New deets on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: water resistance, bigger batteries, microSD

by: John DyeJanuary 4, 2016

Exclusive: Galaxy S7 leak Shai Mizrachi

When we first got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, we were a bit surprised to see their specs didn’t include microSD slots or water resistance. Now it looks like Samsung is bringing these lacking features to 2016’s flagship devices, because a source briefed on the company’s plans has released new information about the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge.

So what all do we know? Well, according to this source, it seems like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will both be water and dust resistant up to IP67 certifications and support external storage up to 200GB. What’s more, we’ve gotten some more concrete details regarding screen size. The S7 will have the same screen size as its predecessor, the Galaxy S6, at 5.1 inches. However, the S7 Edge is getting a bit of a size boost. Whereas the S6 Edge likewise clocked in at 5.1 inches, the S7 Edge’s curved display will be 5.5 inches across the diagonal. We’re expecting the same resolution on both devices, and that’s 1440×2560 in Super AMOLED.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-16See also: Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup: release date, price, specs, features30

Chip-wise, it seems Samsung will be rocking a homebrew Exynos 8 Octa 8890, which is partially based on an ARM reference design. This system-on-a-chip boasts four 2.3GHz cores and an equal number of more efficient 1.6GHz cores. It’s possible, however, that North American S7 variants will sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820. In terms of memory, both devices are looking at 4GB of RAM and internal storage variants of 32GB and 64GB. We were kind of expecting a 128GB variant to make an appearance as well, and that may still be in the cards. We’ll have to wait and see.

The S6 line suffered from a little bit of a disappointing battery. Fortunately, the S7 will be getting a 3000mAh non-removeable battery, and the S7 Edge will get a 3600mAh one. These are certainly steps up from the 2550mAh and 2600mAh their forerunners offered. Wireless charging time on both devices looks like it will be in the ballpark of ~2 hours.


Finally, the camera. This is a little bit of a puzzling move from Samsung, because apparently they’ve downgraded the S7 line’s main camera’s resolution from 16 megapixels to 12 megapixels. It’s true that there’s more to image quality than just resolution, but it’s still a bit odd. The 5 megapixel selfie snapper appears to be unchanged from the S6 line.

These specs are as of yet unofficial, but we’re certain to know more by the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Samsung has a long track record of unveiling their devices just before the conference, so be sure to check back for more details then.

What are your thoughts regarding the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge’s newly leaked details? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • schahram

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Eric Vandemark

    Still kind of a deal breaker on removable battery. if it nearly doubled the capacity of my Note 3, I think I could live with a non-removable battery. I know they are trying to make the strategy of selling phones with non removable batteries viable for people to buy and trade in phones. I think I’ll wait to see what happens if and when there is a Note 6. Hopefully Sammy will see the light. just my opinion though. if people want to buy it, they can. But there are fans like me who would like a Samsung flagship with a removable battery. Preferably a Galaxy Note phone. Love using the stylus :) I love drawing on my phone, which is the main reason why I’m sticking with my phone until either Samsung or some other oem comes out with both a pressure sensitive stylus and a removable battery. micro SD card is preferred too, but I can take it or leave it

    • tyger11

      If you don’t mind big phones, you should check out LG’s V10. It has removable battery, and microSD slot.

      • Chris

        LG is a pos

    • Chris

      Fast charging is so much better. In like 20 minuntes I can get a 20% charge. Don’t end to deal with a flimsy plastic phones or backing…

      Plus removable batteries are only good if you keep them charged all the time.

    • stfu

      The note 4 should be right up your preference alley. But i admit, if you already own a note 3, it isn’t that much of an improvement over it. Hopefully the note 6 will top everything off nicely.

  • CassePer

    Water resistent. That was the only thing that was missing. So it seem like I’m getting a new phone in Februari/March, but the camera NEED to be top notch.

    • leo

      Rumors: On the camera front, the S7 and S7 Edge are expected to have 5 MP front-facing shooters, and 12 MP rear cameras with larger sensors and f/1.7 aperture – theoretically, this means they’re going to be better in low light environments than the 16 MP, f/1.9 aperture rear cameras of the Galaxy S6 series.

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        ‘m interested to know ab’t the 1.7 aperture

    • Kamalnath

      I don’t think water resistance would come back. sadly most of the customers don’t demand for it…:(

  • Bob F

    Seems interesting. The bigger batteries help. We’ll see.

  • Jennifer

    Getting hyped, let the rumors be true

  • Kirk Smith

    It’s a hit and miss for me. I, of course, am thrilled about water and dust resistance, but I find relevant use for having a detachable battery and prefer my mobile to have it. The expandable storage is also great news and I believe to be a move back in the correct direction. I think we’re going to see a great improvement with that battery size accompanied with the improving software adjustments from android as of late. All around, this is a plus and am looking forward to seeing the final build.

    • Chris

      Fast charging and wireless charging are the way to go now. No one wants flimsy plastic phones with flimsy backs just so some nerds can get an erection when they swap batteries

      • Kirk Smith

        Calling me a nerd for having a backup battery might be a bit presumptuous. The battery industry is playing catch-up… With that comes integrity questions. However, I do find your point to be valid concerning wireless and fast charging. Although, that “flimsy” plastic to which you refer is subjective. If the plastic backing on my phone breaks then replacing it isn’t an issue. I enjoy that feature. But, of course, it is subjective.

        • Jake

          Yeah, I liked having the user removable battery too. That way if my battery ever starts acting up, I can just get and new one and change it. Instead of having to take my phone into a shop or take it apart myself to replace the dying battery.

          • Phillip

            You guys make to much out of replacing batteries. I still have a gs3 an gs4 and blackberry q10 and rock them from time to time. When I’m wanting to give my GS6 edge plus a break and they all get me through the day . The new Samsung build quality is what’s up . Love my edge plus . I say no to the plastic anything time to move on folks

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        Our Asian market with Exynos processors, won’t ‘ve fast charging

        • Abd

          Note 5 and S6 Edge+ have Exynos processors with Fast-Wired and Fast-Wireless charging. I can confirm that with my Note 5

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Sorry, I meant, progressing standards like Quick Charge 3.0 than in the future 4.0, X.0…. With Samsung it’s just Fast Charge, since they got the moniker

          • X-47B

            WTH are you talking about? Qualcomm doesn’t make any standards here. For the last ime, Quick Charge is not a standard. It’s just a mere marketing name for sending in more current. This generation of SOC will have regulated charging, and this has nothing to do with Qualcomm only.

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Oh man, yes, it’s not a standard

          • Star Co

            Do you fail to realise that Exynos 8890 processor is actually better than Qualcomm Snapdragon 820?

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Actually, both are fabricated by Samsung atleast for this Snapdragon 820

          • Phillip

            Your wasting your time with Rajkhowa he’s stuck on stupid

        • Jake

          Actually Samsung’s Exynos SOCs do support fast charging. My Note 4 N910C is running a Exynos SOC and I can confirm that it has fast charging capabilities.

        • Slaughter

          Since there’s no fast charging on the S6?.. hm

        • Phillip

          What heck are you talking about all the new gs6 have wireless charging. Stop it with the non since

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Idiot, the correct term is conductive charging rather than wireless charging

          • Phillip

            Samsung calls it wireless charging you on the other hand had to correct yourself three time on this forum to get it right who’s the idiot now

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa


          • Phillip

            Hah dude your in denial let it go it’s wireless charging as far as me a million other are concerned I put my phone on a pad that’s wireless charging now gtfu out of here with that Samsung haters bs and buy yourself a iPhone are something . My question to you why the f*** do you care

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Go home, u r drunk

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        *Conductive Charging (and not wireless charging)

      • V-Phuc

        There is nothing flimsy about the plastic backs. Mine on Note 3 has looked and felt just as how it came out 2 years ago out of the box. What do you do with your phone back? Use it as weapon? Drop it on the floor every 10 sec? Regarding the last point, try to drop your phone, whatever it is with a glass back, and tell me how it survives compared to a plastic-back phone?
        Fast charging and wireless charging are probably nice, but no deal breaker to me. I charge my phone at night. I sleep so who cares about how fast it charges, then it lasts a whole 15 hours the next day, enough to go through my work. It’s a matter of keeping tab where your battery level is. At best, I’d call these 2 features pure “gimmicks”.

        • Phillip

          Frist off the point glass and plastic I own 4 different Samsung Galaxy phones gs3 gs4 and note 4 edge and GS6 edge plus and there a difference not looks and fill and build quality and it’d not close . The point of dropping your phone on propose? ??? Here a thought use a case on your $800 phone know Brainer. Fast charging is what’s up when you need it for that time when you forget to charge your phone wireless charging I use every night no need to mess with that flimsy USB cable just drop it on there love it . You have a phone that has none of those features so you haven’t a clue . I’ve had all the the notes the 3 is a nice phone but it s no note 5

          • V-Phuc

            LOL. I laugh at you and all the others, including those working for AA, who clamor for a better “premium” material. Now you get a glass back, then afraid to break it, so you put on a case. Now tell me, once the case is on, is there any difference between a plastic and glass back? Can you tell the difference if you’re blindfolded and not allowed to remove the case in a blind touch test? NOPE.. And that’s the gist. So why bother with a glass back since you know you’re going to “hide” it in a case anyway?!!! As for fast charging and wireless charging, as I said, nice features but NOWHERE to be a deal breaker for me. I couldn’t care less. For 2 years now, I’ve never run out of battery on my Note 3 so badly that I need to charge it fast. The only times were at Walt Disney. All day, taking pics, web browsing, calling, email, etc. Guess what, I popped in a new battery. 10 sec of work. Can your wireless charging and fast charging do that? NOPE. That’s what I thought. Stop being wowed by all the new tech and really look at the real-world usage and scenarios. GS6, GS6Edge, Note5 are excellent, but NOT every feature they have are really WOW. I gave you an example right there: non-removable vs removable battery.

          • Phillip

            You trying to justify your reasoning for holding on to a 3 year old phone. By telling us that the new tech is not worth it is falling on deaf ears my friend. I can honestly say I’ve never felt the need to pull a battery in all the Samsung Galaxy I own now and all the ones I’ve had including the note 3 Which I traded for my n4 that I still have fact is only less the 3% of the cell phone population carry a extra battery around that makes it not a priority to any phone company other then lg last I check both the G4 and V10 are not selling . Hum and you said those features are sooooo important only to the 3% .

          • V-Phuc

            Not trying to justify anything. Not trying to convince you either. You bought a GS6 and happy with it. Good for you, so am I with my Note 3. You never pulled the battery out. Well others did, so did I, and boy in these times, nothing was more convenient than the 10 sec swap. I merely pointed out the fast and wireless charging are useless in some situations. Why do you say LG G4 and V10 are not selling? Not to the extent of Samsung’s phones, but that has a lot to do with many factors, including the very weak marketing LG has done with their products, in comparison to Samsung and Apple. I’m not trolling nor hating Samsung. They made excellent products, but they are not perfect. I don’t swallow everything they feed me, and what I pointed out are real-life examples where their new smartphones can be shortcoming.

      • Cory

        Is that erection at all similar to the erection you get when your phone without a removable battery overheats and won’t turn off so all you have left to do is make fun of people on the Internet who prefer removable batteries while you wait for the battery to die?

    • wcjeep

      I have bought back up batteries for every phone. Turns out I have never used them. I have used back up battery sticks. They are easier to recharge and connect/charge any device. Small battery sticks are also cheap. Won’t hurt as much if lost. On the go recharge has mostly been necessary at Disneyland or similar events.

    • Dante

      wont have removable battery , pray for a removable sd card

      • Phillip

        The SD card is going to make a return. Removable back is a thing of the past that you guys need to let go of hey I’ve been a Samsung Galaxy user since galaxy one. And still have 3 4 and a note 4 edge. But my GS6 edge plus fills sooooo much better and looks sooooo much nicer. If your hell bent on removable battery get a lg …see problems solved keep it moving

        • Dante

          thats what i did lol

          • Phillip

            Then my question to you is why are you on this forum if you don’t even have a dog in the fight and you purchased a different brand are you in here trolling like most of the hates that don’t have a Samsung Galaxy both like to come on here to troll

          • Dante

            Who the hell told you thad i dont have a galaxy huh?i bought the note 5 in the moment it released and i didnt even listwlen to the reviews , Its a great phone with bloated software ( lg has a lil bloat too) im one of the people who purchases a lot of flagships per year because i can , and to think im trolling because ” i dont own ” i usually never return phones , and i could because my first device this year was a golden s6 edge 64 gb which i imediately gave to my mom after 1,5 weeks of usage , great camera display and performance but abysmal battery and bloat , i think the problem in this case is you , not me , enjoy your fckin 16 gb Samsung galaxy s6

        • V-Phuc

          See the problem with you and all other blind fanboys is you swallow everything Sammy or other OEM say. Remember all the debate about why the GS6 cannot have the microSD? Many bought into the idea that the processor cannot support the microSD storage, therefore only the phone hard drive is the sole memory drive. Guess what, if this rumor turns out to be true, Sammy will bring back the microSD support even using their own Exynos processor. LOL. Where there is the will there is always a way. Ever heard of that? Don’t be so gullible

          • Phillip

            First off I could care less about a return of the SD card slot 64 gigs is plenty . I’m just stating a rumor that it may return and that’s a good thing for some but not most fact is only phone geeks and nerds care enough to need more then 64 gig on a phone cause most average folks have jobs and don’t down load 100 movies and games on there phone. That’s why I have a 75 in UHD curve tv for and a Xbox. Your that guy that what’s a new phone but can’t are won’t buy it and try to convince others that your note 3 is on the same level as the note 5 ….Really

          • V-Phuc

            Grouping people as geeks and nerds for those who carry more than what YOU do is quite misrepresenting and insulting. Perhaps the guy sitting next to your cubicle does that, and he may not be “geek and nerd” as you say. Again, I’m pointing out that many of Sammy defenders were quick to excuse the absence of microSD card on GS6 using the processor as the obstacle. Well, apparently, it may NOT be, as claimed by Sammy and all the Sammy blind fanboys. Not convincing you about Note3=Note5. Far from it. Both are excellent in their times, but both are NOT perfect either. I’m always laughing when some Sammy defender try their hardest to overlook the phone shortcomings or gimmicks.
            Look if let’s say microSD is REALLY REALLY obsolete, why other OEMs still put it on their current phones? And why does Sammy even consider to bring it back?

  • bizzygeek

    4GB of RAM? No way they would need it if they didn’t load the phone up with crapware and touchwiz. My 6P runs circles around my wife’s super laggy S6, and there’s absolutely no reason that should be the case from a hardware perspective. Maybe instead of figuring out how to make the phone waterproof, they could figure out how not to ruin the user experience with software differentiation. It would be so great if these phones could live up to their amazing potential.

    • Chris

      I have a note 5 and it doesn’t have any lag or bloated TouchWiz.

      Only nerds care about stock android.

      • Bur

        I cared about stock android because of the old TouchWiz. Now with the note 5 touchwiz, LG ui and Huawei’s ui (F* S6 with its memory issues still persistent) I rather have TouchWiz, LG ui or Huawei’s ui than stock. Stock is so boring and misses essentials from the custom ui’s.

        • Ismail Akram

          I think stock used to be boring but now it is not. Only thing lacking in stock is good camera interface. Ambient display is cool on stock. Which should be on samsung. Always listening on nexus 6p is cool. It’s animations speed and scrolling is on next level. I used to not like stock but its damn good now except for camera interface.

          • Phillip

            Two words note 5 see its that easy if you want features and a fast phone

          • Ismail Akram

            For me fast word stands for nexus 6p. So does it stands for smooth. Only thing I see bit superior in note 5 is display. BTW in term of software note 5 is ahead in multitasking that is it. Note 5 finger print scanner sucks even.

          • Ismail Akram

            Yes correct if you want features. But it don’t last as fast after few weeks. But people who have one good phone won’t even know the speed difference cuz they adapts as phone behaves

        • Phillip

          I say you need a note 5 are GS6 edge plus that whole memory issue is fixed with ether of these to phones

      • Phillip

        I’ve been preaching the same thing thing the nexus nerds believe stock Android is the bee nees. …not had one that ui is so boring. There no lag in my GS6 edge plus. The nexus nerds are stuck in the mind set of TouchWiz of old .they need to get out of the basement more

      • chris edmonds

        I hate the response “only nerds care about…..” . how about, only nerds care about the quality and usability of there phone. Everyone else only cares about how good their phone looks when other people notice that they also have the same phone. I buy phones that work and have the features I expect a user friendly phone to have. Not because everyone else has one.

    • Eddie Hicks

      Maybe she has a defective phone. My S6 has absolutely no lag. I’m using Nova launcher but even with Touchwiz it performs great. My only issue is that the battery life could be a little better.

      • Phillip

        Right on point the battery was the only reason I upgraded to the gs6 edge plus. Now my grandson loves his regular GS6 and since 5.1 it’s been a beast

    • Phillip

      Then you should upgrade your wife’s phone to a note 5 which runs rings around the p6 . In every test I ever seen on YouTube


    The lower MP count on the camera isn’t all that surprising considering they’re trying to do what the Nexus 6P does with its larger pixels to give better low light capabilities with their new britecell camera tech they patented awhile back. If Samsung can make a camera that shoots as well as their flagship’s last year but with the low light awesomeness of the Nexus 6P then they will undoubtedly have the best camera ever on a smartphone hands down.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    For me a replaceable battery is not that important nowadays, since you have really thin power banks or the big ones that an charge your phone twice or more. But as a Sony fan I now see that Samsung is getting better (But for god’s sake extinct the touch-wiz, do something new and lightweight with another name kasokaso).

  • Louie Cafarella

    I seriously cannot wait for the S7 edge. I seriously cannot wait for 1,000 more mAh in my battery! Cuz I love my Galaxy S6 edge, only complaint I have is the battery stinks, the SD card thing don’t bother me much, so that’ll be an added bonus. Another GB of RAM is gonna be dope too. Can’t wait! I’ll be able to get it in May cuz of the way my phone plan is with T-Mobile, half my device has to be paid off in order for me to upgrade. I’ll be in T-Mobile on THE DAY I can upgrade baby!

  • Not1Not2Not3

    I’ll definitely pick up that 5.5″ S7 edge. Battery life will be great.

  • James Childress

    I like the larger screen offering but not with a curved edge. Hopefully they will make this an option for the flat versions.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    You forgot, No USB-C

    • Slaughter

      Any clue on that?

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        9to5google dot com

    • Phillip

      what’s the advantages of USB c. ..there is none other then you can plug it in both was . Right now there’s no technical advantage

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        If u r a rich guy that throws away phones in one or two years, I’ve nothing to say. As for us, we ‘ve to buy the unlocked version and keep it steady for years to come.
        The news also means it doesn’t make it to USB 3.1

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        If sum1 offers USB 3.1, they would with a USB-C. The next version or even the Galaxy Note would ‘ve it, that means they themselves wouldn’t skip it and neglecting it like toyotas leaving Carplay & Android Auto. If u r willing to pay the price, why settle for anything less, options are in tons too. Atleast for me, after emptying my pockets, I would use that for years to come.

  • Pratish Zaveri

    From the sketch it looks like they have not included the Infrared feature as it was in all devices starting from S4. Its a must have feature for me to switch to new phone as I am a S4 user and I use that feature on daily basis and is so convenient for me.

    • Star Co

      As am S4 user, i can confirm that it was one of Samsung’s most featured phones

  • VictorMartino

    If the rumors are true (I only care about microsd and battery size) I’ll sell my kidney for it. But I really, REALLY don’t think they are. Samsung wouldn’t sacrifice thinness for battery life because they are stupid.

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      Chinese people do the same, sell their kidneys

  • John Doe

    Hardware aside, there is no word on any changes to the S/W?? OS 6.01 … etc ..

    • Phillip

      The gs7 will ship with the latest version of Android that’s been stated already and if your reference to touch wiz it’s so much better now then before it’s obvious you haven’t played with the latest version of Samsung Galaxy phones in a while have you

      • John Doe

        Nope, Moved to a Nexus 5 after my Note 1 was basically left hanging in the wind by Samsung … I ask as I am always looking to see if they might change their stance on OS upgrades (which in the past has been terrible!!)

        • Phillip

          Note 1 really that was 4 years ago. How about you go check out the latest version of Samsung Galaxy you’ll be amazed

  • Battery is still non removable? No zerolemon for this one. Might as well buy an LG phone.

  • Giles Peach

    Recently got the Nexus 6P, and love it. The smaller size of the S7 and water resistance are very attractive to me as I use my phone when exercising in and outdoors. It’s a given the camera will be great, and the larger battery is a very positive sign if true. Intrigued I am.

  • Diego

    Idiots at samsung finally figured it out.

  • Albin

    I think s7 will have great cam. 12mp with larger sensor, larger pixel size and 1.7 aperature, nothing wrong here!
    Because nexus 5x 12cam 2.0 aperature beatet the s6 with 16cam 1.9 aperat. in lowlight cause of that larger sensor and big pixel sizes.

    Numbers means nothing if u don’t know what to do with them.

  • Diego

    Oh, samsung, and please don’t try to be like the iPhone.
    It will never work.

    • X-47B

      What exactly is like iPhone here? Seriously curious
      And being like the best selling model in the world isn’t half bad like you saying.

      • Diego

        Dropping sd card and replaceable battery.

  • Abd

    Samsung finally did the right thing. Water proofing, SD-Card, and larger batteries are vital to gain lost and new customers. Water proofing and superior design is more important than removable battery which is replaced by the better combination of larger battery and Quick wired charging and Fast wireless charging. This is the winning equation

    • Kamalnath

      let’s hope Samsung people are having the same ideas…

  • Kunal Narang

    S7 series will be a success

  • AndroidUser15

    * And a Price Tag of $850 For Galaxy S7 Edge.

  • Napalm_3nema

    That 5.5″ screen size would be right in my sights if it wasn’t a stupid Edge model. I would prefer them to be reversed, because I have no interest in Edge or a 5.1″ screen.

  • Aki I.

    That s7 edge battery though. Too bad I swore off Samsung due to updates and removed features. There’s probably little hope for user replaceable batteries in flagship among all manufacturers now. I’ll wait for the ifixit teardown and next nexus info to see if my mind changes.

    • Phillip

      If your waiting for a removable battery then get a lg nexus hasn’t had a removable battery in a while. And the only people that speck of that feature are nerds 98% of the buying public could care less

  • BradyIsInoccent

    I seriously doubt the battery size rumors are true, I have an s6 edge and the battery is pretty good I do wish it was better just in case I needed it. I feel like someone is just making those rumors to over hype the phones and make them seem like bust when they actually come out.

  • saksham


  • Japp

    I have z5c…. Never had anything to do with water yet in these 3 months. Unnecessary.

    • Pez Smith

      Don’t you use it to boil water for your cup of tea?

  • Marco Lorenzo

    Hmm…I was pretty set on getting whatever LG’s next phone is going to be (loved the G4 and the V10 looks interesting) but if this is how Samsung is going about it this year, I might just go back to them. Hopefully their software keeps up though.

  • Filly Jnr

    Pity that there is 99% chance that the software will be 100% shit- not saying they dont add in some useful features, but they are few and far between amongst bloat, bad skin, and ugly colours when googles stock is fine, adding a few features in is great but tampering for tampering sake and making it worse in the process… I don’t know how they still sell phones

  • M3D1T8R

    Sounds like some much needed improvements over the utter failure that is the S6. Maybe for the S8 they’ll finally get rid of the obsolete physical home button, add front speakers, and fix their still awful bloated UI. Until then, Samsung will be crossed off my list. Too bad as their screens are the best.

    • Phillip

      Failure? ??? The gs6 note sold more then any other android phone and it’s not even close . The phone wasn’t for you and that’s fine not sure why you Samsung haters bother to come on these forums just to tell us your not buying
      . Why waste you time the iPhone forums don’t intereste you

  • Sulley Alsaeed

    I am way beyond satisfied with my note 5. If u have a new samsung tv u wont need infrared. Loving this new era of samsung design. What im really waiting for is a new tablet to replace my note 10.1 2014 (even though its even more amazing after getting lolipop) the waterproofing comeback is great as long as its not noticeable in the thicknessand screen distance from glass, like how the s5 was like in a protective cover.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Close but no cigar. They can keep all of their phones until they put back a removable battery, or do the obvious and offer a version that does offer a removable battery. Any phone at this level has the ability to able to keep up with the best of the best for years. Why would you want to buy it with a non-removable battery that will without any doubt die within a year or so, thereby forcing you to buy a new one?

    Oh, of course, that is the plan to be just like Apple. It is called planned, built in obsolescence and since Vance Packard first coined the phrase it has been the darling, cash cow generating modus operandi of corporations the world over faced with the “problem” of how to sell more of their products to people who really shouldn’t need to replace them, if they had made them to last instead of self-destruct in a timely, convenient fashion within a predetermined time period.

    No thanks, I will be looking to LG for my next phone.

    • Phillip

      Yep cause the removable media and battery sold a lot of g4 for lg …not that phone was a dud . The days of plastic back samsungs are dead get over it and I’m so happy you my friend should just buy another brand and be happy

      • SamsaraGuru

        Sorry, but if I don’t want to “get over it” and feel like pointing out the obvious stupidity of Samsung, I will do so. I suggest you spare yourself and simply skip over anything I post in the future so that your self-satisfied, “all that glitters must be gold” and I’m proud of thinking that way self-image won’t be threatened.

        • Phillip

          You don’t want to get over it really dude it’s not that serious. Haha so you posting on this little forums and venting. Yep I’m sure the brase at Samsung head quarter will jump on your request. …not let me help you. ….buy a different phone and move on with your life

  • Billy joseph

    A 5.5 inch screen, a 3600 mah battery, fast/wireless charge and expandable storage? That’s the sweet spot for me right there. IPS 67 certification is an added bonus. If they throw in touchwiz with a lighter footprint the s7 edge will be a certified winner.

  • Dusan

    Looks like great changes. Too bad I just bought Edge+. Hmm, phones are beginning to hit feature limits. If Samsung truly pulls off these rumors, then what more do you really want in a phone? Holographic projector? ;)
    S8 is probably not going to be very exciting. Hopefully innovations kick off in time for S9 else big phone companies might face issues.

  • droidtomtom

    From those images both the S7 and S7 Edge will have curved displays.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    I doubt the Note 6 wilk have a 30mp camera, as the rumours say

  • WOW! Those specs sound great!

  • Dave

    Did Samsung poach their designers from Porsche. They have just taken a piece of tracing paper to the S6 for design inspiration. No great steps forward there then. I don’t know if a mild upgrade in speed over an already top quality phone (S6) and the addition of an SD port will be enough to tempt potential customers to part with in excess of £400 for this.
    Contract upgrades will be the most likely avenue for this phone.

  • Osalt Osalt

    The S7 and the Plus should be a big hit. Especially to those who stayed away from the S6 series due to lack of expandable storage. Finally Samsung has seen the light.