Smartwatch sales estimate places Samsung as No.1

by: Robert TriggsMarch 11, 2015

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The Apple Watch may be grabbing headlines this week, but we know that the smartwatch market is already bustling with competing products. In fact, recent figures published by Statista suggest that over 4 million smartwatches were sold in 2014 and that Samsung is leading the field.

According to the data, Samsung’s Gear series has propelled the company to the front of the smartwatch market, with approximately 1.2 million smartwatches sold in 2014. Samsung products already account for 17.7 percent of the market.

Building on the popularity of its smartphone brand, Samsung has released a range of successive smartwatch products, has capitalized on the popular health and fitness aspect of wearables, and was also one of the first to market with a SIM-enabled smartwatch with the Gear S. Even so, Samsung’s lead is not as insurmountable as its grip on the smartphone market, especially given the potential room for growth.

Statista smartwatch sales estimate

The data is not limited to just Android based products either. Pebble, an early Kickstarter entry into the market, comes in second place with around 700,000 smartwatches sold, followed by FitBit on 600,000. The closest Android competitor to Samsung appears to be Sony, followed by Lenovo and LG, with Asus at the bottom of the top 10. The Moto 360 presumably falls under Lenovo’s brand now.

Although these sales estimates don’t come close to smartphone numbers, this evolving market is clearly healthy and diverse with competition. Do you see the publicity surrounding the Apple Watch producing a boom in wearables or will the market remain stuck as a niche?

  • MobileRoamer

    And just imagine the numbers of Samsung made their watch compatible with other phones. So basically Tizen has a strong grip on the smartwatch industry.

    • Hassan


  • Marty

    I can understand this. Samsung makes the best smartwatches. The Gear 2 does phone calls – albeit over Bluetooth link to the phone, but no handset fumbling needed. Android Wear doesn’t do phone calls.

    If Samsung ever improves the Gear 2 software, though, they’d have a viable challenger to the Apple Watch. There are some things about the software that need minor tweaking…like the weather refresh rate and reliability.

  • Pebble has sold since before 2014. The market didn’t born when Samsung started to sell smartwatches, please.

    • dkbnyc

      The article is only reviewing 2014 data but Samsung has also been selling smart watches prior to 2014.

    • Hassan

      its only for 2014 dummy..

  • daggettbeaver

    I have no desire to buy a smartwatch. But if I did, the upcoming Pebble watch seems most appealing to me.

  • Wjdzm

    Dat Tizen at work baby!

    • galaxyNote4isBoss

      You can only laugh at this silly Iwatch and crappy Android Wear watches. Bottom line is Samsung is technology and Android period that will always be nothing else matters.

      • farmer

        Samsung has like 75 smart watches to choose from. I guarantee the Pebble Steel has sold over 5 times as many watches as any 1 Samsung model.

  • Erick

    Not bad for Sony! They are the arguably the best ones out there that track your fitness, GPS, voice calls android wear and more!

  • HotelQuebec

    Anxiously waiting for Samsung’s next generation smart watch which should hit the bulls eye if it borrows the low power technology advancements from the S6. Looking for stand-alone capability with built-in cellular call/SMS/data, GPS, longer battery life and thinner. Everything that the Apple Watch lacks.

  • nsage

    l’m curious to see how the new apple watch will fit into these figures once it is sales kickoff.

  • Cass

    These statistics are misleading. Samsung had to give away a vast portion of the units that they “sold”, either through steep discounts or actually giving me hem away with smartphone purchase

    • The-Sailor-Man

      The research is made same way for all OEMs on the list.
      And not Samsung made this report.

      If someone give them away with smartphone purchase, it’s NOT Samsung(or other OEMs). Samsung(or other OEMs) SOLD them to operators , and they can do what they want.(haven’t heard about giving Gear S like that, though)

  • Vboom

    iPhone user here but do read AA as a good source of info on android features, if android wear was iOS compatible I can guarantee I would be going the Moto 360 over the first edition Apple watch (To chunky and I imagine Apple watch 2 will be much more aesthetically pleasing). Here is hoping battery tech improves at an explosive rate if the Apple watch makes wearables the norm and we can get some seriously powerful devices come in over the next few years.

    • farmer

      Love both of my Moto 360s. Rumor has it Android Wear will get iOS support later this year!

      • Vboom

        We can only hope this is one of the many rumors that comes to fruition! I am betting we see the more “beautiful” android wear devices have a huge jump in sales

  • wq

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  • yasmine02

    although the manufacturer has a head start, since it is well ahead of its competitors on the market smartwatch, we can indeed expect that the arrival in April, Apple Watch will may be change things.

  • sorry – I know I am an Apple fan – but to me the three in the photo look cheap compared to the impeccable style and finish of the Apple Watch.

    I believe Apple will jump to first place after the first weekend with about 3 million in sales (beginningApril 24)

    Good luck to you all.

  • Christian A. Kepler

    Question… how many Samsung Gear S watches have sold this is the very and only best smart watch since it has largest screen dedicated phone apps everything… iwatch is not even coming close(yet), pebble is just a complete waste of money in any regard…

  • Shyam Ananthakrishnan

    Where is Moto 360 ?? That was named the best Andorid Watch of the year ..