-Fantastic build quality
-Comfortable in hand feel
-Software is clean and easy to use
-Great camera
-MicroSD slot
-Hi-Res audio support
-Vibrant display


-Front-facing speakers are weak
-High price point
-No fingerprint sensor (U.S. model)

Bottom Line
Xperia XZ
by Sony

The Xperia XZ has many great qualities, and might be one of Sony’s best smartphones in a long while, but without a fingerprint sensor in the US or a QHD display, many may find the $700 price tag tough to justify.

Sony may be done with the Z series, but the letter returns with the company’s latest addition to their flagship X range, with the Xperia XZ. Introduced alongside the much smaller Xperia X Compact at IFA a little over a month ago, this high-end smartphone is Sony’s attempt at finding a foothold once again in the competitive US market.

With the company hoping to arrest their continuing fall in popularity, does their latest offering prove to be the answer? We find out, in this comprehensive Sony Xperia XZ review!


Sony Xperia XZ Review-3

The Xperia XZ features a design that has been refreshed in a few different ways, but the general rectangular slab-like design language still makes it easily recognizable as a Sony smartphone. A combination of materials has gone into the build of this device, with glass up front, an all metal back plate, and plastic along its sides.

The phone comes with what Sony is calling a “loop” design. Basically, the sides are rounded and taper towards the front and back, which makes the transition between the different build materials feel more seamless, and also allows for a very comfortable feel when holding the phone. Sony has never had issues with build quality as far as their high-end offerings are concerned, and that remains true for the Xperia XZ as well, with the device feeling sturdy and substantial in the hand.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-4

A few color variations of the Xperia XZ are available, with options including blue and silver, and as seen with this review unit, black. The black version comes with a satin-like finish, which isn’t particularly glossy, but does tend to be prone to fingerprints. That said, black also gives this phone a very sleek and stealthy look.

The Xperia XZ comes with a 5.2-inch display, which allows for a relatively easy one-handed handling experience, despite the back plate being made with metal. Speaking of the metal backing, there are no plastic inserts to be found here, resulting in the NFC chip being moved from the back, where it is normally expected to be, to the front, next to the front-facing camera. This isn’t the first time that Sony has gone with this placement, but it does make tapping the phone to other devices or payment terminals just a little bit more awkward.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-5

Taking a look around the device, the headphone jack and USB Type-C port are at the top and bottom respectively, a combined SIM card and microSD card slot is on the left, and finally, on the right side is the power button, volume rocker, and Sony’s signature dedicated camera shutter button.

As I also noted in the full review of the Xperia X Compact, the inclusion of a dedicated camera button provides a quick and easy way to get to the camera and is very convenient, but having all the buttons on the right makes the whole side feel quite cluttered. The placement of the volume rocker makes sense when considering its secondary use as a digital zoom control, but it is very awkward and uncomfortable to reach with your thumb when trying to adjust the volume in the portrait orientation.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-13

The power button of the Xperia XZ does function as a fingerprint sensor, but that’s only true in other markets around the world, and unfortunately not the case in the US. For reasons unknown, Sony has decided to disable the scanner with the US version of the device, as the company did with previous Sony flagships as well. The keyword here is disable, and some developers have figured out a workaround that you can attempt at your own risk, if a fingerprint scanner is a must have.


Sony Xperia XZ Review-1

The Sony Xperia XZ comes with a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display, with a Full HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 424 ppi. Quad HD is generally what is expected from current generation flagships, but unless you are planning to use the device for VR, you are not going to notice any difference with 1080p here.

The screen is plenty sharp for comfortably reading text and web browsing, has excellent viewing angles, and is surprisingly very vibrant. Brightness is of no concern, and the display is easily view-able outdoors. You also have the usual white balance controls and Sony’s X-Reality engine built-in, that provide a sharper and more natural looking image when looking at photos and videos. There are also some benefits to having a lower resolution display, particularly in terms of performance and battery life.


Sony Xperia XZ Review-11

Under the hood, the Xperia XZ packs a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, backed by the Adreno 530 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. While this is the processing package that is generally seen with most current flagships, 4 GB of RAM is the norm, so the reduction may be disappointing to some.

With a 1080p display, you’ll generally get much smoother game play and graphics performance when compared to Quad HD screens, because of the reduced strain on the GPU. Not surprisingly, the game play on the Xperia XZ is definitely extremely smooth, and there were no stutters or dropped frames that were noticeable with high-end games. Day to day operations including web browsing, opening apps, checking emails, and watching videos, have also been very smooth. Despite having 3 GB of RAM, I haven’t managed to slow this phone down with heavy amounts of multi-tasking either, so you certainly won’t feel the loss of an additional gig of RAM.


Sony Xperia XZ Review-7

The Xperia XZ comes with 32 GB or 64 GB of on-board storage, but if you do opt for the lower storage option, you can bolster that with a microSD card by up to 256 GB. The US version of the device is a single SIM version, but there is also a dual SIM iteration available in some other markets, where users will have to make the choice between dual SIM capabilities and expandable storage.

Unlike the Xperia X Compact, the Xperia XZ does come with an IP 68 rating for resistance to dust and water, which means that you can use the phone in the rain or while in the shower if you want to, and it can also survive a dunk in the water with no adverse effect on functionality.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-6

Audio is a big part of the Xperia XZ experience. By plugging in a pair of headphones, you can take advantage of the device’s built-in support for Hi-Res audio files like FLAC, ALAC, DSD, and LPCM, and it can also upscale an compressed music files to give it more of a Hi-Res sound.

Two small slits above and below the display house dual stereo front-facing speakers, which sound excellent, with no distortion even at the highest volume. However, when compared to something like the Nexus 6P, these speakers are no where near as loud, and don’t offer as much low-end punch.

The Xperia XZ comes with a 2,900 mAh battery, with is a little smaller than a lot of other flagships out there. The battery is good enough to comfortably allow for a full day of use, but you won’t get a whole lot more beyond that. Even with heavy usage that involved a few hours of gaming every day, along with the usual activities that include social, email, and texting, the phone lasted for 12 hours off the charger, which is definitely not bad.

The phone comes with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which will allow you to get back to a full charge quickly. If you are running out of battery and can’t get to a charger easily, you do get Sony’s staple Stamina and Ultra Stamina modes that limit performance and certain functionality in favor of longer battery life.


Sony Xperia XZ Review-9

Sony is known for making really good camera sensors for smartphones, but they have unfortunately never managed to get the camera quite right with their own phones. However, there are a lot of improvements that have been made with the new sensor that the Xperia XZ is sporting. The device is sharing the same 23 MP rear camera as the smaller Xperia X Compact, and also comes with a 5-axis image stabilization, a new laser auto focus sensor, and a RGBC-IR that helps get the most accurate white balance, regardless of the lighting condition.

A point to remember is that the 5-axis stabilization is purely software based, so there are no moving parts that are making this happen. This stabilization also kicks in only when you are recording close ups or macro shots, and in other situations, 3-axis stabilization is what you are getting. It does work extremely well though for video, and stabilizes the footage without any noticeable warping or distortion.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-12

Where the Xperia XZ differs from its smaller sibling is when it comes to the front-facing camera, with the former coming with a 13 MP shooter, instead of the 5 MP front-facing unit of the Xperia X Compact. The front camera of the Xperia XZ allows for plenty of detail and color to be captured, and you also get a lot more flexibility with zooming into and cropping shots.

The rest of the camera experience is typically what has been available from Sony. The camera app is fairly simplistic, and navigating between Superior Auto, Manual, Video Recording, or switching to the front-facing camera can all be done by simply swiping on the screen. You also get the usual modes like AR Effect, Sweep Panorama, and Timeshift Video, that can be a lot of fun to play around with. The only quirk with Sony’s default camera app is that the HDR mode is still buried in the camera settings, and is only accessible when using the Manual mode.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-10

It is very quick and easy to launch the camera and take a shot, especially when using the dedicated camera key, and the pictures it takes are surprisingly very good. Images are extremely sharp and detailed, and it produces colors that are much more natural and true to life, but at the same time are stilll very pleasing to the eye.

The predictive hybrid auto focus feature that Sony has been using a for a while now also works well for tracking moving objects and capturing them without motion blur. As long as the subject is moving at a reasonable speed, you’ll be able to get a crystal clear shot.

In low light conditions, there is still a fair amount of detail to be had, and the images come out relatively noise free. The camera does to tend overexpose shots though, and there is a lot of blooming in the highlights. The camera can also be really slow to capture a picture poorly-lit situations, and if you aren’t holding the phone perfectly steady, you will end up with a lot of blurry shots.


Sony Xperia XZ Review-2

On the software side of things, the Xperia XZ is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the Xperia UI on top, which Sony has scaled back significantly to keep the experience fairly light. You still have Sony’s own launcher, Settings menu, app icons, and a built-in themes engine, but the majority of the user interface feels very close to stock Android.

This integration goes up to the point where the Google Now second screen is now a part of the Xperia launcher as well. While the Xperia XZ is only available unlocked and free of network carrier bloatware, there are a few pre-installed applications to deal with, like AVG protection, Amazon Shopping, and Sony’s own list of apps. Overall however, this is a very clean and simple software experience, which is definitely a contributing factor to the smooth performance of the device.


 Sony Xperia XZ
Display5.2" Full HD Triluminos IPS LCD
ProcessorQuad-core, 64-bit Snapdragon 820
Storage32 GB (single SIM), 64 GB (dual-SIM) + microSD
Dimensions146 x 72 x 8.1 mm
IP ratingIP65/IP68
Main camera23 MP with triple image sensing, predictive hybrid autofocus, 5-axis stabilization
Front camera13 MP
Battery2,900 mAh, Quick Charge 3.0, Qnovo Adaptive Charging, USB Type-C
Fingerprint sensorYes
NetworksGSM GPRS/EDGE (2G), UMTS HSPA+ (3G), Cat. 9 LTE
ConnectivityA-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS), Wi-Fi Miracast, Bluetooth 4.2


Pricing and final thoughts

If you are looking to get the Xperia XZ, the price is going to be something to contend with, with the device priced at $699. This puts it in the same price range as other flagships like the Galaxy S7 Edge and Google’s brand new Pixel smartphones, and there are also smartphones that offer flagship experiences at a fraction of the price, like the ZTE Axon 7 and the OnePlus 3.

Sony Xperia XZ Review-15

So, there you have it for this in-depth review of the Sony Xperia XZ! It has to be admitted that I do really like this phone, and it has been a long time since a Sony smartphone has truly impressed me. The Xperia XZ has got a refreshing, new, and beautiful design which is still true to Sony, and also features a beautiful display, excellent performance, and a really great camera.

There is so much to like about this phone that I was able to forgive the lack of Quad HD display and a fingerprint sensor. However, with these features missing, the high price point might be harder to forgive. The Xperia XZ is undoubtedly the best smartphone that Sony has made in a long while, but if that is enough to justify paying a premium for it is up to you.

  • Mohammad Hussain

    No need for video stablisation, their EIS is stable AF

    • Muhd Nurhaikal

      Yes but OIS also helps alot in low-light photography. EIS can’t assist in that. OIS is the future and Sony has to accept that. Mostly flagships already employ OIS. Remember, the XZ has a f2.0 aperture with no OIS. Low light photos will suffer.

      • MrWalker1000

        oh look the guy who pretends like he knows anything about photography. It’s a smartphone and IM gonna laugh iny our face if you think a .3 milimeter difference in the aperture means anything with tiny sensors of this size. Sony always had the best camera on its phones since the z2.

        • Muhd Nurhaikal

          What an ignorant fanboy. Not everyone carries a DSLR everywhere they go. S6, S7, G4, G5 all have better cameras plus they have better manual controls. Look at all the reviews if you don’t trust me.

          • lnfected

            You do realize that cameras on samsung/lg phones are made by sony

          • mobilemann

            yeah, the s6 / s7 g4 and g5 all use sony sensors, you’re really really stupid.

          • Muhd Nurhaikal

            I know. Samsung, LG, iPhones, and many other phones use sony sensors. No one said it didn’t use thier sensors idiot. I’m saying those manufactures camera photo and video results are usually better that Sony’s. Learn to read stupid.

          • MrWalker1000

            the only stupid here is you. Because I know of reviews which say the complete opposite: that sony has the bst camera. And dxo, which are professional camera users say sony has the best camera.

            why should anyoen care about your opinion?

          • Muhd Nurhaikal

            Are you illiterate? The S7 and HTC 10 has better camera on DXO rankings.

          • tristi lumina

            Are you an ignorant? S7 Edge, HTC 10 and Xperia X Performance have same result lol
            So don’t say that HTC 10 and S7 is BETTER based on DxOMark, noob.

            And then, are you know about photography? True EIS can’t help much on low light photography, but NOT ONLY OIS factor will make it better than EIS on photography but it have much factors! For example in general case, lower shutter speed and adjust smaller aperture will help. But remember, smartphone camera module / lenses, it can’t have MANUAL / DYNAMIC APERTURE because it don’t have “blades” to control how much light comes into lenses.

            In theory right now XZ and X Compact have two assistant modules, laser AF and RGBC-IR that they claims it will give better results on low light photography. In theory.
            In fact, we don’t have seen how Xperia XZ camera peform in reality, you can’t judge it early. Oh yeah don’t forget that Xperia XZ and X Compact now have manual controls of shutter speed and focus.

            At last, i don’t say that Xperia XZ is better than S7 or HTC 10 :)

          • MrWalker1000

            wow how much are you getting to talk shit on sony.

            The z5 was ranked the top smartphone camera and that was a fucking flagship of last year. Other flagships are only just catching up now with its score.

            THE True Sony flagship the XZ still has not been tested yet. But it should blow the competition away. Stop being a troll dude.

          • Gordo

            agree with you this new phone is going to blow people away. our shop has over 360 preorders

        • Gordo

          jeck yeah Sony cameras rule dude

          • MrWalker1000

            what shop are you in that has so many pre-orders you must be somewhere outside of the USA im guessing?

            And sony’s 5axis is confirmed to be working on this photos too so this will greatly improve low light shots. People don’t knwo what they are talking about spreading mis-information. Sony uses a sensor shift as well EIS. So basically their stabilization is both OIS and EIS.

      • Mohammad Hussain

        I know OIS will help a lot in low light photography but they shouldn’t be using video stabilisation as a marketing scheme because it is damn better than any phone on their previous phones.

    • mobilemann

      this is an idiot comment. There is always a need for optical stabilization

      • MrWalker1000

        Sony has a hybrid stabilization system. ITs a sensor shift as well as an eletronic stabilization which is really far ahead of the competition. the New XZ should perform well in low light as well.

        • mobilemann

          The hardware version is the only version worth talking about

          • MrWalker1000

            what are you talking about. the results speak for themselfs its class leading in stabilization.

          • mobilemann

            i’m saying from the tech behind it, software stabilization is BS, i have no interest in stabilization at the cost of pixels.

          • MrWalker1000

            what cost of pixels you fucking talking about? this is the best stabilization on any smartphone people need to stfu since its already been proven.

          • Paul

            I think what mobileman means is you lose pixels due to cropping from digital image stabilization.

          • mobilemann

            digital stabilization reduces resolutions, it’s basics.

  • Confucius Say ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    SD820 is quadcore, not octacore.

    • Efi Brenner

      They have fixed it

  • Nafiz Sejan

    Same old configuration 3gb RAM Full HD display that’s sucks

    • Saiaditya Garyali

      How does the display ‘suck’? It’s one of the best displays around and it’s really awesome. I don’t understand why people like you exist.

      • MrWalker1000

        thank you for saying this. I don’t know how many tech “enthusiasts” constnatly repeat this ad infinitum. But on a screen this small QHD is a gimmick. It’s about the quality of the display and not about the resolution. and 3gb of ram is fine if it’s well optmized. Which sony phones tend to be.

        • Joe Black

          As a current owner of LG G4, qHD is absolutely a gimmick. The toll it takes on the battery however isn’t.
          FullHD > qHD anytime.

          • lazyc97

            I thought so too not long ago. Until I use my phone to watch VR contents and my to-be-returned note 7 with QHD display doesn’t seem to be sharp enough.

        • Arben Myrtaj

          People have no idea what Full HD or QHD are, they just read biased reviews and think it’s bad. I mean ffs, Apple uses Full HD in the iCrap 7 Plus, which sits at 5.5 inches, and is praised for it, suddenly a 5.2 inch Full HD LCD display sucks, it’s just people’s ignorance taking over.

          The only thing that’s a no for me on this phone is the battery, it’s too small, when my almost 3 years old now Z2 has a 3200 mAh battery, I would have expected this phone to have at least a 3400 mAh battery, probably hope for 3600.

          • MrWalker1000

            3400 is expecting too much but a 3000mah would have been nice. It’s honestly not that bad and sony is good with optimization so I’m not going to complain when this phone has world leading technology wiht rbgc sensor, 23mp camera , 13mp front facing as much as the rear of the iphones!, and a 5axis stabilziatio thats unmatched.

            coupled that with front facing speakers and water resistance with a new unique alkaleido metal. have you seen this thing? its absolutely gorgeous and super smooth with its software.

            people are getting paid to talk shit about it because samsung and apple fear sony’s comback into the world of tech.

          • Arben Myrtaj

            3400 mAh is not expecting too much, as I said, my Z2 is almost 3 years old now, and it has 3200 mAh. The phone size is the same, so there’s no reason to go backwards instead of forwards. 3400 mAh is easily doable, but they don’t want to do it, because if they did want, they could easily do it.

            Lagsung is putting 3000 mAh in a 5.1″ phone that is also thinner. so trust me, if Sony wanted to, they could easily squeeze a 3400 mAh battery there.

            And I’m not complaining about the features of the phone, for me 3GB is perfectly fine, if they put in more, I won’t mind it, if they don’t, I won’t complain, I never had any problem with RAM management in my Z2 so far.

            What I like about Sony phones is obviously the super sexy design, no matter what Lagsung or Crapple fangays will say, deep inside they are jealous of the sexiness of Sony phones. I also like the GUI, I’m used to it, and having seen LG, Lagsung, HTC, Xiaomi among others and what they do with the Android stock UI, I can’t get myself to use any of those phones, plus their battery life still doesn’t compare to that of my Sony, even though these new Sony phones could do much better, the first iteration of the X series were atrocious regarding battery, the X compact seems to be doing better, but the XZ doesn’t pack enough juice in its battery, that is for sure.

            Then again, rooting Sony phones is simple and I always gotta have my phone rooted, there’s a myriad of things that make me want to use only Sony phones, I can’t picture myself using any other brand’s phones.

            But still, that doesn’t mean I can’t ask Sony to do better, because I know they can, but somehow they got lost along the way. And as many reviewers have said, Sony should have dropped the price a bit, their marketing strategy is pretty horrible.

            You have less RAM, less pixels in your lcd screen, so drop the price 50$ compared to the competition, it’s not gonna kill your profits, and focus on what your phone has in terms of marketing, like say you have a smaller resolution, but emphasize the fact that such a screen gives you more battery life, better performance in games, and a higher resolution screen won’t make any difference to the human eye at these levels.

          • marty mar

            Arben I totally agree. This phone gets ripped on digital trends review. Its funny as hell to see different tech reviews and seeing a different review for exactly the same devise. I read this review and i agree this phone isn’t all that bad hack its almost great. I own this and it’s nowhere as slow as digital rends say it is. With that however, I like my z3 compact more.

          • 大羅

            Ahhhh I completely agree!
            I always though “but the assPhone has the same FHD screen though….”

            I just got my XZ yesterday, and even though the 2900 battery is a bit small, it lasts a long time dude~

            However I still feel you with the “battery being too small” thing…

      • Moisés

        People now say Full HD is no longer enough because Samsung is about to use the UHD. When Sony did that was waste of power in some people opinion.
        I love the display of my z4.

      • DBS93

        I’m not saying Full HD sucks, it’s actually good enough. but i

        • DBS93

          *but if I can have quad HD the same price or even cheaper, why not ?

          • Arben Myrtaj

            Because u won’t notice any difference, and all you will accomplish with that bigger resolution is drain your battery faster, have worse performance in gaming etc.

          • MrWalker1000

            Yeah the Xz as far as I can tell probably has the nicest display out of ant smartphone. The resolution is not a major component on what makes a display nice. Sony will soon come back in the screen making business with TV they always have w bigger market share than lg they surpassed them

            All these companies are afraid that Sony will come back to its glory days

          • MrWalker1000

            I think more ram is the new qhd fad. Sony uses high quality internals that’s why it has less ram and outperformed the oneplus3 in recent tests which has 6b of ram. So people can stop complaint about this shit now too right.

            More ram is another way to market the phone like qhd is. It’s gimmick bullshit and a way for companies to get away with not optimizing which actually takes more work than cramming in more ram

        • MrWalker1000

          dude the screen on this phone is like the best on any smartphoen.

          I have a z3c and I’ve put it next to my s5 and the s5 looks awful compared to my 720p screen on the z3c.

          It’d be nice if people who actually knew something about tech would comment on these sections instead of people who have no fucking clue what they are talking about.

          • sue

            i agree with you.i have both these phones or had the z3 compact but gave it to someone.i just preferred Samsung overall but definetly wish the s5 had a screen like the Sony

  • misio87

    The XZ will cost 2999zł in Poland, thats around 770$

    • KVragec

      You atleast have an option to buy Xperia X Performance. Here in Croatia there is none. I really like the XZ but i’m affraid there will be in short to no supply

      • Joe Black

        As a fellow Croatian, I believe X Performance will never show up in carrier stores, but I have high hopes that we can expect XZ in November or at least December.

        • KVragec

          I all honesty i didd not like Xperia X or X Performance. But i like this one. So i hope that you are right.

          • Jure

            You can order XZ in HT, I just did… 2080 Kn if you pay at once, tariff 300 kn/month in Magenta offer…. unfortunately, there are no good offers for devices in Croatia any more, heard that this is a global practice now..

          • KVragec

            That would be great if i already do not have VIP contract for another for more than a year. I really like the phone, but i’ll stick to my G4 until it dies

          • KVragec

            I’d that if i would not have VIP contract for another year and if i’m not happy with their service. So T-Com is no option. Already answered to you but i do not see that answer so i typed this.

  • daftrok

    Why no fingerprint reader in the US variant? That doesn’t make any sense. Also because its LCD (and the bezels are still laughably huge) I would have expected to see at least a 3000 mAh battery. Hell they can shoe-horn in a 2700 mAh battery in the Compact and the S7 is smaller than this phone in every dimension but were able to fit in a 3000 mAh battery.

    • MrWalker1000

      this phone packs a ridiculous amount of tech dude. I love how so many people who are tech enthusiasts fail to note that the phone has dual front facing speakers while retaining waterproof/dustproof design. LDAC, hi-res audio, and noise cancel also dual microphone. 3 image sensors in total plus 5 axis stabilization. qnovo battery tech (doesnt take up space I know). But people trying to downplay this phone and be like lol samsung does it better when I just named all the things the samsung doesn’t have.

      • Joonho Jung

        the s7 has a wolfson DAC which gives it a high res “UHQ” audio which is 24bit 192Khz, and a noise cancel dual microphone. The s7 has OIS which is superior to Sony’s EIS, especially in low light. What the s7 is missing is the dual front facing speakers, which will make the phone ugly like the sony phones are

        • Joe Black

          First of all, looks are debatable. In my opinion, ANY Sony smartphone looks better than every Samsung phone, and no amount of metallic colors will change that.
          Second of all, S7 will never be able to outperform Z5 series in video recording. And that’s a fact, as I have tested both. Pictures are a different story, S7 does take pictures with less digital noise, but that’s literally it.

        • MrWalker1000

          the EIS is superior to OIS. There is evidence for it in DXOmark and also people who have tested the phone. Its stabilization is far ahead of the competition. and music quality on the s7is subpar both in speakers and headphones.

          doesn’t come close to the htc10. nor the sony.

          • roeshak

            it was even mentioned in the review that lowlight shots tend to be blurry due to the lack of ois yet you still make such comments. fanboys eh!

          • MrWalker1000

            do you have an opinion of your own or do you just copy what everyone is saying.

            the xz has 5 axis stabilization the result of blurry shot is the person taking the picture I don’t get blurry shots on my phone. DXO and many others rate sony as the best and the XZ is already looking like it’s gonna top all other smartphone.

            it’s not about being a fanboy it’s about facts. Get off that samsung paycheck gave you brah, and just be honest to yourself.

        • kaostheory

          I think he means the 5 pole headphone jack that allows the use of Sonys batteryless noise canceling headphones. Unfortunately it’s never been reviewed and is rarely mentioned even though it’s been a feature since the Z2.

        • Arben Myrtaj

          XZ Ugly – LOL. Lagsung phones are the ugliest phones in the Android market, can’t even be compared to the sexiness of Sony phones. Rofl comparing that ugly piece of garbage called S7 to the XZ and calling it more sexy than the XZ is so fucking fangayish and stupid.

          Lagsungs are just garbage phones with garbage UI, shitty battery life, overheating problems all over the place, feature copying (IP rating), design copying (from Crapple). I’ll take a Sony phone over a Lagsung any day, and most people who know what they’re doing will, but just as there are iSheep, there are LagSheep as well.

          Watch out, your house might set on fire randomly from your Lagsung phone some day.

          • MrWalker1000

            Arben bro I don’t know how I missed this comment but this made me laugh my ass off. Lagsung” lmfaoo

            No kidding I have the s5 and it lags Comapred to my z3c. And not to mention how bad the screen is with its ugly as shit yellow hue

      • joseph carmine nero

        Samsheeps are worse than Isheeps nowadays

        • MrWalker1000

          so true mate.

      • lazyc97

        Wow, I feel like I has just come to know Sony phones after reading your comment, lol

    • The bezels are not that big.

      • MrWalker1000

        they are not. the z3 looked like it had big bezels too but its screen to body ration was higher than that of iphone and most other phones.

        it has front facing speakers in waterproof ip68 and so much tech packed into it what do people expect.

  • tanop

    sony are iphone in android skin

  • Giles Peach

    I’ll wait to see what the launch model with full production software is like…. although this 6 month cycle that Sony has been following for the last couple of years to try and get things right has taken the shine of their brand for me.

  • Jay34970

    In terms of Audio quality, can Android Authority tell us if this model will support Sony proprietary LDAC? I’ve seen Sony is going to release the MDR-1000X noise-cancelling headset and it would be a real plus if their latest smartphones could support their new technologies as well.

  • johala02

    When so late in october they would probably have been able to ship it with Snapdragon 821, and Android 7.0.
    And “only” 3 GB RAM when most of the competition in the same range have gone up to 4 GB.

    The early result of the camera shows its okay, but still not as good compared to Samsungs flagships.
    (Maybe the software are nor optimised yet in the early devices)
    Sony have been a long time in the mobile market, but the competiton is harder and they sometimes act that people will just pay anything just for the Sony brand.

    No fingerprint sensor in the US market again, very strange.

    But I like the overall design and I hope it will not be totaly overpriced. Then maybe Sony got a chance.

  • Akash Pranami

    what is about samsung note 7 giveaway?

  • The problems of ANY smartphone, be it Samsung, Apple or whatever pales into insignificance when compared to the problems of the wankers who have their faces stuck in them 24/7 in ALL situations from driving vehicles to sitting opposite friends at a cafes. The most ludicrous I’ve seen yet was in a park with about 50+ people all standing motionless on the grass, under trees, next to statues etc with their eyes glued to phone screens. With my phone in my pocket, I was probably the only person in that park who was aware of their surroundings. It’s so pathetic, it’s laughable.

  • Al

    As far as display goes, how does the Xperia XZ’s 1080p compare to the 2k display of other flagships? Specifically the HTC 10’s 2k compared to the XZ. Please don’t tell me “high resolution doesn’t matter on a phone,” I genuinely want to hear how much of a difference there is. It seems like the XZ has the best 1080p display ever made on a smartphone, but I want to know if HTC 10’s 2k will look even better as far as quality and color. Display matters to me a lot, that’s why I ask, so if there really is a difference, I’d like to know

    • MrWalker1000

      its display is simply better in almost every way. I’ve tested my own phone (z3) side to side against samsungs and others and its simply way crisper and color accurate.

      The XZ display is stuning dont buy into the resolution hype.

      • Gordo

        I love that phone if you have one cherish that shit

        • MrWalker1000

          best phoen i’ve had. But the xz is so amazing I wanna get it too.

      • 大羅

        Yes, the XZ display is glorious! Soooooooooooo beautiful~!

    • Moisés

      The difference between 4K and 2K is bigger than 2K and full hd

    • 1213 1213

      It’s okay, but isn’t as good as the one on the iPhone. And the display has really inaccurate colours if you care about that.

  • pressefr

    Omg the silver one reminds me of the Xperia X1 steel

  • Gibbs

    The year of Overpriced nonsense

    • PromethianKnight

      …. with striped features and explosions!!!! #innovation 😂👌

  • Eric Blackwell

    Reminds me of the Nokia Lumia 920 shape

  • Ellio74

    This is a really good phone!
    As good or even better than the Z3 when it was released.
    I’d like to change my Z3 for this one.

    • 大羅

      Yeah, Z3 and XZ have been the best of Sony so far.
      I just got my XZ, and it is amazing! I suggest you get it soon too~!

      • MrWalker1000

        Enjoy the Xz which color did you get. They all look so nice Idk which one to get.

        How is the display as far as I could tell this has the best display on the market. And does the phone change color when you view it from different angles.

        What about camera

        • gabrielloh1978

          Forest Blue is the most unique and most popular color to get xperia xz.

          • MrWalker1000

            platinum is pretty awesome too though.

    • arlo caño

      they removed the IP68 certification on XZ while Z3 is a bit behind on OS and camera. Yeah, they’re quite good on messing up decisions for buyers.

      • Ellio74

        They didn’t remove the IP certification. They say that now this IP certification is here to avoid breaking your phone in case of accident when it drops into water !

  • Moisés

    I have a z4. Stamina is always on. It does not slow the phone down.
    About the critics on camera. X/X Performance have 88 pts on DxoMark. Z5 series has 87 pts. Z4 has 82 pts.

    700 is the price z5, z4 and z3 were released.


    To all that care flashing another regions firmware eg the UK will activate the fingerprint sensor so if you have another Sony X series phone try it out … Just felt like I should say so

    • 1213 1213

      Pretty sure that kills warranty and OTA updates.

      • CYPHER

        Totally right about that and he actually mentioned it..

      • PromethianKnight

        OTA, maybe…. but warranty???
        You are flashing an official firmware without rooting/unlocking the bootloader.
        Therefore I don’t believe it would void the warranty (not sure about carrier locked phones though)

  • Sony really should have put Snapdragon 820 into the X Compact.

    • MrWalker1000

      fuck this gotta do with the xz. can you stay on topic?

      • WTF??? It’s a Sony phone ain’t it? AND it’s part of the X line? I’m pretty sure I am on topic!

        • Arben Myrtaj

          Let’s go to the Galaxy S7 Edge page and call the Galaxy Note 7 a garbage phone, I’m sure that is not thread hijacking.

          • MrWalker1000

            The 650 outpeforms last year so cry more.

            And yeah this is off topic

        • Joe Black

          650 is basically an upgraded 808. With the exception of graphics, in that area 808 pwns 650, but not by much.

          X Compact doesn’t need 820 really, most people jidge it by numbers (“820 is a lot more than 650 bruh”).

          • HDN900

            IP68, mid camera, plastic…

    • Baluds

      They can’t. The X Compact is for the Xperia X which has the SD650. You should wait for the XZ Compact if you want the SD820.

    • Georgi Marinov

      Why? Even 650 is waaaaaaaaaay enough for 720p display.

  • PromethianKnight

    As far as I have read on xda, the US variants of Xperia devices DO have fingerprint sensors, only they’re laid dormant by software.
    Flashing a UK firmware (.ftf via flashtool) will get it to work….

  • sammy

    so does honour 8 camera is better??

  • Player Slayer

    I really want to like Sony phones, I enjoy the water resistance and front facing speakers, their UI is nice on the eye, but Sony really sucks with their pricing. I’m never gonna pay $700 for this phone, the software isn’t optimized, Sony sucks at optimizing their otherwise great camera sensors, and 1080p is not enough for this price. The Pixel XL looks way better for just $60 more, and it has enough RAM to be compatible with the Daydream VR, which I’m getting with the XL. Better luck next time, Sony

  • joseph carmine nero

    thanks for fair review

  • ajftl250

    i got this phone last week i agreed with everything u said with the exception of how “quick” the camera snap pictures.. the camera is slow in my opinion i am disappointed at that and to review the pics slow too snap a pic and then try to zoom the preview right away! it doesn’t , takes a few seconds for the phone to let u do that otherwise yes very good quality photos and the intelligent stabilizer is ridiculous,, works amazing lol

    i actually requested a RMA from amazon ugh i kinda want to keep it
    and finally superior mode lets u increase the resolution all the way to 23mp

    • Moisés

      You can choose the speed of shutter

    • 永康v.3

      Eh? Sony actually gives people to try how fast the camera snap pictures with the short cut button and it is really fast. No idea why urs is slow, better request a RMA and try agn on the new device.

    • Baluds

      I believe it will improve, this is the first iteration of this, it will get it’s updates..

  • Judy R

    I would get new Sony Xperia XZ IF the camera was the best in a smart phone, since I would be using it instead of my DSLR cameras that are now being used as bookends. Please tell me which smart phone you consider to have the best camera.

    • Moisés

      That DxO Mark gave to X Performance the same score of 88 given to s7 and HTC 10.
      Z5 has 87 points.

      They give 95 points for the autofocus. It is the highest.

      XZ will probably have better score.
      Lots of sites only test auto mode, usually it is 8 mp on Xperias.
      X Permormance does not have the new 2 sensors, nor shoot 4K videos.

      • MrWalker1000

        z5 has a score of 88 for photo subcategory. the 87 is the overall.

        z5, x perf, tc10, and s7 are the best according to DXO. and now pixel is the best new smart-phone camera. The XZ will likely have the higest score once it gets tested.

        • Moisés

          I agree.

  • Efi Brenner

    You have the HTC 10 as well which is now offered for 550$

  • Hannes

    Sony needs to make bigger phones

  • osikiri

    Is the camera lens cover still plastic?

    • Lim Ming Quan

      Nope, check JerryRigEverything’s new video.

  • Joe Carroll

    With that housing, they should call it the “Xperia XZMax”

  • AlexL

    I want an XZ Ultra please!

  • MrWalker1000

    I don’t understand how Sony’s flagship is a high price to pay when its a premium device that charages the same price as any other company. This has got to be the most annoying fucking complaint ever. At least some up with something else.

    You same hypocrites would shell out the same amount of money for an iphone or a laggy samsung. Ridiculous jourlamism at its finest how much samsung pay you?

    • jkbox

      Better than “SamSung With Their Exploding Batteries”, who does not properly test their products! Overpriced their phones at $1,100+ USD. SamSung (LOST THE CONFIDENT IN SAMSUNG)

  • Liam

    I personally think LDAC is only a move in order to make people buy headphones/earphones that actually utilize LDAC. Sure, the same could be said for a built-in DAC, but it’s much more flexible and desirable in a professional set-up. And while it is true that some of the quality is dependent on the audio file itself, there are other phones that could output a better sound quality assuming that we keep the quality constant. Take for example, LG V10’s 32bit HiFi DAC.

  • It’s 8.6 if you take $200 off the price.

  • Joe Black

    Been using my XZ for the past 2 days, and honestly, best premium phone I ever had (I had Z1C, Z3C, Z5C, and G4).
    I can get 7h SoT no problem, and I’m a heavy user. Honestly, that shocked me, because I expected a lot more battery consumption.
    Best Sony ever.

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  • Hanson Eze

    If only sony could do LITE version …just like Huiwei..
    would love to get XZ nice phone

  • Tiger

    no fingerprint scanner in the US? what is the reason for that?

    • Moisés

      Some people say it about patents.

      • Tiger

        wow really!!

  • bladenr1

    Just like the others Sony is history. Sorry don’t like em when it comes to phones.

  • jkbox

    Sony is improving their phone. I rather go with Sony or Google, if I am looking for Android phones. SamSung exploded battery made me lost confident in them. Sony Xperia XZ have improved their performance and their product have been properly been tested. Good Job, Sony!

  • Baluds

    I’ve been using Sony phones ever since. Sony just seems to come up with what I like and need. The Iphone whatever other people say, WAS a great phone. But somehow they stopped innovating ever since “you-know-who” died. Samsung still trying to be an Iphone and does not have its own identity. Sony has and never tried copying. Sony still has best in class hardware (Camera sensor, SoC, Waterproofness, 4k screen). They just need to improve their software department. And for the price, your not analyzing it properly. For the number of tech you are receiving your actually getting a bargain. So I will also be getting this phone when it gets released in our country. And I know I will enjoy using it. Your not even including the fact that you could play Playstation games on this phone, What other phone can do that?

  • M S

    Please be sure to list that there’s absolutely no ability to repair this phone or any Xperia X line in the United States. Anything happens; there are no third party options to repair this phone and you will just have to “buy another one”.

    At the very least most competitors offer repair options but a lack of this is a huge negative contributor to this phone. Don’t believe me? Email Sony Xperia support stating you broke your Xperia XZ and see the response. I loved my Xperia X Performance but it’s broken and now just a shattered mess (I had a “rugged case”) and Sony has no method to repair. Think twice unless you’re willing to throw away the entire amount of money you spend with no option other than to “buy a new one”. Also, for a review, why are you not listing anything like support on things like this? It’s a vital factor that should be considered when buying a phone.

  • David Martrano

    I don’t know the price tag seems alittle steep. 3gb’s & a 2900mamp battery. There are much better offering’s at that pricepoint! Is there a fingerprint scanner on US models??

  • isaac

    I really like Sony. I am using an Iphone 7 plus and I am really satisfied but If Sony wants it they can steal customers like me. Their on screen time and standby(doze) time needs to improve and needs bring fingerprint sensor.
    Their screen size is perfect, resolution is perfect, ip67 is perfect, 3.5mm jack is neccesary, camera is decent. Just battery and fingerprint. please sony, please