Samsung dual edge display design patent surfaces, along with a mysterious pop-up panel

by: Matthew BensonFebruary 1, 2015
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It’s becoming less of a possibility and more of a reality that Samsung has plans to bring the world a dual-edge offering.

For the past few weeks, everyone has been fixated on Samsung’s new noteworthy nuance: the Edge Display. More specifically, the tech community has been hyped up about the rumors that Samsung will release an edge variant of its Galaxy S6, which is rumored to be called the Galaxy S Edge. Unlike the Note Edge, which released last year however, this precious product is said to ship with *two* curved sides. While LG has already gone on record and shown the world what it can do, Samsung remained silent. Until now.

Patently Mobile has obtained a series of design patents Samsung filed with the USPTO. Before you take a look, please note that Patently Mobile has asked that sites reporting on this story use just one of their acquired patent leaks and thus to respect their wishes, we can only offer you a single one. Of course you can see the whole set at their website.


What’s weirder? The dual edged display that folds onto the back, or the strange yellow pop-up part inside the recessed top?

Patently Mobile

Other than the much rumored couple of curves, the device sports an even stranger oddity: a mystery pop-up panel whose function is all but a mystery. We can only begin this is speculate what this panel could be, although in looking at the design blueprint itself, it’s unlikely to be a screen given that the glass elements are covered with diagonal lines.

It’s possible this could actually be where the device’s battery goes, although the patent doesn’t indicate there is any kind of panel that would cover the top portion. Still, given the fact that the panel looks to take up the entire width of the inside (though we don’t know how long it actually is), the battery would make a likely candidate. Alternatively, this could be a camera module, however there doesn’t seem to be any lines on the panel that would denote such. It may even be some kind of mirror or who knows what else. Unfortunately, as Patently Mobile reminds, design patents show only the shape and form, but say nothing of the parts and components inside.

Other than the much rumored couple of curves, the device sports an even stranger oddity: a mystery pop-up panel whose function is all but a mystery

Of equal curiosity is the fact that the design clearly shows that the edge display extends to the back of the phone, something that is quite intuitive when you think about it. The Galaxy Note Edge may have had a curved side, but if the device was face down, it wouldn’t be accessible. By extending the wrap-around to the back, Samsung is ensuring that the panels purported purpose (checking notifications) will be retained regardless of how the device is placed down on a surface, or for that matter, regardless of which way it’s pulled out of one’s pocket.

Finally, the patent design for the front of the device is devoid of any kind of home button, something that is a staple for Samsung products. Could this indicate the company is finally going to forgo it in favor of on-screen buttons like so many of its rivals have? If so, will this be a new design cue that is followed for all products in 2015 and onward, or could it be just for this one particular device?

lg display dual edge

LG clearly has one already, but do these patents offer any indication as to how far along Samsung’s provocative panel might be?

Suffice to say that this is most certainly confirmation that Samsung is working on a double Edged device, but it says very little in terms of substantiating the rumored Galaxy S Edge. Patents are often sought out significantly earlier than they are used (if they are used period), and thus it’s possible this won’t make it to a product until later in this year. Or next year. Or never. The question must be raised as to why this patent is only just now being approved and yet the “ring” smartwatch filing was leaked over two months ago. Could Samsung have been building this product while the patent was pending, or could it genuinely be for a far-into-the future feature? We won’t know anything for sure until Mobile World Congress hits in just over a month.

What are your thoughts on this wonderfully wacky patent picture? Or on the pop-up panel?

  • DavidVarghese

    How would you even hold something like this? I don’t see how practical this can be.

    • Michaelangelo Parkinson

      The screen at the edges is probably very wide so it’s easy to grip. A lot easier than the note edge

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Haha exactly, LG is bending it was the right way for now until we have foldable devices . Samsung round and edge is just retarded LoL sorry samy lovers.

      • James Theodore Retuya

        lol the lg “bend” is the most useless crap in all of flagship history. it practically doesn’t make a single difference. much noise over something nobody needs.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          I totally agree!!! Flat Is better until foldable is made. Buuut if your shopping for a flexible OLED device Samsung implementation is retarded becsuse.

          1. The bend allows for a larger “functional” viewing area while maintaining edge gripability.

          2. Enhanced landscape mode by bringing fingers closer for larger displays.

          3. Bend allows you to put your phone face down withought fear of damage and also protect the screen in a fall situation.

          4. It feels really really nice in a pocket cause its bent that way which is good cause of larger screen size.

          5. Unlike Samsung the entire display is bendable OLED which means they can make the device bendable aswell. Samsung only graphs bendable OLED on the edge to save money and enhance screen resolution thus no bendability and crappy screen grippability. Galaxy Round was bent that rong way which is why its retarded.

          Not to mention all the unrelated other goodies like less bloated OS and frikin self healing lol.

  • Guest123

    As long as it’s not too awkward and impractical, some design risk would be nice.

  • MasterMuffin

    As a left handed person, much better :)

  • Tino Soto

    I know I know I know…….you put your weed in there.

    • Anonymousfella

      Samsung: Helping stoners avoid the cops since 1938!

  • Iz3man

    Cannot wait for the drop tests!!

    Hey, why aren’t there any note edge tests??

    I’m sure you guys have some anti samsung guys there itching to drop it..

  • neoand12

    Interesting. Just interesting. Samsung is going to get rid of the home button for onscreen buttons for this design. They are also trying to make it closer to stock with touchwiz? I don’t know what’s going on here but this got me very curious in what Samsung is doing.

    I guess it would be pretty cool to have notifications on your phone when its laying face flat. Also could that yellow part be a pop up for the Battary/SIM/SD slot? Maybe so if this device turns out to be metal/aluminum. There is a lot of questions to be asked about this device if real.

  • joey crofts

    Bezelless display with a popup selfie mirror for the rear camera?

  • Karly Johnston

    pray u don’t drop it

  • Brian

    Would be very difficult for a battery to slide in past the camera and sensor assemblies.

  • On a Clear Day

    Given the problems that exist with parasitic patent trolls and major corporations doing everything in their power to take what they did nothing to help create – and even so outrageous as to claim the shape of the rectangle with curves “belongs” to them – Samsung is wise to patent anything their minds and imagination come up with. Is it any wonder the economies of the world are all in the clapper when so much energy must be devoted to fending off the jackets of the world?