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It seems that the Galaxy S8 rumor floodgates are officially open (though the downpour may not be enough to wash away the Note 7 embers quite yet). Following last week’s Galaxy S8 rumor blowout, arrives talk of a 4K Galaxy S8 variant and the replacement of Samsung’s longstanding S Voice integration.  

A prolific Chinese leaker, via Sam Mobile, suggests that both a 5.1-inch handset with a curved, QHD Super AMOLED display and a 5.5-inch device with 4K  resolution are on the cards. What’s more, it’s also speculated that the previously rumored dual-camera setup may be exclusive to the larger of the two handsets.

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October 11, 2016

Samsung’s S Voice app may also be getting the chop in favor of a smarter AI assistant. Samsung recently announced that it had acquired intelligent interface developer Viv Labs and with Samsung’s S Voice tech falling far behind the likes of Siri and Google Assistant, the injection of an all-new AI assistant could be just what the company needs (alongside many bags of cash).

Samsung’s Viv Labs acquisition is a firm indication that it’s prepping something new in AI. Other recent speculation regarding the Galaxy S8 includes the adoption of a ‘full-screen’ display (i.e. without the top and bottom bezels) and the removal of the series’ typical home button.

If the rumors are anything to go by, Samsung could be back with a bang next year. No pun intended.

Scott Adam Gordon
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  • Berkan Emre Yılmaz

    İ dont want 4k display

    • Dilum Fonseka

      4k displays are good for vr

      • Tyler Durden

        But VR content on phones is non existent and not that great graphically

        • Dilum Fonseka

          but still people use mobile vr because its very cheap than dextop vr

          • THAT BANNED GUY

            and they can’t get full taste of VR

          • Dilum Fonseka

            cause oculus rift & htc vive is damn expensive.

          • Ylletroja

            Most people that has vr has the mobile versions since few people buy $1500+ desktops these days.

        • JHarley17

          Gear vr is great and a 4k display would make it much better

        • Ylletroja

          The interesting stuff will ofc be video. Video has no real time graphics. It might also be possible to just use the screen of the handset to offload GPU intensive task to a third party (a computer).

    • JHarley17

      Then don’t buy it.

      • SeanPR11

        Sorry Jharley17… I made the same comment before seeing yours :(

    • SeanPR11

      Then don’t buy it?

    • Slaughter

      As lon as the resolution is scalable (like with the note 7) I’m fine.

  • cool!n

  • Damien Conway

    don’t see why people that are happy with a smaller screen size are disadvantaged by not having the extra camera tech dual camera. similarly with iPhones. gives us all the tech but larger screen variant for those that want it

    • “all the tech”

  • Hsein Shabshoul

    I hope not

  • Aleksandar Sarkanjac

    and hopefully a bigger battery to keep that 4k display running all day! :)
    that full-screen sounds awesome, can’t wait to see it in the coming s8 or s9

  • Tyler Durden

    So basically all the iPhone rumors also apply to Samsung. Beta in early 2017, final product Fall 2017 ;)

    • Tom


  • Dominique Bradshaw

    Imma get a new or used note 4 and wait for the note 8

    • khalid

      I’ll keep my note 3 until S8 or Note 8 [or whatever the name they’ll give to it to make us forget this catastroph]

      • Indian

        Same here with my trusted Note II

  • Vikas Mistry

    Why the hell Samsung acquires a new assistant? Just get Google Assistant, don’t need useless S Voice or any other crap.

    • JHarley17

      They do if they make tizen phones. They don’t just make phones for you

    • Marius Tomas

      Viv AI was created by people who made Sirius…

      • Marius Tomas


  • Sardar Aman Deep Singh

    Would be best for VR content

    • StandingO790 .

      Yep. Gear VR needs a better display than 2k to be perfect :)

    • hardy83

      Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. Get the Gear VR to work with their store as well as the Daydream platform and Gear VR will still be the top mobile VR options.

      Though it would be nice if they have an option to lower the resolution to QHD when not using VR to save on battery power/cpu though.

      • Ylletroja

        The option to switch to qhd would be very important, else regular use would be quite terrible since the GPU will hardly have the power to drive everything in 4k.

  • Roby

    Gonna wait for the S9. Happy enough with my S7, it’ll last.

    • Why don’t you upgrade to a G5?

      • BritishGuy94

        Omg good joke. G5 and upgrade in same sentence I’m rofl 😂😂

        • what? microusb and quick charge 2.0 is good enough for you? omg it doesn’t even have a replaceable battery, so crappy.
          Besides that fugly front bottom home button gives me cramps, I can’t understand how in 2016 there are phones not using the logical back home button. Of course those are the companies that want to copy iCrap, not for power users

  • JHarley17

    Something better than s voice would be welcome. Hopefully it gets ported back to older devices like s7e

    • chris

      One year later they’ll upgrade the s7e, Samsung policy.

  • Louie Cafarella

    regardless of what happened with the Note7 this year, you can bet your bottom dollar i will be buying the S8 edge. if thats what its called.

  • Tim M. Furdui

    Sounds explosive :)

  • Scr-U-gle

    Will it come with a fire extinguisher?

    • Pedro Capello

      OMG such a great and tempestive joke!!! Utterly hilarious !!!!1!

      • Samsung fag alert

        • Kimberly Lazarski

          I spy an insecure imbecile who will come out as gay during his middle age crisis :-p

  • King_Android

    Hopefully the new AI will be able to play well with Google services as Google Assistant with the full power of Google at the head is definitely the AI that so far is the one that looks the most promising of all of the others combined.

  • Ijaz Ali

    Now I have to wait 6 months to get my dream smartphone after they discounted note 7
    I had been waiting for a year for the next note !

    • DaHitman

      It was nothing more than an S7 Edge with a pen anyway

  • DaHitman

    NEVER used S Voice anyway, it was bloat when we already have Google Now

  • Yep

    Samsung need to move away from Android and use their own OS now than Google are competing in the combined hardware+OS market.

    • No one would code apps for a OS that only one company uses, except for iDiots, and not even got those craphones so much lately

      • Yep

        Tizen can already install and run apk files as if native.

  • Seriously? They just acquired Viv. There’s no way they can get it ready for production before the launch of the S8.

    • eight months away? why not?

      • Fitting it into their ecosystem, testing, sorting out bugs, retesting… this sorta thing takes a while. Just see the difference between a company filing a patent and the patent actually ending up in the product. It’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s a pretty good approximation.

  • chris

    My s7 edge is going nowhere for at least 2 year.

  • Jerry Dubi

    no flat screen variant means no samsung for me.

  • tabguy2

    A 4K display would be much better for VR. The current 2560×1440 is too grainy.

  • Dave

    4k on a phone has got to be the stupidest thing yet. Just like removing the headphone jack. I waited to upgrade from the s4 to the s7, looks like Ill be waiting another 4 years or so to upgrade.

    • Tom

      Not really

      • Dave

        Unless the phone is in your face there is no point to having that much pixel density on a small screen. It is a waste odds battery power and CPU power. All it is, is another way for manufacturers to get people to upgrade their phones, a fancy useless gimmick.

        • Tom

          Nope 4K is essential for VR. If you don’t plan on using VR then you don’t need to upgrade. Since Samsung is investing in VR technology, it only makes sense that they would upgrade there screens to 4K resolution.

          *sidenote: I’m pretty sure, based on the Note 7’s features, that you’ll be able to downgrade the screen resolution to whatever you prefer on their future devices, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Rainierview

      Li-Ion batteries (and others) only take a finite number of recharges, so 100% agree re:switching out batteries. Sacrificing this capability on the superficial altar of a thinner device was IMO a silly decision. A spare provides the dual benefits of (1) quick switch-out and (2) recourse to keeping your device longer instead of tossing the whole thing when the battery no longer takes a sufficient charge.

      • Dave

        I had a 5400 battery on my s4, yeah it was a half inch thick but I could care less using my phone for 3 full days without turning off GPS and wifi.

  • Yasir Irshad

    no pun intended in the end 😂😂😂

  • inspectorgadget

    People keep spending insane amounts of money year by year to buy a new smartphone just to have 5% better camera or have 5 dpi more in screen. Im still rolling(2,5 years) rooted one m8, custom rom and kernel and its still damn fast and fluid. Dont get all the hypes for new steril devices,they all look and feel the same without any massive or special improvements.

    • Jonathan Kramer

      And there’s also the iconic saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I’m with you when it comes to these devices. I’m still rocking my Galaxy S3 which was the first real game changer..and I’ve yet to have a problem with it either. And yes, its running Kit Kat but heck, it works!

      • Shay Seale

        Dang bruh…
        Your S3 damn sure lasted longer than mine lol

  • Yasir Irshad

    and please change the design … seen plenty of them

  • daftrok

    Why is Samsung trying so hard to re-invent the wheel? They have their own app store, their own keyboard, their own browser, their own Games tools, their own backup and restore, their own music app, their own watch OS, their own health app; etc. etc. etc. It’s just a complete mess. You can stand as your own without having to try so freaking hard to distance yourself from Android.

    • Jerry Dubi

      Sample aka sam apple is what samsung has become

      • mark

        But on the contrary, this isn’t apple. I don’t see why there should be only one of the applications he lists. It would be an apple world if there was only a choice of one of each of those. Samsung aren’t locking others out.

        • daftrok

          But they are forcing it onto users. I cannot disable notifications from its calendar app; it constantly puts a notification until I enable it (and never use it). I cannot disable notifications from its Gametools. It CONSTANTLY nags me to update applications and if I just use one (for example, Themes) it force updates all of the other ones so I have to disable them all over again. If I can completely uninstall these applications then it is fine, but I can’t and it is annoying that I’m being forced to deal with them when a simple un-install will solve these problems. I can’t even disable the Samsung App Store; their applications update only via that Store and not through the Play Store like it should.

    • mark

      Because Android isn’t IOS where you can only use one of everything.

      • So your argument here is they are doing it simply because they can? IMO that’s not a good reason for filling up the phone with a bunch of redundant apps

    • MrMagoo

      Because Samsung is trying to build enough user base of their own services and apps, so that 1: when they can finally bring Tizen to fruition. 2: they already have a user base of services they offer. 3: apps that have already been around, tested and are tried and true. They want what Apple and Google have for themselves. People already call half of Android phones “Galaxy’s” anyway. If someone didn’t know any better, picked up a Tizen phone, that looked like every other Samsung phone out there, They would just know they have a “Galaxy” phone, and wouldn’t know the difference.

    • rockdude094

      Simple answer: B/c they arent lazy like other companies

  • Donald


  • Floris

    Rumours are that the S8 probably will be equiped with a new battery based on ‘Solid Oxide Fuel Cell’ tech. With this battery the S8 could last 1 week on one charge. Would be a revolution.

  • LiquidAlloy

    I would be fine with a 1080p screen that has faster refresh rate and battery life. In my opinion a 1080p screen on a screen that size is more than enough. I love Samsung products but I hate the Snapdragon processors in the U.S. market for Androids. They heat up and I am not impressed with the performance levels.

  • Can’t wait for the S8 to upgrade from my S5 c:

  • Player Slayer

    I really don’t see a point in a 4k display, other than VR. If they dont include an option to run it at quad-hd resolution, I’m not even gonna think twice about skipping it. Modern processors aren’t ready for 4k just yet

  • Poopik Shmill

    Samsung should update the Galaxy S7 to Nougat asap. So people will buy it and not the Google phone

  • Moisés

    3 months ago the 4K display was considered waste of power… The same speech:
    – You do not see difference between K , 2K and 4K if display is smaller than 50″.

    Now they say s8 will have and the speech is:
    – Full HD is so over… I want to connect the cellphone to a VR device so I can have my eyes 2 in far from the display.

    Thank you, I will pass. Do not even want to know what could happen to my eyes.

  • JR250

    Will the S8 come with no plugs but require a $150 wireless fire extinguisher?

  • Mac JT

    Make all you want brah but who’s gonna buy it?!!

  • Floris

    The S8 will change the smartphone landscape. Samsung will do anything to show the world they are by far the best and by far the most innovative smartphone manufacturer. Apple with it’s year over year structural lack of innovation will bite the dust big time 2017.