Samsung Galaxy View announced, we go hands on

by: Nirave GondhiaOctober 28, 2015

Tablet displays are getting ever increasing in size and with the new Samsung Galaxy View, Samsung is aiming to take the biggest leap yet. Featuring an 18.4-inch display, the GalaxyView is the largest ever Android device made but did Samsung really need to push the boundaries?

At an exclusive preview at Samsung’s London Gear S2 Galaxy Studio, we checked out this larger-than-life tablet, which Samsung says is the perfect device to bridge the supposed gap between tablet and television.


The Korean OEM believes that the Galaxy View’s 18.4-inch display can successfully do this and is billing its tablet as your ‘portable’ media device. The suggestion that the Galaxy View is portable is only partly true as it is designed to be easy-to-carry but given its large size, it certainly isn’t portable in the sense that you’d carry it on public transport. That being said, Samsung has designed a carry case for it, in case you feel inclined to do so.

The display offers 1920 x 1080 pixels’ resolution and on paper, this equates to a measly 119 pixels per inch density. Despite this low density, the Galaxy View display is quite immersive and definitely better in person than the specs suggest. One thing that is certain however, is that the display is large and when Samsung says it’s the largest Android tablet ever (which isn’t technically correct), they certainly mean it.


Running on Android Lollipop, the Galaxy View comes with the standard Android interface coupled with a few new features designed for the large display. By far, the most interesting of these is the new visual video-centric UI, which brings content from third party service providers directly to your fingertips. There are a few preloaded providers with several more available to download and there really does seem to be something for everyone. Whether it’s watching the latest videos uploaded to YouTube or catching originally programming from Netflix, there’s a lot of video available at your fingertips.

The design of the Galaxy View is such that the integrated stand features two modes; one lets you prop the display up while the other puts the display at a comfortable angle. While this is useful, a particular downside is that the stand is fixed at either of the positions and can’t be stowed away when not needed. In particular, the design definitely doesn’t lend itself to stowing away the tablet when you’re not using it.


Under the hood, the Galaxy View has an interesting set of specs: Samsung has thrown in a 1.86GHz octa-core Exynos 7580 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and microSD card expansion and optional LTE connectivity. One of the biggest concerns about such a large device is the battery life and Samsung says the battery will offer up to 8.5 hours’ video playback but as always, it’ll need further testing to find out how much battery it actually offers.

Samsung clearly believes that there’s a need for a large screen device between tablets and TVs and while 18.4-inches may seem unnecessarily large, it’s the ideal size for someone who needs a media device that can be carried but isn’t a small tablet display. There’s no doubt that the Galaxy View is a niche product but dependent on pricing – which hasn’t been revealed yet – it could yet make its way onto several Christmas shopping lists.


If you don’t have a TV or other large-screen media device, the Galaxy View may be perfect for you but even if you don’t have a need for one, the specs would suggest that this won’t be too expensive at launch. If Samsung prices it at around $200-$250, the Galaxy View would a great device to have in your home, for when you need a large device that can be otherwise stowed away. However, the company is yet to confirm actual pricing but we’ll update this with further information when we know.

After many leaks, the Galaxy View is finally official but do you think there’s a need for such a large tablet? In a similar way to the Galaxy Note, will we see the Galaxy View spawn an entirely new category that companies compete fiercely in? Do you plan to buy the Galaxy View? Let us know your views in the comments below guys!

  • Tuan Do

    Defenitely not gonna buy one!

  • SnakeSplitskin

    this seems pretty awesome. great for the kitchen or coffee table. $300 max and this will be a major hit!

    • Пешо Пешев

      $250 max…

      • Phillip

        Really so your willing to pay 300 for a low grade iPad mini but this is wrote 250 haha in your dreams . Your that guys that’s rocking the $80 moto e and the 100 dollars tablet from Walmart but complain that there slow gezz . If you can’t afford don’t knock it get a better job

    • OrionBeast

      heh? who said it’ll be priced that?
      moreover, its running 18 month old OS, with possibly no future update in sight (if they were gonna update it, they would say that in keynote).
      Also, MOST kitchen counters have mounted displays BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT THIS TABLET taking up counter space. failed product.

      • SnakeSplitskin

        who cares if it doesn’t get updated to whatever is the latest and greatest Android version. This device isn’t supposed to be your end-all mobile device you take everywhere that handles a myriad of utilities. This is a home only device for media consumption and web browsing.

        You have never visited most kitchen counters so you are clueless as to whether they have a mounted display or any display at all. The truth is, this device is great for someone who cooks or prepares the food (Mom) before the rest of the household comes to the kitchen. Recipes, how to videos, or the latest episode of a tv show can now be easily viewed from a distance rather than having to lean into the device to see what’s on the screen. Most families that want an easily viewed screen in the kitchen have the type of kitchen that has ample counter space rather than just a small strip of counter you find in a bachelor or studio apartment. Homes nowadays are built with island counter space as well.

        The neat thing about this device is that you can easily pick it up and put it somewhere else. Want to lounge at the patio table for lunch and watch a movie with someone other than just you and without having to actually hold the device? THIS is the perfect device for that.

        10″ tablets add value for only a single user at a time. This tablet is big enough to add value for multiple users at a time or for users who find it inconvenient to put their face right into the screen. So before you write off a product as “failed”, please do further analysis and don’t assume what most kitchen counters have.

    • Чубака Иванович

      More likely from $300 and up.

  • OrionBeast

    shit. i see every f-in pixel. 18 inch tablet = no bueno. People thought 13 inch tablets are too big.
    another shit product from scamsung. smh

    • Daggett Beaver

      LOL – exaggerate much? My 28″ monitor is 1080p and I don’t see every pixel.

      • OrionBeast

        LOL – I see pixels. If you don’t see those pixels. Time to make that optician appointment.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      ok, so you don’t like Samsung or any product it has or ever will produce. That much we can tell from your comments. What we can’t discern from your comments is anything that makes any practical sense as to why this tablet is no good. I suppose you’re arguing that since “people thought 13 inch tablets are too big” that this 18 inch tablet is a terrible product that no one will want. That same argument could be applied to phablet phones back when people thought phablet sized phones were ridiculous. But look at the smartphone industry now. Phablet sized phones outsell smaller phones by a wide margin.

      What you need to understand is that this 18″ tablet isn’t meant to replace the use and value offered by 10″ tablets. Instead, this tablet is carving out its own niche. 10″ tablets are meant to be used by one user at a time. This tablet is adding value by offering a mobile solution that provides a screen that can be viewed by more than one person without them having to be close to the screen to see the content.

      • Guest123

        The irony is he probably own a 40″ FHD TV and and in that case, yapping about every pixels he see and ear farking his family lol. This is the very type of people that had their mouth shut when Samsung’s idea of a phablet is being copied by everyone including Apple and Microsoft.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Yes, he’s very confused and twisted. Hate will do that to you. He’s made several comments on this article undoubtedly against the tablet but then blasts others who make supportive comments accusing them of being Samsung fanboys or Samsung employees. what a creep.

      • OrionBeast

        You appear to be 1) be Samsung fanboy you likes, no faps over their devices or 2) Samsung employee. So much time spent typing these comments = you need a real job.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          yet here you are spending so much of your precious time from your real job replying on comments by 1) a Samsung Fanboy or 2) Samsung employee. My reply was specifically about the product in response to your “Scamsung” and “shit product” comments which offered no real reasoning behind your opinion.

          What’s clear by your comments is that you really dislike Samsung. Should we infer that you’re an Apple employee?

          • OrionBeast

            im an E&Y employee. gigantic fail.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            You meant you are an E&Y employee with a teen age mentality circa 2011 when “fail” was popular. You still haven’t explained why you believe this product will fail. I would think that working for E&Y you would have a handle on the importance of providing analysis rather than just a conclusion.

          • OrionBeast

            Troll. First you accuse me of being Apple employee. When you ‘fail’ at that argument, you call me someone with teenage mentality. Good job at trolling unemployed kid. (Don’t forget to file your weekly unemployed meant survey).

          • SnakeSplitskin

            great. you’ve accomplished nothing. We’ll all definitely take your word that you work for E&Y. Yeh, right. You first accused me of being a fanboy or Samsung employee. You were wrong about both. You keep using the “fail” phrase much like a teenager from 2011. The word is so played out yet you are still stuck using it as if you’re making some cool clever statement. So yes, I called you out on the ridiculousness of that. If you want to come across as credible, I strongly recommend that when you comment on an article, you do so with intelligent reasoning behind your conclusion and don’t be so butt-hurt when people challenge you on your simpleton “Gigantic Fail” comments.

          • OrionBeast

            Troll. Samsung employee. Fails repeatedly at life.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            very mature. i recommended that you put some practical reasoning behind your conclusions. Here you’ve concluded I’m a Samsung employee and that I fail repeatedly at life. Can you explain how you reached that conclusion? I’m beginning to doubt that you can. Most kids these days have trouble explaining themselves.

          • Phillip

            Dude why don’t you do use all a favor and stay away from all samsung forums …see its just that easy you choice to Come here now your pissed. You follow every samsung forum with the same bs . You sound like a lonely person looking for a friend

          • OrionBeast

            Bitch please! This is my first comment in 2-4 months.

        • Phillip

          Really because he likes a product that makes him a fan boy what he’s doing is trying to educate those that don’t have a clue what this product is all about and then we get people like you have nothing informative to add to the forum but negative samsung hate . Heres a thought don’t have to come to a open forum if you can’t handle someone else opinion that’s different from yours

      • Diego

        Simple its a small smart android powered tv.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          thanks for simplifying. :-) But because of the apps that Android offers and its portability, it’s value is a bit more than what an android powered tv can offer. For example, a mother can leave some really big notes for the kids in the morning (if configured to have screen stay on), similar to notes on the fridge.

          • Diego

            I can’t sea many apps gaining support for this.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            lol. you are correct. it’s not meant to have all the apps that you would have on your regular tablets or phone. This is a media consumption device first and foremost to be viewed by more than one person across a room. It can handle an additional app or two for expanded function and will probably be able to utilize regular tablet apps, foregoing the need for device specific apps to be created for it.

          • Diego

            Are developers going to optimize the apps tablet apps for it tho?

          • SnakeSplitskin

            They may or may not. If this device doesn’t catch on, then probably not. If it does catch on, I don’t think it would be a big deal if existing apps weren’t optimized for it. The reason is that it isn’t meant to be a personal computing device much like a smartphone or smaller tablet is. No one is going to be using this device to have text conversations or find love via Tinder. But I’d be happy to come home and open up One Note so that I can see recipe I saved from my computer while I was at work.

          • Diego

            Lets sea what happens.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            looking @ other articles about the Galaxy View it seems that commenters on those other sites are under the impression that this tablet is meant to be held in the hands like a normal tablet. They can’t seem to make the leap that a tablet doesn’t need to be a hand-held device even though the articles point this out.

          • Diego

            How ever there are competitors to this already.
            like the del XPS 18 and the lenovo horizon2

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Well, I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say those are direct competitors. I mean, those are both full PC’s running Windows 8. Making that type of comparison is like comparing the Ipad to a Surface Pro product. And in that particular comparison there really is no comparison.

            If a product the same size as the the XPS 18 was released but was nothing more than a monitor that you could screencast movies from your Android phone to it, would you consider it a competitor to the XPS 18 just because they were the same size and you could also view movies on the XPS 18? No, not really. You’d buy those devices for very different reasons.

          • Phillip

            I see this as a better way to watch all your YouTube and movies and the ppi at 1080 p on this product will actually be mush better then your 50 in 1080 p TV so .anyone worry about the screen shouldn’t heck apple 12 in Mac pro is 1200 dollars …no thanks I’ll take this any day

  • Bob F

    In what universe are they going to price this monster at $250?

    • Fred Knapp

      Agreed. Probably 799 or more

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      • saksham

        shut the f*** up android authority why dont u do something about this spammer

  • STT

    I can’t imagine 119 PPI anymore. The lowest I have is 220 on a 15.4″ PC. That is about right for a laptop. But 119? On a tablet? My old iPad 2 has a ppi of about 132, I think. I never use it anymore because of the poor screen. The Note 12 is much better.

    • Daggett Beaver

      I bet half the people who complain about 1080p on an 18″ tablet have a 40″ flat screen TV that’s 1080p they wouldn’t complain about.

      • STT

        The difference is applications. I typically am closest to my phone, tablet, laptop, TV, in that order. The TV, while not great, is pretty good at 1080. However, once you go from 6-8ft from a screen to 1ft on a phone to maybe 1.5ft on a tablet, it becomes a major issue for a ppi of 119, at least, if you are used to 1080p screens that are smaller than 10″. I think 1080 is fine for a phone, pretty decent on a TV, but very poor on a tablet and laptop (15.4″).

        • Diego

          If this includes tv cdmi in I mite just buy samsung again.

        • Phillip

          Really I bag to different. My tab 4 8 is 800 p very good my tab pro 10,1 is 1080 p and even better this screen is only 9 in bigger and better technology. Heck the TV in my guest rooms are 720 p and they look very good on HD channels

      • Phillip

        I know right some just love to complain about everything even before they get a chance to but there hands on it

        • OrionBeast

          You have to understand the ‘distance’ that you’d watch TV and the tablet. That’s where ppi is important. 15in tablet to 18in tablet wouldn’t matter ideally in same distance. But something really far away and something really close, makes a gigantic difference.

          • Daggett Beaver

            I have a 24″ and 28″ 1080p monitor. I’m almost as close to it as I would be a tablet. The monitors look great to me.

          • OrionBeast

            A tablet is a lot closer to you than a computer monitor. That’s why you’d see pixels.

    • Phillip

      This is better ppi then the TV your watching so I’m sure it’ll be fine . And the author stated that very fact that the screen look why better then he had excepted

      • Steve Brain

        Yes but TV’s are all larger than 18″ and are designed to be viewed by many people in a large room.. not a Tablet that is designed to be sitting right up close to it. That’s why TV’s have remotes and Tablets have touch screens.
        My Jide Ultratablet is borderline acceptable definition which is 1920×1080 on a 11.6″ screen, not to mention the battery lasts longer than 8 hours of video watching!

    • Jesus

      If you can control this behometh with an IR blaster (say my S6), then I may seriously consider this…

  • Faheem Ahmed

    it should be 199$ only otherwise it’s a flop.

  • just buy a surface

  • brusslesprouts

    could replace my desktop computer might be nice for $250

  • I would definitely consider for the right price.

  • sosarozay300

    another shitty product to spam the market

    • Diego

      Its not shitty think of it as a concept.
      Now I don’t like any samsung devices because of touchwiss.
      The note 5 wich I own is slow because of this.
      Anyway lets sea how this device performs in the market.

    • Phillip

      That you don’t have to buy so what’s your point do you haters just sit around and follow every samsung forum. Damn I’m sorry if you felt wronged in life but you need to let it go

  • robert fish

    They should sell this device during Christmas coupled with a youtube red subscription then it will sell fast.

  • James Childress

    1080p? Seriously? My laptop is 1080p and is an inch smaller. It needs a better resolution of at least 1440p like the Galaxy Tab S which is 1/4th the size of this.

  • s2weden2000


  • Steve Brain

    *Throws my old backup Samsung phone away and washes hands with plenty of soap*
    Much better.

  • Matt Colontrelle

    Definitely not the largest android device made.
    Nabi has a line of 20-24 inch ones already available, and announced at CES 15 for plans from 32-65inch ones. Got the articles from your guys own website.

  • Matt Colontrelle

    Definitely not the largest android device made.
    Nabi has a line of 20-24 inch ones already available, and announced at CES 15 for plans from 32-65inch ones. Got the articles from your guys own website.
    Yes it has the Nabi skin, but it also has the parent mode that is pretty much stock Android.

  • S6EdgePlus IsBoss


    • squiddy20

      If that were true, you wouldn’t need to copy/paste this same boring crap every day. The product(s) should speak for themselves.

    • Diego

      In your mind that is.
      >google beets samsung<
      Come at me I am ready.

  • rocketryan

    Be great as an all in one device for kids bedrooms. You would look a tool on the train with it.

  • Shan Dissanayake

    This could be very useful for organizations to get customer feedback or it could be used as a interactive interface for a customer service application.

  • Vivid Cleaning

    With retail price of $600 it is not cheap

  • Anthony James Hartley

    At first I thought this was a little silly but when you think about it, tablets are the future. The “Age of Television” is on a steady decline as more people are fleeting to the internet for their media consumption. I can see some practical uses like this in various areas in the home. You could watch or search for recipes in the kitchen and switch over to your favorite Netflix original. A media hub for the living room that provides Spotify streaming when you have friends over. Samsung is always one to try something new and welcome the future of technology and I see this becoming a big thing down the road.

  • Tony Perez

    I know it going to be expensive but the price will drop eventually I hope.

  • T Chowdhury

    Samsung site also selling this at 499 but the main issue is i dont need this at 499. after 1 or 2 years this device wont update into latest OS also i cant switch old battery for a new one by my self. its better to buy upcoming lumia continuum phones and separate monitor which will be future proof

  • Additional feature must have.
    1. Can use as second screen for pc using hmdi
    2. have a stylus as long as pen and no buttons on the stylus its annoying to accidentally press while drawing.
    I’m going to buy it, if this feature have.. I going to make it a drawing device / entertainment.

  • Ana Lojim

    Good tablet, great size

  • erlinda

    I own one since January and I love it it is big and since I am older I need bigger picture and I and carry it were ever I want I have a bag that it fits nicely. The only thing I need is the screen protector when they first came out I paid 700. Well worth it.