Samsung all but confirms Galaxy S7 will offer water resistance

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 17, 2016

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge aren’t expected to be massive departures from their predecessors in terms of design and base features, two of the most anticipated additions (or re-additions rather) are microSD support and waterproofing capabilities. While neither of these features have been formally confirmed by Samsung, earlier today we got our hands on an image that verified the microSD slot is back. As for waterproofing? It’s also starting to look more and more likely by the day.

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Just yesterday a new commercial showed up in Indonesia, potentially hinting at the existence of waterproofing tech in future Samsung devices. That said, the video also revealed that the footage of using a Galaxy phone in the rain were “dramatized” for effect, which added a bit of confusion to the mix. Thankfully, a new advertisement was released today that clearly shows that the Galaxy S7 really is going to have some form of waterproofing or resistance, either that or Samsung marketing department has no idea what it is doing. Let’s hope it is the former.

As you can see in the video above, a girl accidentally drops her phone into the pool, picks it up, and seemingly continues on her way. It’s also worth noting that the Tweet revealing this video included the message “That time when you couldn’t hold it together.” “Change your idea of what a phone can handle on 2.21.16 #TheNextGalaxy.”

In short, Samsung has now unofficially confirmed that the Galaxy S7 will have at least some degree of water resistance,though whether this applies to both the S7 and Edge remains unclear. With water resistance and microSD set to return to the Galaxy fold, what are your thoughts on the Galaxy S7 family – excited or not?

  • Juschan

    its starting to become really interessting … i am thinking of selling my iPhone even if i never wanted any samsung again in my life .. it really has some awesome features

    • Abd

      Gear VR with its Oculus contents is stunning too. It’s probably compatible with GS7. Fast wired and wireless charging is great too.

      • Juschan

        yes and since they r about to tidy up their shitty touchwiz it becomes an option again

  • systemupdate

    I think it is fine that Samsung is doing what Apple does with their phones, ie. 6 and 6S. They can certainly use the same design for a couple years and improve on shortcomings on the second iteration. It is a wise model.

    • JDMillest

      Samsung isn’t doing what apple is doing with there iPhones.

  • Kody


  • Banney Ley

    Disappointed that the renders show that it will still have a single LED flash… IN 2016! I also find it interesting as to why they went with a curved glass on the screen. Hasn’t that proven to be more easily damaged as seen on the S3 and iPhone 6[s]?

  • Southall87

    If the s7 edge has water resistance and micro SD I will be upgrading from my trusty sony xperia z1, if not I will be holding out for the z6 range

    • Jay

      Both are pretty much confirmed, so guess you’ll be upgrading :)

  • gubagub

    Forget water resistance, I just wish the phone has drop resistance like in that video.

    • droidtomtom

      Yes. That is what came to mind for me also. They clearly show it bouncing off the concrete twice before going into the drink. And the couldn’t hold it suggests dropping too.

      “That time when you couldn’t hold it together.” “Change your idea of what a phone can handle on 2.21.16 #TheNextGalaxy.”

  • aaloo

    ok, so let me get this straight. they are adding a feature that was there two generations ago, and somehow its a big deal. its like saying, apple takes out touch ID for iPhone 7, and reintroduces it in iPhone 7s and calls it innovation :)

    • V-Phuc

      It’s called “listening to their customer”. LOL. Seriously, I don’t care about water resistance, but the return of microSD will certainly please many loyal Samsung fans. Personally, I’ll hold out another year to see the return of removable battery. On top of all other excellent features such as screen resolution, camera, slimmed-down TouchWiz, Samsung phones will perhaps be awesome again.

  • Kukujiao

    No matter what manufacturer offer , people will complain anyway