Samsung Gear S3 release date set for mid-November

by: Scott Adam GordonOctober 19, 2016

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It seems that the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch isn’t just set for a mid-November release in Canada, with The Korea Times reporting that Samsung is also shipping the device in the US and ‘major European nations’ then too.

A more precise date wasn’t disclosed, however the Canadian Best Buy page indicates an expected shipping date of November 18. Both the Classic and Frontier variants of the S3 are available for pre-order there at a price of CAD $469.99 with free shipping, which is equivalent to about US $360. The Korea Times source didn’t reveal a fixed price for Korea nor for the US market.

gear-s3-ifaSee also: Samsung Gear S3 hands on25

The Gear S3 is Samsung’s latest Tizen-based smartwatch, which we found to have made a number of improvements over the Gear S2, including support for contactless payments via Samsung Pay, in our hands-on time with it (which you can read about at the link above).

Is the Samsung Gear S3 the must-have smartwatch of 2016? Is there such a thing as a must-have smartwatch? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

  • Pinchas Dino

    I currently have a samsung gear S2 and a pebble time. I think smart watches are a must have for anyone who has had one, it kind of becomes a part of you

    • KEVIN

      I think of it as a remote control for my phone. I really Enjoy my gear fit 2, and my S2. Each one even serves different purposes and situations a bit better so having both is not a waist. Especially since the were Free!

      • Person Dude

        Do you think the Gear Fit 2 would be useful without syncing to your phone? My mom wants one but she has an iPhone.

        • Ralph Macchio

          Depends on how into fitness she is. If she is more into stepcounts, then i’d go with a cheaper option. The main benefit, other than notifications, is the syncing with S health

        • KEVIN

          It’s definitely best suited to be used with a phone, and a phone is needed for setup out the box. Loading additional apps, music, or fully viewing you fitness stats is all done with a phone.

          The Samsung Gear app manages and downloads the apps you want on the watch(watch faces other tracking programs etc). You also decide through the Gear app which notifications you want to receive.

          The S Health app tracks and organizes your fitness results etc.. Even though the watch will keep you abreast of steps, runs, stairs climbed etc.. Its all synced and track over time with the S Health app on your phone.

          You can certainly leave your phone at home when out walking, running whatever you want etc…but you need the phone to fully take advantage of its features. Also it does have GPS for tracking on its own, but you will need a phone on hand(or within wifi/bluetooth range) to receive incoming texts, email etc.

          It also does not do phone calls like the S2, but i almost like the Gear Fit 2 better than the S2. It’s super comfortable, easy to use, and absolutely perfect as a workout partner. I use Gear Fit for physical activity and the gym, and the S2 for regular wear.

          a bit long haha but Hope that helps.

        • Rob Cook

          I have a Gear Fit 2 and for a while there I couldn’t sync to my phone because I have a Nexus 6P and they hadn’t updated SHealth to work with Android 7 yet. As a stand alone device it’s a fine fitness tracker but nothing else, the integration with the phone is the main selling point. Without that part just get a basic fitbit.


    I thought i was going to grab this watch on day one originally. Now i’m having just a bit of a problem justifying it over my S2 and Gear fit. Are there enough additional features aside from aesthetics to justify upgrading? I really want the frontier, or perhaps even the classic for a more upscale look in certain situations. Hmmmmm decisions.

    • David Morales

      Gps,automatically tracking work outs,mst samsung pay,longer battery life, better desing (imo),bigger screen,microphone, improve always on display…. and others..

      Mst samsung pay was enough to convince me.

      • KEVIN

        I’m still going to pull the trigger most likely, but the S2 will already do almost all of that, and they just added Samsung pay as well. Longer battery life, a bigger display, and better design will all be very welcome though. I hope your right about the improved speaker for calls as well. I want the frontier with the orange strap they keep showing i think.

        • shrike1978

          Gear S3 will do MST as well…not just NFC. This is the number one selling point for me.

  • Person Dude

    When will Samsung make their smartwatches compatible with iOS? My mom has an iPhone and is dead set on a Gear Fit 2.

    • Captain On!

      The iOS app is actually in beta right now. Shouldn’t be too much longer, but it is coming.

    • Eddie

      You’re lucky your mom wants a Samsung peripheral to work with an Apple phone. If it was the opposite, it would never work. Apple would never allow it.

    • Abbas Mohamed

      I have read they are in the process of testing compatibility with IOS. Samsung has confirmed the S3 will be compatible with IOS (although not sure if this will be right away). I have an Iphone and will be ordering an S3.

  • Cormac1

    Once I experienced BT independence with the original Gear S and now with the ear S2 Classic 3g, I will not go back to a BT/Wifi tethered device. Being able to leave the phone at home during workouts and quick trips, while having full access to calls forwarded from the phone, email, messages and notifications (and the ability to respond to all as if from your phone) as well as standalone full navigation (Gear Navigator Standalone for $2.99). And I always end the day with around 40% battery left.

    The weakest part of the Gear S2 is the lack of a decent web browser. Tiny Web is ok for emergencies, but the mini Opera browser that came with the rectangular original Gear S (and was not updated for the Gear S2) worked great.


      I scored a free Gear S2 (3G) with my S7 edge pre-order from Verizon… decided to give it a whirl, under the impression that it’d only cost me an additional $5 / month for service. Come to find out, it’s another $30 on top of that in order to keep my unlimited data plan on my phone, as they have to charge for a separate data plan. It seems there’s no way around it. >_<

      • Cormac1

        That sucks. Verizon has really been pushing to kill those plans. I gave mine up a few years ago. Probably should have kept it. But we have a share plan, tso he watches are $5 and tablets are $10

        • LAURCORE

          Yeah, I’m paying ~$115 / mo for just my line.

  • Double D

    Why do Best Buy list the Gear s3 as being made of plastic and not supporting NFC PAY and Lte?

    • Cormac1

      I think because the carriers are going to have an exclusive on LTE models for a while. Retailers like Best Buy will only sell the BT models for some fixed period.

  • Dave

    Hopefully it is taking so long to release because they are making sure there are no problems similar to the note 7 fiasco. Looking forward to this but wish it had come with a simple camera.