Samsung files patents for a scrollable smartphone, a folding tablet, and more

by: Matthew BensonNovember 30, 2015

Over the past year, we’ve seen an assortment of Samsung patents filed for all kinds of digital devices that most can dare only dream of. The latest offerings are perhaps the most impressive yet. They were discovered by Patently Mobile, who has requested that tech sites covering the story limit use of the designs to just one image. To that end, we will discuss the main find, however readers are strongly encouraged to visit the source link to see all the other offerings.

Samsung Scrollable Patent

The above patent was filed last year in Korea, and according to the source, this past May in the USA. According to the diagram above, the right side (flat) portion will pull out (unfurl) from the base. Patently Mobile writes that, “Samsung notes that the flexible display may include an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) or a flexible LCD display that replaces a glass substrate with a plastic film.”


In additional pictures found on the website, diagrams can be seen with the device fully extended and showing two different elements on each half of the screen: on one side weather widgets and such, and on the right a phone dialer. Yet another image shows the extended “scroll” folded in half thus making it almost like a book, or similar in shape to a device like Lenovo’s Yoga Tab series which also makes use of a barrel-style base.

samsung flexible display patent

From an earlier patent-related post covered by Patently Mobile.

Other findings on the Patently Mobile link, unrelated to this specific product design, include another look at what could very well be Project Valley, and yet another design for a bendable smartphone that is seen folding over on itself, almost like a clip-on belt carrying case and cover for a smartphone.

We highly encourage readers to check out all the designs. Clearly Samsung is thinking quite big when it comes to foldable products, and these patents showcase that. We would like to point out that these are ultimately just conceptual diagrams: there is no guarantee any of them will leave a testing laboratory if they are even prototyped at all. Still, the sky’s the limit when it comes to digital dreams…

  • Roberto Tomás

    “Project Valley” was a concept startup in the US that was bought out by Samsung because they were actually doing it (the originators didn’t have any display tech whatsoever, and they were essentially a patent troll). It’s like Sony with “Sony VR” — you could call Sony VR “Project Morpheus”, because they bought out the company behind the concept product called Project Morpheus — but Sony’s final offering isn’t actually that tech, neither with internal references nor on the market.


    I like the scroll-like tablet idea

  • IncCo

    How do patents really work.. Is it allowed to dream up anything and then patent it without actually having to create it..?

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Cuz the product In development or progress, thats why they patented the design so the brand w patent troll will not copy it

    • descendency

      IF you can provide a design that people want to copy AND can legally prove that they violated your patent, then yea. Otherwise it’s complicated. Let’s say you are a small time ideas guy who patented the iPhone before Apple did. If Apple decided to release the iPhone anyways, you would be battling a major corporation. You would likely just settle for pennies of what your patent is worth (if anything). That’s why smaller (less legally capable) companies sell patents to bigger companies in bundles with the ability to share patents (size depending on the value of the patent being sold)