While Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG are all upsetting their users with delays and lack of communication on the ICS updates, Sony is probably doing the absolute best job in bringing the latest and greatest Android version to its entire line-up of mobile devices.

The latest Sony smartphone to get Android 4.0 is a quirky 3-incher with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that can’t even be called mid-ranger based on its tech specs. The Xperia Mini Pro is powered by a modest single-core 1 GHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor and features 512 MB of RAM, 400 MB of on-board storage (!) and a 320 x 480 pixels resolution touchscreen. But Sony has still found a way to support ICS on the device.

The Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade is currently rolling out to “most” Xperia Mini Pro models worldwide, with some network locked devices being most likely left out of the mix. Don’t expect the update over-the-air, though, because you’ll need to connect your phone to a PC and install the new OS using Sony’s PC Companion software.

If you’re unsure whether your Xperia Mini Pro supports the ICS upgrade or not, take off the phone’s back cover, remove the battery and check the Sales Item (SI) 8-digit number found there. Afterwards, go at this link and see if your SI number is on the list! If it is, you can officially say hello to Android 4.0! If it isn’t, don’t despair and give it some more time!

It will be very interesting to see how a modestly equipped phone like the Xperia Mini Pro handles the new Android OS package, so stay tuned on our website to find that out! Also, drop us a comment below if you’ve already installed ICS on your Mini Pro to tell us your thoughts.

  • Stephen M

    That’s not the photo of the right Pro Mini, that’s the old X10 which is not getting ICS.

    As far as the update is concerned, I own a Mini Pro and the update is very good, and the phone runs pretty much as fast as it did before. I’m guessing that might be because to screen resolution is quite low, and required less CPU and memory to draw pixels. I have seen similar spec’d devices running ics with much higher resolution screens, and they do not run anywhere near as smooth as the Mini Pro. Screen size or ICS, pick one on older hardware…

  • Gregory Opera

    You need to change the picture, because that’s a picture of the Xperia X10 mini Pro, which is NOT getting the Android 4.x (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) upgrade…

    The Xperia mini Pro – which is getting the upgrade – looks considerably different to the Xperia X10 mini Pro.

  • change the image… it is not xperia mini pro… x10 mini pro….

  • Sonal0903

    hoe to update software please help me

  • Sailesh

    I’m a proud Xperia mini pro user with ICS now. This phone was listed under top 5 worst android phones for wrong reasons. Nearing one year of usage and I did not face any problem with my phone. My colleaques uses different android phones of different makes and envy that they do not going to get ICS from their phone makers. It makes me a Happy Sony customer

  • Karthikeyan_shanraj

    I heard Android ICS is not able to provide good performance in Sony ericcson experia mini pro. Is it true?

    • siddhartha

      yeah…gameloft hd games are unable to play in this device and apps are very laggy to open……………………………………
      too worst…………….

      • siddhartha

        gb is far better than ics …………..
        my mobile is sony live with walkman .
        i upgraded to 4.0.4 which ui is very laggy

      • Hansam

        wah , thanks a lot 4 in4mation . i will restore my mini pro . tq so much .

    • Yes. It’s true. ICS is quite laggy. Especially the Phonebook app. Also, doesn’t connect to WEP so if you are using one, don’t even think about updating. Apart from that…nice look and feel.

      Also, I don’t know if it’s just me or something but I’ve a feeling that my phone is staying quite warm (on the battery side) since I updated it this morning. And one more thing…. The light flickering problem is still there (if you had it before).

  • cri

    can i update xperia mini to ics?

  • vv

    Change the article photo, dudes! it’s not Mini Pro!!!

  • wa2l

    can be rooted ??? answer me plz !!!!

  • dhrity

    i ve upgraded to ics…the problem is my touch pad isnt working…or rather it wasnt working in the first place,,..but the apps are working fine…google apps have a much better interface in ics..:)

    the ram is eaten up like anything…so its impossible to load up your fone wid too many apps.,..just d limited ones…and the things work out just fine…

  • azwan

    hello,im an xperia mini pro user from brunei and i had just recently upgraded my phone. ever since i upgraded it, my phone seems to freeze very frequently to the point that the phone restarted itself. so i thought maybe its due to my number of applications installed so i used the factory reset. now my phone works wonder just like before the upgrade. but now im facing a new problem. it seems that now my sim card is no longer compatible with the phone as the phone keeps on telling me that the sim card is not functioning properly. if not that,the phone simply lose its network. any tips mini pro users? your help is much appreciated. thanks in advance

  • Bhavika

    i updated my xperia mini pro a few hours ago n i m facing problems wid the ics update
    weneva i download anything from d playstore i get an error “invalid file” plz help………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • arun

      i got ics in ma pocket rocket xperia mini , amazing,,,,,,worlds smalest devise wich hv ics…proud to be in xperia family, keep rocking nd waiting for 4.1 jelly bean :pppppppppppppp

  • arun

    i got ics in ma pocket rocket xperia mini , amazing,,,,,,worlds smalest devise wich hv ics…proud to be in xperia family, keep rocking nd waiting for 4.1 jelly bean :pppppppppppppp

  • arun

    i got ics in ma pocket rocket xperia mini , amazing,,,,,,worlds smalest devise wich hv ics…proud to be in xperia family, keep rocking nd waiting for 4.1 jelly bean :pppppppppppppp

  • Dipak

    Xperia mini pro is not a modest but a decent phone one can get with all the features it has…and ICS is rocking on it..

  • Iain Craig

    I bought this for my girlfriend ( used to have Nokia express music 5300 ) she upgraded to ICS but has lost the USB charge option. i can not find it anywhere.

    Please please please help.

  • Lonely Gingerbread

    I still haven’t got the update!! What am I doing wrong?? My Xperia mini pro says that it has the latest software, and PC companion says the same thing! Am I the only phone without it!!!??? :(

  • nals

    is the older mini pro getting the update as well?… SI 1239- 7559
    could someone pleaseeeeeee tell me.

  • hansam

    confuse . is tht mini pro or x10 mini pro

  • Rajesh

    please remove the misleading image, it is not xperia mini

  • Rahul

    i purchased sony ericson mini pro – how can i update my android 2,.3 to 4.0 . my si number is 1249-4852 & its nt listed http://talk.sonymobile.com/message/199353#199353

  • Vijay

    I am having U20i model. Do any one having any idea about whether this update works? Any one can tell me please if i can get rid of 2.1 and have any higher version than 2.1. I need desperately because i can not install apps on SD card and also Wi-Fi tethering not available in 2.1. Help will be appreciated. Although I do not expect anything from Sony as they are hopeless

    • DWi

      Just root the thing (using Xperia X10 Flash Tool) and use Link2SD to move apps to the SD. I can’t help you with the tethering, though. I’ve tried Barnacle, but it doesn’t seem to work with the X10 MinI Pro (although I got it to work with another Android 2.1 phone, using the same SIM).

  • My code it is here :D
    Hello 4.0 !!!

  • super

  • why i cant upgrade my phone,in the phone said it is the latest version but it android 2.3

  • Naveen

    I ma having xperia x10 mini pro with 2.1 os..
    Hw can i update to its higher version..

    • DWi

      Google unofficial 2.3.3 ROM. I think YouTube has some videos, too.

  • raju

    it is good please tell how install andriod 4.0 to my number please tell information

  • Hi Adrian. Correction – below is the correct Xperia Mini Pro image. What you posted above is an Xperia X10 Mini Pro

  • minicm7

    your presenting an xperia mini not an xperia x10 mini
    you know what’s the diff between the 2?

  • koen

    is it possible to update my x10 mini pro?

  • senthil

    i get not instoll the ics my mobile is porfamance isvery bad

  • raj borson

    sony ericson mini pro sk17i.my new os is ICS.sunddly my phone is off.and always tine phone is rester.plz help me

  • X10 mini pro owner

    Did a quick lookup on my phone…

    Re: Update of Xperia X8, X10 Mini and Mini Pro

    The phones mentioned above will not be upgraded beyond the
    2.1 version. There are two mains reasons for this: The XperiaTM X10
    mini, X10 mini pro and X8 all have less RAM memory than XperiaTM X10. By
    this we can’t guarantee a good user experience by upgrading beyond
    Android 2.1.