LG announced its new flagship, the LG G6, last month at Mobile World Congress and today, Samsung has unveiled its flagships, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Both point to a near bezel-less future and hope to be a sign of things to come – you’re probably wondering which you should buy, so let’s find out as we pit the Galaxy S8 vs the LG G6.

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In previous years, both companies have taken very different approaches to smartphone designs but in a bid to offer larger displays in similar body sizes to previous years, there’s a lot of similarities between the devices this year.

Both devices feature metal frames with glass bodies and feel incredible in the hand, but the Galaxy S8 has a much sleeker appeal thanks to its curved edge front and rear panels and rounded body, which means there’s not a single sharp edge. With the G6 however, LG has taken a more traditional approach with flat sides and chamfered edges and which handset you prefer will largely come down to your own preferences.

In terms of size, the Galaxy S8 Plus is wider and taller than the G6 due to the large 6.2-inch display, but the curves and practically non-existent bezels mean it doesn’t feel as large as you might think in the hand. The 6.2-inch display is likely to be too big for most users but the smaller Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display that’s much more comparable to that of the LG G6.

To make the displays as bezel-less as possible, both companies have opted for a taller aspect ratio than the traditional 16:9 we’re used to seeing on smartphones. The LG G6 features a 5.7-inch LCD display of Quad HD+ resolution with HDR support and an always display. As we found in our review, it’s the best screen that LG has ever put on one of its smartphones.

For Samsung, each year seems to bring even better screens on its smartphones and this year is no different, with the Galaxy S8 display also bringing an always-on display, Quad HD+ resolution and HDR support. Both manufacturers have opted for variations of the 2:1 aspect ratio for the display, with LG opting for the Univisium standard of 18:9, and Samsung going for the 18.5:9 aspect ratio which results in a slightly taller screen than that of the G6.

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March 10, 2017

LG has become known for its button placements, with the fingerprint sensor and power button on the rear and in the case of more recent phones, the volume keys on the side. Samsung is also known for its predilection towards placing a physical home button directly beneath the screen and while it’s a design that has led to impersonations from rival OEMs, the Galaxy S8 sees Samsung break away from the norm it has created for itself.

Thanks to the taller aspect-ratio, the company has finally moved away from physical keys on the front of the device, instead opting for on-screen keys that provide more flexibility. Like LG, it has moved the fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone but in a rather awkward way.

Most OEMs who opt for fingerprint sensors on the back place the sensor directly beneath the camera in the center of the phone but Samsung has placed it next to the camera and it’s as awkward as it looks. It’s going to take a lot of getting used to but with iris recognition also an option to unlock your phone, you may not have to use the fingerprint sensor that regularly.

Dual cameras have become a trend that many customers and OEMs like but Samsung has once again stuck to its guns, with a single 12-megapixel Dual Pixel sensor at f/1.7 aperture with Optical Image Stabilisation. On the G6, you have two 13-megapixel sensor: one wide angle lens with f/2.4 aperture and 125° field of view and another “regular” lens with f/1.8 aperture and 71° field of view. OIS and PDAF appear on the primary camera but the wide angle lens lacks image stabilization and autofocus (it is just set to infinity).

Both devices are running Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box with their own respective skins which are light, simplified and generally easy to use. The highlight on both phones however is their AI assistant and the different approaches the two OEMs have taken. LG opted to use Google’s Assistant on the G6, making it the first non-Pixel smartphone to run it out of the box but Samsung has taken a similar-yet-different approach with the Galaxy S8.

As announced a few weeks ago, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the first smartphones to run Samsung’s new AI called Bixby, although they also have Google Assistant on-board. Bixby aims to compete with Assistant by offering a lot of the same features but it is also heavily integrated into the S8’s software, including the Samsung camera, web browser and other core apps. You can read more about Samsung Bixby at the link.

There’s also a dedicated hardware key on the side to make Bixby easy to access, with a long press launching voice recognition and a single press bringing up Bixby Home. This is where you’ll tap into additional features such as Bixby Vision, where you can point your camera at a landmark to find out more information, at a business card to scan a QR code, at a restaurant to find out reviews or at a wine bottle or book to find out pricing and reviews. Bixby also taps into Samsung’s SmartThings, allowing you to do things such as control your connected lights or get a real-time view inside your connected Family Hub refrigerator.

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March 1, 2017

The specs of the LG G6 are well known by now, with a Snapdragon 821, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage joined by a 3,300 mAh battery, wireless charging and expandable storage. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus also offer wireless charging and expandable storage and come with 3,000 mAh and 3,500 mAh batteries respectively with 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB ROM.

Other than confirming the handsets are the first to be powered by a 10nm octa-core processor, Samsung didn’t say more about the processing package at the time of writing but if history is anything to go by, we can expect the latest Snapdragon for the US market and an Exynos processor for the most other markets.

The Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are shaping up to be two of the hottest phones of the year and it’s going to be interesting to see which customers opt for once both are widely available. With both companies going for screens with super thin bezels, we’re inching closer and closer to the reality of having a pure screen in the palm of our hands. Until we get even closer however, which would you buy – the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus or the LG G6 – and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Nirave Gondhia
Nirave is one of the Managing Editors and a fan of travel. He's worked in technology for over ten years (including stints at two carriers in the UK) and reported on it for nearly nine years. In my spare time, A big football (soccer to those over the pond) fan and avid supporter of Man United for over 20 years, he reads a lot, loves a cocktails and blogs about travel.
  • Mark Kendrick

    Pixel XL 2017 or maybe Note8

    • JON @segujer

      Note 8 on point

    • *Bezel XL

      • Mark Kendrick

        Sure I’d change a couple things about the Pixel but excellent camera, display, battery life, build quality, Assistant, OS fluidity, current OS and security patch wouldn’t be part of the change list. My S7 edge has November security patch and is rocking Android 6.0.1 but it’ll get 7.1.1 at some point in the future but who knows when.

      • Lucas

        you obviously haven’t seen the new Sonys.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    Bahahahahahahahaha!!! Silly question.

  • IncCo

    Totally lost faith in LG after the G5..

    • Sovat Oung

      What’s wrong with the G5, bro? I’m still in love with my G5 though.

      • Alexandre Pelletier

        its the biggest flop of the decade

      • IncCo

        It’s just not as high quality as I was expecting it to be. The LG interface just isn’t polished or fast enough, screen has ghosting and lightbleed, a jagged gap between the modular portion, the screen isn’t bright enough and the camera doesn’t do so well in dark situations. And I know some people seems to have an amazing battery life, but mine definitely isn’t one of them.

        • Btort

          fast enough? both are slow compared to stock but touchwiz is probably the worst skin right now for flagship phones

          • Mister Loba™

            there is something called icon packs but TouchWiz is not bad

      • kher jay

        boot loop

        • Sovat Oung

          Bet you never own one, but you just said this because you hate it.

          • kher jay

            i owned a g4… so dont be an ass next time Sovat. bet you will still be an ass anyways

          • Sovat Oung

            Before insulting others, make sure you’re correct, dumbass. We’re talking about the G5. However, I agreed that the G4 and the G2 have the problem you mentioned but not the G5. So, don’t be dumbass next time Kher. Bet you will be dumbass anyways.

          • kher jay


  • hamzah77

    although the s8 will be better, I wanna see how LG changes their modularity cause wasn’t one article taking about how they weren’t gonna make any more modules

  • tabguy2

    I only have 3 requirements for a phone. I rely upon these too much to give them up.
    1. Wireless charging
    2. Great camera
    3. Samsung Pay

    • Scott Ricketts

      Samsung Pay is addictive. Once you get into it, it’s goddam amazing.

      • Grant Ding

        I wonder how “LG Pay” going to work? If LG sticks with the metal unibody design (nothing wrong with that), then neither MST payments nor wireless charging are an option.

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        • meyerweb

          The LG G6 has a glass body, not a metal unibody.

          • Grant Ding

            Yeah, I know. I literally said this over a month ago before the phone was released.

    • Player Slayer

      I can’t stand Samsung phones, but I love Samsung Pay more than Android Pay. Solution: Pixel/G6 with a Gear S2!

  • Roby

    S9 with a flat screen if possible!
    Have absolutely no qualms with my S7, no reason to cough up that much money again this year.

    • Sumpil

      yep, these Samsung are getting pricey

  • iCoerce

    I only had one major deciding factor in purchasing my S7 and that was samsung pay. I mainly purchased it because My S5 totally ran out of time, I wanted an OP3… If I were looking forward to a phone this year its 100% the G6. Just because I want to see how they follow up the bust of the G5, but the successes of both the V10/v20

  • S.L Jones

    I am trying to figure out what I want for breakfast….. Maybe a big ol’ bowl of bootloops, courtesy of LG and the LG G6!!! **brought to you by the people who made the LG G4 and LG V10 (LG G5/LG V20…. Wait for it….)

  • Lex


  • wookieyoongie

    I’ll wait until LG finds its footing. I wanted the back buttons so I waited for the G5 but lol what happened. Now idc about the buttons anymore but I want LG to be find their consistency first instead of throwing shit at the wall to see which sticks.

    • uniquename72

      Yeah, I kinda want the G6 because I liked my G4 way more than the Samsung’s I’ve had. But then I got the boot loop.

      Now I’m not sure whether I trust LG enough to buy another one.

      I’ll probably wait to see how the camera is.

      • Eklavya Verma

        Oh sorry to hear that. There was a time when I was enjoying my Galaxy Note 3 immensely. But then I got the shingles.
        I hope this ‘boot loop’ of yours, whatever it does, didn’t give you many troubles. Coz my problem sure did.
        Funny though, how one would call an ailment ‘boot loop’, which sounds so benign like ‘fruit loops’.

        • Чубака Иванович

          LG G4 boot loop is basically a dead phone (hardware related problem with main board). And some Nexus 5X have the same issue

    • Antoine Devon Swans

      You mean finding out what sticks to other manufacturers walls after LG’s has tride it!

      • wookieyoongie

        Uhhh did LG do something that other manufacturers copied? They had to redesign the G4 to the G5 because it’s not sticking. Same with G5 to G6. If they can’t find consistency like they did from G2-G4 and fix their shitty customer service, nope.

  • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

    I will be purchasing the S8Plus with bells on April 18th along with the GearS3 Frontier money already ready.

    In September I will purchase the Galaxy Note8 and NoteFold to end the greatest Samsung year ever.

    At the end of the day nothing else matters on the Android platform Samsung is Android and technology.

    • Hunter Miller

      I doubt there will be a s8 plus

      • StopBeingOffendedDERP

        If they don’t release a phone with a bigger screen, I’ll have to skip it. Which would suck.

        • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

          The S8Edge will be 5.7 inches and the S8Plus will be 6.2 inches bank on that

      • Grant Ding

        Because…? Why would they not release a larger version?

      • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

        You sound pretty clueless

      • carhauler1969

        Galaxy S8+ has already been seen in the wild side by side with the Galaxy S8 on YouTube this morning.

    • tomascooper

      S8 is definitely an instant purchase for me on day one. Too bad the gear s3 is too big for me, or else id have upgraded from my gear s2.

      Overall, still impress with my gear s2 after a year, still kicking arse, and not to mention, still smooth to use and not laggy at all compared to my huawei android watch, that huawei watch is a piece of shit.

      Google needs to do something about their android wear, its laggy as hell.

    • Grant Ding

      So you have a lot of money to spend… congrats, we just wanted affirmation that the G6 is underhyped, not that Samsung’s fanbase is still loyal AF. Also I thought the alleged folding device would be called the Gear X. Also remember when the S7 and Note “6” were rumored to have a folding screen? I’m still not seeing it, because it’s so impractical. Where are the bezels and phone call earpiece going to go? If the earpiece is placed in standard location of today’s phones, then there’s just gonna be a weird little blemish on the side/top bezel when you unfold the device? Also when you use it as a phone, what are the odds that you it’ll survive a drop without one or both sides getting scratched? And how the FUCK are you gonna get a case on that?

      • Dusty

        cell phones were foldable long before smartphones and they were quite practical, a foldable smartphone will be just as practical. Also, when you drop your non-foldable iPhone what are the chances it won’t shatter the screen regardless of how awesome the case is. Lastly, the concept of a case for a foldable smartphone is not rocket science. In fact many cases are notebook and flip styled already.

  • Matthew Pailet

    5.7 to big i have a note 4 and lugging it around is a pain in the a#$ literally

    • StopBeingOffendedDERP


    • Marc Perrusquia

      There’s been tons of tiny Flagships since the Note 4, you have plenty of choices.

    • Daniel Herrera

      Even without a case on it? How tall are you?

  • StopBeingOffendedDERP

    Better have a screen bigger than 5.5….

    • Marc Perrusquia

      The G6 has already been confirmed to be 5.7″ but with a stupid aspect ratio. The S8 Edge or Plus is looking to have a 6-6.3″ so we’re finally getting larger screened flagships again. It’s stupid it took this long and tiny bezels for it to happen though.

      • Thanks to Xiaomi (and Sharp).

        • John Smith

          Not really, it doesn’t work that way. Phones are designed and planned way in advance, the major parts will have been decided ages ago. Ask yourself why all manufacturers are doing this at the same time. The public have no idea how these masonic companies operate.

      • IncCo

        The S8 will also have a “stupid” aspect ratio as you call it.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          Where are you getting that from? Most reports are claiming standard 16:9 2560×1440 panels. I find wider aspect ratios stupid on phones because almost all content you consume on phones is 16:9 so you will get letterboxing wasting precious screen real estate.

          • IncCo

            I’m getting it from the rumors that the S8 will be the same size as the S7. But that the screen will be larger. Only way of achieving that is to extend the screen up and down to decrease the bezels, which would also change the aspect ratio.

        • Grant Ding

          Dude it’s 16:9. It’s literally standard.The Xiaomi Mi Mix has a 17:9 aspect ratio, and every time you watch videos part of the side of the frames get cut out. Of course this can be fixed software-side, but Why they thought a none 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio was okay is just beyond me.

  • Camilla Russo

    Right now neither, i don’t like the design of the s8 and lg still sticking with lcd screen so i’ll stay with my 7 edge.

    • Prits

      There is no official design out yet for S8. How can you just assume you don’t like the deisgn?!!!

      • Camilla Russo

        I saw all the leakes with the schematics and i have an ides how it would look and i don’t like the design with this almost bazeless screen.

  • JON @segujer

    (free of boot loops)

    • Antoine Devon Swans

      And hopefully implemented with mini fire extinguisher!

  • Daniel Herrera

    LG is a joke 🃏

  • Rishu Agrawal

    With all its bootloop issues and terrible customer support, who would buy the G6 from LG anyway? Besides, the V-series has surpassed the G-series.

  • I need a new smartphone ASAP, so the G6’s earlier release date is definitely a factor. But I won’t make my decision until I know the full specs of the S8.
    I want the G6’s wide-angle lens camera. But if the S8 has an S Pen, I’m sold.
    However, I will NOT buy an S8 if it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

  • Ian Campbell

    I probably will t-mobile jump from my S7Edge to the S8Edge. The only downfall is Samsung dragging their feet for timely OS updates like Nougat and the upcoming Oreo or whatever “o” dessert Google calls it.

    • Dusty

      Orange Cream

  • Grant Ding

    G6 isn’t gonna be waterproof. Unless there are no ports or openings and it’s hermetically sealed, it can’t be “waterproof.” More water resistant than the S8? Maybe. But waterproof? Bullshit.

  • morseawe weweij

    how is the battery life expected to be on the LG G6?
    Previous generations had lousy battery life

    • Grant Ding

      Has LG said if it’ll be replaceable?

      • carhauler1969

        Non removable.

      • Dusty

        Sealed, non replaceable. So it should have good battery life.

        • meyerweb

          Umm, how does one (sealed in battery) predict the other (battery life)?

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    S8. But I’ll maybe wait for the s-pen in the Note8

  • Keith Taylor

    Looking forward to the Iphone 8 since alot sites yesterday said it would destroy the 8. However be that as it may..I dont buy
    Apple products.

    • balcobomber25

      Those sites say that every year. Truth it is pointless to even compare them, they are different phones, on different platforms for a different set of customers.

    • Ismail Akram

      SoC will be powerful but iOS always makes me feel like I’m dragging it.. slow scrolling and jerky.. but on upside I like iOS font a lot and safari reader mode. I’ve iPhone 7+ and Pixel XL. I’m not sure which is better product. cuz I love display of XL when watching TV series but love display on 7+ when reading. I don’t like font of XL but I love font of 7+, I absolutely love XL camera and software. both platform/phones have something really good

  • balcobomber25

    I am looking forward to the Xiaomi Mi6 more than either of these.

  • Flow

    I’ll happily take either for free

  • haVoc vulTure

    Oneplus 4!!!

  • I would like a phone that’s 5.5 inch but with LG G3 screen to body ratio. I have a Nexus 6P and even though it does have a large screen, the phone itself is just one massive candy bar. Like, the top of it is bigger than it needs to be. Seriously.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      The 6p had big bezels because of how thin it was with that battery size. It has to go somewhere, it also accomadates the awesome front facing speakers.

      • But here’s the thing: Moto X Pure has the same display size and front facing speakers, yet it’s bezel is still slimmer. Another example is Note 7. Doesn’t got front facing speakers, but it’s battery is actually larger than 6P. And I’d imagine even if it did have the speakers, would still be slimmer.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          The Moto X Pure also had a much smaller 3000 mAh battery…. The Note 7 isn’t the best device to pick as an example of how a phone should be built. When you’re cramming in a larger capacity cell you can either have thinner bezels and a thicker phone, or a thinner phone with larger bezels. Google chose the latter.

          • I suppose you’re right… But lately, my 6P has been giving me battery issues. Is 3h SoT really ok? It is supposed to have a large battery, so I don’t get what happened. Sad thing is it’s not happening to other people. Their 6P’s are fine. It sucks…

          • Marc Perrusquia

            What’s your usage like? My 6p at launch with a custom ROM and a super high brightness mod with boosted speakers got 4 hours but degraded to 2 to 3 under that extremely heavy use. If you’ve had it since launch battery degradation is normal. You could have the battery replaced, it’s not terribly hard to do. If you don’t want to deal with that you could try a custom ROM with ElementalX and mess with the CPU governors you could extend your SOT a good hour or 2 that way.

          • I always have it on auto brightness and I’m mostly just browsing Chrome for the most part. I don’t use any custom ROM, (in fact I don’t know how to) just stock. My battery probably did degrade because it went from 3.5-4 to 2.5-3 hours SoT. But what’s weird is that battery gets sucked up quite a bit even when I am not using it. That is definitely not normal because it used to drop like maybe 5% overnight. The thing called Doze isn’t working I guess.

    • Rodger Dodger

      ummm Cannndddyyyy

  • Neither. OEM stock ROMs make me sick & Verizon locks down everything.

  • stfu

    Do you use most or more when comparing two things? And you call yourself a technical writer.

  • Player Slayer

    G6, the one thing I can’t stand from my Pixel XL, are the bezels. One thing I can’t stand from my S5, is the total dropped support after the S6 came out. G6 seems the phone to beat right now, imo

  • Sovat Oung

    I want a cheaper one, and obviously, LG flagship is always cheaper after 6 months of releasing day.

  • Vivek Rameses

    I was looking forward to the s8 but after today’s announcement about their latest nougat rollout, I was very disappointed. I’m in the US beta and still haven’t received any update. Looks like they’re waiting for the s8 release.

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      Yeah, I bet you’re really disappointed that you can’t take advantage of Nougat’s split-screen feature.

      Oh, wait…

  • P Kumar

    After using g5. Never again going to buy lg again. No software updates and proper accessories(modules) in india.

    • Grant Ding

      Not to mention the insanely steep price of the mods.

  • Vong Jr. Phonsiri

    S8 because RIP Note7

  • Aniket Gowardhan

    Its beat tough to say anything before both S8 and G6 launch I am waiting for both the phones to launch as MotoZ 2017 phones anms their Mods

  • Sumpil

    it’s more exciting to look forward to G6 since the G5 was just horrendous, the S7 really had nothing wrong with it so

    • Ismail Akram

      G6 LCD display takes away all my excitement..

      • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

        It definitely sucks

    • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

      The G5 was the biggest android joke ever the Note5 and S6Edgeplus took a dump on G5 so easily it’s comical.

      I wouldn’t touch anything LG makes for free.

  • Cybertech

    LG G6 because I hate useless curved screens.

  • Ismail Akram

    Samsung phones will be better in Display department, in resale.. well I hope Samsung phone will be good in sound DAC/AMP.. IMO thats the flaw in Samsung phones..

    • Grant Ding

      It’s not just your opinion, you’re totally right. Samsung is really lagging behind both Apple, LG, HTC, and ZTE in the audio department. Apple has better bluetooth/NFC connectivity and no latency (W1 chip), and LG, HTC, and ZTE all have great DACs in their phones.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    According to Phandroid, the LG G6 will have a metal body. If that’s true, you can cross wireless charging and MST off the list.

    • meyerweb

      LOL. You believe Phandroid?

  • John T

    i’m surely continuing with S8 if LG keeps doing ugly phones ! G5 was a big NO !!

  • 《Madness^Maze》

    Nah…I will wait for Note8. My Note4 still rocks for now! Once you gone S Pen you cannot go back to No Pen. Note owners know what I mean…

  • Rodger Dodger

    So, I just looked up LG Info…and am shocked that it claims LG confirmed a 5.7″ screen on the G6…shocking since the G5 was so small….Hope the phone isn’t as ugly as the G5….god what a mess that was(is) I don’t see why anyone needs a QHD+ screen resolution however…That is a waste and just sucks battery life away.

    I have to say that Huawei Mate 9 and it’s 5.9″ screen and 4000mah battery look mighty tasty! :D And way cheaper than the LG G6 will be.

  • Mario

    Any LG device I have owned had major quality or hardware problems for me to buy another one…

    • Dave

      Same here. Their products are terrible.

  • Grant Ding

    The S8? Look at the table, the s8 will have a standard 16:9. Unlike the G6. Which will not be fly like a G6.

  • Michael2011

    Definitely not Samsung. I called them to have an out of warranty repair performed on my dad’s Note 5 (broken screen) and the rep told me they’ve discontinued all repairs on the Note 5.

    The phone’s not even 2 years old and they’ve dropped support for it.

    If this is the kind of support Samsung provides for flagship phones then count me out.

  • maxwell mtola

    I like the cameras and large battery

  • Matt

    S8 Plus, Samsung Pay has made life really easy. I don’t keep track of my wallet like my phone tbh

  • kher jay

    from my experience with my G4 and the boot loop defect, and lg acting as if they didnt wanna do anything or let the world know, then i heard g5 boot looped in some cases too, how is it i should make a huge risk with the g6? also my battery life sucked, the one plus successor is what i’m looking forward to, hell maybe even a pixel since htc wants us to buy overpriced phones with 2016 specs(ahem Ultra).

  • Mister Loba™

    no shit Samsung like lg has competition with HTC and Hwavii or how ever ur supposed to spell it

  • Rodolfo

    obviously, galaxy s8.

  • Baraseal

    they both seem underpowered imo, only 4gb RAM. I’ll take the OnePlus 4, thank you very much

  • DaEXfactoR

    over the last few year’s I’ve been all in on Samsung. Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note line, Gears S wearables. Even dove in with the Level series headphones. But that G6 does have my interest piqued. Good times for smartphone fans.

  • Pranav Varma

    If only lg g6 had
    Snapdragon 835
    Amoled display (or any led display)
    Bigger battry
    Changeable themes

    • Dave

      and no bootloop.

  • Lorenzopop

    LG g6 deluded me…

  • Mohit Singh Rawat

    Currently I own a Moto X 3gen unit. I’ve always liked those smartphone which are user friendly clean and consist least amount of bloated apps LG G6 seems to be one those smartphone but as a geek I am waiting for something a little bit better, although LG G6 is a beast

  • Lorenzopop

    still in love with my ZTE axon 7

  • mreveryphone

    S8… G6 blew it’s load to early sacrificing for 2016 specs and then pissed it’s chances away at gaining any ground in the flagship market by having a fragmented handset accross different regions…

  • Nathan Schlenker

    pixel 2 or whatever it’s going to be called

  • achhu

    i will go with samsung ………

  • Player Slayer

    I, for one, am looking forward to the next Moto flagship. LG’s pricing, Samsung’s hardware problems, heavy software, and slow updates, Sony’s denial to enable the fingerprint scanner in America are all things Moto has never had a problem with. Or maybe the Pixel 2.

  • Goran

    I might be naive, but I am waiting for htc 11 with whatever new name. I am from Europe. Lg gave the head to Korea, leggs to USA, and we in Europe got the middle naughty part.

  • Your display specs for the S8 are wrong.

  • Note 8. Because S8 starts shipping in April and bang! Note 8 on August. Not even 6-months and a new better flagship phone to counter the iPhone 8 especially as well.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|


  • meyerweb

    Time will tell about the S8, but the G6 doesn’t really seem to offer all that much over my S7 Edge. To be honest, an update of one generation rarely adds enough functionality to be worth the cost. I’ll wait for the S9 or G7, or whatever else is part of that generation.

    • Dave

      I am waiting for the S9 or Note 9 as well. The S8 only has 4gb Ram. Not enough in my opinion.

  • chris

    S8 without a doubt ! Better design, better cpu, better screen (i guess),…

  • Tony Davis-Coyle

    I’m not looking forward to either phone. Before I continue, I’ll admit to being an HTC fan. I’ve always thought their devices were superbly built, and their Sense UI is simply awesome.

    I’ve tried Samsun, with their Touchwiz skin, and I simply don’t like it. I totally understand why iPhone users who switched to Samsung went back to iPhone. If only they’d gone HTC. The G6 is an awesome fail on LG’s part. With the confusing, and limited, configurations available throughout the globe, in the UK we’ll only get the 32Gb model with no DAC and no wireless charging!! WTF?!?!?!

    So what am I looking forward to?
    Here’s my list right now:
    HTC – come on let’s see the M10 replacement. I also want to see the U Ultra, but can’t until tomorrow! :(
    Pixel – I was on the cusp of purchasing an XL 128Gb, but waiting for my contract to come up for renewal, and now the thing isn’t available. Google, pull your finger out!!!
    I’ve read, with great interest about the Huawei P10, and the Mate 9. And these could be on the shortlist for me, as they seem to offer significant specs for significantly less than the ‘big boys’

    So that’s my two pence worth…..I hope to see something real soon that encourages me to shell out some pennies

  • Antoine Devon Swans

    The life of salty Sadsung fanboys always trying to convince us that their phone is better. I don’t like having what everyone else has regardless of how great it may be.

  • V-Phuc

    US version of S8 and S8+ come with 2000 and 2500 mAh (new update from Samsung). Software optimization will allow the new phone to go on for ONE week without recharging. Since it’s Samsung, it’s guaranteed such optimization works without failure!

    • Ayan

      it’s fake news….not only US version every version whether it is Snapdragon or Exynos varient S8 and S8 plus will come with 3000mah and 3500mah respectively

      • V-Phuc

        Cannot tell a sarcasm from a truth, huh? Ahh, some people…so blinded by their loyalty…
        Don’t worry, my friend! Samsung always has your back (and your wallet, of course).

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    While I think the LG G6 is a fine phone, given the differences in features and capability, you could sum it up as simply as this:

    Galaxy S8: Worth $750

    LG G6: Not worth $750

    • Antoine Devon Swans

      What is wrong with you!
      You go to just about every other article saying to same exact thing. What is it about LG that has you losing your mind behind a dam smartphone!

      People like you who actually have this kind of time to run around copy and pasting the same regurgitator crap has a problem!

      Do you secretly want an LG G6?

      You remind me of a “Elementary School” little boy that likes a little girl but doesn’t know how to tell her. So he’s mean and rude to her while poking and harassing her trying to get a rise and her attention!
      LOL! & SMMFH!

    • Todd Heath

      The LG G6 retails for $650. It’s very attractive at that price.

    • TattoozNTech

      i seriously couldn’t care less about the full price of either device. when a new device comes out that i like in like 6 months or so, i just hand in whatever i’m using at the moment, and start using the new one. i basically lease my phones from TMO, and the remaining device payments fall off to be replaced by the new device payments. simple, and makes it easy not to care about the big price tags.

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      $375 at sprint (yeah, I know…Sprint sucks, but not in this case;-))

  • Ayan

    obviously Galaxy S8 beautiful curve AMOLED panel and Snapdragon 835 kicks LG G6 and isn’t crappy LCD IPS display and old hardware such a main camera sensor Sony imx 258 which is used in midrange smartphones and year old processor in New era on 2017….“No way”…………it’s time for LG to pissoff🤣😂🤡

    • m1800

      Who cares whether a processor is from this or last year? The vast majority of users wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The only way that this could benefit the average user is if the 835 is more power efficient than last year’s model, and it better be since the battery size for the entry level s8 is exactly the same as the s7.

  • TattoozNTech

    i got the G6 a few days ago (yay for pre-order!), and am LOVING this beautiful, premium device so far!! it’s too bad Samsung is ignoring all of us out here that want nothing to do with the moronic front curved screen gimmick. if they hadn’t dropped flat screens, i might have considered an S8. 6.2″ is just too big, but the 5.7″ G6 with these barely-there bezels feels great in the hand. a very happy customer and can’t wait to see what LG comes out with in the future! thanks to my Jump on Demand from T-Mobile, i was able to swap the V20 for the G6 after about 6 months or so. winning!

    • Mohammed Khan

      How does JoD work exactly? Trade in my old phone, down payment, monthly fees?

      • Yvenson Paul

        You trade in your old phone most of the time no down payment if your credit is alright and just pay a monthly fee for the phone about 18 months then can decide to give it back for a new phone or keep paying to buy it outright but you have 2 jumps per year use them anytime you want .

  • Andromeda

    I think it really comes down to:

    Do you want a curved screen? Yes > S8, No > G6.
    Do you need the option of an awesome wide angle camera on the back? Yes > G6.
    Do you care about Daydream VR? Yes > S8.
    Do you need something in Samsung’s ecosystem (Pay, Bixby, or support for old Samsung watches)? Yes > S8.
    Do you need an amazing always on display or can you live with a basic one? Amazing > S8. Basic > G6.

    Whether or not the 835+3000mha is enough juice vs 821+3300mha has yet to be determined.

  • Lenny

    I got my LG G6 this past Saturday, and it’s the best phone that I’ve ever had. After the battery debacle and the exploding washing machines, I don’t trust Samsung. The G6, so far, has exceeded my expectations. Large screen in an easily held body. Great camera. Beautiful workmanship.