Update, January 23: A trademark application uncovered by GalaxyClub (via SamMobile) could hold a clue to the name of the rumored visual search feature we talked about in the original post below. Specifically, Samsung trademarked the term “Bixby Vision.” Even if the trademark ends up referring to something else, it further confirms that “Bixby” will be a big part of Samsung’s devices moving forward.

Original post, January 19: The flood of rumors surrounding the unannounced Samsung Galaxy S8 continue to hit the internet with no signs of slowing down. The latest such unconfirmed report claims Samsung’s next flagship handset will be able to perform visual searches and offer text recognition using its camera.

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March 29, 2017

The story comes from Sam Mobile, citing unnamed sources. It claims that the camera app on the Galaxy S8 will include its own Bixby button, something we heard a while back. In case you missed the previous rumors, Bixby is the rumored digital assistant that Samsung is developing and is supposed to make its debut on the new Galaxy flagship.

The story claims that if a person takes a photo of something with the Galaxy S8, Bixby will be able to analyze the image and determine what that object might be. Bixby is also reported to have the ability to search the internet for more examples of the identified object.

The report also says the camera app, combined with Bixby, will use optical character recognition to identify any text that might be in an image. There’s no word yet if this feature will be able to translate text in an image from one language to another, but we sure hope it can.

The story does point out that Samsung could decide to remove these features from the Galaxy S8 before it launches, so take this latest report with the appropriate amount of skepticism. The new phone is rumored to make its first appearance sometime later this spring, possibly in April.

John Callaham
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  • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

    No question this handset is well worth the $850 for the 64gb S8Edge and $950 for the 64gb S8Plus. Can’t wait for April 18th.

    • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

      cant wait because i’ll be window shopping like a mofo. might take a picture with my Obamaphone. i’ll be hitting the street corner begging for money for “food” for the next year!! CANNOT WAIT!!

      • Joonho Jung

        are u the same guy as TabS2 IsBoss?

        • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

          u ask too many questions ho

    • Derek

      You really think a phone is worth that much?

  • Daniel Herrera

    I’m on a Note 4, if the S8 plus has an S-Pen I will the happiest man alive!!

    • daftrok

      I won’t. The Pen is what ruined the Note 7. It took up precious space internally and they shoehorned in a battery that wasn’t even as big as the one in the S7 Edge but it still wasn’t enough space. So they either have to make the phone thicker or put a smaller battery to compensate for it. Frankly, I’d rather use the S-Pen space for battery space. I have a pen, its called my fingers. Typing with thumbs will always be faster than handwriting on a screen.

      • Tom

        Your finger cannot replace the s pen lol

      • Rashad1050

        The s pen did much more than the average stylus though. IT could turn videos into gifs and all of that other stuff I don’t feel like mentioning.

  • Charles Sweeney

    So something pretty similar to Goggle Googles and Google Image search combined…..got it.

    • mark

      Or simply Google Now On Tap, except it only works in one application.

  • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

    These phones are going to be so overpriced….and now i’m losing obamacare. i’ll probably lose my obamaphone next. ugh what do I do with my life??? someone put a bullet in my head.

  • Garett Wolff

    So the same thing as Google assistant or Siri image search/cloud image search on iPhones?

    Samsung always releases some craptastic alternatives to Apple/Android. How many people actually used s-voice or preferred it over home/assistant/Siri?

    I wish they would stick to releasing great hardware without touching software. Would love me some vanilla Android (with added S-pen features) on the note 8.

    • mark

      About the same number who use “siri”, outside of testing it out or product placement TV, which itself was a craptastic alternative to Android’s voice recognition (and apparently now a craptastic alternative to Google’s image search – are they still using Bing for it?)

      If they didn’t touch software, you’d be running the limited Google camera instead of Samsung’s one which has a lot more controls.

  • huungryshark

    i see less and less ppl with Samsung or Apple devices, seems like they woke up, finally :-)

  • John Doe

    Isn’t that the same as Google Translate, where you point the camera at a ‘say’ a Russian word and the app translates it into English or what ever language you want ??