The Samsung Galaxy S7 hype is calming down and it is time to make a decision. Will you go for the Samsung Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 Edge, or is the more budget-friendly Nexus 6P still the better bet for your needs? These are two (well… three) handsets of high interest, so we had to put them head to head to find out which is the best handset for your money.

I have been playing around with these handsets for some time and it’s time to give you my full thoughts. Shall we get started?


S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (2)

These are all great-looking handsets, but their designs are vastly different from each other. Size is one of the main things to consider; the Nexus 6P towers over the Galaxy S7 Edge, and even more so with the smaller Galaxy S7. The Nexus 6P is also thinner in terms of width, largely thanks to its extensive top and bottom bezels. While both handsets are relatively ergonomically friendly, the larger bezels do make the Nexus 6P a lot tougher to use in one hand.

The vast difference in the size is largely due to the screen size; the Nexus 6P is the largest at 5.7 inches, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sports a 5.5-inch screen, and the regular S7 is significantly smaller with its 5.1 inch display.

S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (10)

As mentioned above, all phones here are beautiful, offering aluminum frames. But the Nexus 6P’s metal body does extend all the way to the back, while the Galaxy S7 handsets have a Gorilla Glass 4 backing. The curved back on the Galaxy S7 smartphones looks gorgeous, and it happens to make for a very comfortable feel in the hand.

The one thing I will say is that glass will accumulate plenty of fingerprints, and it can become very slippery in the hand. This extra slippery texture, mixed with the fragility of the glass on the front, kind of creates a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, Gorilla Glass 4 is pretty strong and will likely hold up against minor drops and scratches.

S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (6)

The Nexus 6P’s aluminum housing looks just as beautiful, in its own way. It’s very smooth in texture, but will not fly off your hands as much as the slippery Galaxy phones. And fingerprints never really show up, at least on the silver model I have been touting for a while. Google’s flagship gadget can scratch pretty easily, though.

The 6P is a bit thinner than the Galaxies at 7.3 mm, vs the S7’s 7.9 mm and S7 Edge’s 7.7 mm. Sadly, the 6P’s camera does protrude a lot more from the rear, but it’s not the end of the world as it’s still manageable and it does have glass protecting the camera lens from scratching and damage.

S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (4)

But of course, the biggest story here is the curved display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is mostly there for aesthetics, even if it does serve some features. And it certainly works; the Galaxy S7 Edge will definitely turn more hands than the Nexus 6P, as well as the regular S7.

The way this curved glass reflects light and gives an illusion of a bezel-less look makes the S7 Edge, in my opinion, the best designed phone on the market. And even without this curved display on the standard S7, the thin bezels and minimal reflective backing still has the 6P beat.


S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (5)

Whether you like small, medium or large handsets, there will likely be a perfect size for you here. As I already mentioned, the Nexus 6P is the largest of the lot at 5.7 inches, which will be great for those who prefer the bigger handsets. You can go a little smaller with the 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge, or settle for a more traditional size with the S7 at 5.1 inches.

That’s really where the differences end here, at least in terms of the screens. All phones have a QHD (2560×1440) resolution on an AMOLED panel. In fact, the Nexus 6P’s screens were supplied by Samsung, so these phones will all look very similar. The Nexus 6P colors are a tad warmer, but just barely. I will have to give the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the upper hand here, though, as these do seem to have brighter screens.


Otherwise, both displays look gorgeous, with vibrant hues and punchy colors. Of course, there’s also the curved Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and its morphed display. This creates a very cool effect when moving apps around or watching videos, but it can get annoying in certain situations. The edge can distort images and reflect unwanted light at times. Regardless, it does create a cool 3D-like effect.

All the displays here are beautiful, with the only big differences being the actual sizes. Big movie watchers or YouTube viewers are going to love the larger displays on the 6P and S7 edge, while some may just prefer the one-handed use of the S7.



There’s a very forgivable reason for those large bezels on the Nexus 6P – dual front speakers. These are amazing; one of the best speakers on any phone right now. The Nexus 6P speakers point right at you, which is ideal for any type of media consumption. They also get very loud and clear, which we all like.

Meanwhile, Both Galaxy handsets have the speaker on the bottom. This makes for sound that not only points away from you, but can be easily muffled when holding the handset. And in terms of sound quality these are not very good either. In fact, I would say they are a lot worse than last year’s Galaxy S6 speakers.


There is also a very valid reason for this downside, though. Keep in mind the new Samsung flagships are water resistant. There is a protective coating over the speaker, making for a muffled sound. Yes, there are no annoying flaps protecting the ports this time around. These are protected from the inside. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can survive under 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

You can find fingerprint readers on all 3 phones, but there is a clear difference in placement. I happen to be a fan of the NExus 6P’s, as it is located on the back of the phone, in an area where your phone rests all the time. The Nexus 6P’s scanner is also a little faster, although both are among the fastest in the market. You likely won’t notice much of a difference.

S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (3)

A big surprise this year was Samsung’s use of the mciro USB standard, as opposed to adopting the new USB Type C port. The Nexus 6P does use the newer technology, and can take advantage of its faster transfer speeds and reversible port. This could be a good thing for those of you who would rather not buy a bunch of new cables, though.

A welcomed addition on Samsung’s smartphones is the inclusion of microSD support. The slot can be accessed by pulling out the SIM tray, and you can use cards with up to 200 GB of storage. Curiously, when you pull out the Nexus 6P’s SIM tray it seems like the plan was also to include microSD support, but this never made it to market.

S7-S7Edge-vs-6P-1of11(smaller) (8)

Also, it’s worth noting that while you get on screen navigation buttons with the Nexus 6p, you have 2 capacitive buttons on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Which one you like is a matter of preference. 


2016 is upon us, so it’s obvious to expect the newer Samsung devices to come with better specs. Samsung is using a Snapdragon 820 processor, while the Nexus 6P takes advantage of last year’s Snapdragon 810. Samsung’s phones also have 4 GB of RAM, while the Huawei-made Nexus 6P only sports 3 GB.


When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and and S7 Edge, both phones have the same internals, save for battery capacity. The largest Samsung device offers 3,600 mAh of juice, while the standard S7 comes with a 3,000 mAh battery. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6P sports a 3,450 mAh battery.

Geekbench gave the Galaxy devices a higher score, beating the Nexus 6P at around 5,500. Antutu also has the Samsung products above the Nexus 6P by a large margin at a score of about 130,000. Although the Nexus 6P is running pure Android, the S7 and S7 Edge’s faster processing package allows for apps to open and load faster. The only area the 6P is faster in is the opening of the recent apps screen. Surprisingly, RAM management seems to be about the same, despite the Nexus 6P having a whole GB of RAM less.

Galaxy S7 Edge - Snapdragon 820

Galaxy S7 Edge performance on AnTuTu

Battery life is really good on all devices, but if you want your phone to last the longest possible you will definitely prefer the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Nexus 6P would last me all day, with about 4:15 of screen-on time. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will last me all day too, but if I stretch my day out very long, I can manage close to 5 and a half hours of screen-on time. 

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 lasts me for 3-4 hours of screen-on time, but that is still a huge improvement over last year’s Galaxy S6. It will mostly last me all day, but not every time: there were days where it died about an hour before bed time.

That being said, the Galaxy S7 Edge is a in a whole other league when it comes to battery life; as we covered in our Galaxy S7 Edge review, the battery life on Samsung’s latest flagship can exceed 8 to 9 hour’s screen on time! All three phones are capable of fast charging, however. Even with their different charging cables, the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is capable of wireless charging, while the Nexus 6P is not.



Another area where these phones couldn’t be any more different is software. The Nexus exists to showcase Google’s software, as well as where the Search Giant wants to take Android. These phones have no skins or tweaks; it’s just Android as it naturally is. There is another great advantage you will get with the Nexus 6P; Nexus devices are always the first to get updates, and they are pushed straight from Google’s servers.

With Samsung devices – along with all other non-Nexus devices – you’ll have to wait plenty of time to get your updates. These Samsung cellphones are flagships, so they get priority, but the wait is still usually months long. For now they all run Android Marshmallow, though.

nexus 6p review aa (5 of 12)

The Nexus 6P offers a lot of Material Design elements, such as the pull-down notification shade. Simply swipe down once to show the notifications and twice to expand your shortcuts. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 only requires one swipe down to show everything.

One cool feature the Samsung devices have is the ability to view multiple apps at once, but that is something Nexus 6P users will also be able to do later this year, when Android N is released. As it stands, the Nexus 6P is all about simplicity, which is great, but also means features can be lacking. Meanwhile, the Sasmung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are loaded with all kinds of helpful tools.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is especially unique, thanks to its curved sides and added functionality. Edge Panels allow you to customize a special area that can be pulled from the side. Here you can find shortcuts to weather, news, mail, taking selfies and more. Furthermore, People Edge will also allow you to quickly get in touch with your favorite contacts. This make for a very nice way to organize your phone without cluttering your home screen with all kinds of widgets and shortcuts.

Always On Display is another feature found in this year’s Galaxy phones. Even when your Galaxy S7’s screen is off, a portion will stay on, showing you the time, date or calendar. The Nexus 6P has Ambient Display, which I prefer a lot more as it actually lights up the phone in a black and white mode as notifications come in, allowing you to see incoming notifications without powering on your screen.


Touchwiz is known for it’s sluggish nature, but this year it has been improved by a decent amount. Once you disable certain laggy apps and widgets, like the Briefing screen, you have a very solid software experience. Even though stock android isn’t tinkered with, it’s not without it’s freezes and crash sometimes, especially when using certain apps that involve the camera.



As it stands, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Nexus 6P have some of the best cameras in the smartphone market. This makes it a very tough call to say which is better, as both cameras will create amazing photos. This means it’s all really up to your own preference.

This year Samsung lowered the megapixel count from 16 to 12, while making the pixels larger to allow more light in. The NExus 6P uses a similar technique. In fact, Google’s phone actually has bigger pixels.

The main thing to take away here is that the Galaxy S7 seems to take much more vibrant shots, with great highlight control and saturated colors. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6P seems to be better at exposing shots properly. The Nexus will show more details in bright areas like skies and clouds. The Nexus 6P does seem to have more issues with shadows and you will find more detail in the highlights, but when things get darker you start losing quality.

You will also notice the Samsung Galaxy S7 tends to offer more post-processing sharpening. This vibrance and sharpness will make it seem as though the S7 produces better images at first glance, but closer eamination will show the Nexus 6P takes shots with more information.

Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge camera samples

If you are a fan of full manual mode, you will also prefer the Samsung Galaxy S7, which does offer that nifty treat. You can adjust the focal length, ISO, white balance and more with the Galaxy S7, while the NExus 6P doesn’t offer those capabilities.

Both cameras do a similar job when taking low-light photos, but things get really different once you switch HDR on (or HDR+, as it’s called in the Nexus 6P). The Nexus 6P gets rid of noise and boosts colors to make for gorgeous shots. And yes, the Nexus 6P does seem to be better at low-light photography.

But if you are a fan of selfies, you will really enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S7’s 5 MP camera. This is because that wide-angle lens is phenomenal. You will begin to lose a lot of detail once you move to an area that is not outdoors, though. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6P’s front shooter manages low light very well.

Now, with video the S7/ S7 Edge is hands down the winner. The Nexus 6P falls apart in video mode, stuttering to find the right exposure and focus. The Galaxy S7’s shot is very smooth thanks to its optical image stabilization. Also, the Galaxy S7 has the fastest focusing speeds on any smartphone, locking on to objects instantly, where the 6P will take a longer time, and sometimes just won’t even bother trying to focus.

Nexus 6P camera samples

It’s hard to say who’s a winner. In image detail and exposure, the Nexus 6P is definitely better, although when it comes to image control, color representation and video, the Galaxy S7 is the winner.

Final thoughts

So… which one is the better phone? This is likely one of the toughest comparisons we have done. These are said to be the best phones you can get at the moment, and they happen to be similar in many aspects.

Nexus 6P in video:

The larger phones offer much better battery life, but the Galaxy S7 Edge is definitely the winner in this department. Furthermore, the Galaxy S7 seems to offer the best performance, but not by too much. They are all beautifully designed, but then again, I happen to prefer the S7 Edge’s looks.

One thing is for sure: hard-core Android fans will enjoy the stock Android experience the Nexus 6P has to offer, along with timely updates. The Nexus 6P also offers a USB Type-C, which is cool if you are into the new standard, but the lack of a microSD might give the upper hand to the Samsung Galaxy S7. I still think the Nexus 6P takes the crown for best smartphone picture quality, but at the same time it lacks manual controls and is pretty mediocre at video.

Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge in video:

While the Nexus 6P seems to be perfect in some areas, it lacks in others. And while the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge may not be perfect in any areas, there is not an area to be found that is anything less than fantastic. Of course, you’ll all have your own opinions so let us know which one you’d choose in the poll below and let us know why in the comments!

Buy the Nexus 6P
Buy the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge
  • WhereIsPolariS

    S7 edge ????

  • jasonlowr

    Nexus is crap. Do not buy it. Nexus is a shame to the android world. Slow and nothing functional.

    • meyerweb

      LOL. I have an Edge, but this statement is just rediculous.

    • HeatFan786

      Don’t buy a Nexus 6P black color since the paint peels, but the 5X and 6P are excellent devices. I used both temporarily. The 5X is the best buy right now at $250. The 6P is the best value flagship on the market at that screen size.

      • Domenic

        I’d argue that the moto X pure is the best value flagship. Good point though.

        • HeatFan786

          Depends on what you value too. The Moto may lack a fingerprint scanner, but it’s water resistant, has dual speakers, more customizable, has a SD slot, and has cool exclusive Moto features.

    • Airyl

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Remeber android slogan?
      Be together, not the same
      Stop hating other android device n appreciate it

    • Vickytan

      Exactly. Nexus is shit. Got my nexus 7 and that thing lags like hell. DO NOT BUY ANY NEXUS DEVICES. and this nexus us ugly as hell too.

    • I have never seen a “slow and nothing functional” Nexus yet. You must come from Apple.

  • Bravo

    Although I loved my galaxy S4 and S5, I just could no longer take the amount of bloatware the Samsung phones come with pre-installed. Let’s also not forget the additional bloatware that’s installed on the Samsung depending on which provider you purchase from and if you want to remove it you’ll need to root your phone.

    I purchased my Nexus 6P from Google and I’m using Project Fi and I absolutely love it. I have ZERO bloatware and my monthly bill floats around $32 – $40 a month. I will admit that I do miss my Galaxy’s camera but all of the other benefits outweigh this one issue for me.

    • Chris DaCosta

      the bloat ware on my s7 edge all came in at 0b. There were placeholder icons but nothing more and you had to download the data to use any of the bloat you actually use. whatsapp for example is on my phone disabled st 0b.

      • Bravo

        Oh well that’s a plus then, Samsung finally got smart. They have great phones, it’s just a bad idea to push unwanted software/apps onto a customer that cannot remove them (in the past.) Another thing I miss from my Samsung that my Nexus doesn’t have is an SD slot, though the only reason I used one on my S4/S5 was for photos and videos which now get synced with Google photos so I no longer have the need for the added space. I’m glad that Samsung listened to their customers!

    • Marc Perrusquia

      I absolutely hate the bloatware too, and am using the 6p running purenexus as my daily driver the hardware on the edge is just too good for me to pass on. Not an excuse at all, Samsung definitely needs to fix their carrier phones, and finally offer an unlocked carrier free version but you can get rid of all of the bloat through ADB. I’m also going to replace the back to get rid of the tramp stamp. It’s fairly easy to remove the back cover, just heat it with a glue gun or high powered hair dryer, and use a suction cup and pry tool to remove the back. Then you can install the replacement glass. I hate that I have to jump through all these nonsensical hoops to get a somewhat carrier free phone, but the edge just has insane hardware.

      • thereasoner

        We can buy them unlocked and carrier free here at the Samsung Store.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          Definitely not in the US. Samsung is the carriers’ B*tch here.

          • thereasoner

            No Samsung Stores in the US?

          • Marc Perrusquia

            I’m not aware of any dedicated stores, but there are Samsung “outlets” in Best Buy that sell their phones, but Samsung doesn’t offer an unlocked US version. They only sell through Carrier’s, and only offer carrier versions with locked bootloader, carrier logos printed on the back of the phone, and tons of preinstalled carrier apps. Samsung refuses to offer an unlocked version here, and the corrupt carrier’s screw the consumers over. I buy all my phones outright, went to buy the S6 edge+ outright last year, bought it and it was still locked. Buying them outright doesn’t get you an unlocked device here, it’s ridiculous.

          • thereasoner

            Yeah, you need to find an actual Samsung Store where they sell the phone directly. My understanding is that all new Galaxy devices are unlocked but become locked to the carrier when the first SIM is loaded. The Samsung Store however provides the unlock code with the phone when purchasing outright.

            The problem is the lack of Samsung Stores, I’ve got well over an hours drive to the closet one to me. As for carriers here, they won’t even sell it outright at present, they want a signature on a 2 year contract. Eventually they will but the phones are too new so its Samsung Store or nothing if you want to buy outright in my location.

          • Marc Perrusquia

            Not really the problem, there just isn’t an unlocked carrier free version. Samsung doesn’t sell a carrier free US version, going to their website and selection the S7 just redirects you to their carrier variants. It’s been well known for years now, and we’re just now seeing a little bit of talk about it. I talked to a Samsung employee about it the other day, who essentially told me the carrier’s have Samsung under their thumb here. Getting an unlock code for a carrier device is not the same as having a carrier free version the phone. You still have the carrier’s garbage preinstalled, a tramp stamp (On At&t and Verizon), a carrier splashscreen, updates through the carrier, and limited bands. It’s ridiculous. I’m still getting the edge and just going to do my best to work around that nonsense, but that doesn’t change how anti-consumer that is

          • thereasoner

            Same here with the website, we get directed to the carrier but apparently at the Samsung Store itself an unlock code is provided and the International version comes preloaded with all the radios necessary for all our carriers.

            As far as the carrier branding on the back, I’m not sure about that, what I’ve read about the Samsung Store didn’t stipulate one way or another and I haven’t yet confirmed in person but it didn’t sound like these were carrier branded.

            Hopefully I can get out to that store sometime next month, just way to busy at work now to make the trip. I’m not sure that replacing my GS6 is worth it or not but that new edge version certainly has me tempted.

            All I can suggest is that you Google the Samsung Store to see how far one is from you and call to see if the same arrangement can be had in US Samsung Stores.

          • Bravo

            Hence my reason for getting a 6P.

          • Marc Perrusquia

            I love my 6p, I think it’s probably better than the S7/S7 edge, but I’m just eager for the 820 in a decent size screen. I was holding out for the G5 since it comes unlocked, but 5.3″ is just too small a screen for me. 5.5″ is barely cutting it on the edge, but I’d like the 820, I’m too impatient. I’ll get rid of the bloat through ADB and replace the back glass with an international or T-Mobile version’s back glass to get rid of the Tramp stamp. It’s ridiculous that I have to do all of that to get a usable device though. It would probably be smarter to wait it out with the 6p, but I’m just really eager to play with the 820. Hopefully an exploit for root can be found, otherwise the hardware on the edge is just barely enough to sway me.

          • Bravo

            Exactly, hopefully that will change in the future.

          • Phillip

            You came buy a unlocked gs7 edge my buddy just got a silver one off eBay. And it’s a $100 cheaper only caveat is he doesn’t have Samsung pay like my att gs7 edge does

    • sachouba

      The S7 doesn’t even have an installed music player (you have to download it, if you want to).
      The only bloatware comes from Google, with their dozens of apps no one will ever use.

      • Bravo

        Just as I told the guy above, they might be Google apps but Google didn’t install them and lock them to your phone, your phone manufacture and service provider did. Don’t get mad a Google if Samsung is willing to take their money to preload your device with apps you cannot delete. Maybe next time you’ll do your homework when it comes to buying a device.

        • sachouba

          Oh, really ?
          That’s the reason why you can’t uninstall any Google app on a Nexus 6P or 5X running “pure” Android, right ? Because of the manufacturer ?…

          • Bravo

            I have a Nexus 6P I purchased directly from Google for Google Fi and I was able to uninstall all of my apps, Google or not. So, your argument is null.

          • sachouba

            As far as I know, it’s not even possible to uninstall Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Youtube or Calendar completely (you can only disable them).
            I call that bloatware.

          • SeanPR11

            The key phrase is “as far as I know”…which is apparently not much when it comes to the 6P and Fi, which I also have.

  • meyerweb

    A couple of advantages of the S7, for me, that you didn’t really mention (unless I missed it). Wireless charging, and the fingerprint scanner on the front. Yeah, I know you like the rear placement better, but my phone is frequently lying on my desk or a table, and I don’t have to pick it up to unlock it.

  • Also $800ish vs $450 + $75 giftcard…makes a huuuge difference to me. I can do without an extra hour of battery or a curved display for that amount.

    • HeatFan786

      Dollar for dollar, the 6P is a better buy. But in terms of having more bells and whistles, the S7 Edge is the best Android device out right now. But there are nice prices to pay for the S7 Edge: less software support, more bloat, carrier BS aplenty, weaker speakers, and a slower fingerprint scanner.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      All the promos on the 6p are irritating me. My 128gb graphite has ended up costing me near $900. Bought it with Nexus protect and overnight shipping, at launch and Tennessee has a ridiculous sales tax rate of 9.25%. Had to get a replacement because of a defect, and Google wouldn’t replace it so I had to pay the $70 to use one of my Nexus protect replacement on a near mint phone. Now B&H sells it with all these discounts and promos. I’m picking up the S7 edge in a couple of days and It’ll cost me less than the supposed “value” 6p. I don’t mind paying for quality, but my 6p has been ridiculously glitchy and I’ve gotten terrible support from Google (which is a first for me) I still love the Nexus series but I might just use the edge primarily until the next Nexus.

  • Борис Михаилов

    I actually like all the photos more taken by the 6p, than the ones by s7.

    • Zach Chen

      At first I was disappointed in the pictures that my S7 Edge took, but that was because I was using auto mode. The pictures taken in pro mode are much better, and you can step it up even further with RAW.

      • jamaniek

        You can do the same with 6P using 3rd party apps :)

        • Zach Chen

          I’m not saying the 6P is bad, I just think the S7 Edge takes better pictures overall. But they are close.

          • jamaniek

            Sure, sure :) I’m far from saying which one takes better pictures either. Just thought I’d mention RAW capture ability (and manual mode) on the 6P, that a lot of people think is missing on the Nexus.

          • Zach Chen

            Ahhh gotcha, the reason why I brought up pro mode and raw for the s7 edge is that pictures taken in auto mode on the s7 edge are far inferior to the pro and raw mode due to the auto mode’s over aggressive noise reduction, exposure issues, too much contrast which blows out shadow details etc. Samsung definitely needs to work on the way auto mode processes pictures. So most of the time when people gripe about the s7 picture quality it’s because they’re using auto mode.

          • David Barajas

            What an app can’t add to the Nexus 6P is recording video in 1080P at 60fps. Something the Nexus should offer.

          • moew

            It can record at higher rates, just downsample in your editor. Unlike that S6 which faked the higher recording rates by doubling up on the same frame. I wonder if they kept that “feature” in the S7.

          • David Barajas

            Recording video with the 6P you don’t get the option like I said. And if your saying to record in 4K and use some editor to downscale to get 1080P video at 60fps sounds like a bad joke.
            Hitting a toggle or pushing a button to record in that option would be nice. It’s what I use on my iPhone/Note.

        • VAVA Mk2

          Manual Camera FTW

    • Anna

      Nexus 6P is now on sale only at NexusPhoneOffers:com

  • Davey

    S7 edge is the way to go. There is no doubt that the the android king right there.

    • saksham

      yes i love my shiny s7 edge

    • Alan Kasjan

      I check out these phones and they both are fantastic, but the deal breaker is the size of the 6P. On the video here they look not too dissimilar in size but in real life that 6P is way too big for me for everyday use.

  • Daniel Moraru

    Every article on AA in last month, praise the Coreean God, S7. If someone travel from the future with some quantic holographic phone, and AA compares it with Galaxy S7, pretty sure S7 will beat the shit out of that device.

    • sachouba

      The S7 Edge objectively seems to be better than the Nexus 6P in every domain : better display, better battery life, better screen-to-body ratio, not-protruding camera, water resistance, MicroSD slot…
      The only disappointment is the speaker, which is a lot weaker than the ones of the 6P.

      But yet, AA manages to find the camera of the 6P better than the one of the S7 for photos. It captures more detail, that’s true (so does a 2-year-old Xperia Z2), but at night, you have to hold it still to get a photo that’s not too blurry as hell, because of the absence of OIS, and video is just horrible (there is a lot of distorsion because of EIS, the autofocus is bad, as is the exposure…).

      Actually, I find AA to be more biased towards the 6P than the S7, even though they have to admit the superiority of the S7 Edge in most domains.

      • Leorex

        lack of OIS does little in stills… I’ve taken plenty of darkly lit pictures with my 6P and my wife’s S7 and the 6P shots are clearer with less noise. No shakes… if you get a blurry pic because of hand shaking, drink less Red Bull.

        we’ve taken a ton of videos with both and while there S7 Ives are less shaky, the difference isn’t all that much, and it’s not like OIS doesn’t have wobbly video. look at the autofocus part of the video, the S7 will jello s well.

        get the phone you like. both are awesome and it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

    • The Doctor

      Awww. A butthurt Nexus fanboy. Let me taste your tears.

      • Daniel Moraru

        Nope. You are wrong. I love the Nexus devices, but I love more OnePlus. But basically i despise this aggressive marketing done by iPhone and Samsung. I like my phone somehow unique, not in every redneck hand. I’m from Romania and here are maybe 100 OnePlus devices in all country.

        • Vincent

          Every redneck hand huh? I take offense to that you simpleton. Maybe your wrong. After its your opinion shared by few if any

          • Keith G

            Thank you for pointing out Daniels idiotic comment

    • Major Sceptic

      Well to be fair, there S7 is really an upgraded S6 which was already a good device and now it is a much better device and full of bells and whistles, as for the 6p , it is an OK device, but it has plenty of flaws, it also lacks features, by comparison it’s down on battery performance , and subjectively, pure Android is like watching paint dry, about the only area it does better is the speakers.
      So in fairness the praise on the galaxy’s is warranted, I own a 6p by the way.

  • Arol Wright

    I gotta admit – I hate TouchWiz as much as the next guy. I love stock Android. But if I were to choose, I would take the Galaxy S7 over the Nexus 6P. I just can’t take a 5.7 inch screen on a phone.

    I currently have a 3rd gen Moto G with a 5″ screen – no complaints, it’s an excellent phone. And I could probably go to the 5.2 inch mark soon. But I can’t imagine myself with a 5.5+ inch slate.

    The Nexus 5X looks like a good option, but I prefer to wait until this year’s Nexi come out. (Heard that HTC is going to make them, that sounds great)

  • godsartist3

    Love my Galaxy S7 Edge!

  • Nallaikumaran

    S7 and S7 Edge- Best processor (“Thermal spreader” cooling technology to avoid the phones overheating), Best display, Best camera (Dual Pixels camera – A first in the smartphone world), Best battery life, Powerful Game Launcher and new Vulkan API. microSD or dual SIM model, Fast wireless charging, Water-resistant (IP68 rating). Samsung Pay (NFC + MST), Edge UX, VR ($99 Free) and more. S7 and S7 Edge has the best in every single corner. And Nexus 6P still falls short against the S7 and S7 Edge on everything.

    Nexus 6P Main disadvantages.

    No expandable storage (microSD card slot)

    No water and dust resistant

    No Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for the camera

    No Thermal spreader (Cooling technology to avoid the phones overheating)

    Nexus 6P problem is the heating issues which the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset is responsible for.

    No Super AMOLED- The large 5.7-inch display is an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen but not a Super AMOLED which is found on the Samsung Galaxy. Comparison wishes the Super AMOLED consumes less power which can save the battery juice a lot and, more importantly, it has better viewing angles than a standard AMOLED, but sadly it’s ain’t any with Nexus 6P.

    Lacks wireless charging

    Lacks a cable TV out option

    The 32GB Nexus 6P device components cost only $160-180.

    • Nallaikumaran

      Samsung’s Touchwiz based on the Android 6 version of Android offers more customization options than stock Android. Touchwiz is superior, I like Touchwiz because it’s well designed and functional! The stock Android has lacked functionality.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      OK the 6p is my main daily driver right now, and I’m getting the S7 edge in a couple of days, but this just reads like a Samsung ad. The S7 has a great camera, but I don’t think it’s leaps and bounds over the 6p’s (compared both extensively). Samsung’s micro SD support is awesoem but they capped you at a paltry 32gb of internal storage. I’ve used about 70gb of my 128gb 6p and almost 40 of that is apps. I’m putting a 200gb Sandisk card in the edge, but that won’t help with apps. The 6p simply has the option to have far more room for apps. That “thermal spreader” tech isn’t revolutionary Sony and Microsoft both used it in their latest flagships and the differences were negligible, the 810 v2.1 also doesn’t get that hot. My 6p is overclocked to 2.1 GHz for the big cluster/1.7ghz for the small cluster, with a super high brightness mod that overpowers the display 24/7, and boosted speakers that draw far more power and it still doesn’t get that warm under heavy use. Battery life even with all those power intensive mods is still fantastic, even though the edge will get the slight upper hand there. Super AMOLED is marketing, the 6p has the same screen as the Note 5, just no Super AMOLED branding. The S7/S7 edge’s main advantages are updated specs because of later release, wireless charging, and waterproofing. They have major drawbacks like being defiled by the carrier’s, and having a locked bootloader with Knox. I think the 6p is the better phone, but the S7/S7 edge are the more powerful phones.

      • Nallaikumaran

        Are you a liar?

        DxOMark names the Galaxy S7 edge as the best smartphone camera ever tested. This is the highest smartphone score ever given on the DxOMark (Camera expert site). It’s official: Galaxy S7 has the best smartphone camera on the market

        6P – No Super AMOLED- The large 5.7-inch display is an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen but not a Super AMOLED which is found on the Samsung Galaxy. Comparison wises the Super AMOLED consumes less power which can save the battery juice a lot and, more importantly, it has better viewing angles than a standard AMOLED, but sadly it’s ain’t any with Nexus 6P. check out google and mobile site.

        LG, HTC, and Sony are better than the Nexus 6P in lots of ways.

        • cynicist

          Wow, you are going to accuse him of being a liar and then spread this garbage? Super AMOLED is a marketing term for the touch digitizer being integrated with the display, it has absolutely nothing to do with reducing power consumption. Guess what? Every AMOLED display that isn’t ancient is Super AMOLED, including the Nexus 6 and 6P.

      • Ravi Mohan

        I don’t use fucking Nexus 6 dumb ass. It’s a truly cheap crap.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        On Point (y)

      • marcus nartatez

        There is a way to make the memory adoptive meaning you can put anything on it. It took me 10 min

        • Marc Perrusquia

          I’m well aware of that it’s a simple process via ADB. But SD cards are too slow for apps. I want a 128gb version WITH Micro SD. Last year Samsung and every Samsung apologist’s excuse for ditching micro SD was that it was too slow. Now that Samsung is using Micro SD again to cheap out on flash storage, and suddenly it’s plenty fast enough to them. Now I’m getting the edge and putting a 200gb SD card in it, but the lack of internal storage is ridiculous.

  • Vickytan

    What a shame. That nexus is nothing but a crap. Totally not worth the price at all.

    Plus pure android is boring. Just like iOS but in android.

    Nexus lags like shit too. My nexus 7 is laggy as hell and I don’t even 2ant to touch it at all.

    Totally not worth the price to get any nexus devices.

    • Skyler Wallace

      So by that standard we should measure the speed of a device from 2012 to a phone from 2016? Would you like to compare the speed of the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus 7, both devices from 2012? I’ve had enough S3’s to tell you that the Nexus 7 is much faster. The S7 is a great piece of hardware, there is no doubt about that. It is fast and beautiful, but so is the 6P. I can see why people would pay for a Nexus device; instant updates, unlocked bootloader & SIM, best developer community in Android, and the only phones to be able to touch Android build 6 months before they’re supposed to come out. I’d say it’s worth.

      • Vincent

        I’ll give you one great reason not to get the 6p……that firebomb they call sd810. I have one of the version 2.1 in my Droid turbo 2. It’s fine for most task but you start playing intensive games and you can cook on it. I recorded 125 f on my turbo2 playing summoners war. The SD 820 has no such issue. Also it’s much more efficient and better battery life

        • Skyler Wallace

          Anyone who owns the Nexus 6P will tell you it doesn’t overheat. My Droid Turbo with a Snapdragon 805 and Moto X with a Snapdragon 808 ran hotter than the Nexus 6P. I’m not defending my own purchase of the 6P, I’d be the first to get mad at a product I buy and admit I’m disappointed then go search elsewhere.

          • Vincent

            Just saying I have used 2 phones with the SD 810 version 2.1 and they both overheated playing extensive games. Not sure what the 6p could have done different.

        • G2

          No heating issues on the 6P buddy.

          • Vincent

            You sure? Load summoners war and play for like 45 mins. I bet you’ll think differently

        • VAVA Mk2

          My 6P runs fine

  • tomascooper

    Nexus is for the poor and ugly people. Ugly phone with an ugly ui. Only cheapskates use them.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Troll harder next time.

  • joelphan

    Nexus- slow and ugly.

    Fingerprint sensor at the back is a complete joke.

    The s7 edge is the way to go.

  • Koberssi Georges

    nexus camera very slow in capture the s7 and s7 edge the fastest smartphone even better than iphone 6s

  • Goran

    Google and nexus have terrible aproach to sales. Unless that changes, nexus will always be in second place. In Serbia, for example, in official stores u can not buy nexus(only nexus 5x). If wanna buy online through amazon, ebay or others price will be over 1000€(serbian taxes u can not avoid). Its insane. S7 in Serbia is 720€. You get newer and better processor, better screen, prettier device for much less money. Google is the one who’s limiting nexus. Google should finally answer why it is not interested in selling nexus.

    • thereasoner

      Carriers typically resist stocking Nexus devices because, like iPhones, they are free of carriers bloat. It’s not fair but Google can’t push the issue because carriers have a lot of Android hardware they can sell instead whereas there is only one iPhone so Apples gets its way.

      • Goran

        I wasn’t talking about carriers. We in Europe usually buy phones from stores (unlocked). Lg 5x is here(with high price) but 6p is unavailable. In Serbia u just can not buy nexus 6p.
        BTW. So much talk about carrier’s bloatware…go buy unlocked phone. Dont u americans have stores to buy them? And even carriers here dont have that much bloatware (part of the answer why is propably terrbile and limited services in Serbia)

        • thereasoner

          You guys can’t order a 6p from the Play Store either? That would suck!
          I can buy an unlocked international version (Exynos) of the S7 here in Canada from the Samsung Store but there isn’t a store close by. The Americans I’ve talked to seem to think that there aren’t any unlocked American versions (820 SD) available at all.

          • Goran

            U get to pay 40 perc more for serbian taxes ….so its cheeper to buy iphone than nexus here. Insane isnt it. We have stores which sell unlocked phones. No brand stores in Serbia. And phones here are one of the most expensive in the world. Only samsung with s7 this year gave the price as everywhere in the world. Its gonna be best selling flagship in Serbia, thats for shure. Htc A9 2/16gb(720€) is more expensive than s7 here. Htc is generally most expensive brand in Serbia. Ppl are very angry with htc here. Its destiny if they dissappear, its completely diserved as far as we care. They should go out of USA arse.

  • Bumpaudio

    The s7 looks sexy now. But in 3 months you will hate how Samsung will take so long to update to android N. And Samsung will never give you android L. They will save android L for the S8. For this reason alone the nexus 6 even beats the S7. Because its future proof. Plus touch wiz looks so Chinese where pure android is american designed, and it looks so much better!

    • thereasoner

      The final build for Android N won’t be released until the new Nexus devices in October/November some 6-7 months away and Samsung phones are often ahead of the game in new features with stock Android falling behind at times.

      Also, you will see at minimum 3 different versions of Android when purchasing a flagship Samsung phone so the S7/S7 edge will most certainly see new Android versions! Even Google eventually stops support for Nexus devices.

    • staylow

      Who cares. In my experience being the first to get the latest version of Android just means 2-3 months of headaches till they fix it. The best versions of Android are always the last 6 months of their life cycle. Being the “first” is just bragging rights, but people in the know, know there’s nothing worth bragging about with the freshest version.

  • Say What??

    Hopefully the Note 6 will have an edge version and be 6 inches, then I’ll be waiting for it.

  • Skyler Wallace


    In case you didn’t catch it in proofreading, just something I noticed.

  • Bumpaudio

    Samsung needs to remove its brand name from the front of the device to the back of the device. Like nexus and iPhone. No one likes looking at Samsung logo all-day every-day. I’m sure the owner knows what phone they bought. Damn Samsung thinks they are raising cattle and they need to brand them so the farmer knows who it belongs too. ;)

  • Wolf0491

    If I had to guess why they don’t have to front facing speakers it’s because of there physical buttons. Just won’t fit. Don’t think waterproof has anything to do with it as I have dual front facing speakers on my now aging xperia Z3

  • Gerrit Woord

    S7 Edge is awesome. I wish Samsung pushes updates more frequently and optimise TW to give better performance.

  • vmxr

    s7 edge design looks really nice i think it wins but nexus6p wins in term of updates, if samsung provide updates like nexus6p they could win software updates and hardware design choosing between them would be hard both are great phones

  • G.P.

    Google now advertises this page as the s7 vs note 5. False advertising as this page was a vs 6p..

  • Leorex

    Wow, you can sure read a spec sheet well. have you used both phones?

  • amiaq

    Nice, a girl face on the background instead of the usual asian guy. I usually skip the article whenever I saw his face.

  • I am not sure what this embedded video player is, but it sure does not work well.

    Stutters, freezes and it’s a pain to get it sent to my chromecast. I will eventually give up on androidauthority if you insist on not using youtube :-(

    Android, Google, Youtube, Google,,, this what do you have against youtube?

    • James Travil

      They are probably getting paid to use this garbage.

  • Suhaas Nandeesh

    I have a Nexus 6p. I never got the benchmark scores that it produced in this comparison. not even close to any score that any reviewer has got. what may be the reason?

  • The Doctor

    The only thing you need to do with this comparison is put them both in a tank with a foot of water for 10 minutes and see which one comes out unscathed. The one that survives is the winner.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Galaxy 7 Edge advantages lacking in Nexus 6P:

    DP Instant Focus
    Better camera for low-light
    Wireless Charging
    Fast wireless charging
    MST for payments at any magnetic strip reading terminal
    Super AMOLED brighter, more color-accurate display
    SD 820 with better heat dissipation
    UFS 2.0 faster, more reliable internal storage
    Expandable storage (microSD)
    Edge display with edge features
    Far better battery life

    Nexus 6P advantages lacking in S7 Edge:

    Slightly bigger.display
    Dual front-facing speakers
    Latest Android first
    You can plug in the cord upside-down

    Seems like kind of a no-brainer unless you’re OCD about getting the latest (usually buggy) Android first.

    • cynicist

      Low-light shots are better on the 6P. Otherwise, nice list.

  • Raj Jagtap

    I’m a Nexus 6P user, I really feel that Nexus 6P is best phone I bought.
    It never lags even when I’m using Android N beta version. I have a bit bad experience with Samsung phones as these phones get OTA update after a prolonged period even after launching of one more new Android version.

    • Goran

      Sd 810 will show its nature, if not sooner than later. Worst processor ever. Thats the bigest problem of 6p. Samsungs exynos is superior in every way. Better than 820.

  • Tim G

    Ok, call me shallow, but I love setting my S7 edge next to someone’s I Phone. The Edge’s looks blow everyone away.
    As for Touchwiz? I actually prefer the launcher (maybe just familiarity). And some of the unreviewed things, like Samsung Pay and the ability to use it with magnetic card readers are way cool.

  • psp123

    Does anybody know where I can find the 6P:s wallpaper? Thanks in advance.

    • rajendra82

      Install Walloid.

      • psp123

        Thank you!

  • jim

    Title says it’s the s7 edge against the Note 5 lol

  • khalidalomary

    once you go stock you never go back ;)

  • Joel Bartenbach

    I Just don’t understand why it’s so popular to get a Samsung device which taints the Android experience and is a year behind on updates. I used to be in that camp, and it’s easy to be because you can walk in just about anywhere and see these devices. But since I switched to Nexus there is just no turning back. You’re all just now getting Marshmallow, and a tainted one at that. Soon I’ll have N and I get monthly security updates. But hey, to each their own.

    • Daggett Beaver

      LOL @ “tainted” Android. I bet you only install Google apps and then keep your Nexus in a glass case and never touch it so it remains absolutely pure.

      Google: Be together, not the same.
      Google Fanboys: Every phone should run stock Android.

      • Joel Bartenbach

        Couldn’t be father from the truth, I actually use Outlook but that’s beside the point. If you want to be a year behind, by all means I could really care less. Up to you man. Have fun with the S apps.

  • Moose05

    I’ll stick with the N6 until later this year. Not worth upgrading yet.

  • staylow

    Since the Nexus 6P came it out the back reminded me of something but I couldn’t figure it out till now. It totally looks like that dude from Daft Punk. Maybe that’s your thing, looks odd to me.

  • Bravo

    They might be Google apps but Google didn’t install them and lock them to your phone, your phone manufacture and service provider did. Don’t get mad a Google if Samsung is willing to take their money to preload your device with apps you cannot delete. Maybe next time you’ll do your homework when it comes to buying a device.

    • Hans Pedersen

      I’m really not mad at Google, I’m just tired of the hypocrisy of Nexus “purists”. These are Google apps which they give OEM’s the choice of not pre-installing if they pay a higher fee for Google Play access. Google are just as bad with forcing bloat on us as everyone else.

      • moew

        You bought a phone with features you don’t like.

        Please PM me, I have a bridge for sale.

        • Hans Pedersen

          You win the Daily Illiteracy Award! Congratulations, I guess!

          • moew

            I can has excellents awarding! Congrats two ewe tooh~!!!!

  • Juan S.

    S7 edge rules, the nexus 6p had better quality and low light performance? I don’t buy it, lastly you can flash stock Android on the S7….so there is no advantage and if not, get the Google launcher….

  • Sean Berger

    Great article, thank you. I gotta ask, where did you get that wallpaper on the 6p?

  • rajendra82

    Nexus 6P will remain relevant in 2017. The Galaxy S7 Edge will be long forgotten by then.

  • English, hey

    “The Nexus 6P is also thinner in terms of width”

    You mean *thicker*, don’t you? It has bezels and a bigger screen. It can’t possible be less wide than S7E. Or do you mean “in terms of depth”? Right word please.

  • Speedlever

    Perhaps the best option would be GPE versions of the S7/S7E. But I would still miss those great speakers on the 6p.
    My current GS4/32 is almost 3 years old and I bought it the day it came out. Still stuck in 5.0.1 and no monthly security updates. I’ll be taking a hard look at the Nexus replacement for the 6p.

    Alas, the Exynos versions of the GS7 (let alone GPE versions) are not available in the USA. And I still want an IR blaster.

  • If glass is a fingerprint magnet, then aluminum is a scuff magnet.

  • Andreas

    I am usually kind of depressed but your videos always makes me happy thank you!
    WIsh I had a girlfriend like you that did know all of this android stuff

  • Ronald

    Google is totally reworking their camera app currently. That’s why we can’t find it in the Playstore at the moment. Hopefully we get some manual controls and some other tweaks..performance etc

  • Jerry Rich

    Which one has the better phone? Who knows. What phone has the best camera and feature set? The Samsung phones of course.

  • harryglan

    Went to buy a S7 Edge today but I can only get a 32Gb version in the UK. I have 64Gb on my 5 year old iPhone so what are Samsung playing at? Yes it has a SD card slot but it seems to be a silly limitation imposed by some marketing drone. Nexus here I come!

  • S7 is The King, for sure! Well… never liked Stock Andorid. Dislike it’s stock UI. Samsung with their TouchWiz, conveinced me to buy my 1st Andorid phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Since then I still have an S III, an S4, the S5 and just got the S7. The standard one. I don’t like to have distorted GUI’s and hing along the edges, so the Edge variants does not exist for me! ;)

  • Adrian

    Word of advice, when you do these phone comparison videos, do not switch phones. Samsung S7 should have been on the right side and 6P on the left for the entire video. In a few instances, they were switched (eg screen brightness section). Otherwise, great video, i appreciated all of your insight. I’m a bit surprised the 6P was able to beat out the low light performance of the S7 with rear camera.

  • Bojan

    I hate Samsung. I have Note 4 after all those years ofowning Nexus phones, now I will sell it for a half of the price just to buy 6p. I hate Samsung. Their OS is just idiotic. There is no other brand on this planet with the OS as idiotic as this.

  • theponyhalf~

    I prefer to have micro SD so I would go with the S7