Samsung teases Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and what could be a new tablet

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 6, 2015

samsung note 5 s6 edge Plus teaser

Every Samsung Unpacked event is preceded by a litany of teasers, and the one scheduled for next week in New York is no exception.

Samsung has already kicked off the teaser campaign for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but a countdown page that the company put up on its Philippines site reveals there may be a third device coming on August 13.

From top to bottom, the silhouettes in the teaser appear to be belonging to the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the Galaxy Note 5, and a mystery device that looks like an 8-inch tablet.

Samsung just launched the new Galaxy Tab S2 series, and while Samsung may feel the need to show off the new tablets at next week’s event, the device in the teaser is different. It features a metallic frame similar to the Galaxy S6, as opposed to the painted frame of the Tab S2 8.0.

More than that, tweaking the brightness of the image reveals what appears to be a slight curvature on the left side of the tablet. It’s possible that the teaser shows the curved glass back of a tablet or that we’re seeing things that simply aren’t there.

But for speculation’s sake, would an Edge tablet make Sense for Samsung right now? We think it would.

samsung note 5 s6 edge Plus tablet teaser

The Galaxy S6 Edge has been very successful, and that reportedly caused an initial shortage, as Samsung hadn’t expected the device to sell that well. But Samsung recently said that it solved the production issues holding back S6 Edge production, and the release of a larger variant featuring the same dual-curve design is proof that Samsung is confident both in the Edge concept and in its ability to keep up with demand. The next logical step is to expand the idea to tablets (and potentially other devices) – indeed, Samsung is known for transferring design elements from its flagship phones to its tablets and even laptops, like it did with the textured backs of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5.

samsung galaxy note edge unboxing (3 of 19)See also: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumor roundup (updated 8/5)92

An Edge tablet would stick out from the glut of more or less interchangeable Android tablets, giving Samsung some much-needed differentiation in the competition with Apple and rapacious Chinese upstarts like Xiaomi.

We also have to note that Samsung is again keen to remind us that it created the large phone category, just like it did last year when Apple finally caved to market demand for a large iPhone.

note 5 teaser

Finally, the teaser is interesting through what it lacks: there’s no hint at the Gear A smartwatch that has been rumored to arrive this fall. Is Samsung saving the Gear A for later or is it simply a case of reading too much into a teaser image? We’ll find out in seven days.

What do you think? Is an Edge tablet coming? Would you be interested in such a device?

  • Chirag Kalra

    Note series….My first and last love :D

  • Leonardo Souza

    I have the impression that the note 5 have a little curvature on the edges too!!!

    • Marc Perrusquia

      In the leaked picks it looks the sides on the back have a slight curve.

    • Disqus_deez

      It’s already been proved that the back of the note 5 has a curve. You can see it in the pics that got leaked.

  • Fartemis

    LG G4 PRO the new standard for phablets.

    • Wjdzm

      oh please… why don’t you say iPhone 6 plus is the new standard

    • it’s me tim-cock.

      Gimme a break! New standard of what? Lg can’t even sell the g4. (274,000) sold till now, and i doubt the monstrosity they’re about to release will fare any better.

      • Prasad

        Last time I heard Samsung fans down played iPhone because sales != performance but suddenly that logic does not work our for Samsung… oh well…looks like Samsung is paying to the wrong people these days…

    • _X_

      Yes…because the LG G4 PRO is a real phone…

      • Phillip

        You have to understand it’s the new thing to do now . Hate on samsung cause there phone of choice gets know press . It’s amazing how much they think they know about a phone that’s not been released yet haters gonna hate

    • s2weden2000

      fonblet not a fhablet…

    • Phillip

      Haha really the LG pro ?? You mean the phone that’s just a rumor at this point. Gezz you guys really need to think before opening thy mouth .

  • Meir Cohen

    The Note 4 is my last samsung device.
    Thank you.

    • seattle tech

      You will be back one way or another.

    • jshaw6000

      Yeah the Note Edge is my last one. Too glitchly, slow, and laggy. Battery life has gotten worse with the Lollipop update. I’m trying to find the next good and fast Android device.

      • Phillip

        Never had issues with my note edge being laggy but battery did take a hit with lollipop but that a goggle issue across the board . My last update seems to have fixed the battery. Now if you want a fast android. That would be my gs6 . I pretty sure the note 5 with the new ram management amd processor should fix a lot of the old issues with samsungs phones

        • Marco Lorenzo

          My Note Edge is laggy as hell. It’s fine running Cyanogenmod but since it’s not officially supported, can be quite buggy but on the stock ROM, it’s just pathetic. Sure Note 5 should have better performance but seriously, with the specs of the Note Edge, there is no excuse. It is not a hardware related issue but Samsung’s shitty software.

          • Phillip

            I the past I would agree on the old Touchwiz being a hot mess . But the latest version is so much better not sure if you had a hands on with a gs6 but you’ll see what I mean touchwiz is greatly tone down . The ram management issue is for the most part a thing of the past . Before you buy your next phone I would encourage you to give the note 5 a try before you dismiss it

          • Marco Lorenzo

            Well the Note Edge is still running 5.0.1 with the memory leak problem and is still using the old Touchwiz. I’m sure the GS6 is great and I’m not dismissing Samsung entirely since I still like their designs but I really hope they’ll have an update out in the next couple of months to alleviate these issues.

          • seattle tech

            Having a note 4 and a s6 edge. I can tell you touchwiz and the exynos soc makes the s6 lighting fast compared to the note 4

          • Btort

            it’s TOUCHWIZ, it’s shit on the note 4 and STILL shit on the S6. anyone who disagrees obviously never tasted htc sense android skin or stock android, or they are samsung sheeps

          • Phillip

            That’s your opinion of TouchWiz sounds like you’ve had a bad experience. Sorry to hear that mines was much different. But that the beauty of android we have choices . Not sure what gs6 you owned but mine is a beast my question to you is if you didn’t like the note 4 why did you buy the gs6

          • Btort

            I’ve had the s3, s4, s5, note 4 and s6 and most of them I rooted and installed custom roms on them, never had a bad experience with them actually. It’s just I never realized how slow they were compared to htc sense skins or stock android. I like samsungs hardware, just not their software. There is a tiny lag, but it is there even on the S6. The average user will not notice it

          • Phillip

            I’ll admit that the earlier samsung galaxy phones had some lag . But most still like there phones over any other Android phone . My gs6 is much better then any samsung galaxy before it and no doubt the note 5 will be even better yet . Only issue I can think of is the battery which is now better after I did a factory reset. I’ve tried the stock android phones I just can’t get use to them they remind me to much like a Iphone which for you is not at all bad . Me I love the features that samsung brings . And there phones just fills so much more premium . My gs6 edge is just stunning just to look at . I picked up the nexus 6 and the moto x two very good phones but they just felt cheap after handling a gs6 . But that’s my opinion

    • Jake Lam

      Yeah, that probably the same with me. Unless Samsung brings back the microSDCard slot and removable battery features.

  • npsacobra

    I’m sorry, but the departure from a classic Note design is very disappointing to me. I think the leaks look like garbage, and the rumors of a smaller battery are disconcerting. If there is even a hint to a curved screen on the Note, I will not buy one. I am not taken by Samsung’s bullshit curved televisions either. It really sucks, because I drooled over the Note 4 and made myself wait for this release. Guess I’ll start shopping for an alternative.

    • Phillip

      Why dont you get the note 4 ? They still sell that phone . So your thinking samsung should just make the same phone from last year as few as the battery size . It’s on par with the industry standard around 3000 amp iPhone 6 plus has a smaller battery as far as looks well that’s your personal call . But most believe the gs6 to be that best looking phone is the android market. Sure hope you find that perfect phone that your waiting when you do please let ous know what it is

      • npsacobra

        I don’t think Samsung should continue to make the same phone. I think they should work to differentiate the Note line from the S series as they both cater to different groups. Case in point: the Note Edge sold poorly, while the Note 4 was the best selling Samsung device that year. The S6 Edge was under supplied vs the over supplied S6. This suggests the S6 audience prefers the curved gimmicks while the Note audience prefers function over form.

        • Phillip

          From what I’ve heard from people that have actually handle the note 5 they all say it looks simular to the gs6 and it still looks like a note meaning the frame is more boxy like most notes and not as round as the gs6 on the corners . To be fair if I where you I’d wait for the official release before passing on this beast

  • MobileRoamer

    Definitely the most premium devices anywhere on the planet. User Experience = Opinion. Hardware = Facts. Nuff said.

    • Prasad

      Hardware = Facts ?
      So put a ton of weight on AirBus and see how your facts work out….

      • ANON

        wow! the technology and aerospace industries on one forum?! NICCCCCCEEEEEEE!

        • Prasad

          Its an example. You can apply anywhere.
          To make it simple for Samesung fans: Add 3GB bloat to the 4GB phone and see how it performs, on top run non native code…

          While running benchmarks just boost CPU/GPU to fool general public.

          • Hoek

            Let go of it man, those boosted benchmarks are old news, possibly even years old now, get your knowledge up.

          • Prasad

            For you guys everything is old. Samesung copying iOS, boosting benchmarks, paying students to write against HTC phones…but the reality is there to see…

            The point is I used two samsung phones in the past…also even now people tell S5 use to lag but Note4 no lag….samething repeats….

    • Arisu Tiburón

      Your comment is absurd. Realistically, user experience can be stated as a balance between facts, personal preference and opinion. However, the level of objectivity in that balance varies widely between users. On the other hand, taking the listed hardware specifications of a device as being the only reliable source of insight into the functionality of the device is ridiculous. If raw functionality and paper specifications determined the quality of a device, there would be no need for technological reviewing sites, multiple user interfaces and operating systems or competition between companies in the technological industry either. Each company could release one phone per year and customers could choose between phones with different hardware but only one or two types of software. Sure, companies would create software for their phones but why would they keep the software running, if customers did not care? Perhaps, one or two companies would keep their operating systems running just as a matter of principle; however, with consumer apathy, they would likely ultimately end up being the same.

      • Arisu Tiburón

        Imagine a world, in which, there was only one OS you could use… Moving on, hardware is important but without a good user experience, the best hardware in the world is useless to most consumers. Without hardware, there is no software, but without good software (and a great user experience), one is left with nothing more than a fancy showpiece, regardless of the hardware it is made from.

        Fortunately, most companies including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC do care about the user experience their devices provide which for most customers is determined more by their software than the hardware of their devices. Technological enthusiasts and experts and power users need to be also need to be satisfied with the devices they are using, which technological companies are aware of. In trying to woo these often fickle customers, Samsung created the first popular phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Hopefully, Samsung does not forget the segment of the consumer market it was catering to, when it created the Note line…

  • Osvaldo Alpizar

    This is the day Samsung is going to completely forget the they have a flagship device call note 4 the has been treat it like a 100.00 us dollar device horrible software support and the day the 5.1.1 for the note 4 be put back in the back burner the day the galaxy S6 and S6 edge lost there software support and set android M for Note 4 and galaxy S6 & S6 edge devices till summer 2017 if we get lucky

    • Phillip

      Haha all the gloom and dome really. Samsung has already said that all there phones back to the gs5 will get the new M software. Calm down people it’s going to be fine

  • Joe Knaggs

    I think I’m going to be disappointed with the Note 5. As a current Note 3 user and looking to upgrade a Huawei Nexus looks promising

  • Phillip

    I for one can’t wait to see this phone in the flesh . While some are complaining about the battery capacity if you do your homework you’ll see that it’s on par with the industry standards being iPhone 6 plus is less then3000 amp so how is it less than a note just cause the back is sealed. I think some on hear are complaining just because . I’ll bet most of you guys don’t even own the last notes . I’ve had them all rocking a note 4 edge now

  • s2weden2000

    the third pic is also a phone..not a tablet…

    • Hoek

      I think it may be also, it has those aerial lines like the phones do.

    • UnknownUser.

      No its a tablet… I work as a rep selling phones and i was shown the two phones samsung is coming out with and the person that showed me the two phones told me that there’s also a tablet coming out, along with the phones, as well as the new gear watch.

      • s2weden2000

        i know there are tablets and watches also coming but this ain´t it…

        • UnknownUser.

          Yes it is….. when they release the tablet with the two phones, remember this; ” you’re an incompinent idiot because I’m correct and you’re not”

          • s2weden2000

            3 phones…

  • margaret

    Note series ended with note 4. Its a shame note 5 dosnt support sd card. Yeah it looks nice. But i wont buy because of that. Disapointed with note 5:(

    • Phillip

      Sooooo 128 gig option won’t fell your needs . I’m curious did you even buy the note 4 are your just commenting cause it it’s the hip thing to say on technology forums

      • margaret

        No ! 128gb is great. But in note 5 it will be less with apps thats in it. 128gb memory in my note 3 only shows 119gb. So the note 5 wont even have that much in it. I know about technology by the way and i can buy note 4 tommorrow. But why waste money for a few extra features. And note 5 i wont buy. It dosent appeal to me. Looks like bigger s6! I will wait until something better comes along! And note 3 is running smooth with lollipop! Still a good flagship phone!

  • roberthenderson

    Asked for front facing speakers, water resistance and big battery life option. Ssung response – take away the sd card and seal the battery with a questionably low capacity. Bye bye samdung & Note 3. Either Moto X Pure, Huawei nexus, or the LG Pro for me.

    • Phillip

      That’s funny cause every phone you mentioned as your next option nether having the features you mentioned you wanted from the note 5 . And two of the phones are just rumors at this point . You do realize that most the phones in the notes category have about the same size battery

      • roberthenderson

        I have a bad feeling that my note 3 is about to give up the ghost. I am one of those real power users who actually uses my phone at work almost all day long. I use my navigation and speaker phone all of the time as well, hence the very strong desire for front facing speakers and not the weak piece of energy wasting crap that Samsung has been putting on their phones. So at this point in time it is the lesser of all evils and getting the most and most important features that I need to be comfortable with a phone for a year or two. The Motorola phone will almost certainly be an upgrade on every aspect compared to my note 3 and I have always liked the close to stock Android feel that they’ve been providing as of late. Who knows if the LG pro is real or not, if I get some positive indicators that it does exist and my phone doesn’t die on me then I may try to hold out and get a look at that.

  • Samsung Europe

    It’s a device with 4k screen for the new Gear VR Consumer edition

  • Roger

    I’ll jump to OPO or Motorola sooner or later.

  • UnknownUser.

    Well I just recently saw the new note (in which as of right now they don’t want to announce the name of it) and the new edge (both havr some weird code names that i didnt want to memorize) which is the competition with the 6+. The new note has a curve like the GS6, the back is glass, the s pen pops out when you push it in. It has new features on the edge quick apps. The note is going to be big with productivity and the new galaxy is going to compete with size and it’s going to be big on entertainment. In what sense? Well, the audio is going to be the best audio out in the market, especially if used with the Samsung ear phones.both phones feel light. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture due to the fact that the samsung rep didn’t want to get in trouble since they put a bar code on the front screen of both phones to verify who was the person that allowed the photos to be leaked.

    • Phillip

      From what you said it sounds like it’s gonna be a beast of a phone . AND should fill the needs of the most power user .

      • Maria

        Hey there Phillip, I just have a question you may or my not know. I had the S6 it because I have million s of problems with the note 4 edge. Anyway my note 5 in on pre-order and I really don’t like the fact of the no SD card either. When I had the S6 edge for no reason could I put music on it…and now I’m so afraid the note 5 will be the same way. I’m very computer, phone and tablet smart and it really bothered me because I could not get music on the phone. Yes I used kies and still nothing and it prompted me to download a different program so I did…same thing. Yes I am using an apple computer but I didn’t think that would be a probelm. So with all that being said do you have any other options….im not worried about my photos or video’s because I do have many back up apps downloaded so that’s not a problem…just my music!

        • Phillip

          I think your saying that all your music is on your mac book . There in lies a bit of a problem cause apple doesn’t play well with android are any other OS for that matter . I personally use a pc when getting music from computer to phone . There are memory card reader . You could download music on a card from mac put card in memory reader plug into galaxy that should solve your problem I hope . Maybe you need to get a pc hahaha good luck

        • omr6535

          Download google music manager Back all your songs up to the cloud and the open Play Music and they will be right there once synced.

        • Hoek

          Its as simple as copying and pasting your mp3’s or whatever to the music folder on your device, you shouldnt need any software, it should work just like an external hard drive. Maybe its the Apple computer, are these music files purchased from the Apple store?

        • T

          Download Android File Transfer. Works perfectly for Mac to Android file transfers.

      • UnknownUser.

        I definitely think it will fill the needs of tech savvy users simply because there’s so much you can do with it and it’s all in the tip of your fingertips.

  • margaret

    No sd card! No removable battery. Ok note 5 looks nice. It might be powerful . But thats it. Cant save anything because no memory card. Whats the use. And glass back. Ya drop it and its in bits. Nope. Samsung can keep their note 5!

    • mike

      No ir + no sd + no removable battery =no note 5 been lookin for a reason to leave iphone note 4 was it ,now i am thinking about iphone again , its a complicated relationship haha

      • margaret

        Yeah lol. I dont know what phone to buy. Note 5 i was excited about until it doesnt suport sd card. And i like carrying extra battery with me. Such a shame.

  • Techist

    After my disappointment with the Galaxy Tab S2 series, my interest is piqued! It does look too big to be a regular phone. I hope it is a 16:9 or 16:10 8 inch tablet with the Exynos 7420 under the hood. I would definitely be very interested in that!

  • Jeff Thomas

    I received and email from Samsung regarding phones and it has the new Note 5 or on their website its called the Galaxy Note Edge.

  • crutchcorn

    I personally like the new note 5… But perhaps I’m alone

  • anon

    what is that? on the left between the middle and bottom most devices?!

    • Hoek

      Seems to be the S-Pen

  • seattle tech

    Galaxy S6 Mega? We thought we knew everything about the unpacked and samsung throws in that 3rd device.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    My buddy who works at Verizon told me their Samsung rep came in and showed them the note 5 and s6 edge plus. I’m going to put screenshots of the conversation with his name cropped out.

  • Zachary Vincent Manning

    S6 going strong 4-5hrs on screen no lag no glitch nothing. Will be buying the note 5 because of the bigger screen hell yeh

  • Mg

    It looks like the note had a curved edge here. That’s the pen in the middle silhouette, right?

    • Mg

      Nevermind..that’s the back of the phone. So the curved tablet idea is less likely.

  • Hoek

    That tablet has the aerial bands like the others, maybe it will be a larger Phablet or a tablet with phone features.

  • averymlewis

    It’s another phone not a tablet. It’s a high spec version of a Mega

  • Zaid Shakil

    SD, removable battery or not. I do not have any choice left in market. So Note 5 or may be wait for another year

  • Julius

    I hope it’s big 6.5inc phone ..the MONSTER

  • Say What??

    Due to the new Note that will be a disappointment, I think there is one brand that you should watch out for. Huawei. Their P series phones and M series phablets are among the best. I recently picked up a Mediapad X2 and the thing is sick. There is nothing from Samsung that would be me any happier than I already am.

  • Cloakfiend

    From what ive seen, the note 5 will look exactly like the s6 edge+ but with a pen. Its needs to be more different or else they will lose customers. The phones need to look different. I have a note 4, and if this one is not considerably better, then i’m not getting it…obviously.

  • margaret

    Looking at diff forums . Seems more ppl are against note 5 like myself. I will wait until something better comes along. One that will support SD CARD and REMOVABLE BATTERY. Nothing is going to change my mind. Note 5 dosnt appeal to me.

  • Camilo Gonzalez

    Nope wrong! The two top devices are s6 plus w/ pen and s6 plus edge that means that the bottom is the note 5 BIGGER and better! All we need to hear is it has dual sim slot one for sim and the other for microSD card and we’re golden!

    • UnknownUser.

      Wrong. One is the gs6 plus and the other one is the note 6 edge…and the bottom one is a tablet. You’re all wrong

  • paulf1

    I hope Samsung start building apps and applications for the new edge device as my s6 edge doesn’t do much as all.. Ps my s6 edge still overheats and ram management. Is a joke.

  • Pedro

    Since I have the Note 4, the most expensive Samsung phone when I bought it, and I had to way decades for an update and now everything has 5.1 and I’m still on 5.0, yeah, this will be my last Samsung phone. They don’t really support their most expensive devices, they just throw one or two overly delayed updates at us so we just shut up.