Xiaomi Mi Max-17

Dual camera modules seem to be growing in popularity as of late. And thanks to a new report from The Korea Herald, it’s looking like more and more Chinese smartphone makers will begin adopting the tech thanks to Samsung.

According to industry sources, Samsung will begin supplying dual camera modules to Xiaomi and LeEco as early as July. This is the first time Samsung is supplying dual camera modules to Chinese companies.

Samsung already supply single camera modules to Xiaomi for its existing devices through Samsung Electro-Mechanics. These “industry sources” also say Xiaomi may be utilizing these Samsung-made dual cameras in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5S, which is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2016.

It’s not only Xiaomi that may benefit from this bump in camera hardware, either, as Samsung are also said to be in discussions with OPPO, who are responsible for devices like the F1 Plus and R7s, to receive the new module.

The deal is said to help Samsung Electro-Mechanics reduce its reliance on Samsung Electronics, which accounted for 61.8 percent of sales in 2015. However, it is more fundamentally significant in that the Chinese manufacturers will have access to enhanced camera modules. Given the devices that come out of China are usually targeted at the lower end of the price spectrum, these new dual camera modules must have fallen to a price that makes sense for China to consider for use in its smartphones.

  • Tosin A

    Stop copying Huawei ??

    • Phillip

      Stop being a troll really ……you couldn’t be for real

    • catapult

      Htc one m8 brought dual lens tech much before Huawei, do ur homework bruh

      • Joonho Jung

        lg optimus 3D had dual camera way before HTC shit. Do your homework idiot

    • seattle tech

      I hope you aren’t serious because it’s been proven huawei copies everything samsung does

      • Airyl

        “huawei copies everything samsung does”

        No they don’t.

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          Yeah I mean, come on, the dont copy everything, just some

          • Airyl

            Everyone does though.

  • seattle tech

    As time goes bye. Every high end phone is basically a samsung phone with another copies label

  • zebracrunch

    What’s that wallpaper?

  • Or the Note 7?

  • Phillip

    Two years ago Huawei was just another knock off. ..well nothings changed haha there’s only one real trend setter and it’s not Huawei

  • Sony is gonna wither away, it seems.

  • Cojo Vlad

    After HTC and LG using dual cameras, the chinks come copy them. How unsurprising