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Earlier this month, Consumer Reports ran a water-resistance test using two Galaxy S7 Active devices, and neither of the units survived to tell the tale. Now, Samsung has issued a press release stating that the Galaxy S7 Active is, in fact, IP68 certified and its standard limited warranty still applies.

If you recall, the Galaxy S7 Active is offered to AT&T customers in the US and is advertised as having the same IP68 certification as its siblings, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. This means the phone is dust- and water-resistant and is designed to survive immersion in five feet of water for 30 minutes.

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June 13, 2016

Consumer Reports put the Galaxy S7 Active in a water tank pressurized to 2.12 pounds-per-square-inch, which is the equivalent of just under five feet of water, and set a timer for 30 minutes. As we previously reported, both of the units tested failed spectacularly, resulting in a flickering screen and moisture inside its parts. For your information, its “less active” siblings – the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge – passed the test comfortably.

Below you can find Samsung’s full press release:

The Galaxy S7 active passed rigorous tests to ensure IP68 certification for water resistance.

Samsung stands behind this water resistance certification, and will replace any Galaxy S7 active under its standard limited warranty, should water damage occur.

While it’s certainly possible that the devices Consumer Reports tested were both defective, you might not want to go diving with your Galaxy S7 Active anytime soon if you don’t want a dead phone.

Have you had any water resistance problems with your Galaxy S7 Active? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Reigh
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  • Oliver Cam

    Going for the CAT S60 instead

  • Gumbopudding

    In other words it is cheaper to just ignore why they failed in those tests and replace a few under warranty than it is admit a problem and spend massive money to recall them or lose sales from cautious consumers.

    • Precision Steam Roller

      Yeah, but there used to be a time when if you went to a gas pump and paid for 93 octane, but actually got 87, you’d call that fraud and an unscrupulous gas station. These days, the Government doesn’t do very much to protect people from businesses and fraudsters accountable.

      If you went to McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac, but actually got a fish sandwich, you’d normally send it back because it isn’t what was ordered.

      But here, Samsung is showing that their products don’t meet the marketing specifications. The only people who are protected are those under warranty, and also people who don’t mind being inconvenienced with mailing their phone and waiting for it to come back fixed in 2 weeks.

      • primalxconvoy

        Mind you, I wouldn’t go to a petrol station and test out fire-resistant clothes from Gucci by lighting a match and walking into the flames, either.

        It’s simply foolish to buy products by Samsung, Sony, etc to be “rugged”. Who honestly would put their phone in any water, regardless of the claims of the manufacturers?

        Not me, so I wouldn’t pay extra for one or buy one specifically for that non-existent feature.

        That’s why I still demand removable batteries and external SD cards, because they’re features that actually WORK, and get shafted due to fake features like “water-proofing”.

  • John Fox

    Yep. I’ve had 2 S7 Edges. I had to replace the first one because I broke the screen. It didn’t have issues. The second one seems to think it’s wet every so often and won’t charge even when it’s been nowhere near water or moisture for days. Also, it makes connect/disconnect sounds in rapid succession at random times. I can’t tell what it’s doing because it’s just making the sounds, sometimes for several minutes, so I just turn the sound off for notifications. Obviously, very inconvenient.

  • Charles Sweeney

    Comments seem to be broken in the app, at least it is for me. Articles before a certain date are fine though.

  • Mario Brtan

    2nd time my s7 ( not edge ) got moisture in camera and light sensor after it was submerged ( every time microSD/SIM slot failed and water entered from there )

  • tiger

    Samsung business model: makes false promises to beat competition…then screws customers.

    Zero water resistance. Cheap glass on camera and HOME/fingerprint button (easily scratched)…making it a worthless device for 2nd-hand users.

    And how much does Samsung charge for these things?

    • Precision Steam Roller

      Great point. Apparently Samsung should charge more so it can afford to live up to the promises printed on the box and/or in the manual. A company the size of Samsung shouldn’t need to lie to its customers in order to gain a sale.

    • Mattias Magnusson

      I totally agree, I have been a Samsung user since 2007 when I bought my first device, and just 2 months ago I bought my self a LeTV Le Max, I have to say that Chinese high spec devices are worth it, else I would be lying. Yes there is some issues with updates in english, but they do release then after a while. Thankfully.

    • subm

      Actually, it’s not cheap glass, it’s plastic. So when you drop your phone, it doesn’t shatter.

  • Gerardo M

    I want to a water park and had my phone in hand. I submerged it a couple of times under water but not even 1 feet below water. I was in one of those pools that halve waves so you can imagine but I wasn’t in for that long for about 15 min.. so I put my phone away and later that day I tried to charge it and it would charge but the perc5of the battery would go down faster than it was charging. I woke up the next day and my phone was on 3 % charging all night and I could see that it would charge off and on all night but I just ignored it hoping it would be all good in the morning but no. So what I did was left it in the sun all day and a few hours later I charged it and it started to work as normal and haven’t had a problem with it. Weird huh?… Galaxy s7 edge

    • Jared Andrada

      They do have moisture sensors in the charging ports that stop the phone from charging so it doesnt get damaged. I’ve submerged mine a few times and sometimes just blowing the water out will make it start charging again, other times I had to leave it in the sun for a bit. Possibly the reason why yours had that problem

  • Eddie Hicks

    I read somewhere, I believe on xda that water damage in not covered under Samsung’s warranty for the S7 phones. It’s something about you can’t prove the phone hasn’t exceeded the depth or length of time submerged of the IP68 rating.

  • Tom Susala

    personally, I respect Samsung more than Consumer Reports.
    I think the magazine had defective handsets,

    I ALWAYS took their evaluations with a grain of salt

    • DDD

      So they magically got two defective units? Really? And not just generally defective; the defects were both in the water resistance?

      Also, saying that you always took their scientific experiments with a grain of salt makes you look stupid.

      • Siddhant Patil

        well it can be easily be turned into defective set by damaging the i/O port seals with a knife or so! just to get some publicity!!
        i’m not a samsung fan But theirs “TESTS” were completely illogical!! and how many complaints you might think there are?? only handful not like the apples bent-gate *no offense apple*!
        think logically instead of hating

        • DDD

          So you’re basically relying on a conspiracy theory. They don’t need publicity. Tell me how the tests were, in any way, “illogical” instead of making dumb statements.

          It doesn’t matter how many complaints there were. Both of the two random devices were faulty and the fault doesn’t show itself if rain falls on it or is dipped for 20 seconds in a puddle of water. It’s not going to show itself under regular use, but the fault is still there. The iPhone was poorly made. It’s fascinating how you’ll bring up an example that works against you. Every single one was made like that: poorly. The Active was advertised as being able to stay submerged at a certain depth for a certain amount of time, but can’t, making it even worse.

          How about you try using logic instead of poorly thought out arguments?

          • Siddhant Patil

            well lets start with “illogical”, the reports says they tested just two out of millions made! next up only this forum got it wrong or defective devices and most major reviewer got prefect devices?? coincide? i think not and samsung is replacing(mind me replacing not repairing) the faulty devices. and if you ask me if you make a device on the scale this huge it can happen that some of them were not up to the mark! samsung don’t test every handset they sell!! so calm down!!
            as for iphone reference was used for defect that was presaent across every device they made unlike s7 active only handful(literally handful) were defective which is OK, since they are replacing it!!

          • DDD

            You sir, are spewing 100% BS. First off. It’s not illogical to test two random devices. Do you anything about experimentation? They’re all supposed to be able to brush off such a test, and two random, consecutive devices failed. That is enough to raise concern. Also, CNET redid their test, using four devices and two of them failed, so about every other reviewer having perfect devices is clearly BS. The two that failed weren’t even put at the limit that Samsung said they could reach. They were well under it. It doesn’t matter if they’re replacing instead of repairing; completely irrelevant.

            The iPhone didn’t advertise their product to be sturdy. People expect decent quality, but it wasn’t up to standard, but breaking it required a bit of force. The Active failed to live up to what it proudly said it could do.

          • Harry Zaimis

            No manufacturer on the planet tests every device. Every manufacturer claims that their product us better than it is. For someone who is so aggressive about ignorance you fail to understand marketing 101. The phone is of great quality. I go underwater with it all the time. However I don’t have gills so I can’t do the 30 minute test. For 99% of the customer base, it works perfectly. For people that take it scuba diving not so much.

          • DDD

            So you respond to a month old comment, saying I don’t understand marketing, then doesn’t bother to actually say why. Am I supposed to take you seriously?

          • Harry Zaimis

            “No manufacturer on the planet tests every device. Every manufacturer claims that their product is better than it is.”

            Marketing 101 is to take a product to the limit, and if it succeeds at least one time, it officially can do that task. Regardless if it fails most of the time. Do you think your car can actually put out (x) horsepower in real life? No it can’t. You’re just plain gullible. Go drive a Honda civic, get up to 140mph, and watch that radiator explode. But wait, the speedometer says 140?

          • DDD

            No manufacturer on the planet tests every device.
            At what point did I say any manufacturer does?

            Every manufacturer claims that their product is better than it is.
            That’s a bullshit claim you’re making. That’s false advertising. Advertise a phone with an 820 and put an 810 in it. See what happens. Advertise 4GB of RAM and put 3GB in it. See what happens.

            You actually can’t base your entire marketing on the abilities of one device that happens to surpass the others. Where are you getting that stupid information from? All of them are made to pass a certain specification, which they advertised the phone as being able to do. IP certification isn’t some weird thing where you only get a certain portion of what’s advertised. If any product has a specific IP rating, it has to be able to withstand the stated depth for the stated amount of time. The S7 and S7 Edge passed with no problem, for example. Seeing as you know about cars, go talk to someone who cares about them instead of talking about something you know nothing about.

            BTW, did you really just use the speed on the speedometer as an argument? You’re making yourself look worse with every comment.

          • Harry Zaimis

            Kid, I work for a major manufacturer. I know how they play this game. You’re dabbling in semantics instead of realizing the big picture. I obviously can’t change your mind. Good luck complaining to people that don’t care.

          • DDD

            And I’m the president of the manufacturer you work for. We can do this all day. How about you actually make a point?

            I’m not here arguing semantics. My point has been rather clear from the beginning. Their product didn’t do what the manufacturer claimed it could.
            No argument over semantics is needed, and no, you can’t change my mind talking to about irrelevant and/or worthless claims.

          • Harry Zaimis

            Enjoy your youth.

          • DDD

            Oooo, because you actually know my age.

          • Oscar García

            Okay; really: they all are great (love ruggeds,man !) and i think ip68 should be standarized soon: but Cant be happy, dude: Sansumg is no longer what it used to be (good value for money) … it has gone to the dark side. You can buy five good ruggeds from agm with that price O.O

  • Jav Carr

    This why I got a Nexus 6p and ditched my Note 5.

    • Thomas Lorinczi

      Neither of them is waterproo f

  • Sujeeth

    Well last week I went diving at phuket for like 30 mints and tat too salt water and depth like 4 meter or so. It survived and no issues. I was told later salt water was bad but normal running water was OK. But after a day my S7 edge was not charging with normal charging port. It said moisture in USB etc. I had to buy wireless charger abs it charged like fab. So I was told to visit Samsung service center and they saw and said must dismantle and change mother board etc phew. I went back sad but once home I used my tooth brush to clean off the charging port. Bravo the port worked n charging like fab. Now all good n happy. Tips to note, no salt water good n if so wash with normal water ASAP. Also try to cover the port with something if plans for long water adventure. Thank you. Reach me at Facebook : sujeethnaik54 for pics n tips.

  • Matt Derengowski

    Yea mine lasted a week I tried out the Aqua camera mode for 5 seconds and the screen went black. Contacted Samsung they said I might have to pay for repairs until these articles from CR came out lol. But it was suppose to be repaired today but they are waiting on a part. Now I’m seeing they are offering replacements??? I demanded a new phone and they refused, they want to stick me with the same pos defective phone.

  • Dan Owens

    My volume jumps from low to high until the phone is dried out. I have never had phone in water for more then 5 min. Once dried completely it’s back to normal.

  • Oscar García

    Do you remember when the rugged ones were a rarity and you needed a mounstrous case? Hahaha… now I have seen waaay cheaper models as the AGM: IMO, are quite great ruggeds (and again, cheap too :S)