Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On-23

The new Galaxy S7 flagships from Samsung are right around the corner, but up until now we have only been talking about two models like last year, the regular Galaxy S7 and a slightly larger S7 edge with a curved display. Leakster @evleaks has now suggested that Samsung will actually be launching three models, throwing the Galaxy S7 edge+ into the mix, presumably at the same time.

With its last generation of smartphones, Samsung didn’t release its larger Galaxy S6 Edge+ model until August, which arrived alongside the Galaxy Note 5. Launching another larger smartphone so soon is certainly a surprise, although a rumor from a Vietnamese site had previously hinted that Sammsung may be preparing to launch two curved flagships at different sizes. Interestingly, Samsung doesn’t appear to be stepping on the Note 5’s toes with a larger flat S7+ variant within the same launch window.

We’re not quite sure what size the S7 edge+ will arrive at, but last year’s edge+ model came in at 5.7-inches. So the S7 series might be scaling up at 5.2, 5.5 and then 5.7 inches. Other rumored specifications include an Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820 SoC depending on the region, 4GB of RAM, and a 20 megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, which should be the same across all of the models. Water resistance has also recently been reported for the handsets, along with larger battery capacities, and microSD card support.

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March 22, 2016

What do you make about an earlier mention of the Galaxy S7 edge+ this year, and, perhaps more importantly, would you buy one?

Robert Triggs
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  • saksham

    i just got the s6 edge

  • Mervyn Jordan

    I have one more year to pay off my Note 4, which I will be keeping. And, once that occurs, I will be getting a second phone, which could very well be the S7 Edge+. If all the leaks are true, it will be the most powerful phone out there, well, until the Note 6 shows up.

  • Jose Lugo

    So we will see a 32, 64 and 128 version of each, nice samesung . . .

  • RiTCHiE

    ofcourse its samsung! Samsung is the biggest joke of the phone companies and them sheeps get brainwashed by some weak marketing.

    • nikolas ostropolskiy

      Um, ok… idk about joke. They just have some one making some not so good rnd decisions. Plus snapdragon probably offered them a good deal on the processor which samsung weighed as a build vs. buy decision. It’s accounting. Samsung likely made the decision to keep costs down in the U.S. because all we’ve done the last year is bitch about how expensive their phones are.

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    If it’s got a snapdragon. No thanks. They can keep it. Having homebrew processors is what made samsung stand out this past generation. If they feel like slacking and being a sheep this time around and just putting the same processor as everyone else in their phones, then I will look else where. I believe Sammy was planning on letting Huawei in on some of their processors. Maybe it’s time for some China love.

    • retrospooty

      ??? One year, one time the Exynos took the crown, and that is only because Qualcomm faltered with the SD810. It happened once. Aside from 2015 Exynos has always been a lesser choice, both for performance and compatibility.

      • nikolas ostropolskiy

        Idk what planet you’ve been living on. But ever since samsung made the hummingbird processor for the s2, they have been better than everything else out there. The reason is because they build the processor to work directly with the software. Which is something snapdragon can’t do for touchwiz. Seriously, look up review comparing snapdragon to Sammy versions of processors and samsung always comes out on top. One year my foot. Samsung has been killing the processor game for almost 10 years now.

        • retrospooty

          That is absolutely incorrect. I have been here on Earth, and paying close attention… Where have you been? At least for the past 4-5 rounds, the snapdragon “du jour” was always faster and better than the Exynos with the exception of the 2015 releases. That was Samsungs one shinning moment. Not that Exynos was “crap”, it just wasnt as good as its snapdragon counterparts except last year.

          • nikolas ostropolskiy

            Many benchmarks beg to differ. And like I said, most reviews won’t lie. Just look up any YouTube video comparing the snapdragon samsung phones and exynos samsung phones of the past. They always lean towards the Samsung phones with exynos. They have better threading, and better multitasking and usability in general. Not even trying to be a fan boy here. It’s just fact.

          • retrospooty

            Yup, I have seen many benchmarks… You cant just cherry pick, look at all of them… Other than recently the Exynos always comes out a bit lesser than the Snapdragon of the day… Not a huge difference, but not quite as good. That has been consistent for several years until 2015. Today, Samsung has much improved. Either way, if the rumors are true and we get a 5.2 and 5.5 inch GS7 versions with possible SD, larger batteries,and water resistant, with either chip I will likely buy it. Looking pretty sweet IMO

          • nikolas ostropolskiy

            Nope I’m looking at THE benchmark sites that have averages of millions of benchmark scores clearly labelled for each phone. The exynos s4 with the firs octacore architecture scored higher in everything than snap dragon. Same for note 2, matter of fact note 2 scored significantly better because it was capable of utilizing faster ram. S5 is the only one that scored worse with exynos until they updated it to s5+. International note 4 was renowned for how well it functioned over the snapdragon. I can personally attest because I sold my snapdragon note 4 (which sucked), for an unlocked international version which low and behold worked way better. And once again the same goes for s6 and note 5, even samsung knew it’s processors beat snapdragon in every way, especially overheating.

            My point is. In house processors are better. Samsung optimizes them to work with their software more efficiently. Allowing for newer ram to be used, faster threading/multitasking, meaning better overall smoothness for the phones. I could care less about SD card, I use Pandora and Google music like most normal new age people, as well as netflix and other streaming recourses seeing as my unlimited plan aows for it. Water proofing is a gimmicky plus, proven by the galaxy s5, it water proof until you forget to close the charging port, then samsung would rather get buttraped before replacing your phone.

          • retrospooty


  • Binshad T P Haris

    Why cant Samsung make S7 Plus or make S7 with 5.5 inch quad hd display and without those dual curved edges. I dont know how people will use those edges in a 5.7 inch display. I cant even reach the whole area in the 5.7 inch display let alone the curved edges. Stupid design logic by Samsung in my opinion.

  • Chris

    I’m gonna wait for the note 6

  • James Pierce

    Waiting on the s7+,not a fan of the edge

  • Leah Fink

    I would like to hear more about s7 edge+, If it sounds good enough and the improvements are worth it I would buy it. I have the s6 edge + now, so hopefully there will be more and better improvements compared to s6 edge+.