Samsung has announced new quality assurance measures, including an 8-step battery safety check, following the cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7 last year. The protocols were outlined in a Samsung blog post today, alongside a video explanation of the Note 7 fires.

Samsung says its 8-step system features a number of improved safety tests encompassing X-Rays, durability and disassembling procedures, visual inspection and a delta open circuit voltage test (which assesses changes in voltage throughout the manufacturing process).

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Samsung finally tells us why Galaxy Note 7 phones were catching fire

February 6, 2017

In addition, Samsung has devised new measures which include examinations on accelerated usage and a “charge and discharge” test. Find out the details of each below.

Samsung also says it has formed a “battery advisory group” of external researchers and experts to make sure the company “maintains a clear and objective perspective on battery safety and innovation.”

Samsung, naturally, will be eager to reassure consumers about the safety of its products and no doubt try to impress them with messages of multi-step safety checks and initiatives. Still, the Galaxy Note 7’s cancellation will have been costly and avoiding similar battery problems in future is in Samsung’s best interests — you would expect it to go to great lengths to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

I’m surprised Samsung has only just begun to test charging and discharging, though. Seems quite important, that.

Scott Adam Gordon
Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Originally from the UK, Scott has been tinkering with Android phones since 2011 and writing about them full-time since 2014. He now lives in Berlin with three roommates he never sees. Befriend him on Twitter and Google+ at the links.
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    • squiddy20

      The only reason they had to come up with this and publicize it so much, is because they screwed up in the first place.

  • Galaxy S8 Will be Kill few Android Phone manufactures :) It will be a killer phone! Explanation is ok but why this usual quality issues come with any battery affected note 7 like this? May be because of its density..

  • bApTizE

    BS, how come they didn’t do all these 8 steps with Note 7? This is nothing but Samsung worrying about sales of S8.

    • Konrad Fraczek

      Just read the first line. “Samsung has announced new quality assurance measures”. The key word is ‘new’. They didnt do it with Note 7 because this is ‘new’ program.

      • Heiro78

        I’d like to see what their battery testing procedure was before. Im not sure which to hope for, that it’s gotten significantly better or that it hasn’t and is only now well documented. Like the author said, It would be surprising/ scary if they didnt already do charging/ discharging tests

  • Harisankar Sony

    I bet they’re gonna put those old note 7 batteries on low end models.

    • Jerónimo Stupenengo

      Why would any manufacturer do that?

      • Jerónimo Stupenengo

        The only thing they can do with thos batteries is disasemble them and recycling the lithium

  • So, when it will be the year of S9 & Note 9, new 9-step battery tests shall emerge?

  • Samsung is now improving it’s battery efficiency then before and its great and thanks sharing this one ill try it.