(Update: delayed again) Saygus V2 release date set for May 22, after production issues cause delay

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 21, 2015


Update, May 21: It looks like Saygus won’t hit the May 22 deadline either. The company sent out emails to customers who pre-ordered the V2 explaining that “some quality assurance and network testing” is still required before the device can ship. No new time frame was offered for the release. (via Phone Arena)

Original post, March 17: 

The official release of the V2, Saygus’ self-dubbed “superphone,” has been set for May 22, following a delay caused by manufacturing issues.

Officially announced last year, the Saygus V2 caused a stir at CES in January thanks to its generous specifications, and especially the dual microSD card slots allowing for up to 320GB of total storage space. Featuring a Snapdragon 801 processor, a 5-inch Full HD display, and a 3,100-mAh battery, the V2 stood out as a phone that spec freaks would love, especially at its introductory price of $549.

However, many have doubted Saygus’ ability to actually bring the V2 to market in a timely fashion. After all, the company’s only other device, announced in 2009, turned out to be vaporware.

Now Saygus is giving skeptics some ammo, as the company announced in an email to early customers that the release date of the V2 has been pushed back to late May.

We have had some delays in production due to imperfect components and an antenna design issue and we refuse to use inferior components in our smartphone.

We are working to finalize some key distribution partnerships that may alleviate some of the VAT costs.

The integration of the industry leading cameras we have in the phone has taken a little longer than anticipated.

The company promised to communicate better and apologized for keeping early supporters in the dark about the actual release date of the V2. To make it up, Saygus is giving all “current customers” a free headset that’s supposedly worth $229 retail.

If you are tired of waiting, Saygus says it would be happy to “support you in a refund request.” It remains to be seen whether Saygus will be capable to meet even this deadline – shipping a quality smartphone in time is complicated business, and even established manufacturers occasionally have problems – for the most recent example, see HTC.

Anyone who pre-order the Saygus V2 here? What’s your take on this delay?

Show Press Release

Dear Saygus V² Customer,

We sincerely thank you for your patience with us as we drive the creation of this world leading V² smartphone and with our delayed communications. We are working to provide more timely updates and plan to reward your great loyalty in supporting us.

Saygus has been in the business of developing mobile device technology for more than a decade. Our commitment to the highest quality smartphone is our focus. We are currently working out our final hardware and software integration efforts. This email is to address the shipping plans including the VAT in varied countries for the V².

First, we would like to address some of the recent developments that are exciting but that also have caused us to push back the date when we initially expected to begin shipping the V² super smartphone.

  1. We have had some delays in production due to imperfect components and an antenna design issue and we refuse to use inferior components in our smartphone.
  2. We are working to finalize some key distribution partnerships that may alleviate some of the VAT costs.
  3. The integration of the industry leading cameras we have in the phone has taken a little longer than anticipated.

We officially announce our shipping date as May 22, 2015.

In exchange for your patience, and to say thank you, we will offer all of our current customers an added bonus. Customers will receive a complimentary SqGl (pronounced “Squiggle”) headset—a $229 retail value—as a FREE accessory. Building the V² is like conducing a symphony with all its parts coming together in harmony—we want it to be perfect. As an additional note, the antenna engineering issues have been addressed and we are now preparing to move into mass production soon.

We understand that some of you may be concerned about this updated status and want you to know that we will support you in a refund request, if that is your preference. Although, we hope you will stay with us to benefit from the savings and receive our high-end SqGl earbuds.

We value your support and continue to appreciate your patience as we approach the shipping date of this remarkable world-leading smartphone!


The Saygus Team

  • D Shrestha

    Very disappointed. Delay till may 22nd ! And now you are offering a ear bud for that long waiting? Very sad you think your customer are like a kid and you want to throw a lollipop so that they may shot up their mouth. No more trust in Saygus.

    • Frank T. Lofaro Jr.

      Yeah, because Samsung is so great. Their “upgrade” of the S6 makes it water sensitive, removes the SD slot, and requires surgery on the phone to replace the battery. And it uses their proprietary Exynos CPU. I’d rather have a Saygus than a samPhone.

      • TeeJay1100

        What does any of this have to do with Samsung? Your disgruntled

  • M. Jag

    I bet there’s a lot of people out there that are ready to ‘request’ a refund. I’ve thought about it, and decided to hold off. Since they have given us their word that they will start delivering in a couple of months, I will hold them to it. If they can’t deliver like they promised, then ‘pay me my money down!’.
    Of course I’m sceptical, and in the back of my mind im thinking this may be a bs scam. Yet I also think that you have to take into consideration that this little company is taking on a daunting task that isn’t as easy as people think it is to pull off.
    So Saygus, please deliver! You have people rooting in your corner and believing in the ‘little engine that could’. If you can’t deliver what you promised, then we have no choice but to get our money back.

  • Ralph Seifer

    I recognized this was a kickstarter pitch when I fronted the $$ for the V2, but it purports to satisfy my requirement for a high quality camera with OIS, thereby eliminating my thinking about buying a new camera, and it has that holy grail that seems so elusive with most other phones–the removable battery.

    The other specs on the phone look excellent, and hopefully deliverable. The only real drawback in all this is that I’m an old guy, and as we say in the law, time is (indeed) of the essence here. I’m probably going to hold on and see how things look in late May.
    Ralph L. Seifer

  • Karly Johnston

    Take the money and run… the thing was glued together for chris sake.

  • Bill Lee

    I hope you folks that pre-ordered get your phones. Utah, while being well wishing and even good intentioned (read: backwoods and naive), is home to a great number of scams. Famous for the number of high dollar Ponzi schemes, real estate scams, multi level marketing schemes, and the recently revealed affinity fraud that purports to rip off their own kin to the tune of $1,000,000 a day, this is reality in Utah: great promises that fail to deliver. I really hope you get your phones, or your money back, because I was considering buying one as well. Talking about something for years is nice, but shouldn’t you actually HAVE a product before you start selling it? Oh, wait, I just said it’s Utah. Sheesh

  • Dave

    Complete scam. Unfortunately, I was sucked in at their booth at the CES. I ordered 10 units through my company at pre-order, and my CC was charged almost immediately. So far haven’t heard from them besides couple of meaningless email updates. Already called CC company to stop payment. Do NOT order from Saygus. It is a BIG scam!

  • charley m.

    Agree it is a scam.

  • HenryTyler23

    For Mac users, I think it is hands down the way to go. For PC types…? Anyway, my old 3, 4 and 5’s were great

    at the time too but there is really no looking back once the 6 is in hand.

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  • james.d

    Hopefully Saygus can catch up and pay it’s employees past due paychecks and launch the phone…

  • HenryTyler23

    yeah 20nits wouldnt make that big a deference bruh i say the s6 they tested isnt running the final software build

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  • halp67

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  • Kostas Katis

    Frustrated again.. Still hopping that it will be delivered within this summer though..

  • Fab From France

    Will wait again ! Excited to have this machine in my hands. Come on Saygus, do your best please!