Noteworthy: Is it time for Samsung to make a Galaxy Note…Mini?

by: Matthew BensonAugust 27, 2015
samsung galaxy note 5 color comparison (16 of 22)

The Galaxy Note is certainly deserving of some smaller consideration if the Galaxy S is worthy of a larger one.

Since its inception, the Samsung Galaxy Note series has always been about one thing: big screen productivity. The device gave birth to the whole phablet genre and revived the hallowed stylus for modern times. And yet. Each installment has always held true to a stubborn staples, namely size increments of at least 5.5 inches or greater. To this day, nine models exist: 5 phablets and 4 tablets. To this day, no one has ever contested that size isn’t everything, even if the pen is mightier than the sword.

What I am about to propose is mind-boggling. It’s so outlandish that it just might seem logical. And in truth, it is. The claim to fame? It’s time that Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note…Mini.

If mainstream can go big, why can’t niche go small?

For years now, Samsung has built its key brands on a simple yet effective premise: the Galaxy S series is comprised of mainstream, “standard-sized” products. The premiere flagship is the standard “S” release. As the industry screen size average began to increase (which was largely Samsung’s doing) a more portable variant was introduced, starting with the Galaxy S3 Mini. By the time the Galaxy S5 hit last year, we had the Active line, which offered better support for more rugged use. In some cases, the specs were altered, however Samsung still opted for the S naming nomenclature instead of using a different letter.


Does the Galaxy S6 Edge+ have a legitimate reason for being big? The Note Mini would have the same one for being small.

This year, we have the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The device, which has polarized some of us, is a large Galaxy S6 Edge. Absolutely nothing more, and nothing less, especially now that its sole unique feature has been ported to the smaller size option. Samsung had never felt the need to make a large non-Note flagship before, yet so convinced this is what customers want, it has actually, deliberately, chosen to deny Europe the opportunity to buy the Galaxy Note 5.

If Samsung has decreed that the Galaxy S can go big for no reason other than because there isn’t a big Galaxy S, by that very same logic the Galaxy Note should go small for no reason other than because there isn’t a small Galaxy Note.

Logic…and lots of it

While the equation I’ve just created might seem almost comical, in truth the idea at hand is quite logical. Consider for a second, that stylus-based devices had originally been significantly smaller than the products we’re using today. Some 20 years ago, long before smartphones were even a possibility, we had PDAs. These devices, Personal Digital Assistants, were basically digital organizers that came with some media functionality, perhaps more depending on the OEM that produced it. These devices were also one of the most mainstream products to feature a stylus, as in dealing with screens that were smaller than kids these days can even imagine, users needed a small tool to poke away at the resistive touch screens.

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung had tried to justify the return of the stylus -reimagined as the Wacom-powered S-Pen- by offering it with a large screen smartphone, but there isn’t any reason it couldn’t include one on a smaller form factor. Indeed for any number of people, even 5 inches is still a gigantic display size to deal with. These potential customers, who may actually be interested in the idea of the Note, will never actually buy one simply because they either can’t operate such a large device, or else they simply don’t want to. There is, as a result, a potential market of untapped cash to capitulate.

Aside from the LG Vu series, no other mainstream legacy OEM has come forth with a “small” Note-type device. Even LG itself arguably struck out given that the Vu, or Intuition as it was known in the USA, opted for a 4:3 aspect ratio that while easier to write on, was not appealing to customers long since acclimated to widescreen. Again, Samsung can thereby be first again with the Note series, and actually make consumers rethink the product line itself, something that at the very least, will generate buzz.

The software side

samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 quick look aa (9 of 16)

Now I know what you’re thinking at this point. “The contention is stupid. This post is pointless.” The basis? Inevitably some of it will have to do with software. Samsung has, since the beginning, made the Note series all about productivity. And who could possibly be productive on a small device. Putting aside the entire PDA genre mentioned, a genre that lasted for about a decade for reference, there is a valid point to be made for software. One of the Galaxy Note series staples is its multitasking ability: split screens and pop-up apps.

And yet, has anyone stopped to realize that basically all of Samsung’s products do this now? While some of the more budget-friendly variants lack the horsepower needed to run simultaneous split-screen applications, the Galaxy S flagships most certainly have Multitasking now. And notice what reviewers typically point out with regards to it: “While it has multitasking we don’t know why you would want to use it on such a small screen.” Perhaps you might not know why, but clearly Samsung feels someone will want to use it.

The Galaxy Note Mini will never appeal to those with phabletitis, but then again it's not meant to.

If the Galaxy S6 supports multitasking, and has all the horsepower and RAM technically needed to run the Galaxy Note SDK (consider the Note 4 also had 3GB of RAM) then there is no reason it couldn’t. And really, no reason it shouldn’t. Would Galaxy Note users be smitten with this idea? No, but then again this proposed product isn’t meant to target those customers in the first place.

A chance to shine

sony xperia z3 compact review aa (16 of 21)

Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact (pictured) offered flagship specs in an impressively small size.

Despite everything said so far, there is one caveat that needs to be addressed: typically OEMs equate small sizes with smaller specs. The aforementioned Galaxy S Mini series for example, has managed to clone the body of its big brother, but it’s what inside that counts. A Galaxy Note Mini could very well be Samsung’s chance to not only break ties with all its existing definition of “small” but also offer up a true power-packed product that goes head-to-head with the larger form factor.

Consider for a moment, that last year’s Xperia Z3 Compact was thoroughly praised because Sony actually did something different. Rather than make a middling product that simply had a nice camera, it was small in size only, yet spectacular when it came to specs. This is but an exception though, and not a rule, and Samsung would again be in a winning position for offering consumers looking for smaller devices that pack a punch.

Of course, given the presence of the Galaxy S series, this might mean the Note Mini would need to be even smaller, although it could just as well come in at around the 5-inch mark (or thereabouts) and still be considered relatively petite.

Plan B: sell the S-Pen

Perhaps my idea should be expanded to an even larger one: rather than make a Galaxy Note Mini, perhaps what Samsung should actually do, is make its S-Pen compatible with the Galaxy S line on the whole. Not only would this potentially spike the demand for the S-Pen, but it could actually charge a nominal fee to customers to download the “Note Suite for S” or else build it into the cost of the “S-Pen for Galaxy S.” This would immediately allow customers who want extra productivity options to get such from Samsung. This would also allow Samsung to have another edge over its competitors, at least for the time being, and it would allow for such with basically no real R&D costs whatsoever.


Consider, for example, that the low-end Galaxy Tab A actually has a variant that comes with the S-Pen. The tablet, which is really equivalent to the Galaxy E series of smartphones, is able to run the Galaxy Note software suite without any real problems, and it has but 2GB of RAM. The problem has never been one of specs really, just Samsung’s decision to limit the form factor to which it’s compatible.

This idea would also work wonders on those who feel the Galaxy S6 Edge+ has wasted the opportunity to put the extra screen real estate to good use, and it would immediately calm down -at least to some degree- those who feel slighted their country isn’t deemed “worthy” to get the Galaxy Note 5 this year. In fact, it would actually negate the existence of the Galaxy Note series as a whole, a crusade that some critics are accusing Samsung of having begun with last year’s Note 4.

A Mini for the rest of us


While the Galaxy Note Mini will never manage to capture the hearts and wallets of those afflicted by phabletitis, it would provide for an entirely new market for Samsung to market to. Provided the screen was around 5 inches or so, it wouldn’t even be that obscene to imagine. Granted a larger prospect will always have an advantage in terms of productivity, but not all hands are created equally. Furthermore, the ability to sell a Galaxy Note Mini at a lower price range, perhaps add in extra accessories or options, and Samsung could conceivably have a win up its sleeve.

What do you think? Would the idea of a Galaxy Note Mini sell? Do you know anyone who might want it? Should it have flagship specs or something less? Leave us your comments below!

  • DarkExistence

    isnt the small note 5 the galaxy s6? :/

    • Zp15

      Well the S6 doesn’t come with an S Pen, so no…

  • networkdood

    Ummm, the current Note 5 is a mini, when you compare it to a Nexus 6…if anything, I want a Samsung Note Mega…

    • Zp15

      But the Note5’s screen is only 0.2″ smaller, definitely not a mini.

      • networkdood

        I just bought the Note 5, had the Nexus 6…the Note 5 is a mini to me…and not very wide for a phablet..I do like the s-pen, though…

  • Houssam

    This does make a point. Samsung really made a blunder with the S6 ,Edge and Edge+. Making the edge plus instead of the edge would be better. Yes even my mom uses the 4s because she can’t stand bigger screens.

  • Alpha Bravo

    waiting for a full spec galaxy note at 5 inch size

    • 5″ Note is not impossible with high screen resolution. But this article is talking about ‘mini’ which directly means downgraded specs.
      Well, a small Galaxy Note with downed specs will not be for me. I’m more particular about what’s inside a phone.

  • Alex Panceri

    I would buy a s6 edge with a S-Pen! For shure

  • Filly Jnr

    The only problem is that people would not buy the note for that extra functionality so samsung would loose profits, therefore this will not happen

    • Joseph Fisher

      Umm how would they lose money? They wouldn’t they’d make millions of dollars in an intaped market of the majority who doesn’t want a big screen device. Don’t be stupid.

  • 1ostsou1

    My wife loves my notes but she always say only if they made a smaller one heck I might even simply for mobility

  • aylak

    I don’t know about a mini note but i would consider buying a Note Pro with better battery and more durable/grippier material instead of shiny glass. It would be ok if it was a bit thicker.

  • Cyxodus

    As an artist, I like the idea of the Note but its size is HUGE. I’ve been saying for a while that I wished that they would come out with a Note that was 4.7″ – 5.2″ in size. I would buy that.

  • Btort

    Not everyone likes phablets….the only reason manufacturers are on the phablet hype is because of apple. Anything bigger than a 5.5 inch is a no go for me, hard to use it with one hand. 5.3 or 5.4 inch would be nice for a change.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      “the only reason manufacturers are on the phablet hype is because of apple”

      What a bunch of BS:) you ignorant. Do you know how many manufacturers and models with large displays were before Apple?
      BTW Have heard the name- Samsung? Note??LOL

      • Btort

        Can you read? Did I say they were the first to have large displays you dumbass sailormoon MFer? I said other manufacturers like Motorola, google, LG note (rumoured) or whatever jumped on the phablet bandwagon after Apple introduced the 6 Plus. I did not say ALL manufacturers, SOME. You have to admit android manufacturers love copying apple’s dumb moves (no removable back, expandable memory, THIN phones)

        • GOAT78

          This is also false. The manufacturers you list had big phones before Apple did. Are you forgetting that Apple only released a big phone last year? Google and LG had big phones before that. I somewhat agree with your final sentence. Samsung bleeped up by removing those features and thats the reason why I will not buy the Note 5 until the price drops.

          • Btort

            Yeah it’s true they did have it first but once apple introduced the 6Plus they were so convinced everyone loved phablet’s and stopped making regular smaller sized flagship phones. It’s not until they realized not everyone likes phablet sized phones when they started offering smaller ones (according to the rumors) It’s frustrating how apple has a big influence on our favorite manufacturers

    • GOAT78

      Apple was late to the game. Steve Jobs said no one wanted a big phone. And the iPhone 6+ screen is 5.5″ but it is physically taller than the Note despite the Note having a 5.7″ screen.

      • Rob Kowalski

        Steve Jobs was already dead and didn’t see the market trend at the time considering it was early. The iPhone 5 didn’t come out until late 2012 almost a year after his death. I still doubt his overall involvement in that device. I think he would have embraced the size eventually, but somebody would have had to make a very compelling argument.

  • paxmos

    Consider GS6 a mini note

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Note without S-Pen and S-Pen functionality and productivity- is not Note.
      BTW Note 1 has almost same size display as GS6.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    For the record : Note 1 was 5.3″

    Not like the article stated at “least 5.5”

    I understand that the tech media wanted to make the iPhone6 Plus the official size of the “phablet”(LOL LOL LOL), and invent the BS”phablet category” to ignore everything less that 5.5″. So iPhone6 Plus to look more “mighty”.
    But Note is a category of it’s own. And no competition there yet. Everything is just large phones. WTF is “phablet”???
    BTW Note 5(5.7″) is much smaller that iPhone 6 Plus (5.5″).
    Also Note 5(5.7″) is much smaller that Note 1 (5.3″)
    so the size of the display is not everything.

    • Daggett Beaver

      I didn’t know the Note 1 was 5.3″. If I had known that I would have voted differently.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        And yet Note 5 is smaller. Get it?

  • GOAT78

    This is an awful idea. Sad part is, Samsung will probably do it. They release a phone every month it seems like. They should be called Alphabet not Google. They have a phone for every damn letter.

  • retrospooty

    They should not make a Note mini. They should make a Galaxy S stylus. :P

    • The-Sailor-Man

      It will not sell as much as the real Note because S-Pen needs bigger screen , but sore some ppl will buy it.

  • Ahmad Muhsin

    I have galaxy alpha, and I thought I should buy an S pen so it becomes note 4 mini. hahaha..

  • javaper

    I have personally wanted a Note Mini for the longest of times. I use the stylus all the time, but sometimes wish I had a smaller phone. I’d also love for Samsung took make an updated Note 8.0 that had good specs. The Note Mini would have to have flagship specs as well. None of this low end crap.

  • Igy Tech

    Samsung made experiment with “mini” note version it was Note 3 Neo which is 5.5″ (“mini phablet”) model with very good specs (for Q1 2014 – better perfromance then S4, lower then Note 3). It was upper midrange device and not too cheap.
    BUT Samsung forgot this device. Late upgrade with kitkat and still don’t have lollipop (despite confirmation for upgrade). Experience with Neo and Mini Samsung devices is that Samsung don’t want to support them even one year.
    Despite that device is good, very compact, little overpriced as every Samsung device.
    Also think that using Stilus on display smaller then 5.5″ don’t have much sense. Why? Try to write something on small display. Hand use to write something on paper without saving space. When you write something on display you see how much display size missing and all Note concept is about writing… If we consider Note tablet as decent device for writing then Note phablet is that “mini” version what are they talking about. If Note tablet is paper then Note phablet is sticker. No one can’t write any decent on smaller than sticker. :)

  • I like the idea of the Note Series going smaller. With the screen resolution technology advancing this is not impossible. I’m also uncomfortable with big phone in my pocket – that’s it I’m complaining but doesn’t mean I don’t want the Note series. If it can get smaller, BETTER.
    Let’s start with reducing the screen width and make height longer by aspect ratio say a 5.5″ screen. Screen in 5″ is still workable with the S-pen.
    But of course the specs should not be compromised specially the IR BLASTER, removable back and battery, SD Card, etc… which we are already used to.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Samsung should make REAL Note 5 with SD Card and replaceable battery. I know maybe you guys getting tired of these rants but, again and again, Note 5 is heavy weight champion, I wouldn’t mind bulkier device, with SD Card up to 128 GB or more. It’s cool with all the S-Pen, but large screen, better media experience, means a lot of media to consume, means more storage need. C’mon Sammy, just make Note 5, brand it with “Pro” moniker and see how the market react.

    • kwl147

      Only reason they got rid of the SD card is the internal storage that is new for this year doesn’t support SD cards. I think they’d have kept it otherwise. They know people consider it to be a selling point but they needed to eliminate the lag that touchwiz has and they’ve done it now with the faster internal storage.

      • Ivan Budiutama

        ummm, Yes and No,
        No, because the problem with touchwiz is well as you may already heard. My friend tried to use CM or Vanir ROM on their Note 3, the Exynos ones, the stable build really improve the performance by a large gap. So yeah, Touchwiz as software part is the main issue
        Yes, the phones without SD card on similar hardware setting tend to be faster but not on large margin, that it’s barely noticed on daily uses.

        • kwl147

          Yeah but the fact is that this version of touchwiz is the best yet. Numerous reviews point to this. No lag whatsoever. Just issues with memory management even 4GB ram where apps are ruthlessly frozen and stopped from running. This is UFS 2.0 internal storage which is much faster than normal phones. Samsung need it because of how heavy and laggy touchwiz used to be. It just doesn’t support memory cards right now :(

          Don’t compare it similar phones on similar hardware. Compare it to the past flagships from Samsung which lagged even out of the box because of touchwiz. Other phones don’t have the same stressed placed on them with touchwiz.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            still, a very direct relation that the laggy problem is on the software not hardware. While, I get that the new Touchwiz no longer support SD Card Storage or any kind, it’s still IMHO, the worst decision they can come up with.

          • kwl147

            Always was the case but software can be fixed, fine tuned and optimised. Worst decision? Rather have a lag free Note 5 than the SD card slot. 32GB is pretty big and 64GB is for those who need something more. 128GB will be released progressively from Korea so can be imported.

          • Fifth313ment

            32GB is big? What world do you live in, 2010? After OS and app updates once you turn the phone on you’ll be at 22GB or less! And 64GB isn’t enough also. 128 is the smallest they could go for a “productivity” phone, which we know they didn’t! I have a Note 3 wih 32GB onboard and 64GB microSD and I’m full on both fronts. I don’t have a lot of apps but I do have like 300 songs, a few audiobooks, 8 1080p movies (compressed to 4GB each from the Flixster video app) and the rest pics and vids taken from my camera! So tell me how is 32GB big? And my phone doesn’t support RAW picture format. I mean how can you enable RAW pictures, 4K video recording and then givce 32GB?! Within 5 mins your memory will be filled up and you can’t do ANYTHING about it. Fluck Samsung! If they had wanted to add a microSD they could have. They added it to phones that couldn’t support it in the past with no issues. They added fingerprint readers when that wasn’t possible before.

            Samsung blew it this year and heir profits will show it, mark my words. Samsuck is about to have multiple quarters of far less profit. I say profit as you’ll still have idiots who buy their crappy phones. This should be enough to tell them to change but they didn’t learn heir lesson after the horrible S6 sales so I don’t know what would be a good indicator for them. They need to lose even more market share and maybe then they will learn but I doubt it. LG is the new up and comer which will only get bigger and bigger. If they play their cards right LG could steal Samsucks business and more! LG needs a large pen device with great specs and a new hero device with great specs and keep to the current designs.

          • kwl147

            Samsung have come out with sizes of the Note 5 to suit the majority. You, my friend are in the minority of people that demand more. You get 24/25GB free left with the 32GB so the software is slimmed down and takes less space up. 1080p movies do not take up so much room, even blu ray copies are compressed to smaller sizes. 32GB is adequate for a standard user, which you are not. You think Samsung are that stupid? First people complained about 16GB being the standard and now people be whining about 32GB being the standard. There will be a 128GB edition. There is nothing accidental about leaking a high capacity version of the Note 5. They’ve just not unveiled it yet for whatever reason. My point is, its about preference. If you want a higher capacity, the note 4 waits for you. For me, I use the cloud and I don’t have an issue with taking things off my phone to free up memory. I don’t need every single thing on it all the time. Now stop exaggerating and accept that if the majority really did feel that way about the Note 5 like you do then it’ll flop and you’ll be right. Fact is, the majority won’t care too much about it because they’re getting a more premium and lag free flagship. What phones are you even talking about that they added finger print readers and sd card slots to??? ¬_¬

            You say they blew it, they are a multimillion dollar corporation who have tons of data and analysts who can gather accurate predictions to what the market demands, I’ll say that, yes their growth is slowing but that’s just natural as smartphones have peaked. You say the S6 flopped but the S6 edge sold out and they couldn’t meet demand for it. The S6 got glowing reviews and did okay if a little unspectacular, although I think its sales were cannibalised by the edge version. You’re making me laugh, LG have been going backwards since the G2. Their software is a joke, bug ridden, glitchy and lag infested. The screens have been decent but not in the same league as Samsung. All LG have is a great camera and design which Samsung can now match.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            likewise, while it’s not gonna happen, I know. But if they really want to give a shot, I said, make the device real (Note 5 Pro with SD Card slot and possibly a bigger battery), I mean, what the problem with bulkier device that do more? is eliminating SD Card really make all the differences? TouchWiz is magically fastest and optimized because the absent of SD Card? Really? They did software optimization, I give you that, but the absent of SD Card? I don’t think that is the main reason the current TouchWiz is much better. And the reason they eliminate it for form factor mainly. I owned Android One, and using SD Card Slot doesn’t effect performance significantly (Do you know that now you can move all app to SD Card without exception? NO not a really recommendation but they are there)

            Secondly, the media consumption is important, why? because dat large gorgeous screen. Note 5 is crowned as the best display device currently available, not to mention: best camera, I’m not sure about video recording but most people do (people with babies especially, or cat, or dog) you want that extra Storage.

            Pleading Samsung to get a Note 5 with SD Card is like beating a dead horse, I know. but at the very least they can try to make some survey and see how market react. I close my case. Note 5 is not by any means a bad device, but with the absent of SD Card slot and removable battery make it less the champion of Phablet, I thought Note series always about.

          • kwl147

            Nothing wrong with a bulkier screen but Samsung have invested a lot in this design for the Note 5. They want to make it easier to handle and improve aesthetics which makes sense because that’s been the traditional criticism of their phones. SD is not there because the storage used internally apparently doesn’t support it? UFS 2.0? I didn’t say it was the main reason for touchwiz being better. I’m sure them scaling it back and taking things off it also played a big part. Yeah for normal devices SD card doesn’t affect performance. I knew you could move all apps/data on to the SD but Google is pushing the cloud and that’s why the Nexus devices don’t and won’t have SD card slots. Its the future of the platform. We have to accept it I guess or move to another platform?

            Media consumption is important? Debatable in general. The screen is great yeah but it can also be used to do actual work like note taking, multi-tasking etc. Going along with what you said, yeah sure, it has a great screen and you want to take advantage of that but for those people there’s the 64GB edition and after a while a 128GB edition. Apple does this with their phones where they don’t include SD card slots to force people to upgrade or pay more. At least Samsung are giving us 32GB of memory, 24 useable as standard?

            You don’t need to plead. There are apparently accessories which you attach to phones which have an SD card slot in them already? I agree the SD card slot is a loss but I’m in no way worried about the battery not being removable. Nobody I know realistically carries a spare battery and batteries are pretty good at keeping their efficiency. Most people swap phones after a few years anyway! Its still by far the champion of phablets. Nobody gets close. You never know the Note 6 may have SD card back in it.

          • Fifth313ment

            No SD cards are not the future as in Android Marshmallow Google added back the SD support in full force even giving SD cards the ability to appear as system memory! So Google has turned back to microSD cards as they know there is UHS-3 cards available which are faster than the memory in the S6 and Note 5 if manufacturers want to use it.

          • kwl147

            We’ll know if you are right when the new nexus or nexus’ are unveiled, regarding the SD cards.

          • Fifth313ment

            They have cards called microSD UHS-3 which is actually faster than the memory on the Note 5 and S6. Most people are skipping the Note 5 because of the negatives as most don’t really care what their phone looks like since 75% put it in a case.

          • Fifth313ment

            I don’t agree, most need more than 24GB, they just don’t know it. Also really after installing apps, their music, taking pics, etc they will have more like 15GB. I do this for a living and so many people are filled up and have to delete pics and apps to make room. 32GB is OK as the bottom rung but at least a 128GB option should be here. I don’t see Samsung releasing one as there would be no reason to hide it as they have been if you are right.I’m not saying you are not right and they won’t but I really doubt it.

            Also I’m too lazy to do the research but Samsung had a phone with a fingerprint scanner way before apple did. It ran Android and I think Motorola had one too. There were no fingerprint API’s but they coded it for Android themselves and it worked. There is no reason they couldn’t code a microSD to work with Android.

            Multi-million corporation HTC is about to go under so that is no mark to go by. Samsung is in trouble which is proven by their stocks and market analysts. Which is why they named the S6 zero as they needed to start from scratch as they are losing money.

            Samsung’s software has been just as bad as LG’s but you are right they both need work. If LG can capitalize on Samsung’s losses then they can move into a better position. LG’s screens aren’t as good as Samsung’s but then again not even Apple’s are. LG can pickup where Samsung left off and sell some phones in huge numbers if they make a pen phone or even a large screened, high spec phone.

            This review sums up the S6 and Note 5:
            The largest issue is the battery which barely makes it a full day if ever!


      • Angel

        Well considering that it supports USB OTG they could have leave the the microSD for secondary storage. Like some tablets have SD and USB. Even if it had some restrictions where all android/app/games data had to be on the internal storage and leave the SD just for storage, like when you plug the USB OTG. So one could at least have music, movies etc on the SD and save some of the internal space.

        • kwl147

          Yeah but I think the issue starts with when apps start accessing that data which is at a much slower speed. I think that is what caused gallery to traditionally lag badly along with the cloud services running. All I know is the UFS 2.0 doesn’t support micro SD so I don’t they could still add it? Who knows really!? All I know is that its a pretty solid device and corrects all the major mistakes of previous Samsungs. Is it perfect? Nope. However it does get pretty close. Even the stupid pengate has been quickly resolved albeit it wasn’t Samsung who found the solution to it.

          • Angel

            UFS is a storage specification, So it’s not a thing if UFS support SD or not, if the device kernel supports it. Like when devices like tablets internal storage is eMMC it’s not the same as the SD but devices support the two. As for the Galaxy I don’t have one, but according to the XDA forums you can put an micro SD wit an adapter using USB OTG. So it can read it if you put it externally but they couldn’t do the same if they had added a slot on the device? So yeah they could have add it as a secondary storage. I do understand that with the speed difference there could be problems hence why I said the limitation of not allowing core related files to be on the SD. But for those who have over 10GB of music or 20GB+ videos, because HD content takes a LOT, do you really need to compromise the internal storage. And not everyone wants to depends on internet for it. So a SanDisk Extreme 64GB UHS-I/U3 can be easily used for that content. It can even read FLAC Audio effortlessly and an Extreme PRO would read 4K movies no prob. They only remove microSD so people where force to buy the most expensive model if they wanted mores storage. Honestly if they tell that they where just looking for building the device more easily or that it was too much of a hassle to make the slot without compromising their desire design I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It’s their device they are under no obligation to add whatever they don’t want. Look at iPhones, no expendable storage or removable batteries but what would they say? “want an iPhone, deal with it” They don’t go arround making excuses like, ‘Sorry can’t do, iOS is so awesome that it would melt the microSD’ But Samsung presume their expandable storage and removable batteries. They remove that and just make lame excuses. Again is their device they can do it like they want to and it is an amazing device still. It’s just I rather listen to an honest ‘I didn’t want to’ that excuses made of lies.

          • kwl147

            Well. I got my source about the UFS storage not supporting Micro SD card through forums and the media. Its not an actual legit source from Samsung themselves. So I guess I was wrong and a victim of taking what other sources mention on the internet. My first occurrence lol. Yeah I think they did want people to buy the more expensive model I mean the profit margin is just higher on them. They sell so many of the lower capacity ones that it makes sense to force uptake of the more expensive one whilst also promoting Google’s vision of cloud based services. I do think that other manufacturers and even app developers prevent some apps to being moved to the USB already. Its only by rooting you can force somethings on to the SD card?

            Don’t get me wrong I have well over 10GB of music, however I’m not going to listen to it all at the same time. Not everyone is the same as myself, fine but its just a matter of preference and I’m very confident this note 5 will do well. Aesthetically its a massive improvement and I think that’s what sells an iPhone half the time. Makes no sense to me why someone would rationally spend so much on a device which locks you into their ecosystem, requires a computer, doesn’t promote sharing and lacks openness. Its clear that Samsung really want to break into the USA market, there is also the Chinese market though but I think Samsung have cut their losses with that because Huawei and Xiaomi are too strong there. They already own India and ripped it out of Nokia’s hands.

            I do wish they would just come out with why they left out micro SD. Would clear things up. At the end of the day phones are so good they are measured by the things they don’t do rather than what they do. I bet if Samsung put in the removable battery and micro SD card slot then half these people that complain would find something else to complain about and whine why they won’t buy it.

          • Angel

            OH lol I though it was Samsung that said that. I was like “Wait, what?” so yeah. I don’t know if Samsung still do but in the past it offered 50GB on Dropbox, which was grate but I personally never make it to a GB, just don’t feel like having my stuff on ‘the could’ use it mostly to store drivers and others stuff that if I reformat my PC I don’t have to go around and look for them, got the ones that work in a place easy to find.

            And yeah, many apps require you to root to be able to move the data to the SD or other external storage. And never thought it be a problem until I got a Nexus7, plus the MTP sucks, I always hated using that in any device in every single computer I’ve used. Compare to mass storage. I rather remove the SD from the phone to move files than connect my phone to the PC. If my devices were read as flash drives I don’t think I’d care much for transferring files but now is just a pain.

            I have about 10GB of music on the phone, my PC like 200. And even then I still have this amazing ability to suddenly want to listen to a song I don’t have on it XP.
            And yeah it still a good device I’m sure it’ll do well. And most people that complain, if they were planing on getting it, are most likely to get it anyway, and if they want extra storage they’ll just ended up buying one of those mini flash drive that already have a microusb. And Yup! I’m sure people would have found something to complain. I don’t really mind, my take is ‘don’t like it, don’t buy it’ there are many options. I rather look for something that will meet my needs than star complaining about the one I wanted but is not like I want it.

            Also, I’m sure the majority of people complaining are people that weren’t gonna buy it anyway and were just looking for things to complain about lol.

          • kwl147

            Yeah, my mistake. I’ll try not forget quoting my source of info but thanks for not jumping down my throat about it. You get some keyboard warriors now on the internet. They are offering a 100GB on OneDrive by Microsoft, I think its 2 years or a lifetime amount. The cloud isn’t for everyone and there are privacy issues. Obviously I don’t upload sensitive details worth anything on my services. Good use actually putting up drivers and that on your cloud network. Never thought of that before.

            I agree with MTP. Its annoying but what can you do. I’m more disgruntled about the lack of USB 3.0 or pushing the USB Type C with USB 3.1 in it. If you limit storage space, one solution is making everything faster to come off it/come on. Just makes everything easier. Plus type C can support high levels of energy so you can still get the fast charging?

            That’s actually bonkers. I have more like 40GB on my pc. Yeah I know exactly what you mean, if its not on there, I have to resort to Google music. You must be absolutely buggered if you have over 100GBs of music because you’ll fly over the 20000 limit.

            I think that’s also what Samsung have predicted. People don’t vote with their feet as much as they used to, especially with smartphones. Those that will complain will suck it up if they want the phone. Some will switch to the device like myself because it fundamentally improves on the true weaknesses on Samsung devices.

            Yeah the fanboys would then b**** about the glass backing or camera bump. As with anything if you look for something wrong, then you’ll find something wrong. Accept the imperfections with the perfection IMO. People like that make my head hurt :(

  • KeyserSoze

    A 5.1″ Note Mini won’t be as small as the S6 because its body has to be wider to house the S-Pen. Either that or be same size as S6 but with a smaller battery.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Note 5 is not bigger than S6 Edge+ ,ignorant.
      Same size display

      • KeyserSoze

        We’re talking about Mini’s… S6 Edge+ is NOT a 5-inch Mini you stupid fuq. You DO know that S6 and S6 Edge+ are two different-sized phones right?

        • The-Sailor-Man

          You missed the point.
          You said that S-Pen will make the phone bigger than same size display phone without pen. Right?
          Well it didn’t make it bigger in Note 5/S6 Edge+ case. Same size display both. Right?
          Wouldn’t make it in any other case , too. Simply the pen will be a bit smaller , like on Note 1
          Get it now???
          Read your first comment again. And calm down.:)

          • KeyserSoze

            Bad logic, the S6 Edge+ has no pen but they failed to make it smaller instead of same size as Note5, they even failed to put in a larger battery in that unused pen space. You called me “ignorant” first without knowing what you’re talking about (and still don’t), so YOU calm the fuq down. :)

          • Fifth313ment

            EXACTLY KeyserSoze! With the S6 Edge+ they should have had more room to add battery because of the non tapered back and no spen? So what is rolling around in their dead space? Samsung just blows with their almost 6 inch phones and tiny batteries!

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Why the Apple’s propaganda want us to forget That Note 1 was only 5.3″???(see this article).
    They even “forget” that first phone that they called with the fugly name “phablet” was Dell Streak (5″) .
    Oooh we still remember how mad and bashing were all the menial media and tech sites( and I mean ALL) because of the size of the Streak and then Note 1. Right?
    But now:Just to make Apple important and winning again they changed the meaning of “phablet” to 5.5″ because of Apple , Otherwise Apple couldn’t “win” in one more category(phablet “category”) , because nowadays GS is 5.1″. LG 5.2″ and many more too. And all those phones should be eliminated, so Apple to win again..
    Nice job.

  • Zp15

    It’d be really cool if the S7 came with an S pen, but… We all know that won’t happen.

  • My first Android phone was Samsung Ace2, then S3, Note3 and now Note4.
    I have no clue about what people are saying about ‘TouchWiz lagging here and there’.

    Yes! A long time ago I had a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. I noticed lag here and there and that was it a long, long time ago.
    As time went on I bought S3, Note3, Note4 and never seen lag anymore. I have friends with S4, S5 but not noticed anything unusual.

    Really I don’t understand what people are saying; ‘TouchWiz lagging here and there’.

    • Rob Kowalski

      It does lag. It was obvious in the reviews of the S6 posted by this very site. My friend Nick also reported similar issues. It isn’t terrible, but you do notice it.

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    You’re an idiot.

  • Rob Kowalski

    What and create another device that doesn’t hit market expectations? They need to lower the price points of their devices rather than continue to churn out more models. Even their cheapest entry level handsets are garbage compared to whats out there. Android is wonderful, but it is making it very hard for them to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers. Even the S-Pen functionality isn’t the biggest reason for a Note purchase. It is the screen size first and foremost. This is something that can be had from many manufacturers at a much smaller price point. People are wising up.

  • Andrew White

    Maintaining pixel density proportionate to a smaller form factor would be a good thing unless 4k screens are closer than we think.
    VR headset compatability is what flagship devices should be about.
    When are ultra portable rollable or fold out bluetooth screens coming also?
    This will negate somewhat the need for bigger phones.

  • SaRPeR

    S-Pen would not fit inside a 5 inch phone so it is not possible.

  • SirWoggles

    A mini note? Super! You don’t need a huge 55 Foot screen to use a pen. Heck, memo’s (those paper things we used to write on) can be 4 Inches, so why not make a note that’s at least 5 Inches. EDIT: Ohhh. A mini S-Pen too. I don’t think a full sized one would fit. Again, though, we have short pens in the real world, so it’s possible.