Samsung Youm flexible OLED display smartphone shown at CES 2013

by: Chris SmithJanuary 9, 2013


In addition to that 8-core new Exynos5 Octa mobile processor that will most likely equip some of Samsung’s future flagship Android smartphones and tablets, the company also demoed today on stage during its second CES 2013 keynote its flexible display technology (Youm) on a smartphone.

This isn’t the first time Samsung flexible OLED displays are presented at CES, but this time around it looks like the South Korean company is closer and closer to launching mobile devices sporting such technology.

And it looks like there already is a working smartphone prototype that packs such a display out at CES, showcasing the potential of this new display technology, although Samsung is yet to announce any new product packing such a panel.

In addition to Samsung, LG also has plans to use flexible display in its future products, and will release such devices in the second half of the year, The Korea Herald reveals. But from the looks of it, the Galaxy device maker has a head start when it comes to launching gadgets with flexible displays, at least according to LG’s own estimates.

Getting back to Samsung’s Youm, we’re definitely looking forward to see how the first mobile devices sporting foldable displays will look like. It’s not that we desperately need to fold smartphones and tablets, but we’re certainly interested in what Samsung, and its clients that will purchase such OLED displays, will come up now that the technology is maturing.

Anyone looking forward to see flexible OLED displays in the next Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models?

  • Ugo Marceau

    I don’t see how flexible displays can make a smartphone better… Because flexible doesn’t mean impact-proof so we aren’t talking about unbreakable displays. From what I can guess, it just allows some funky shapes for screens but who wants a screen full of bumps and dents ? I don’t. So unless they actually come up with some great new idea for using those devices, I don’t see how it can be used to profit a smartphone…

    • The plastic substrate doesn’t shatter like glass does, so there’s an advantage.
      Another one would be more design freedom. Things like smart bezels.

      • Ugo Marceau

        Smart bezel ? Like a touch responsive bezel ? Is that kind of like the “Back” and “Menu” buttons on the GS2 and GS3, GNote, etc.. ? But which could also display content ? Now that is pretty cool !

        • Exactly that. You could have all the physical buttons replaced. You could have a shutter button on the bezel for the camera. Or a virtual volume rocker. And I am sure Samsung’s engineers will come with better ideas.

  • Aziz Farhi

    We can not say whether this technology is going to be useful or not because we don’t know yet how Samsung or LG is going to use it or what for, In my opinion more flexible means more options and wider variety of possible ideas, One thing i’m sure of is that we’re going to see some cool stuff thanks to this technology.

    • Jason

      I can tell you this. How ever Samsung uses it, LG will make the exact same thing 6 months later.

  • Joshhud

    yeah i mean doesnt sound that great.. looks cool but thats about it. why would i want my volume button to be digital. and why would i want other things displaying where my back button is. Now if it was flexible to where i personally could bend the phone instead of it be stuck bent.. thats a different story

  • Kevin Mular

    I have a few reasons to believe that the screen on this device just might be the Galaxy S4’s screen. And I do also believe that the S4’s screen will offer a little more than what we’ve seen so far.

    It was all over the news in S.Korea last week. Anyone who reads Korean can confirm it.

    Basically the news was the Ex VP of Samsung Electronic and chairman’s son, Lee Jae Yong, himself ordered his people to make the G4 ready before this year’s CES, to show it to his closest partners. It also states that he wasn’t going to reveal the S4 during this year’s CES and he just wants to show the S4’s screen to the public. I do believe we’ve only seen 50% of the s4 screen, meaning it could be curved on both sides. maybe even on the top and bottom, too. That would be a crazy looking phone and will be the first of its kind.

    Stop being so smart and say things like, “Why!?”. “For What?” “I don’t see the point of it”.
    It’s just the beginning. Display’s size could increse and decrese. More than just one shape is possible for many products. Rolling display could mean a lot of things. So many possibilities for the future, what is there to hate? I would love to have a small sized mobile ‘theather’ on my hand to go anywhere for my own entertainment Do haters really think that all other companies haven’t made this type of product because it’s ‘POINTLESS’?
    Give credit where it’s due. If this is indeed the G4’s screen, this would be the first of it’s kind when it comes to bendable display on smartphone.

    Samsung worked hard & HAS listened all year long to younger generations in S.Korea and promised to up their game on build quality on their next galaxy flagship. Every SoC they’ve announced, they have put it on the market. The timing of today’s announcement for the Exynos 5 Octa mobile processor seems very similar to last year’s announcement for the Quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 which Samsung incorporated into their last year’s flagship the Galaxy S3. Most Samsung insiders and tech blogs in S.Korea believe that Samsung will reveal their next flagship in March, due to the ‘Chinese attack’. Samsung would be ready to globally release the S4 in April.

    S4 with Exynos 5 Octa mobile processor, flexble OLED display, better build quality than their previous flagships, JB 4.2 & Samsung features = GAME OVER FOR EVERYBODY & 2013 Smartphone of the year.

    • MasterMuffin

      But can they make it into HD? If not then it won’t get in sgs4

      • Kevin Mular

        I would like to state that i’m no expert on this matter but i do think they’ll have a FULL HD 4.99 inch super amoled screen on the next galaxy s flagship(may get larger with side notifications or whatever they’ll come up with later but won’t be pentile.

        • MasterMuffin

          It’s not official yet and that’s not what I ment. I ment if they can’t get this Flexible AMOLED with Full HD resolution, it won’t get to sgs4. BTW I’m pretty sure that Samsung will success and make a Full HD AMOLED screen and it will be amazing!

  • theTruth

    This will be a beautiful addition to automotive electronics where flat design just looks dated.

  • Tomas

    je to už v prodeji?

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    It’s time for Quantum-Dots display