What’s going on with Saygus? – the drama continues into 2016

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 20, 2016


Update (1/20): This piece was originally posted in October of 2015, but as the Saygus drama continues, we thought it was only right that we updated this article. Towards the bottom you’ll find a section marked “Saygus drama continues into 2016” with new details. We’ve also adjusted the wording of the article (and its conclusion) to reflect the fact that the fall deadline was missed entirely.

Rewinding back all the way to CES in January of 2015, I remember first stumbling upon the Saygus V2 and instantly I was excited by the phone. Top-shelf specs, a unique design, tons of expandable storage, and a company that seemed refreshingly different. At the same time, I was also instantly wary. I remember discussing the phone, as well as my misgivings, with my peers. After all, the phone made some pretty big promises, all from a very small company we knew very little about.

Fast-forwarding to today, it seems there was good reason to be a bit leery of the Saygus V2’s ambitions.

After an initial pre-order period in early February, the Saygus V2 should have hit customers’ hands shortly after this but due to “delays caused by manufacturing issues”, Saygus ended up postponing the official release until May 22nd. As we all know, it didn’t meet that date either, stating that “some quality assurance and network testing” was still required before the device could ship, with Saygus setting no new date.

saygus v2 4See also: Hands-on with the feature-filled Saygus V234

It seems there was good reason to be a bit leery of the Saygus V2’s ambitions.

Finally in June, it said that the phone was still coming, and the company opened up a new Indiegogo campaign, hoping to get additional funds and support in order to overcome some “further manufacturing issues”. Saygus still didn’t have a release date in mind though, but it did promise that it was planning to release the phone sometime in the fall. As a “reward” for those that stuck with Saygus and hadn’t asked for refunds, Saygus revealed it was at least upgrading the phone a bit, adding two SIM card slots, Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box (originally it had KitKat), and the addition of a USB type-C port.

As fall approached, Saygus promised the phone was almost here, but that never happened, in Saygus’ usual tradition of missing deadlines entirely. Those that are still hanging on to the promise of the V2 might wonder “what’s going on with Saygus?” In fact, one of our readers asked us this question back in the fall and hoped that we could get to the bottom of the situation. Here’s what we found out.

What’s going on with Saygus?

saygus v2 6

After reaching out to Saygus in October, we finally received a response, but unfortunately it was pretty much the typical canned response you’d expect. In the Saygus representative’s own words:

Nobody has attempted to construct a phone of this caliber; it is a challenging undertaking- but in the end, the phone will speak for itself.

Saygus does not have an official timeframe to announce at the moment, but I am told they are very close (possibly a matter of weeks) to being able to do so. One of the main challenges has been due to procuring and then integrating and tuning the high end cameras.

We appreciate your interest in the Saygus V-squared and will work to provide any solid updates and information when we have them.

So in a nutshell, they were still claiming to be “close”, with most of their communication on Twitter pointing to a launch in late-October. As we all know, the October promise never amounted to anything, bringing on yet another in a massive series of delays.

Delays are expected, but so is communication


Frankly speaking, when dealing with a smaller company that is aiming big, you expect delays. It’s happened many times before, with famous examples such as the Pebble or the YotaPhone, both of which not only eventually surfaced, but have continued to develop new products since. Most of the people who back this kind of project understand they are taking a risk, they do it anyway because they believe in the company’s end goal and hope they’ll be treated with respect and open communication along the way. Unfortunately, Saygus has been particularly bad here.

A quick look at their Twitter account shows that they have a history of making promises, or at least alluding to a possible timeframe, and then they not only miss the date – they don’t issue a tweet explaining the delay for days, weeks, or longer.

Saygus has done this all before…


The way that Saygus has handled its communication about the V2’s delays is nothing short of disastrous, but what is even worse is that they have played this game before. While most of us had forgotten or never heard of the Saygus V Phone, the handset was first shown off around 2009 and promised – for the time – high-end specs and support for Verizon’s network (it went so far as to get certification even).

Reportedly, after several changes to its promised spec sheet, the phone would have been powered by a 806MHz processor with 512MB RAM, 16GB storage with microSD, Android 1.5, and other specs that were reasonably decent for its era. The phone was seen in some tech-demos but ultimately never surfaced. Of course, Saygus has done well to avoid mentioning the V Phone and so many of their customers are probably completely unaware that Saygus has dreamt big and failed to deliver in the past.

To be honest, it’s really hard to find solid details about that phone or what happened to it. From what we gather, they didn’t get into the advanced funding stage like they did with the V2, but its vaporware status, and the company’s failure to deliver on its goals for the V2, certainly don’t paint a pretty picture.

Saygus drama continues into 2016

We originally posted this article in October of 2015, in response to the many complaints about Saygus’ delays. It’s now 2016, and while Saygus promised a fall debut, winter is slowly marching towards a conclusion yet no V2 in sight. So what’s the current word from Saygus?

Through a series of tweets and replies on Twitter, Saygus laments on furthered manufacturing issues that led them to drop their current ODM partner due to a “vast difference in biz policy”. But don’t worry, says Saygus, as they had started hiring their own team of engineers seven months ago as a contingency plan, in the event their latest ODM didn’t work out. Let us note that this is the third ODM they’ve utilized in just a half year period.

So, a tiny smartphone company planned for the failure of their ODM, and began working on their own quietly. Sounds more than a little fishy, yes?

As for how long Saygus is now projecting all of this will take? The latest figure is Q1 2016, with March the likely month. That said, one of their tweets indicates that they aren’t necessarily all that firm on this timeframe:

Is this all a scam? Certainly is sounding more and more like it. That said, if it was a total scam, you’d think that they would promise even bigger things as “rewards” for a delay, like a Snapdragon 810 upgrade or something. Instead, they seem to stand behind the Snapdragon 801. Of course, if you’re a smooth scammer, you’d want to make your scam seem as believable as possible…. so……

Will it be worth the wait in the end?

Providing that Saygus really does come to the market eventually, is the self-dubbed “superphone” still all that super? While it has some cool features, honestly, we’d say no.

In early 2015, or even up to this summer, the Saygus V2 still held its own pretty well. But in an age where there are now flagship-like devices at around or below $400 (Moto X Style / Pure, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p, OnePlus 2), the Saygus V2’s pricing and features aren’t nearly as compelling.

 Saygus V2Nexus 6PNexus 5XGalaxy S6 Edge+Moto X StyleXperia Z5 Premium
Display5-inch 1920x1080 dipslay (445ppi) with Corning Gorilla Glass 45.7-inch AMOLED
QHD (2560x1440)
5.2-inch LCD
FullHD (1920x1080)
5.7-inch AMOLED
QHD (2560x1440)
QHD (2560x1440)
5.5-inch LCD
4K (3840x2160)
SoC2.5GHz Snapdragon 801Snapdragon 810Snapdragon 808Exynos 7420Snapdragon 808Snapdragon 810
Storage64GB storage32/64/128GB16/32GB32/64/128GB16/32/64GB32GB
MicroSDYes, dual slots for up to 256GB expandable storageNoNoNoYes, up to 128GBYes, up to 200GB
Cameras21MP rear facing cam with OIS, 13MP front cam with OIS12.3MP rear
8MP front
12.3MP rear
5MP front
16MP rear
5MP front
21MP rear
5MP front
23MP rear
5MP front
Battery3100 mAh removable battery, wireless Qi-charging built-in3,450mAh2,700mAh3,000mAh3,000mAh3,430mAh
Fast chargeYesYesYesYesYesYes
Wireless chargeYesNoNoYesYesYes
Fingerprint ScanYesYesYesYesNoYes
WaterproofYes, IPX7 RatingNoNoNoNoYes, IP68
Type C USBYesYesYesNoNoNo
Price$650$500$379$700 or less$400Around $700

Sure, the Saygus still has some cool extras like dual SIM, dual microSD, a super strong build, and some high-quality speakers. But there are already a lot of phones out there that offer many of the V2’s other ‘special features’ like waterproofing, fingerprint scanners, type-C, and high-end camera, all while either being cheaper or only marginally more expensive, while packing a much more modern processor and displays with resolutions as high as 4K. Most of these products are also easily available right now.

Let us also remember that once (or maybe better to say if) the Saygus V2 ships, it has to first get out to its original pre-order customers, then it has the Indiegogo folks too. That means those that came later in line probably are probably in for an even longer date, and could easily still be waiting into late 2016. At Android Authority, we applaud when a little guy comes out of the woodwork to challenge the status quo, but we honestly would say that you are probably better off looking elsewhere for your next phone.

Are you someone who planned on getting the V2? Are you still waiting, or did you cancel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • GreaterLesser

    I gave up on this phone at the end of summer – IF the do still release this phone (eventually) I hope it’s sooner rather than later or the update the specs on the phone. With us being hot on the heels of 2016, the SD 801 won’t be very compelling with the release of the SD 820 expected soon enough (and with the high possible usage in Q2/Q3 flagships). 3 GB or RAM can still fly for a 2016 flagship I suppose but won’t be a standard for much longer as DDR4 becomes cheaper and phones become more power hungry. The 1080p screen is a standard and I believe will stay a standard for screen for a while until 1440 and 4K content becomes more readily available and supported. I think the only things about the phone that is truly lacking is in the CPU department. What Saygus chooses to do about it is anyone’s guess. However seeing as the have updated the specs a bit (USB Type-C etc) they may at least bump the CPU to a SD 805 which isn’t a bad chip at all (My Droid Turbo is an 805 and I love the phone except for the fact that there’s no bootloader unlock…….yet). Basically Saygus still has a chance to bring this phone out but how and WHEN they do this will determined if history (Saygus V-phone) is doomed to repeat itself.

  • brett

    They need to drop the price at this point. That’s way too much for a phone that should have been released almost a year ago.

    • Gordon S Velup

      I definitely agree with you Brett, its not fair for those who waited ridiculously long and pay to much for it.

      • ChrisI

        Get a refund. People are doing nothing but whining if they claim it’s just not fair.

  • VersedNJ

    I feel somewhat bad for those who counted on this phone, but at this point, it basically using 2014 spec’s. Unless its sold cheap, and even that, I can’t see this device becoming reality.

  • Mark Kendrick

    i didn’t think some one could top One Plus but these guys appear to have doubled down.


    All this is a wet dream. Time to wake up fellas and change your undies.


  • Nukeboyt

    I cancelled in June. It was obvious that their company lacked the quality of trustworthiness when then announced the day before their May 22nd shipping date, that they weren’t going to ship (and in fact had not manufactured even one phone). THE DAY BEFORE the deadline they “just realized” that there were quality control issues. I gave up trusting them and got a refund.

    • ChrisI

      Man do I remember that day. People were P-I-S-S-E-D on the XDA site. Royally. I was chuckling at that point though.

  • Jesse

    I see those specs and think “people are still waiting for that?” Honestly its not even a mid range phone now. Also, it looks like a first gen Motorola Droid so somebody has taken on that challenge

    • Fifen

      really i think its specs still top the charts. besides a slightly old processor not many phones can say they have as many features as the V2. I think itll be worth the wait. don’t see any other phone out their that fits my needs

      • RT

        I think there are a lot of phones that will fit whatever someone needs out of a phone. First one being – they exist!!

        • Fifen

          I keep updated with smartphone news. I know that for what I would like/need the Saygus fits the best.

          • Christopher Petterson

            Says the payed commenter…..you sure you don’t work for a pr firm?

          • Fifen

            wow. again I must say I am not being paid. at the time I believed that. now I’mso annoyed i don’t care. I must admits I’m sad to see that it didn’t work out. But by now I’mas pissed off as anyone. so can you please leave me alone.

  • Fifen

    Still waiting. I think there are so many features that weren’t mentioned here that I’m looking forwards too. Especially the nano waterproofing technology and the cameras. the list for why I want it goes on and on

    • Btort

      It does mention ip67…

      • Fifen

        yes but it isn’t waterproof like other phones. it has a nano coating over everything. So you could take out the battery leave the back cover off and dunk it in water. Because of the Hzo waterproofing

        • ChrisI

          Been waiting forever for a phone to work while I’m scuba diving.

          • Fifen

            if your still in im sure itll be worth the wait. its coming soon. hopefully end of october

          • ChrisI

            I got out many months ago. It ain’t coming soon, and I’m not convinced one iota anymore that it’ll be worth the wait. It will be rife with errors and problems, no hardware/software support, no updates. I’ve moved on.

          • Gordon S Velup

            it’s now December

          • Fifen

            I know and I’m pissed its not hear yet. barely a word. I’ll give it till mid December…

          • Svnjay

            You missed the Xperia Z.

        • Btort

          like other phones? the xperias are one of the few that USED to have covered ports. now even sony doesn’t recommend dunking them under water (seen an article here about it)

        • Btort

          there’s not much “waterproof phones” out there, most are water resistant

        • Gordon S Velup

          well Fifen is just like the Samsung Galaxy S 5 then

        • jasonlowr

          Are you going to swap the battery out while you’re doing your deep-sea diving?

          • Fifen

            no, probably not. I don’t dive. Second I don’t think salt would be good for the phone. and third I requested a refund. still waiting tho :(

          • jasonlowr

            Since when? I’m so nervous of supporting any new companies now.

          • Fifen

            I requested a refund Dec 17. Still waiting. apparently they are swamped with refunds. don’t be nervous of new companies. Saygus was a wreck and had poor business management. I am defiantly more wary of startups. But I like startups. A company called Ravean. They make heated jackets. they were a startup but completely transparent. I found them on kickstarter. I bought a jacket. a couple months later it arrived. they are doing well and a lot of people love them.

          • Armond

            To all those guys still backing this company, read this report and understand this company is not going to deliver. Even Saygus don’t know when they’ll deliver, by the time this phone come to life it’ll be obsolete whilst other phones are available right now and they actually exist!…read between the lines guys, your bring scammed but the guy writing the article can’t explicitly say you’re being scammed without being sued…You should a refund and never look back at this fake company.

        • Christopher Petterson

          So have you cashed the check from them yet?

          • Fifen

            You know I’m really annoyed with your comments. I have never worked for them. I would love to get paid for those comments. How about you ask them to pay me for my nice words?

    • Gordon S Velup

      im still looking forward what type of lens will Saygus add to the V²,I hope they can add the Sony Carl Zeiss camera lens than other camera lens…

    • ChrisI

      Can I ask what it is exactly that gives you such trust and faith in the V2? These features you speak of have never ever been seen in an example phone

    • Christopher Petterson

      Please stop it you’re obviously working for them or being paid by them to make these comments your as see through as cellophane

      • Fifen

        I am not getting paid. and obviously you have not looked at some of my other comments. Because I am out. I am so sick of their bullshit. I have been waiting a whole year for their “super phone”. I am waiting on refund. Got the LG V10 instead

      • Fifen

        oh and if you didn’t notice I said that 3 MONTHS AGO. My beliefs have changed. no more preordering stuff for me

  • Mari

    Ordered, waited 6 months listening to delay after delay, then tired of the lies, got a refund. Now have a Moto X Pure, and I love it. I will never put trust in Saygus.

    • Sam Johnson

      Same with me but I bought galaxy S6 edge plus
      I will never trust them again!!!!

    • Jesse Lamerson

      How long did they take to refund you?

  • Owsley_66

    Yeah, well, I’m waiting for a Ubik Uno which was funded on Kickstarter. They are supposed to ship the phones early next month, which will be about 2 months after their initial promised date. If they miss the November shipping time frame, then the Ubik could be the next Saygus V2. Hope not. I shelled out $290 for the phone and because of the way Kickstarter is setup there is no way to cancel or get a refund. I was fully aware of the risks involved in supporting a startup like Ubik. I could lose my $290 but Ubik stands to lose a lot more than that.

    Communication? I think Ubik is worse than Saygus.

    • Karly Johnston

      nah, Saygus has done this twice which makes them twice as bad.

      • Owsley_66

        Actually, Ubik has delayed the phone twice. They have not communicated with backers and others who have pre-ordered for two weeks. After their Kickstarter campaign ended, they set up an Indiegogo campaign just like Saygus. On their website they show two different Ubik Uno’s with slightly different features so no one, other than Ubik, really knows what the final phone is going to look like.

        They also have false and misleading information on their Kickstater and Indiegogo pages stating that the phone will get 3G in any country that has a gsm signal and also that the phones will work with Verizon. However, and with only a few exceptions, the phone does not support the proper 3G bands necessary to work outside the U.S. and Canada. Nor does it support 4G band 13 and the way I understand it without 4G band 13 it will not work with Verizon.

        If Ubik misses the early November ship date, then Andrew Grush could write an article about Ubik by substituting Ubik’s name in this article and by making only a few other minor changes.

        • Karly Johnston

          Saygus has delayed this phone three times and the first one three times and never came out with it… so they are three times as bad.

  • SonWon

    I never ordered one and when I saw they were not making their shipping date I bought a Samsung S5+ and like it very much.

  • marty

    I seriously doubt Saygus has any support structure in place. If the phone ever does launch.

  • ChrisI

    I ordered early February, canceled after the first delay announced mid-March. When consumers get strung along like this, I just don’t see the point of a fully-paid pre-order at this point. I have no issue, as a consumer, still having intent interest in the phone, but pre-paying for it is ludicrous. Go over to the XDA site and you’ll see what people have gone through thus far with Saygus. A total nightmare.

  • ChrisI

    “Saygus does not have an official timeframe to announce at the moment,
    but I am told they are very close (possibly a matter of weeks) to being
    able to do so”…….which actually tells me you weren’t even talking to an ACTUAL Saygus rep. You got a response from their Malaysian/Thai/Vietnamese customer service team.

  • Karly Johnston

    Anyone know a good Salt Lake attorney?

  • RT

    Pre-Ordered but cancelled after the first delay. Bought a Turbo instead and I don’t regret it.

    Here’s what I think is going on – There were never any plans to deliver in either Mar or May as initially promised. In MarMay ’15 the spec sheet would have been acceptable at best; it was the additional features that made this the ‘superphone’ and maybe given Saygus a marginal to mid profit. Come 2016 (that’s when i think they’ll actually deliver, if they ever do that is), you’ve got a 2 year old SoC that has had at least 4 generations of chips come after it and a 1080p screen (don’t get me wrong here, I think 1080p is good enough for a phone) at a time when a lot of OEMs have started moving to QHD. 2 of the costliest components in manufacturing the phone now would actually cost a whole lot lower than they did a year back, driving manufacturing costs down quite a bit. So that $500 price actually means a much larger profit margin for Saygus the more they delay the manufacturing.

    Well just my thoughts…

  • B3n017

    The problem with your comparison chart is that all of those other phones are massive. The precise thing that attracted me to the Saygus V2 was that it was a 5″ phone. I don’t want a phablet. I want to be able to use my phone with one hand. I also want high-end specs. Currently, I’ve basically given up on Saygus and am hopeful for the OnePlus X and would settle for an HTC One A9.

    • marty

      Completely agree. The communication from this company is the worst I have ever seen. Period.

  • angie

    Informed today that there is not enough funding to even make the phones for pre-orders that haven’t cancelled…

  • John Donaldson

    As a past project manager of large complex electronic products I see major flaws in the way Saygus has implemented their project. It is quite obvious they did not have supply lines pinned down, there was no apparent Beta test, and the way they handled the introduction, pre-release collection of money, and lack of communication is off the charts bad.

    I was very excited about the Saygus V2 at the beginning of the year. Now I have lost almost all interest. In fact I just placed a bid on eBay for a Galaxy s5.

  • Nathan Evans

    So you used me in your first screen shot and shortly after that was posted I requested a refund from Saygus, frankly I’m sick and tired of getting nebulous dates and false promises thrown at me. At this point I feel like I was getting played.

    • Kody

      I know how you feel. I gave up in June because of how sketchy it felt. I would’ve stayed though if only they made a review product and gave it to someone like android authority or CNET to review.

  • Nathan Roberts

    i was all on board for this phone, up until the second delay i got a refund and bought a G3……..i’m probably (maybe i like my G3) going to upgrade next year sometime but instead of the V2 i’ll be getting the V10 (LG)

  • Gordon S Velup

    I’m still waiting and sh¡t this year the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has some of the features as the Saygus V² does its getting me annoyed for waiting smh…

  • OliverF

    I am still waiting, but I am getting less optimistic. The communication is nearly zero and Samuel the third party comunicator is no help. I sent an email directly to Saygus and did not get any response. I was a backer of the Kickstarter project ZANO, so I know, what disappointment is. I hope I will get my preordered phone sometimes and before the IGG backers.

  • Ashoaib

    saygus v2 has a very old hardware… there is no point now in 2016, to purchase it… all phones are going to use sd820 or e8890 or any other latest chip… who want ancient sd801 in a flagship price? if v2 was sub 200$ phone, then it was ok. But in 2016, only a fool can spend a money to support them…. It is not our problem if they are a small company or doesnt have money for R&D. Saygus should have thought about it before taking money from people…

  • drago10029

    if you’re still waiting you’re about to lose your money. like the article says (if you read it)

    they’re basically scamming at this point & based on their history.

  • Eyro

    The table in the middle is horribly optimized for the app, but it may have been placed there before the app was made.

  • Kody

    What’s confusing with them is they actually do refund money. If they were scammers I wouldn’t expect that. I honestly think they are just a really poorly managed company.

    • ChrisI

      That’s how ponzi schemes work. Once their indigogo money runs out, look out…..

  • ChrisI

    It’s a giant ponzi scheme. They used the money to invest in a comm’l real estate property in salt lake city, slapped their name on the building and likely leased out all the space. Should the phone actually ever come out, I can only imagine the nightmares that will exist if you need warranty coverage, software/hardware breaks, no updates, or, God forbid…..customer service.

  • Jesse Lamerson

    I paid for the phone on IndieGoGo back in July of 2015. I sent them multiple emails asking about a release date with no date in sight. After getting fed up with it, I submitted a request for a refund about 10 days ago. Their customer support line called me a week ago from when I tried calling first before emailing. I spoke to a woman and she said that they still don’t have a release date. When I asked for a refund she said that they are usually pretty good at getting money back and gave me the typical 7 to 10 say window.

    I called again yesterday and am now waiting for a call back to answer my question, “where’s my money?” I won’t use their live chat again because it’s just a bot named “Samuel.”

    Does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can get my money back if they don’t deliver? I’m probably out of luck aren’t I?

  • Joe Eafrati

    I’ve had it on pre-order since Feb. 13th 2015 and have been trying to cancel it since Dec. 28th 2015 with no response from them at all. I have a support ticket open, emailed them directly at their support email address, and tweeted them and never heard anything back. Beyond frustrated at this point. Can’t even cancel it thru my bank either.

  • Michael

    I invested and I have been with this company from the very beginning when they were promising phone to phone video chat that did not require an internet hook up, they sucked me in and have been over promising and never delivering ever sense. I just wish there was a way to get my money back. I look at their products now as just the newest lures to catch another group of suckers. It is so frustrating, I wish there was some way to charge them with fraud.

  • WritingBoy

    I’ll stick with the Samsung E2120 candy bar. Cost $30 five years ago and works just as good today as it did then.

    All of this addiction to tech crap is quite a sideshow.

  • Dan Satalino

    I was excited about this phone as was everyone else in early 2015. After the second “delay” when they offered the free headphones (which I didn’t need or want), I requested a refund and fortunately received a full refund within days. The management of SAYGUS should be brought up on fraud charges! Hope no one is still waiting for this phone because a) it will never ship, b) it’s no longer state of the art, c) the new ZTE Axon 7 blows it out of the water and the Axon 7 is $399.99 (my Axon 7 will be shipped 8/17). Total disappointment in this experience.