“What?! A new edition of the Gear S2 Classic is here already?” I hear you ask. No, not really. The Gear S2 Classic New Edition has just been launched globally starting in China, but it’s the same Gear S2 you already know, it just comes in rose gold and platinum color options now.

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October 22, 2015

The use of the phrase “color options” is important here, because both the 18K rose gold and platinum Gear S2 are not new material choices for the wearable. Rather, they are plated finishes applied to the standard stainless steel smartwatch underneath. The good news is that this will keep the price down, the bad news is that it’s not very exciting.

The “new” Gear S2 variants do arrive with some fancy new watch faces by the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring and will “soon” have Samsung Pay functionality and iOS support. It would have been nice if the latter two additions coincided with the New Edition launch, but I guess we’ll just have to wait a little while longer.


Fortunately, Samsung has made an attempt to address the rather appalling lack of apps for the Tizen-powered Gear S2: “in an effort to further improve the smartwatch’s user capabilities, Samsung has partnered with additional developers to offer an expanded application ecosystem that complements multiple lifestyles.” The lack of apps for the Gear S2 was one of the major pain points in our Samsung Gear S2 review.

If you’re simply dying to get your hands on a platinum or rose gold Gear S2 New Edition, you’ll have to be patient while the wearable is rolled out globally: there’s no official U.S. release date date or price just yet.

Are you using Samsung Pay? Do you think the Gear S2 can compete with the Apple Watch?

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • TheNash

    I really like the look of the Gear S2 Classic, but the price is just ridiculous when you consider an Asus Zenwatch 2 is half the price AND actually runs Android Wear. For some reason, both watches are a bit of a pain to get hold of in the UK though

    • Jmurder209

      Ya, But The Asus ZenWatch Doesn’t Look Like A Real Watch Though & You Say It Runs Android Wear Like If That’s Better Than Tizen, Which I Don’t Think It Is. At The End Of The Day You Pay For Quality & Correct Me If I’m Wrong, But The ZenWatch Isn’t Even Made Of Stainless Steel. Besides, Compared To The 2nd Gen Moto 360 & Especially The Huawei Watch, The Gear S2 Is Only $250 On Amazon & Only $50 More For The Classic. It’s $350 For The Base Line Models Of The Huawei Watch & 46mm Moto 360, It’s Worth It In My Opinion. If It Was At Least 1.4″ Then I Would’ve Definitely Gotten The Gear S2 Classic Over The Custom 46mm Moto 360!!

      • TheNash

        I don’t doubt that quality costs more, but there has to be a line before you’re just getting straight-up fleeced. The Zenwatch 2 actually IS made with stainless steel. Here in the UK it costs £150 ($214). The Galaxy Gear S2 is £300 ($429). That is a HUGE gap no matter how you look at it.

        Also, you can’t honestly tell me that a PREMIUM smartwatch running Tizen is better than Android Wear, which has a lot more third party developer support and Google’s backing.

        But hey, judging by your writing you seem to be EXTREMELY convinced that the Gear S2 is the better watch so I’ll leave it at that.

        Quick question though… Why are you typing in title case? I don’t mean to cause offence but it’s weird and very distracting

  • Jmurder209

    I Love The Way The Regular Gear S2 Classic Looks & Feels, But It’s Just Too Small, 1.2 Inches Is Tiny. I Do However Believe That Tizen Is The Better Smartwatch OS, Better Then Android Wear & Whatever Apple Calls That iWatch Operating System. Especially With That Ingenious Rotating Bezel Design, Which I Believe Is Gonna Be A Game Changer & Pretty Soon, Google & Apple Will Come Out With Their Own Version Of A Rotating Bezel Smartwatch. Which Will Totally Change Both Operating System’s Current User Interfaces For The Better, Especially Apple’s. I Ended Up Going With A 46mm 2nd Gen Moto 360 Though, That I Made With Moto Maker. All I Did Though Was Add A Gold Diamond Cut Micro Knurl Etched Bezel To The Basic Stainless Steel Silver Casing. Then I Went With The Regular Brown Cognac Leather Watch Band, Since I Didn’t Wanna Dish Out An Extra $50 For The Metal One’s. Especially When I Can Easily Buy Practically Identical Third-Party Watch Bands For $20 Or 2 For $35! Anyways, It Looks Absolutely Beautiful & With The Facer App, I Could Download Name Brand Watch Faces, Like Rolex, Tag, Fossil Or Bulova. Basically My 46mm 2nd Gen Moto 360 Looks Like A Digital Rolex, With It’s Silver Casing & Gold Grooved Bezel With Silver Metal Watch Band With Gold Accents, It’s Awesome! OK, Sorry For The Long Post People, I’m Just Excited About My New & First Smartwatch, I’m Still Gonna End Up Getting A Huawei Watch & The Regular Gear S2 Classic Though, Eventually!!

    • jasonlowr

      Omg what an essay.

      • Jmurder209

        I Did Apologize Though.

    • ConceptVBS

      Can you ease up on the capitalization of every word? It makes your words difficult to read.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    ‘Do you think the Gear S2 can compete with the Apple Watch?’
    What a question? LOL Of course it can , but shouldn’t, because of the huge gap between them.

    AA may I ask you now? Do you think the Apple Watch can compete with the Gear 2 CLASSIC ?
    Just don’t bring me the ‘sale proof’!

  • Are the internals updated too, or is it just a cosmetic update?