Sony introduced the Xperia X series at MWC and now we are seeing them expand the line-up with an announcement at IFA 2016. The Japanese phone maker has just unveiled a couple new smartphones: the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact.

The Xperia XZ and X Compact promise a whole set of stunning features, plus a much needed design refresh. Let’s touch on the essentials real quick, before we bring you our full hands-on a bit later on.

Sony Xperia X Compact


The Xperia X Compact is a shrunken down version of the Xperia X, featuring a 4.6-inch LCD display of 720p resolution, featuring Sony’s well known Triluminos technology. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snadpragon 650, and it features 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The camera is a 23MP model that you can read about more below. Sony packed a 2,700 mAh battery in this diminutive phone measuring 129 x 65 x 9.5 mm and featuring USB Type-C. According to Sony, the device is coated in a ceramic material, rather than metal, like the Xperia XZ.

sony xperia x compact

The Xperia X Compact will be available in black, white and lovely light blue, starting in the following weeks. No details about the price have been released as of this writing.

Sony Xperia XZ

The Xperia XZ features roughly the same specs as the Xperia X Performance, including the Snapdragon 820 and 3GB of RAM, a 5.2-inch Full HD display, and a 2,800 mAh battery. The big story here is the new design, which is a nod to the the legacy of the Xperia line, but still brings something new to the table.

sony xperia xz

The metallic design takes a cue from the “flattened cylinder” aesthetic of old Lumia phones, and the final result is quite appealing. Sony used a metallic finish called “Alkaleido” that gives the phone a nice shine and depth, while the rounded edges should make it very pleasant to hold in the hand.

sony xperia xz (2)

Sony has not revealed pricing or availability details for the Xperia XZ.

Camera experience

Sony prides itself for making some of the best cameras in the mobile industry. In fact, many other manufacturers go to Sony for their sensor needs.

Both the Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact come with the company’s new triple image sensor technology. This combines the usual Exmor RS sensor with a couple other elements that capture color and distance information.  Predictive Hybrid AF and Laser AF make it possible to acquire shots free of blur and motion.

The 23 MP camera is said to be amazingly fast, being able to go from standby to capture in just 0.6 seconds. Part of this is thanks to the dedicated camera button. And if you want to go all manual, Sony allows this.


Furthermore, Sony is pushing the line in the video department. “Both Xperia XZ and X Compact offer significant advancements in the evolution of video recording, with the introduction of the world’s first 5-axis image stabilization cultivated in Sony’s Handycam camcorders, with Sony’s SteadyShot Mode, which allows the user to shoot smoother videos even when walking or capturing extreme close-ups.”

The Xperia XZ can also handle 4K video recording, which is nothing to scoff at.

Also read:

Sony promises pristine mic and speaker performance. Both devices come with dual speakers and dual microphones, as well as integrated noise cancellation.

A few smart features that should improve performance have been added. The first is Qnovo, which adapts charging to keep the battery healthy and double its lifespan. They also included Smart Cleaner, which cleans app cache when not commonly used. Meanwhile, Xperia Tips will keep an eye on your usage and give you usage tips when it deems necessary.

Interested in learning more about these phones? Don’t worry – we are in Berlin and will be sure to take a closer look at them real soon. Meanwhile, hit the comments and tell us if Sony has convinced you with these two new additions to their Xperia X family.

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
  • Isaac

    Looks great !!

  • Pat Bell

    Wow, the design looks sexy as hell. I love how they don’t follow the mainstream with the curvy phones and protruding camera lenses.

  • Jay

    I would totally buy the compact if Sony would put the darn fingerprint sensor on the US version. Until then, pass.

    • The One

      Just buy the international version. There’s no difference other than the fingerprint sensor being deactivated in the US

  • Mohammad Hussain

    Sony really doesnt need to use stablisation as a marketing scheme, there EIS on my z5 is super smooth and works better than phones with OIS in terms of stablity.

    • MrWalker1000

      exactly. But in todays world marketing is what gets people to buy. you only have to ask the people who buy samsung because it’s well marketed phone. The EIS on the z5 is way ahead of the competition. I’m not sure why Sony added the 5 axis stabilization.

  • Nokia

  • misio87

    650 ? 650? are you fucking with me Sony ?
    Z1 compact snap 800
    Z3 Compact snap 801
    z5 compact snap 810
    I expected the x compact to have the same snap as the X performance (since that is your real flagship ). I’m sure the price will be adequate.

    • Jarvic Suguitan

      The X Compact is based on the Xperia X as the name suggests, so It’ll have the Xperia X’s SoC

      • 1stCase

        No! This is the X fail !

    • The One

      It will probably launch at the same price as the full size X. Sony is terrible at pricing their phones.

  • Modest Mind

    I was expecting better specs for X Compact (a true flagship in compact form): 4.6″, 1080p, SD 820, 3000mAh… at a price around € 450,-. But current specs are for me a no-go! And what’s with those huge bezels? Others can easily reach 76-80% screen-to-body-ratio.

  • I used Z1 compact, but will not recommend this X Compact because of the snapdragon 650.

    • MrWalker1000

      The xperia X with its 650 was able to outdo phones with an 820. People are understimating the 650 without really getting the facts straight. Sony has managed to optimize the 650 really well.

  • Kush Peshin


  • Kush Peshin

    1080p screen and 2800mah, what year are Sony in again?

  • ….

    SD 650 + camera is a 23MP ? Seriously? According Qualcomm SD650 supports camera up to 21MP but who cares…

  • Jarvic Suguitan

    Sony screwed up and disgraced the Compact name with a SD 650

    • tammyt56clark

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    • LeVvE

      Still only 720P… again.

      • Jarvic Suguitan

        The 720p was acceptable but Why did they just had to put a damn Snapdragon 650 in it, while they know everyone is expecting at Snapdragon 820

        • LeVvE

          Nah, not for me personally. I don’t feel like it’s acceptable. I used the Z5C for a while but I couldn’t get used to the much lower DPI compared to my other phones so I stopped using it. It should have at least 1080P this time around, it has had 720P since the FIRST version.

        • BigD

          Because the Xperia X has a 650 too………………………………………………….

    • misio87

      And it’s plastic

  • Jack_Package

    Move along, nothing to see here…at this point they are just massaging their own shit. Maybe if they survive that long, by the time my loyalty period expires in 1.5 year, they put out something that’s actually worth buying.

  • HDN900

    So ist no more Compact, now is “mini”. Comapct always was top hardware in smaller dimensions, Sony Compact can fight vs top phones. Now its near something like A/J Samsung series. No waterproof(?), no Snapdragon 820 for Compact. XZ and X C “only” 3GB when allmast all new top phones have 4GB. Maybe for 300$.

    • Jarvic Suguitan

      It IS Compact, a compact version of the Xperia X, not the X Performance or the XZ though

  • Johan


    Although, at this point I don’t know why I was expecting anything other than this from Sony…

    • The One

      Despite the small-ish battery of the XZ, it’s actually quite impressive considering how much of a FAIL the rest of the X series phones have been. Finally adding OIS and LAF, plus the design refresh all work well for Sony. The compact is the big disappointment. The SD650 processor means Sony truly has given up on compact flagships. Knowing Sony, they’ll find a way to price it at the same level of the full size X. LOL

  • HDN900

    Now i want LG V20…Comapct. LG V20 Comapct same hardware 820/4GB, good audio, superb camera but with 4,7 inche, 1080.

    • 1stCase

      Don’t expect such good idea from LG…lol

  • KVragec

    Xperia XZ is best looking phone this year. Atleast that is what i think. Can’t wait to see that one in the stores

    • The One

      I hope you’re not in the U.S. because these will never be sold in a store here.

      • KVragec

        I’m from Croatia and trust me, situation is not different here. Here we have Xperia X but no X Performance. Which makes me think that XZ will not be available either. And that one is one thst i actually like.

  • The One

    But dat bezel tho! :-

  • vince1228

    Don’t like these phones but if they keep the design similar and put the front facing speakers on their next ultra phone with some quick charge 3.0. I can deal with that. So there is some upside here just not with these small phones

  • The One

    Just checked the Sony Mobile website – the X compact is NOT waterproof, and all documentation indicates that the 5-axis image stabilization is only available when recording video for both the Xc and XZ. How can that be right?!

  • Phil

    Xz seems like a winner maybe could have been a little bigger and included a SD821. Hell we may never see it in the States anyways.

    • ….

      You mean LOOSER- today flagship with only 3/32gb and withOUT an OIS is a crap…

      • MrWalker1000

        not sure if troll or just dumb. But sony’s software is really well optimized that’s all it needs. Apple used 1gb for a long time. and it has five axis image stabilization you idiot. Eeven without IOS sony had the best eletronic stabilization.

  • 1213 1213

    “According to Sony, the device is coated in a ceramic material, rather than metal, like the Xperia XZ.”

    Not sure what this is saying. If it is saying the xz is metal, then the last comma shouldn’t be there. Or maybe I’m just being weird about it…

  • George

    Shitty phones, still 3gb of ram, still well under 3000mah battery.
    Looks like I’ll keep my trusted old Z2 with also 3gb of ram and 3200mah battery for one more year.
    Really dissapointed in you Sony.

  • Son

    I just can’t understand why sony has decided to put Snapdragon 650, Compact version is not a downgraded one!