Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition-12

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may house an OLED display with a greater than 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, according to a new report from The Investor. A Samsung engineer commented during last week’s iMiD 2016 display exhibition in Seoul that the company would roll out such a display next year, but did not confirm whether it was set for the Galaxy S8.

During his iMiD presentation, Park Won-sang, a principal engineer for Samsung Display Co., also showed concepts for a bezel-less Galaxy S7 Edge. This would confirm that the full-screen design idea has been floating around at Samsung and Won-sang said that it could produce a device with a 99 percent screen-to-body ratio in the next few years.

It was previously rumored that Samsung would remove the Galaxy S series’ long-standing physical home button on the Galaxy S8. This would be congruous with the speculation of a larger display area, as the home button may no longer fit on the front of the device.

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It would also mean the removal of the fingerprint scanner, however, which is built into the home button. But another rumor suggests Samsung has taken care of that with its next-gen display tech, which would allow fingerprint scanning directly from the screen.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017 in February. Given Xiaomi’s recently revealed Mi MIX also features an almost bezel-less display, the time could be right for Samsung to launch its own.

Would you like to see a near bezel-less Galaxy S8? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Scott Adam Gordon
Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Originally from the UK, Scott has been tinkering with Android phones since 2011 and writing about them full-time since 2014. He now lives in Berlin with three roommates he never sees. Befriend him on Twitter and Google+ at the links.
  • Since I can’t buy a Xiaomi Mi Mix, which has 91,3% of screen to body ratio, I’m gonna say yes to a Samsung Galaxy S8 whith such proportions. Bring it on Sammy! 😀

    • catapult

      Not thinking ahead and launching mi mix in very limited quantities was a bad idea , looks like Samsung will beat it to the punch after all and take the crown, good for them

      • The Focus

        Yeah. I will be buying s8, how ever, if mix goes international, I’ll go for a mix.

      • Good for us though.

    • Vyshak K

      Mi mix don’t have 91% screen to body ratio. It has around 86. It was a false marketing from xiaomi. Check GSM arena

      • I will, thanks!

      • Anon

        “Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct” lol

        • 1213 1213

          You can take the dimensions straight from the Xiaomi website and work it out to be a 84% screen to body ratio.

          And if you ignore the permanent navigation bar, because the display is 17:9 instead of 16:9, which all content uses, then you only actually have 78.9% of screen to body ratio and a 6.1″ display. The huawei mate 8 has a 6″ display and 78% screen to body ratio.

          • Anon

            they compared the renders with a photo of the mi mix in VIDEO mode which is 16:9 ratio. it isn’t using the full screen.

            also, why would you ignore the nav bar? i don’t see anybody ignoring it when it comes to HTC, LG or Nexus devices for years. absolute nonsense.

          • 1213 1213

            Aren’t you listening? You can take the dimensions from Xiaomi’s website, and use whatever calculator or mathematics you want, and you would get 84%, for the whole display including the Nav bar, so 6.4″ 17:9.

            And about the nav bar. What Xiaomi did is increase the size of the screen vertically, so the screen isn’t 16:9, it is 17:9. Do you know what that means? It means when you are playing a game or watching a video, it’ll only use 16:9, and the nav bar would always be there as wasted space. When you’re viewing any content, you only has 6.1″ to use, not 6.4″. Including the nav bar that is always there is like trying to include the off screen buttons on the s7. Understand?

            That’s why, in reality it only has 6.1″ and a 79% screen to body ratio. Which is no big deal. Xiaomi just used it as a marketing gimmick to trick people like you by removing one side of the phones bezels and replacing it with glass that has permanent on-screen buttons. If you were to watch a video on the huawei mate 8 and the mi mix, the phones would be the same size and the display would be the same size, except the mate 8 being around 0.1″ smaller for both.

          • Anon

            lmao get off your high horse. only in full screen apps does the screen revert back to 16:9, leaving empty spaces at the sides. when viewing ANY OTHER CONTENT that ISN’T in full screen, it uses all of the 17:9 of it with 16:9 of the screen all used for displaying the content without lowering screen real estate even with nav bar. you didn’t understand jack squat and yet you are speaking in such a condescending way? this is really exhibit A of the dunning kruger effect from you right here.

            the s7 is 16:9 without nav bars.
            the mi mix is 17:9 with nav bars. minus the nav bars and you get 16:9 on the mix, which is the same as the s7. it’s not rocket science.

            “Including the nav bar that is always there is like trying to include the off screen buttons on the s7. Understand?” – not a very smart person.

          • 1213 1213

            I don’t understand what part of what I said you’re disagreeing with. You even say “the mi mix is 17:9 with nav bars. minus the nav bars and you get 16:9 on the mix, which is the same as the s7. it’s not rocket science.” You *minus* the nav bars and end up with a 6.1″ display and 79% screen to body ratio. Thanks for agreeing with me, even if you did it in an antagonising tone.

          • Anon

            yet you do not minus it off when it comes to nexus devices or any other devices with software nav buttons do you? this is the industry standard. you will have to minus the screen to body ratios of ALL HTCs, LGs, Sonys, Motorola, Nexuses and change ALL of the screen to body ratios of these phones with software nav buttons on Gsmarena if we follow this ridiculously flawed logic of yours.

            you still get full 16:9 screen real estate on the mi mix with the software nav buttons that the nexuses or HTC/LG/moto/sony phones do not, since these phones only have 16:9 displays. you can even remove the nav buttons on the bottom and use the side buttons available on miui to enjoy the full 17:9 display on the mi mix. it is still part of the screen and you can customize it. removing it from the screen to body ratio is absolutely absurd and actually goes against the meaning of “SCREEN to body ratio”

          • 1213 1213

            You don’t minus it from other phones because they have a 16:9 display, obviously. You made that point when you were talking about the mix having 16:9. Because it only has a 16:9 display when if it can be regarded as a 6.1″ display with 79% screen to body ratio. All content is made for 16:9 and will continue to be made for 16:9. Not 17:9.

          • Anon

            the whole point of a 17:9 display is to offset the screen real estate loss when using software keys. with the additional “17” instead of the traditional 16, you retain the same real estate that you would have if you didnt use software keys, like the s7. damn you’re dumb

          • 1213 1213

            When viewing videos or playing games the keys go away and you get the full screen. With the mi mix you only get 6.1″ and a 79% screen to body ratio.
            The whole point of it was to fool people like you. That’s why they lied and said it was 90% with a fake render, when you could take the dimensions from their own site and see it is only 84% even if you include the nav bar.

          • Anon

            yeah, as you’ve said, only when viewing videos and playing games.
            the rest of the time, you get the full 16:9 experience plus customizable software nav keys without losing screen real estate. that is why you do not remove the nav buttons. because it has 17:9 ratio screen. all other phones in existence with software nav keys should have their screen to body ratios lowered by your logic.
            you can also remove the bottom nav buttons and just use the nav keys by the side with miui.

          • 1213 1213

            All other phones with the nav bar have it removed until you want to slide up and bring it up. Since content is made for 16:9, if you remove the nav bar for the mi mix you would just have black space.

          • Anon

            yeah so? you still get the full 16:9 experience when playing games and in videos. for the rest of the time, you also get full 16:9 ratio screen real estate WHILE retaining the customizable software nav buttons, unlike HTC/Nexuses/Sony/Moto/LG etc.

          • 1213 1213

            What do you mean so? Read my first post, and what I’ve repeated in every single post. It is just a 6.1″ display with 78.9% screen to body ratio. The Huawei mate 8 has a 6″ display with a 78%.

            All content would be like this, you can’t get rid of it because no app uses 17:9 and aren’t going to make it so for a random prototype concept phone.

            Yeah, it is a tiny bit better because you get a permanent nav bar, but that’s it. And what is sacrificed for this? Awkward design, and we still don’t know what the quality of the speaker is for calls. It is mostly a marketing gimmick.

          • Anon

            nope it’s 6.4″ screen with customizable soft nav buttons.
            if you want to remove the screen space the soft nav buttons take up, then you will have to change the screen size and screen to body ratios for all Nexuses/HTC/LG/Sony/Moto phones ever made.

          • 1213 1213

            No. I used your logic about what happens if it is 16:9. Since you want to keep up with this circular bs I’ll let you troll by yourself. But for the last time, other phones are 16:9 already, and the soft keys are not there most of the time, for the mi mix they are there all the time, and so they aren’t actually part of the screen the same way you don’t see the s7 keys as a part of the screen.

          • Anon

            most of the time as in every other instances other than videos and games? i have used my nexus 5 for 3 years. the navigation bar faces me 90% of the time. for the mi mix, it is OK for it to be there all the time because it still retains the 16:9 aspect ratio of screen real estate when not viewing videos of playing games. while viewing videos and playing games, you just get 2 black bars on the left and right ie you still get your 16:9 games and videos. they absolutely are part of the screen. it is just soft keys. other soft key phones will take up space at the bottom all the time.

      • Master

        GSM arena doesn’t always have true informations

        • Vyshak K

          May be not. But we can clearly see the difference of bezels in the picture in xiaomi website and the actual device. Anyway let’s take it with grain of salt till th device gets released to be tested properly.

    • 40jimlloyd40

      Bring it on minus TouchWiz.

      • Phillip Pugh

        Are you could get a goggle are a iPhone see just that easy TouchWiz is Samsung get over it

    • Andrés

      come on guys!!! let’s be honest.
      150% screen-to-body ratio would be perfect, with 3 hologram projectors.

      • And dual front speakers 😜

  • stfu

    I want a 90%+ screen to body ratio that does not remove the top bezel. The mi mix looks ridiculous in its asymmetry. Im sure samsung will outdo that chinese garbage.

    • Path_Prick_Jeer

      At least they were bold enough to innovate and create such a phone. Have you tried drinking some relaxing tea?

    • Master

      stfu, it isn’t garbage

    • Dusan

      Stfu, stfu.

    • Andrés

      that “chinese garbage” has generated zillion comments on thousands of websites in just one day.

      it’s now TOP 1 device on gsmarena, with over 1 million hits.

  • kcz7

    Even if it is 90% ratio, it all depends on the screen size. I’ve been in the Note family since the GN2 (currently GN4), so I’ve been at 5.7″ish screen size for a couple years. If they release a mediocre 5.7″ S8 variation, I’ll pass and buy a MIX. Heck, I might even bite the bullet on a mid tier CPU and buy a PHAB 2 Pro, Mi Max, or Zenfone 3 Ultra. I’d like a bigger screen, myself. I’m a heavy user in entertainment and a larger screen would be beneficial to my usage. If Sammy doesn’t deliver, that’s fine… There’s other fish in the sea with larger display options.

  • Parkempty

    I want this thing like Galaxy S8 Pro. Not the main S8. I like the Galaxy with some bezels :P

  • Charles Fair

    then im moving back to lg

    • theforevermachine

      hopefully they make some progress with their bootloop issues

  • charlie Jason

    Hopefully the chance of explosion is less than 90%.

    • SeanPR11

      That’s getting old.

    • They’ll use a Coral Blue colour.

    • Phillip Pugh

      Why you sound like a butt ….the old ass jokes are so two months ago

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    If the bezels drop they should up the screen size. A note with a 5.8 inch screen.

    • Lex

      I would prefer 6 inch at least

      • Rage9one

        Have fun with that brick in your pocket ;)

        • Lex

          Never had a problem with the Nexus 6, need a phone like that but with waterproofing and bigger battery.

      • Thetruth

        I am sure you would prefer 6 inches after all those 4 inchers you took ;) :P

        • Lex

          You sir, are hilarious.

          • Thetruth

            I try my best :)

    • CPKarth123

      No 5.5 inch is the optimum size for phones, right now.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        Nah I hate 5.5. I’ve been on 5.7 for years and don’t wanna go down.

      • Andrés

        you forget about bezels.
        in my note 4, the display is 5.7, but the bezels are huge.
        i have measured – if the display were all-body (from the top till the upper part of the home button), it could be 6.3. and if full-body, even larger.


      I would rather say 6″ or 6.2″ for the next Note without bezels and 5.8″ for the S8

  • paw

    Xiamo releases phone with 91%screen to body ratio.
    SAMSUNG: *triggered*

    • Samsung releases 90% screen-to-body ratio.
      APPLE: *triggered*

      • Camilla Russo

        how exactly apple triggered? apple planned to make a full screen device way before the s8 rumors even started.

        • Sakshi

          Hahaha😂😂 apple have already planned what technology will a 2025 phone will have but at that time also they will offer an iphone with features which android phones already have😂
          Stupid menatality. I have planned one day a phone will have a vehicle inbuilt. Now please don’t copy.

        • The Focus

          Another iTrash moron. Apple is trailing way behind the likes of Samsung and other Android OEMs. They just copy.

          • Camilla Russo

            You are really unpleasant individual.

          • The Focus

            Ridiculous apple fan is who you are!

          • *iFan

          • Phillip Pugh

            She a apple trolls that shows up on every Samsung post says something really stupid to get attention. And when she does ,she gets offended

          • The Focus

            Agreed 👍

        • quackyduckboy

          planning and DOING something are two TOTALLY different things. It’s just rumors really until someone comes out with it.

          • Camilla Russo

            The iPhone 7 is a living proof that the news are accurate, the new capacitive button indicates that they are planning to ditch the home button.

          • saksham

            i think u shud get out of here or the android lords will come and crush u with their knowledge which u clearly have limited ;D

          • quackyduckboy

            by that logic apple is planning to remove the track pad on the mac book eventually. Apple has a track record of implementing something new on one device and then transitioning it to other devices in their line up. The new mac book track pad then the “new” home button on the iPhone. Same thing for the colors of their phones…now you can get the watch and new mac books in those colors also!!! Wouldn’t doubt if Apple ditches the home button. But they are getting beat to be first, second or third. I’m going to help you out and say you might want to change up your argument from “Apple was thinking it first!” to “Apple usually does it better.”

          • Aris Routis

            Not really. This button, is what you’re now stuck with for the next 10 iterations. Unapologetically.

        • Keep thinking.

          • Camilla Russo

            Keep thinking? When the news about the s8 full screen started? few weeks ago, I can give you articles about the iPhone 8 full screen device from 6-7 months ago so with all do respect you should keep thinking.

          • Relax. It reads like you are shouting.

          • Camilla Russo

            I’m not shouting I just telling the way it is, the news about the iPhone 8 full screen device was way before Samsung s8 rumors even started.

          • *Wireless charging
            *Iris Scanner
            or «Samsung’s» OLED display that Tim Cook said yuck?

          • Camilla Russo

            Apple working on their own micro oled technology that is superior than oled, wireless charging was way before Samsung phones so do iris scanner, you sound like a Samsung fanatic.

          • And, what is Apple adopting for iPhone 8? Future MacBook Pro?
            (micro OLED? MicroLED aka also known as iLED is not organic, that’s it’s advantage)
            Nope, not a fan of Samsung. Now, what do I do, you tell me, which manufacturer supplied OLED panels for MacBook’s touch-bar?

          • Aris Routis

            I guess that’s why they ordered 200,000,000 OLED displays from Samsung then?

          • Michael

            yes and they also have patents for and “edge-to-edge” display from 2012 but here we are in 2016 with the same but slightly tweeked Piece Of Shit iPhone we’ve always had.

          • And they tweaked: Antenna Bands.

          • Michael

            Samsung has them from 2011. sounds like Apple is playing catch up

          • Sakshi

            Are you tim cook disguised in camilla’s name🤔🤔 you know everything about apple, that what are their plans, what are they thinking now, what will they plan tomorrow etc etc🤔

        • As soon as the Note7 came, Apple quickly registered the name ‘Iris Engine’, published in PatentlyApple.
          So, literally as well, Apple *triggered*

          • Camilla Russo

            You know Samsung isn’t the first to bring iris scanner don’t you? Or you one of those fanatics think Samsung the first with everything

          • “Samsung isn’t the first to bring iris scanner don’t you?”

            I wonder where did I even said that. Normal people don’t presume things like sheeps do.
            Your own mentality.

          • Camilla Russo

            Sheeps? You are really unpleasant and childish person for calling people sheeps, you probably feel so strong behind your screen don’t you? You don’t worth any more responses with this type of behavior.

          • Tell me, where did anyone mention as Samsung was the first to bring the Iris scanner feature?

          • Aris Routis

            If you don’t wish to be called sheep, don’t act like one.

          • Camilla Russo

            You should learn to behave like human being and not like keyboard bully.

          • Aris Routis

            If you don’t like the truth, change it.

          • Camilla Russo

            Truth? What truth? Your truth? You are just keep showing how bully you are, I won’t change myself for anyone specially not for a bully like yourself.

          • Aris Routis

            There’s not my, or yours, or anyone else’s truth. Only one truth. So , to sum it up, truth is that you are in a tech forum, driven by all things Android. You are clever enough to know this and yet you advocate heavily on your opinion which is in favor of Apple. Your right to do so, but do not come crying about the consequences. Not to me, not to anyone. Should anyone tried to pull the same stunt on say McTumors, or mashable, they would be probably banned. Glad to be of service. :)

          • Aris Routis

            And apple is not the first to bring fingerprint scanner. Unapologetically tho, they claim to innovate. LoL

          • Camilla Russo

            And you btw keep changing the subject because you can’t handle that the news about iPhone 8 full screen device started way before the s8 news.

          • saksham

            u i sheeps are so funny i cant stop laughing

          • Now, who’s changing the subject 😆

          • Camilla Russo

            You did, in the latest 2 comments of yours.

          • Michael

            atleast the S8 will have a headphone jack

          • Camilla Russo

            Actually the rumors says it won’t google it.

        • Unlike others, Apple fanboy as well

          • Camilla Russo

            I own iPhone and nexus so how exactly I’m a fangirl? Grow up.

          • Edit: *fangirl «triggered»
            Have a MacBook as well, I guess, no one found it out, until now.

          • Camilla Russo

            Yes I have MacBook so? I like the eco system of apple and I really don’t like windows and how it operates that makes me a fangirl?

          • Nope.

          • Ryan ッ

            It’s not making you as a fangirl, You are an apple-pro
            So am I.
            We like apple products and prefer them over other products.

          • Ryan ッ

            Plus you’re using Android and iOS.

          • Camilla Russo

            There is news that apple is about to announce jet white iphone 7 and 7 plus :(

            btw i sold my nexus and bought this.


          • Ryan ッ

            I don’t believe that you sold your Nexus 6P and bought this!!
            You should’ve bought the Pixel XL, anyways your choice Tiddhatshi :p
            And Idc about a white jet because I love mine no scratches at all :D

          • Camilla Russo

            Well im quite happy with my decision the v20 is great phone and its like mini tablet hehe, thanks.
            I love mine too but i saw illustration of the white jet on 9to5 and it looks so nice.

          • Ryan ッ

            Give me a a link? :L

          • Camilla Russo

            Go to there because when adding link here thr comment will wait for aproval

        • Aris Routis

          Ya , come tell us about it if you ever see it realized.
          Also, Apple comes with edge to edge (translation : dual edge) amoled display.
          Copy never ends!

        • Phillip Pugh

          Haha really have you heard of the note 4 gs6 edge . Heck Samsung round which started the whole thing 5 years ago please stop apple fan girl please stop it

          • Camilla Russo

            I guess you don’t know the difference between edge display to a full screen display, and be more respectful.

  • Meir

    whach and learend apple.
    You simply don’t have the tec to do it.
    Samsung is the best !!!

    • Camilla Russo

      Apple has the tech to do it and they will, they had plans for the iPhone 8 to be a full screen device way before samsung decided to make the s8 like this and btw samsung isn’t the best, yes they got great products but the best? i don’t think so, every user has a different requirements from their phones and samsung isn’t taking care of them all so they can’t be the best until they do, and on the software department they are always will be second place because they ain’t making their own software and apple does.

      • Sakshi

        But what about the camera, olef panels, chipsets etc. Apple will always be on the first place as they are making their own apple outsource everything and make iphone in china, so yaa for that logics apple is way behind many.

        • Sakshi


      • theforevermachine

        I can’t wait to see what they’ll remove from the phone to make it full screen…lol.
        So courageous.

        Btw, the full-screen bezel-less phone has been a concept since phones became what they are today. It’s be really difficult to give 100% credit to any one person or company.

      • The Focus

        Your words clearly shows the addiction to Apple due to being brainwashed over a long period of time. You buy iTrash and justify that. Apple is God to your logic proof mind. So yes. iShit.

      • Michael

        okay so your all knowledgeable what is the best then? if you’re supporting Apple gtfo of this app/webpage

        • Camilla Russo

          Unlike you I like both OS’s android and iOS and android isn’t Samsung if you didn’t realize that by now, and not you or anyone else will kick me from here because I enjoy both of the OS’s.

  • Vitorio Santosa

    Screen is gonna crack easily….

    • theforevermachine

      Not if they use some super secret glass polymer that they’ve been working on like the cure for cancer.

  • KaiZen

    Sounds like something I’d want, but I’m more than likely gonna skip the S8, pretty happy with my S7E, so have no desire to upgrade.

    • Falcon

      Same. Going to let them improve on it for S9 should be as epic as S7Edge.

  • GetInMyBellyNow

    Just give us a damn 4K screen already.

    • The Focus

      Agreed 👍. With a good processing package to enjoy VR at the best. Well sort of.

    • Nymenon

      That’s stupid. I’d rather let them invest that money on some more important hardware like better speakers, dac, and camera.

    • That will affect the battery. Isn’t required for a 5.2″ screen. Better make a dedicated VR Headset for VR.

  • quackyduckboy

    As long as they don’t get rid of the regular s8 and just go exclusively with a s8 edge variant, I would consider getting the s8. I don’t like the edge phones for some reason.

  • IncCo

    Sounds like my next phone…

  • Bullydogger

    Yes, bring it on, along with a 6.4″ screen. Take my money…

  • MathewSullivan

    I wonder who will include a “smart bezel” feature first, where phones with 90%++ screens can have virtual bezels added, since oled screens can essentially be turned off, I dont see how this wouldnt work.. It would please the people who want fully screened displays with no bezels, and the people who want bezels can just add them during initial set up :)

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Bezel-less 99% phones don’t make sense yet. Side bezels could be gone, but top and bottom bezels, even if very small, should stay(at lest in near future)

  • McHale72

    I would prefer they scrap the “edge” screen and go back to flat screens. Most people buy the edge versions for the larger screens and better batteries. Everybody I’ve talked to hates the curved edges, me included.

    • May Czos

      Most people buy the edge for looks.

    • Falcon

      I love it

    • The Zombified

      I wouldn’t have gotten the phone if I hated the curved edges. I can’t believe you didn’t talk to me! Actually I wouldn’t have gotten it if I hadn’t bought a Note 7…

    • Phillip Pugh

      Hum your opinion the facts are the edge is outselling. The flat 7 almost 2 to 1 good thing your not making the decision at Samsung

  • Real Tech News Fan

    That Olympic Edition photo looks sweet.

  • Choda Boy

    I’ll wait for the results of the drop tests to decide.

  • Roger

    I don’t mind moderately sized bezel for holding the device without accidentally touching the screen. Just make sure the battery is big enough for 5-7 hr SOT!

  • wlkn

    im not sure that I want this, but if all other android phone companies could shrink down to samsungs current screen to body ratios that would be good. I’m not referring to the edge

  • Hez

    Yep. Waterproofing, battery size, and screen to body ratio are the metrics to work on. And of course cameras do their thing. Most everything else is starting to get “good enough” the high end market isn’t worth it. Of course, snapdragon needs to keep making the processors less nanometers. But they will, and everyone will use it, so it’ll be a tie.

  • nThor Espiritu

    Galaxy S8 w/o bezel? I think holding the phone will not be very comfortable. And pls, replace the Glass at the back with an aluminium or alloy for more durability. And wireless charging is not very useful, this feature can be removed A wired charger is more better.

  • Torakhan

    As someone who uses their phone on construction sites, as well as just plain dropping it constantly, I already wasn’t a fan of a glass back, but I’m not sure how you’d put edge and face protection on it without edges to wrap around.
    Also, when I grip my phone, my fingers are on the edges too, so I hope that the multi-point touch interface can differentiate from a grip and intentional touches.

    • Spigen, Otterbox are among the answers on your woes.

  • Mark Mathers

    They keep making the displays bigger…they keep increasing the camera megapixels. Who cares? Work on the things that matter. Recorded concert audio still sounds like shit. Low light video and pictures still look like shit. Still no adjustable flash that gives a flash tuned to how far your subject matter is…so a lot of your pictures look like shit. I don’t give a damn about a 10 terapixel camera or bigger display when the recorded product looks like a grainy or over exposed mess. It’s like a car company consistently adding more and more horsepower, when they haven’t fixed the problem causing the wheels to fall off.

  • Royce Edwards

    I would love the look of a higher screen ratio sitting on at least a 5.5″ display.

  • dahyun_notevenonce

    Xiaomi’s like, been there done that, is that all you got? plz m8

  • JJohnson

    I am a faithful, dedicated Samsung phone fan and plan on always using Samsung. I have never been a fan of the home button on the Samsung phones so I am very excited for a change there!!!

  • Adam Hewber

    I think the samsung s series needs a serious upgrade in terms of screen size. I think a 6.5 inch would be good. Something that could be carried over to the next note series. I loved the 5.7 inch but time to move on.

    • You are longing for a tablet. For me, moving on means going smaller screen – considering the crispiness and high resolution. Note8 can go 5″ for a change.

  • It will also be able to burst randomly into a magnificent display of fireworks. Still an upgrade from just bursting.

  • Tangable_Dispair

    I could do without the bezel screen. Screen protectors don’t wrap around the edges making them totally useless.

  • Cole Daniel

    I am not looking forward to that. I have the S7 Edge, and I hate the edge. I would have preferred the normal S7. It isn’t as comfortable to hold, and the edge always gets in the way, meaning my hand will activate something on the side. It is so annoying. Also, the edge features (To me) are pointless. I don’t ever use them. The only part I like about the edge, is the bigger screen.

  • Remember the film AVATAR? I’m waiting for those types of display technology to be available. Even demos at Corning Gorilla Glass site have very real futuristic models.