
    LG G4 – can be bought fairly cheap already, great camera and removable battery but plasticky build and still fairly big.
    HTC One M9 – nicely built, perfect size for me and I like the Sense skin but once again HTC prove they can’t build a good enough camera.
    iPhone 6 – probably the most well rounded phone on the market but I dislike iOS and I am not prepared to pay iPhone money.

    Z5 – up to 2 day battery life (more likely 1.5 which is still better than most phones), fully waterproof, front facing speakers, fingerprint scanner (which will be useful when Android Pay takes off), timelessly designed and wonderfully built (personal opinion of course), camera looks to be competing with the G4/S6 which is good enough for me, software is fairly close to stock, decent displays and a choice of sizes.

    I’ll wait until I get my hands on a Z5/Z5 Compact before I decide what to get, but I think it is between them and the LG G4.

  • pIXo

    is it because of camera overheating?

  • News Reporter

    I did NOT like reading this, “Sony has traditionally provided camera modules to several of its rivals and quite often, the Xperia range has produced less than stellar shots compared to other devices using the same sensor.” That would suck. Deal breaker for me if they are not using the same or better lens like they gave to the LG G4 lens f/1.8. Sounds like they went with their less than stellar lens. Grrrrrrrr! Stupid!

    The United States seems to be getting the shaft on Sony releases. Ugh! Been waiting and waiting. Was going to get LG G4 for the best (Sony) camera available. The specs on this are right on! Snapdragon 810.. because the 820 has overheating issues with every other cell manufacturer. Smart! LG did the same thing they went 810.

  • מאיר כהן

    My next smartphone: SONY XPERIA Z5.
    Sent from my Note 4.
    Thank you SONY !

  • Christian

    Yup! X5P i think looks way more premium than the more expensive iPhone 6 and Plus. Sure to get it when it’s available in my country. =)

  • Atlas

    This happened apparently because Sony simply made an error on their website and didn’t take into account VAT, taxes and all that other good stuff and just corrected the prices.

  • Raj Singh

    I wish it didn’t have a SD810.

  • neonix

    Nice deal on the compact, but I’ll be waiting til some time after its release to consider buying one.

  • Saeed

    I hope this discount is applied to international markets, I’ve been planning to upgrade to the z5 premium before it was publicly announced !, the rumored specs were accurate and impressing.

  • jamie evans

    I think Sony cut the prices because other retailers, like Clove UK, offer Z5s at much cheaper prices than Sony UK. Anyways, I’m considering to upgrade to the Z5 Compact.