Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

by: Joshua VergaraMarch 27, 2015


The intense rivalry between Samsung and Apple in the smartphone world is well documented, and comparisons are bound to be made between their latest offerings. With the sixth iterations of their respective flagships, even if only in the nomenclature when it comes to the Apple smartphones, the competition is as heated as ever.

Following the announcement at MWC 2015, we managed a quick look at the Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6. But after picking up the device and giving the Galaxy S6 the full review treatment, we now have the opportunity dive into a more detailed comparison between the Samsung flagship and both of Apple’s latest smartphones. Here’s an in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!

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Metal is the order of the day for both Samsung and Apple, with Samsung finally taking their design language and build quality in a new direction. The metallic inclinations are more so in the case of the Apple devices though, with their full metal unibody design, while the Galaxy S6 features a metal frame that holds together two glass panels up front and at the back.

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Of course, the Galaxy S6 still retains a lot of what has defined Samsung devices, especially by keeping the classic button layout, with its fingerprint reading tactile home button flanked by capacitive Recent Apps and back keys up front, along with the power button and volume rocker being placed on the right and left respectively. What is being hotly debated about this latest Galaxy S is the lack of a removable backing, which results in no access to the battery, along with the removal of expandable storage, both previously common features.

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On the back there is still a heart rate monitor, and the camera sticks out quite a bit, but there is little to really clutter the form factor of this phone. Handling is as good as ever with a 5.1 inch screen, and the device has a lightness and thinness to it that keeps it really nimble for one handed usage. Despite the fact that the headphone jack, microUSB port and speaker grill have all been moved to the bottom, this still looks and feels very much a Samsung device, through and through.

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When it comes to its competitor, the iPhone 6 also marked a change in Apple’s design language. A larger 4.7-inch display finally makes its way to the main model, with the iPhone 6 Plus boasting an even larger 5.5-inch screen for those who really want that extra screen realestate. Focusing mainly on the smaller model, the now Apple-esque metal construction keeps the phone looking and feeling really nice, while also retaining its own signature button layout of the home button up front and the volume rockers and silence toggles on the left side. The power button has been brought to the right side this time around though, to accommodate the larger size.

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With the iPhone 6 just 0.1 mm thicker than the Galaxy S6, both of these phones are very similar in the handling experience they offer, with the iPhone getting a slight bump in ergonomics because of its comparatively smaller screen size. For any Apple veteran, it’s hard not to appreciate what the company did with their refined and now larger offerings in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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On the other hand, Samsung veterans will still be split due to the compromises that the company had to make with this new design. Users who hated the plastic construction of Galaxy devices will applaud this change to metal and glass. That said, anyone that wants to have full capabilities like replaceable batteries and expandable storage will likely find Samsung’s decisions with the GS6 to be a step in the wrong direction. Nonetheless, metal is the way to go for both of these devices, and it’s a personal choice as to which company rocks it better, but we like both, and applaud Samsung for finally making a substantial change in design.

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As already mentioned, the iPhone got a bump up to 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in the 6 Plus, basically flanking the middle size of 5.1-inches of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Adhering to their original company philosophy of pixel density, Apple keeps the resolutions of both fairly low compared to many new Android counterparts, keeping the iPhone 6 at a 1334 x 750 resolution with a pixel density of 326 ppi, though the 6 Plus does get a 1080p display with a pixel density of 401 ppi. As Android manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of specifications, Quad HD is the new flavor, with the 2560 x 1440 resolution delivering an amazing 577 ppi.

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If you are looking for a great display experience, you’d be hard pressed to find flaws in many of these devices, unless you’re really spec hungry. The Galaxy S6 manages to have a high powered display without sacrificing how well it performs, and with such a high pixel density, everything from media to text looks gorgeous under the great contrast levels of a Super AMOLED display. The Apple phones don’t suffer from any sharpness issues due to their resolutions, though their IPS LCD constructions may not be as pleasing to the eyes of Super AMOLED fans.

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Users who want to have a very good media experience with the iPhones would likely opt for the larger 6 Plus for its real estate, while the Galaxy S6 toes the lines of comfort and size with its 5.1-inch panel. Super AMOLED continues to really prove itself as a great display experience, and it is a feather in the cap of Samsung, but Apple’s retina displays definitely hold their ground as a display tech with a rich pedigree.

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It may sound like an excuse nowadays, but these two ecosystems bring with very different processing packages and associated performance experiences, no matter how you look at it. Though this has always been the general line for comparing Android and iOS, this new crop of flagship devices out of the Android camp seem to be getting the speed upgrade that some believe it has been in need of.

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With the Galaxy S6, Samsung opted for a different processing package from the otherwise expected latest Snapdragon from Qualcomm, instead favoring their in-house 2 GHz octa-core Exynos 7420 processor as a replacement, backed by the Mali-T760 GPU and 3GB of RAM. Android 5.0 Lollipop can take quite a bit of the credit here as well, and the Touchwiz UI has been furthered optimized by Samsung. The end result is one of the most fluid experiences that the company has ever put out. Stutters are nearly non-existent, and movements through the interface, and even among different apps, in either the recent apps screen or through the multi-window feature, are as smooth as ever.

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In the latest iterations of their smartphone, the 1.4 GHz dual-core Apple A8 with 1 GB of RAM is able to sufficiently power Apple’s operating system with few problems. This disparity in processing packages is the main reason why it’s clear Android and iOS are completely different beasts.

As an operating system catered to just one platform of devices, it makes sense that Apple would optimize iOS fully, and the result is an experience that has thus far stood the test of time for Apple veterans. But Android seems to be in a bit of a renaissance, led by the different OEMs who we feel are starting to step up their game in the performance department, and Samsung deserves quite a bit of credit for closing the gap between its version of Android and iOS.

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Hardware takes on a similar story for these phones, especially considering Samsung’s new compromises. Both phones come without expandable storage, so paying for 32, 64, or 128 GB options are up to the user.

Both devices sport fingerprint readers integrated into their respective home button, and this time around Samsung made it a press type rather than swipe, which is definitely the better implementation, and something that Apple has used for a couple generations now. As such, turning on either phone is a simple matter of hitting the home button and leaving the finger there to be read.

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Speakers on both of these devices are on the bottom now, which was the headline design similarity between these two, but the truth remains that Samsung finally brought the speaker away from the back and put it in a better space. In our testing, the Galaxy S6 speaker sounded a bit louder, though in either case, we’d prefer to have headphones in much noisier environments.

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Finally, when it comes to the battery, Samsung might have lost its edge a little bit by encasing the battery, but its longevity is about where Android veterans can expect it to be. A day and a half could be had if power saving modes are taken advantage of, but fast charging is probably the tool most users will benefit from with this 2,550 mAh unit. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus haven’t gotten too many high notes on battery, and that’s something Apple users are used to in their respective camp as well. Respectable numbers of around 12 hours of battery life with moderate daily usage are observed in both of these phones.

The lack of certain features for both of these phones have displeased plenty of users in either camp, and perhaps in this section, it’s a bit clearer how neck and neck these phones are slowly becoming in their current iterations.

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When it comes to the camera, features that are found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 are split in the two versions of the iPhone, mainly with regards to OIS, that is only available with the iPhone 6 Plus. To even out the playing field a little bit, all the sample pictures are all from from the 6 Plus. After all, if you want OIS between the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6, the Samsung smartphone is the obvious choice.

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That said, while OIS will help with stabilization in both photos and videos, both iPhone models deliver quality photo and video taking experiences. The camera application is pretty minimalistic though, with swipes controlling the mode, with there being few extra settings aside from filters and automatic HDR. Slow motion and time-lapse are fun additions to the camera experience, and I have seen some really nice examples from both effects.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6, on the other hand, has plenty of options to enhance photos, though the main story is the inclusion of f/1.9 apertures and auto-HDR that is available with both cameras. Indeed, selfies from both phones are pretty good, and this is evidenced in the Apple camp by just how many iPhone self portraits are all over social media. The Galaxy S6 brings a lot of customization to pictures, including the option to change picture and video sizes, and a Pro mode even brings the ability to manually focus the shot, along with all other options typical of a manual mode. Panorama and slow motion video are available with the Galaxy S6 as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 camera samples

Picture quality might be as neck and neck as they have ever been, with Samsung bringing their A-game to contend with the historically well regarded Apple picture quality. Images captures with either camera have great color reproduction, and details in all but the dimmest of situations remain well captured. Sharpness is at its best in these newest versions of their respective lines, and it seems Samsung has opted to keep noise reduction to a minimum, so pictures are more accurately depicted, rather than smudged out by bad post processing.

iPhone 6 Plus camera samples

Low light performance favors the Samsung Galaxy S6, as it manages to get good detail without too much noise in plenty of darker situations, though some fiddling with the exposure compensation will be needed to keep things from going uneven. As Samsung further closes the gap in camera quality since the great performer of the Galaxy Note 4, it seems the only real problem the iPhone has here is a smaller sensor at 8 MP, as the Galaxy S6 demonstrates that its larger 16 megapixels sensor captures a bit more detail for its better post processing to work on.

You won’t have a bad time with either of these cameras when it comes to quality. For shooting options, both provide some compelling versions of their own creative modes, but if what you want is more freedom in catering your shot, the Galaxy S6 is definitely the better choice.

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In software, we get some key enhancements in both versions of these respective interfaces, with one updating its look a bit, and the other finally getting the speed boost we’ve been waiting for.

Starting with the iPhones, the Apple OS got a pretty significant upgrade in iOS 7, continuing to bring its control center for easy access to settings, a notification dropdown for stocks, scheduling, and general happenings, and a more holo-like look all around that has helped keep the long standing operating system from looking too long in the tooth. Granted, there have been updates to iOS 8 recently, but these updates focus mainly on the Apple Watch and a new suite of health applications that we have yet to really put through its paces. All in all, iOS veterans remain satisfied with their flavor of smartphone operating system, even with its lack of an app drawer, a mainstay of Android.

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On the back of the newest version of Android, Touchwiz has finally received the update that we’ve been waiting for. Coupled with the in-house processing package in the Exynos 7420, this version of the Samsung interface is both smoother and slimmer. Many of the different features that cluttered the operating system in the past are no longer here, like the air gestures. Some of the special features like the MultiWindow and the S Window do remain, albeit without the annoying tutorials all over the place that used to push these capabilities in the user’s face.

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Samsung’s UI does get some aesthetic changes as well, including a few new transitions and effects that are somewhat akin to the ones found originally in iOS, but they also suit this version of Touchwiz very well. S Health itself has been updated, though how it stacks up against the medical suite in iOS remains to be seen. Ultimately, the Galaxy S6 is a phone that takes the Lollipop enhancements and puts its own flavor on it. With the Galaxy S6 and the latest Touchwiz you finally get a proper, reliable experience from Samsung’s UI, which of course, can be bolstered by extra features if you want them, by digging a little deeper.

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Ultimately you will already know which of these operating system suits you. Apps and capabilities between them are largely the same, unless you’re looking to multitask the Samsung way, but in the end the main story here is how Samsung has really done something great with their UI

 iPhone 6/PlusSamsung Galaxy S6
Display4.7-inch IPS LCD
1334 x 750 resolution, 326 ppi

5.5-inch IPS LCD
1920 x 1080, 401 ppi - iPhone 6 Plus
5.1-inch Super AMOLED
2560 x 1440 resolution, 577 ppi
Processor1.4 GHz dual-core Apple A8Exynos 7420
Storage32/64/128 GB32/64/128 GB
Camera8 MP rear camera
1.2 MP front-facing camera
with OIS for iPhone 6 Plus
16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens
ConnectivityWiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (Apple Pay only), GPS+GLONASS
WiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS+GLONASS
Networks3G/4G LTELTE cat 6 300/50
Battery1,810 mAh
2,915 mAh - iPhone 6 Plus
2,550 mAh
Fast charging
WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging
SoftwareiOS 8Android 5.0 Lollipop
Dimensions138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm
129 grams

158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm
172 grams - iPhone 6 Plus
143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm
138 grams
ColorsSpace gray, silver, goldBlack, white, gold, blue

And so, there you have it – the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! Both of these phones bring their bang for huge buck, as flagships like these do run a very pretty penny. You’ll be paying a lot for either of these phones off contract, and even more so if you opt for the larger storage options.

samsung galaxy s6 vs apple iphone 6 aa (25 of 29)

Some users will lament the changes Samsung made because a couple key features, the replaceable battery and expandable storage, are what got cut to trim down the overall experience of the Galaxy S6 into one that we’re actually happy to recommend to users new and old. These changes aren’t exactly seen as compromises in the eyes of Apple users though, who have had to contend with embedded batteries and fixed storage for years now. What has seemed to work for iPhone users will have to work for Galaxy users going forward, and that’s what will continue Samsung’s polarizing nature.

The best way of looking at these two phones is how the race between them has gotten much closer, perhaps neck and neck. So, if you want either a smaller or bigger screen with the proven power of iOS, the iPhone is for you. For a more powerful screen and more robust camera experience powered by a renaissance in design and software, Samsung has done some great things to start off the flagship season of 2015. And we’re certainly very excited to see where these two flagship lines go next.

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    60fps video smoothness :D

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    hot damn. here it is.
    Can’t wait to go home and read through this.

  • ericesque

    Better title: Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is the best iPhone ever.

    • wiky

      So,It beats iphone 6 :p

      • ericesque

        Yes. That’s why I’m planning on replacing my iPhone 5 with an S6!

        • micope

          IPhone hold the price when 2 years up when selling it! My wife sold her iPhone 5 for £180 to get iPhone 6 Plus. Where Samsung don’t? 2 years contract? Pay £599 for 32gb you be lucky to get £75 for it

          • ericesque

            Ah, resale value. The Apple enthusiast’s last refuge of superiority when an Apple product has been thoroughly bested. I’ll spend $150 less up front on the device, so it’s essentially a wash. But even if I were spending an extra couple hundred for the S6 it’d be worth it to me to have the device I really want.

          • Prasad Velkuri

            150$ less? How? S6 price is >= iPhone6 right?

          • Jay Kim

            thats what i like about it. now i can sell my iphone 6 and get my money back after i get my s6 edge. :D

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            You never had an iPhone loser.

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  • flamencoguy

    You did not point out that the Exynos 7420 is an 8 core whereas you mention that A8 is a dual core.

    Are you pro-Android?

    • ericesque

      4 times as many cores for 4 times as many pixels. ;)

    • SkyAttacksX

      I don’t mean to hate, but is your comment troll? Or is that question a verification question? If someone mentions a feature on one phone and not the other, I would assume they are in favor of the one that they mention. Thus, it’s either troll, or you’re trying to make sure if he is on Android’s or Apple’s side.

      Anyways, he did. “…instead favoring their in-house 2 GHz octa-core Exynos 7420 processor as a replacement..”

  • Maxi Payne

    – stunning 5.1″ display
    – better battery life , fast charging , wireless charging
    – a camera with OIS , more options , better low light performance most of the time
    – more advanced samsung pay , more sensors
    — design , performance , ecosystem : Tie

    S6 is a clear winner to me

    • coldspring22 .

      Not to mention much larger memory ( 2.5GB usable vs 0.6GB in iphon6), and much more capable cpu. IPhone 6 is better compared with $130 xiaomi redmi 2 which has similar specs.

      • T-800

        I was considered an obsolete design when I faced the T-1000, yet I still persevered. Do not count the iPhone out so easily.

        • coldspring22 .

          What’s not to dislike about “flagship” that has only 0.6 GB usable memory? It’s insane. Apple keeps a lockdown on multi-tasking because if iphone 6 was allowed to do true multi-tasking everyone would see how badly it chokes when it runs low on memory. Only people who are computer illiterates would insist iphone 6 is anywhere near Galaxy S6 in terms hardware capability and being future proof. Of course, iphone users upgrade every year, so it’s no big deal to junk iphone 6 and buy iphone 6S or 7 with more memory when Apple declares multi-tasking as a new singular innovation on iphone.

          • Jkdem85

            You may prefer Samsung / android, but anyone claiming that apple doesn’t make solid products is a dope. You obviously have never owned an iPhone, there is a reason it’s dominating the world. Also a reason why Samsung had to literally 100% copy it’s design on the side, it’s fingerprint scanner location, heck even the bottom where the micro UBS port is looks exactly the same as the iPhone 6, down to the number of speaker holes. Samsung is “taking inspiration” because Apple’s design is excellent. As a Samsung fan you should recognize this instead of bashing apple and looking like a 12 year old and/or a paid Samsung shill. Odds are your a young dork (like many of us), who needs to open their eyes a bit

          • Funny you should mention only ‘0.6 GB of usable memory’ lol. Yesterday, I turned my Note 4 on from its long slumber and charge with nary an app open (other than the 16 in mandates ‘starting up’ regardless of ‘state of the phone’ …it’s just got to be booted up! Low memory warning and I’ve got 3GB of RAM! It’s running constantly with 2.2-2.6 doing Absolutely Nothing!
            When I want to play a game, say Asphalt 8, to avoid a choppy experience (not seen on any iPhone from the 5s, 6, or 6+ — they’re our personal phones, I’ve got the latter, son the former and mom, the middle while I use and have used the Note Series strictly for business), I must kill ALL apps, “optimize” my GoLauncher and play. Then …I can play ‘sometimes’ without a skipped frame. I’m excited to see the 5.1 version make it to Notes. Hopeful they’ve done some optimizations for its internal memory.
            The iPhone ‘6’ series however, is the best iPhone to date. The iPad Air 2 shows Exactly what happens by doubling the RAM on a system optimized for its SoC, display, memory compression and NAND all working together through a singular OS without the added carrier and Samsung ‘bloat’ hanging over hour head
            Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Note4, more so than the N3 and a HELLUVA lot more than the original Note …but to run on about Apple’s stupidity and lack of knowledge ‘building chips’, the folks that choose to buy them …and lastly, to make a decision based on ‘specs’ is MUCH more ignorant than your posts themselves! Here’s to hoping Sammy got this one right. Competition is good for everyone …and although there’s parity in the App Store and Play Store, Android is still SORELY lacking when it comes to productivity and creativity (photography, video & audio manipulation …even ‘writing’). There’s an Extremely functional MS Office for your iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC (5 each, cross platform with 5TB of cloud storage and 5 accounts for ten bucks a month!) & a phenomenal array of Killer apps Apple provides ‘if you’d like’ aka GarageBand, iTunes, iBooks, the iWork suite and an incredible use of ‘widgets’ that doesn’t eat your battery life. To top it off, the vertical and horizontal integration and aggregation with Handoff is simply amazing. With OS X (or Windows, you’ve got choice on OS X), you’ve got a ‘Real’ operating system to finish heavy lifting when you’re back In the studio, your office or simply finishing an email or Word doc on the ‘john’ …you can DO it! Not so with my Note 4
            (I’ve been ambidextrous since 2008, still have the Xoom and original iPad. I’m not biased, I’m experienced and you’re a bit ignorant to what the ‘other side’ is offering. To me, that’s NOTHING but sad. Open your eyes a bit and try ‘others’ like the author did

        • coldspring22 .

          When apple comes out with iphone 6S (T-1000), iphone 6 (T-800) will definitely be obsolete and will be remotely disabled by apple’s skynet. That’s all in Apple’s master plan

          • look at my review about smartphone high end like samsung galaxy s6 here Kamera smartphone flagship, Hp Kamera Bagus

          • Harry

            I don’t know, Samsung is the one making TV’s that record and listen to you in the privacy of your own home.

          • roboticengi

            Well that is what people Pay for. You know your iphone also records what you tell Siri. Strange that tech need to record when activating speachrecognition…..

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      • mobilemann

        it crushes in single core, where it matters. Why do people not actually think and look into these things? My 6+ doesn’t reload apps any more than my 3gb note 3 either. Just facts.

        • coldspring22 .

          Crush what? Did you see the benchmarks? Unfortunately, apple processor is falling behind in benchmarks too. Apple sucks in engineering, and excels only in fashion. That’s why it needs to ask android rivals like Samsung and LG to make parts for it. You do realize that OS runs on a different thread than application? So if once you start multi-tasking, it’s best to have more than 2 cores. And for switching between apps, which is the only thing iphone can do at the moment, having huge memory is big advantage – if there is no space to hold background apps, it will be flushed out of memory and have to reload. Simple facts

          • mobilemann

            kid, apple is one of two OEMs that designs their own processors. Exynos is off the shelf design, it’s just 14nm, which (is fucking awesome) but every other processor will get to. At which point, design will set them apart.

            You know dick, you’ve proven that.

        • Karly Johnston

          The iPhone 5S has a higher avg. mean single core Geekbench score. GS6 is all over the map from 850-1500. It appears thermal throttle is an issue here as all of these lacking custom 64 bit cores.

          • Guest

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        • sj0808

          I dont think ip6 “crushes” GS6 in the single core category. Although ip6 would be marginally better.

        • roboticengi

          Have you Even seen the real life speed of the S6? Why do people Even look at these none real world benchmarks.

    • Guest

      “more advanced samsung pay” lol the hell does that mean

      “better battery life” compared to?

      “Design , performance , ecosystem” opinion

      ” a camera with OIS , more options , better low light performance most of the time” depends

      ” more sensors” such as?

      “stunning 5.1″ display” ok

      • Marco DiSilvestre

        Samsung pay can mimic credit cards so it can be used at almost any terminal regardless if it uses NFC or not. Apple pay can not.

        Better battery life compared to his normal life. The s6 can make it a day and a half with its battery saving software which the iphone 6 doesn’t have.

        The whole purpose of watching these review videos is to get there opinion. And in mine it is clearly better.

        The s6 has OIS, the iphone 6 does not. There is no depending there. And it defiantly has more options like the ability to shoot RAW images and other special features. But each shot does vary, sometimes the s6 has the edge, sometimes the iphone 6 has the edge, so they are very close.

        It has a lot more sensors such as heart rate, Ir blaster, sp02 (which is an oxygen saturation sensor).

        And hell yeah a stunning 5.1 display.

        • Jkdem85

          The 6+ has excellent battery life, people get 2 days plus. I get Aroind 5 1/2 hours screen on time which is nuts.

          6+ has OIS

          Honestly prefer the 6+ screen to the note 4 that I owned on the side. Super amoled is great at times but doesn’t look professional to me, too cartoonish

          All in all I am a cell phone junkie. For 6 years I couldn’t keep a single phone more than 2 or 3 months as my daily driver. The 6+ is the first one that has fully satiated me, it’s really almost perfect. Too many safari crashes due to lack of ram, once they fix that and slap on a bigger battery / increase battery life and it would be truly 100% ideal

    • Jose Romero

      Ecosystem is not a tie. Even though the Android and iOS ecosystems have never been closer in terms of content and content quality, you have to admit that iOS is still better as iOS is still getting more apps first than Android plus the iPhone has an unrivaled ecosystem of third-party cases, accesories, etc.

      • coldspring22 .

        What total nonsense. There is nothing to back up your claim. Cite sources. Third party accessories? You mean like fake iphone lightening cable? Thanks to greedy apple, the third party support is actually pretty lousy. On the contrary, android has much better ecosystem and the gap is widening. There are useful apps for android such as tasker which are actually impossible on iphone, because IOS is completely locked down system and only apple decides what is permissible. Apple brass will love that Android is going to be used by 90% or more of world population and iphone will only be for the privileged “elites”.

        • Jose Romero

          What I said is universally known. Even as an Android fan and longtime user since it first came out, I have to admit what I said.

        • mobilemann

          kid, ecosystem isn’t close. It’s not just software, which is still head and shoulders above. (see plex on both platforms. See IP camera’s. See VNC clients, see DTS audio in video apps, see garage band)

          Then there’s the always ridiculous gap in hardware 3rd party items, which continues to be massive.

          And iOS users have had activator for years, (works a lot like tasker) I don’t get how children like you talk so much about things you don’t even know actually existed for years on iOS. I don’t understand how people with half the story tend to talk the most.

          • coldspring22 .

            Look who’s talking nonsense again. Yes there is ridiculous gap, only in Android’s favor. There is nothing I can say to convince a isheep like you to think otherwise. For every point you make about superiority of IOS eco system, there is more than a dozen that can be said in favor of android. Meanwhile, the whole world is moving to android platform, while apple IOS will be serving the few privileged “elites”.

          • mobilemann

            the guy who’s been exposing how little you know about mobile technology. I’m willing to bet i own more android devices than you, and even further updated devices than you (do you have any phones with 5.1 on them?) I also do more with my devices than you do, so i’m not sure who’s the sheep.

            Have fun on facebook, i’ll go back to my ip cam’s, home automation, actual gaming, AD administration, you know, things you should be able to do with a mobile computer.

            and again, the eco systems heavily sway in Apple’s favor. Even android users on this forum agree. You’re just a fanboy; who, face it, was schooled by someone who’s currently an IOS user; which probably burns you up more, which is even more pathetic.

          • coldspring22 .

            Sure have fun with your gaming – and don’t forget to have your mom pack your lunch for school.

          • mobilemann

            i’ve asked you 3 times what you think is so awesome you do with your phone. Told you i’m a developer, and have complex security and home automation systems intergrated into both my iOS devices (activator, home kit and roomie) and Android (tasker, auto voice and google now) That do neat things like turn on the lights around my home as i walk through it (ibeacons)

            what do you do besides talk shit about mobile technology, something that you have shown to know very little of? I’m guessing twitter? bookface?

            Please respond, your tears sustain me.

          • coldspring22 .

            Look you seem to have some problem with your ego. I am here to talk about pros and cons of android platform vs locked down IOS platform, and not interested in comparing sallaries and size of dicks etc. Do that with your pals.

          • mobilemann

            you indicated i was childish for playing games on a smartphone, i corrected you, it’s not abnormal. But if you don’t want to play that game, I’m happy to go back to your misunderstanding of the A8 vs Exynos, and what a real hardware 3rd party eco system looks like, you can update me on when Dev edition phones are finally out, like you were so kind in earlier.

            in my view, even root 3rd party scene is lopsided. On Android you have unfortunately factions in developers; one rom doesn’t work here, and even with xposed frameworks, most tweaks require a rom based on ASOP, sense, TW etc. On iOS, Mobilesubstrate, (which xposed is basically based off of) enables any jailbreak dev to target all iOS devices in that generation, or prior) to work with. This means a more focused developer community, in places like modmyi vs xda.

          • He doesn’t care that you’re hung like a light switch. Some of us are genuinely curious as to the answer to his/her questions. What DO YOU DO with your Android ‘choice’ iOS is incapable of?

          • Jkdem85

            You realize ios is inhaling world market share at a faster rate then android… Android started contracting in many markets, including America in the last 2 quarters

        • Now THAT IS True Comedy! Thanks for the snort of coffee on my iPad! ‘…and its widening?’
          Good. Grief! Be very cool if this site could sift out the junior high kids from debating adults!

    • DDT

      iPhone got stunning 4,7″ display, great battery life, great camera, easy to use Apple watch (that will be available everywhere) less sensors.

      Design is subjective, I hate that “self messing” glass on galaxy.

      Performance is far from a tie. For example at heavy gaming the iPhone is so far ahead it’s not even funny.
      And ecosystem ? You will get updates on iPhone for years, and developer support that has no competition.

      • coldspring22 .

        Like iphone 4? Where is latest IOS 8 update for iphone 4? Apple apparently disowned poor owners of iphone 4. Meanwhile, thanks to android being open source, even older android phones than iphone 4 continue to receive updates in form of new custom roms. With IOS/iphone, because it’s totally proprietary/locked down, what you can do is at total mercy of what apple brass decides (planned obsolescence), but with android, thousands of independent developers alone can decide if they want to create new release for a very old android phone, regardless of what Google decides. That’s the meaning of freedom, and that’s why android is far superior platform compared to iphone/IOS.

        • mobilemann

          yeah, it sucks when phones don’t have hardware (like the big heel in the ip4 was it’s lack of BT4.0, the 4s was the first phone to support that.) BT is used for polling for airdrop, airplay etc.

          As for gaming, my 6+ destroy’s my s5 and my note 3 in games like marvel alliance; you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • coldspring22 .

            So what, BT is no justification for apple to not support iphone 4. Even basic programmers realize it’s very easy to support older devices if that’s deemed necessary. Even latest release of windows for example, can be installed on a 10 year old thinkpad. How about apple’s macbook? Can you install latest Mac OS on 10 year old apple hardware? Looks like apple’s wonderful program of planned obsolescence in full display. Make isheeps continue to buy new iphones and trash old ones through deliberate obsolescence. Regard to games, you are comparing previous generation of android phones to iphone 6, which is apple’s latest. Regardless, please note that apple is totally reliant on android rivals for all the components and manufacturing, as apple lack engineering and manufacturing expertise to make iphone by itself. Samsung is a true engineering powerhouse, and it does all engineering and manufacturing in house for Galaxy S6, and the gap will be widening in the future.

          • mobilemann

            the ip4 was supported longer than the nexus s, and was given iOS 7 without those aforementioned features. (i know because i use ip4’s as light switches that run all sorts of neat scripts.)

            The irony of arguing (while supporting android on all things) about older hardware support is pretty immense. Microsoft does do better than apple (hint, i don’t just like apple products; as i said, i was on android for years, and i’m typing this on windows 8.1, although i work a lot in music, so i do see a ton of OS X on this box too (hackintoshed with yosemite:D) But I don’t just like Apple. I was a massive supporter of a lot of things samsung (and i still am with the note line despite owning a 6+, big fan of SD and removable battery)

            And every OEM is reliant on rivals, that’s how the system works. And the S5 was the flagship at the time the 6 and 6+ came out, that’s same gen. There will be a new iphone in the late summer, which will also compete with the S6.

            It’s not that the s6 isn’t good, it’s not that Android isn’t good. It’s that you know dick about the competition, and label users based on incorrect information. Does your phone automatically connect to your vpn when you open up specific apps outside your lan? Does your phone completely control your home automation? My iOS and Android phones do. It’s more the user than the device, but they are both incredibly capable:D

            Have fun being a technological troglodyte:D

          • coldspring22 .

            So the point is 1) android and windows support older hardware better than apple. You lost this point. 2) Android is far better than apple for doing things like automation. It’s totally correct to say apple IOS is a deliberately crippled system. Can you flash custom roms on iphone? Can you even do simple things like true multi-tasking? Can you modify your phone as an open ended computer? Learn a few things about basic computer technology first before spouting all kinds of stupid nonsense on the internet.

          • mobilemann

            you made a terrible point, considering competing phones at the time of the ip4 as i mentioned, were abandoned long before the ip4. Again, your lack of knowledge is your heel, you’re point is invalid.

            and i’ve flashed gingerbread on a iphone 3gs! (really) but again, the advent of locked boot loaders means that you can’t even try this on the majority of the flagships that i want to. I know this first hand, as i used to be the type of user to flash nightlies on the way to work.

            What’s so great about that? 9/10 you flash a rom based on your own, that is, if you want to keep your OEM’s features in-tact. Want AOSP on a samsung? Bye bye multiview and spen!

            let’s compare that to the ip4, which got upgrades for longer than it’s nexus counterpart, but lacked BTLE for a few features. But please, continue fighting a loosing argument about single core phones.

            again, i have written iOS jailbreak launchers, i’m sorry donnie, but your out of your element, you simply don’t know NEARLY enough about what you’re talking about to even hang.

          • coldspring22 .

            Wrong – you always have option to buy flagships with non locked boot loader. What’s more Tmobile/Sprint flagships are not boot loader locked. Shows your lack of knowledge again. As for old android phones not being supported, it’s hard to get through your thick skull, that Google or other android OEMs do not have to release latest release. All it takes is independent developers to decide to make a custom rom. It’s that simple. Again your showing your colors as true isheep. You don’t even understand what is the meaning of open source. If you wasted time developing ios jail breakers you are a true bonafide moron

          • mobilemann

            Yes, i show my colors as a sheep by knowing more about flashing devices, and running later versions of android than you. Again, what do you do with your phone? Have you ever even played with tasker, or written an app? The last fun thing i did with android was autovoice / zooper tasker combos, which are done much better with roomie and homekit on iOS.

            I should have said on my carriers (After all, there is only one real carrier for LTE in the US, verizon, who have over double the speeds) AT&T is the second best carrier, and Sprint is by far the biggest joke in mobile data, and shouldn’t be included in lists, t-mobile, while i’m a fan of what they do, are too small, and their spectrum is way_to_high; which means it’s useless in buildings in cities. (verizon on the other hand has something insanely low like 700mhz, so it penetrates much better) more stuff you would know, if you actually cared about mobile technology, and wasn’t just a cheerleader.

            and i don’t know how it takes to get it through your thick skull; some kid porting an OS to a phone does not make it work; what a joke. Does not give it anywhere near the battery life, it’s in fact, much, much worse than what apple did with iOS 7 on the iphone 4.

            Again, you’re not fooling me, i’ve flashed every bootloader unlocked phone i’ve owned (6 or 7, mostly samsung, not a big HTC fan, but i did own an incredible 2 and a 8x)

            When i wrote jailbroken launchers, i made about 600 bucks from donations, so it wasn’t a waste of time, but it was below my billable rate, so i stopped.

            Again, you know dick.

          • coldspring22 .

            So your claim that all flagships are boot loader locked is plain wrong. Whether only Verizon is only bonafide carrier in US, I quite disagree. Even Verzon has boot loader unlocked flagship available. Ever heard of Galaxy Note 4 developer edition? And second, numerous custom roms have been developed for older android phones, and they do work. Sure there are some which doesn’t have all functionality, but they are continually improved, and many are quite usable as daily driver. This is not just by my experience, but look at all the threads on xda-developers, and check what people who flashed roms have to say about their experience. So the bottom line is Android is still far superior to IOS/apple in that it’s open source, users have far more freedom in what they can do with their phone. Sorry, looks like you don’t know even your own dick.

          • mobilemann

            which isn’t available with carrier subsidy, which verizon won’t service, although i didn’t even know that verizon was available yet. It sucks they killed GPE, as that is still full of bloat, although at least you can flash it away.

            and i assure you; i’m well away of the custom scene in xda; it’s great until your favorite dev upgrades his phone. You do get lucky from time to time (i run 5 on a sg3 for example) but that phone again, lost features / battery life, and can’t record video. This is typical of most ASOP builds on the most popular phones.

            Me being incorrect about a very small amount of phones that come out months after the flagships launched is acknowledged. Are you going to acknowledge how much you were wrong about iOS?

          • nanook

            How does having outdated support for outdated hardware matter? I’m incredibly happy that Apple dropped rosetta support for legacy PowerPC applications. At least OS X has HALF the footprint of Windows. it’s also partly why OS X is much more responsive than Windows on the exact same hardware, it’s why OS X idles at a lower amount of RAM than Windows, and it’s why OS X boots much faster than Windows on the same hardware. The only things Windows has on Mac is the graphics API (OpenGL is terrible compared to Direct3D).

            Secondly, the entire point of having an iPhone is to remove the ability you stated as to why Android is better. I have no desire to flash my phone. I’m not interested in a windowed phone. I don’t want an open ended computer. I want a phone. And the iPhone is the best phone for that. Besides, Apple boasts an ecosystem that no other company can. No company has hand-off and no company has implemented a version of mirroring or streaming like AirPlay. It’s a uniform, easy to understand system. I don’t want stupid customizability. I want to run scientific applications, I want to answer e-mails and I need image analysis and editing tools. OS X and iOS serve those purposes the best.

          • Yes, indeed you can. Same as rooting, it’s called jailbreaking. Been around a while. ‘Learn a few things about basic computer technology first before spouting in all kinds of stupid nonsense on the Internet’. Now, stop feeding the spider, move outta mom’s basement, get some fresh air and try…an iPhone
            You don’t have to keep it. Just ‘try’ it. It’s obvious you’ve never laid a finger on one

          • nanook

            What are you, a 12 year old or something? Yosemite is currently supported by any version of an Apple computer that has a Core 2 or above. That puts the oldest model at the 2007 iMac. Which funny enough, every single iteration of Mac OS since Snow Leopard has only been able to support that model or later. And you know, it made the most sense to move to Intel. Previously, PowerPC rocked, but IBM tanked on that one around 2005. So where is this “planned obsolescence”? On another note, Mac clearly runs more smoothly, more stably and boots faster than Windows.

            On another note, it’s a clear fact that Apple’s processing and memory specs suck compared to Android. However, on benchmarks, when you compare scores on the basis of unit of spec (gb, ghz, etc.) Apple always wins. That doesn’t mean Apple is better, but it’s not fair to compare the two. Simply put, iOS was designed for the iPhone, so it works much more efficiently. That’s one of the big draws for Apple.

            Anyway, stop being a little Android-brat and come to the conclusion that everyone is allowed to have different opinions and needs for a phone. Android makes sense for you? Great. What makes sense for the next person is of no concern to you.

        • Jkdem85

          The iPhone 4 is 5 years old! Try getting lollipop on an s1

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Two years is the support for Roid as stated by Google.
          Four years for iOS.
          Better try again.

        • You’ve soooo much to learn friend. There’s but a single iOS device with 2GB of memory. The Air 2. Yet EVERY SINGLE GAME on the iPhone plays ‘better’. More fluently with less crashing and less a battery hit on the iPhone 6+(1GB RAM) vs. my Note 4 (3GB RAM).
          So, please let me know what’s not ‘funny’. Updating a nearly six year old iPhone with the latest OS ( remember they just came out eight years ago ) or the silliness of your post?

      • coldspring22 .

        Iphone6 4.7″ LCD display is made by LG and it’s not that stunning. Unfortunately, Apple is totally dependent on what LG can provide (being that apple regard samsung as greater rival and don’t want to use samsung amoled screen), and LG is somewhat behind samsung in terms of leading edge display technology

        • mobilemann

          hey man, whatever you need to justify your purchase, of your facebook phone.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          You really don’t know shit. How do HaemorRoids know so little always shout the most?

        • nanook

          The difference between the two displays is akin to the difference between 128 kbps and 256 kbps audio – only snobs really care. You can’t really tell the difference, honestly, and in terms of day to day usage, both suffice.

          I’m also confused as to your hatred of Apple stemming from the fact that they don’t manufacture their own hardware. I mean, Apple actually designed their own chip; Samsung modified an existing design. But does that really matter…? No.

      • Carl

        Thats because the iphone still has a 750p screen yet charge a kings ransom for outdated technology. Who in 2015 has a 750p screen from 2011 on their flagship phone. Name one company that charges this absurd amount of money for a 750p screen and 1gb ddr3 ram who pays this kinda money for this outdated tech. Watching a virtual reality game on an iphone 6 would be like looking at lego blocks.

    • mobilemann

      The 6+ has better battery life, when not using cherry picked data. Also better camera (with OIS) The eco system is less than half of iOS’s, but that’s just someone’s 2c who actually keeps sim’s in all 3 big platforms. But why would you expect any honestly in this forum? Full of kids who don’t really use their phones for anything more than facebook.

      • Maxi Payne

        A fair comparison would be against the IP6 , 6+ is in the note territory, as for the ecosystem please enlighten us with few exemple

        • mobilemann

          how about hardware eco system? (MFi Program, a joystick api apps actually use) And easily the best software eco system. I was on android from 4.0 (first usable) for Kitkat (although i do run cm12 on my sg3 and my other un bootloader locked samsung devices).

          apps like plex, general VNC apps, (although chrome remote desktop makes it a lot better, but i hate using external brokers, as i like to be in control over my own security) video apps.

          as for (more cherry picking, you can only compare it to this model!!) The screen size difference is .4″ for each display, so i can’t really even buy that.

    • roboticengi

      Couldnt agree more.

  • Jell-O

    That 60fps Video Smoothness Tho !!

  • Captain Obvious

    What is there to compare, these are the same phone now. Samsung has turned its back on what made it great.

    • coldspring22 .

      Big difference. Apple gives you low end spec phone for flagship price, while S6 is genuine flagship. Come on, it’s 2015 – what kind of miserly specs is 1GB of memory for a flagship phone? IPhone 6 was obsolete the day it was released.

      • BP

        you mean iPhone 6 outperformed the competition the day it was released… stop caring so much about specs, you be in a better place.

        • theemptyhead

          I think you should start caring for specs and you’ll be in a better place.

          • coldspring22 .

            Anyone except computer illiterates would recognize that usable memory is pretty critical; otherwise, why buy 16GB laptop when 1GB laptop is much cheaper? Simple fact is iphone can’t really multi-task due to memory constraints, and this is directly due to iphone having puny 1GB of memory (0.6 GB usable). Iphone 6 is low end phone with flagship price. This is borne out by the total bill of material. Foxconn made it for $150, and Apple will sell it to you gladly for $700 or more. True flagship phones, such as S6 cost significantly more to manufacture than iphone, because it has the actual goods to be a high end phone.

          • theemptyhead

            You are absolutely right

          • abazigal

            Are people actually missing the ability to multitask on a smartphone though.

            Start looking at the user experience for once. That Apple, at a BOM of $150, can give a better user experience than a phone with higher BOM speaks not of the stinginess of Apple, but at the general inability of the rest of the competition to manufacture as efficiently.

            Not to mention that BOM of the iPhone doesn’t count the costs of developing iOS, the R&D spent, the costs of maintaining their cloud infrastructure and everything else that Apple does in house. Compared to Android OEMs, where Google provides (and pays for) the services and the OS is free.

        • Dan Reed

          Dump ALL of the capabilities of the S6 into an iPhone, and see how well the iPhone performs with 1gb of RAM lol

          • theemptyhead

            Exactly what i wanted to say

        • coldspring22 .
        • Jay Kim

          outperformed what. and specs is important which is why apple bumped up its specs from a 1.3 megapixel back to a 8 megapixel camera right?

      • mobilemann

        if that were true, you would be right:D it’s not apple’s faults you don’t understand the differences between what qualcomm and reference ARM designs do and what apple does (wide and high-IPC design) to do more per clock.

        You’re literally too stupid to understand the differences, so you crow

    • Jay Kim

      turned back what exactly after the changes samsung has been receiving overwhelming number of demand.
      s5 was a fail why? because it looks bad and only its usability was good.
      alot of people look for a design on a phone instead of what it does,
      there is also the fact that the s5 was the skinner version of the s5 active which did the exact same thing.
      now with the s6 and the s6 active are in seperate cataegories, it will attract different customers.
      if you want a removable back and micro sd card slot get the active. the active is the pretty much the s5 upgrade.

  • Josh Nyenhuis

    What game are you playing around 3 min in the video?

    • ericesque

      That would be Sky Force.

  • Marty

    I had a chance to hold and mess with a GS6 today. Really nice, especially the black one. I handled both versions, the flat one and curved one. The flat is for me. Not much in favor of the curved one. But the black one I saw had a kind of oyster pearl sheen on the back. Looked really nice.

    I’d say the GS6, based on Android being better than iOS, is the better phone. Better looks, better style, better OS and the build quality seemed more than acceptable.

  • HerveS94

    That was a great all round review battle between the two, for me personally if i had to choose, it will be Samsung s6 edge over the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. But what i am looking forward to is the asus zenfone 2.

  • slitz

    S6 edge > s6 = note 4 > others

  • mrochester

    Given that iOS pips Android to the post when it comes to being the better operating system, I’d say the iPhone 6 takes the crown here. The S6 is otherwise about equal to the iPhone 6.

    • Boolean Corporation


    • coldspring22 .

      Sure, in couple of years iphone 6 will be in landfill, where as Galaxy S6 will still be very useful to anyone who bought it. That’s future proofness that’s missing on iphone 6, a low end phone with flagship price.

      • Jkdem85

        What are you talking about android is notorious for not supporting phones months, let alone years after release. Less than 5% of android phones are on the most current Version of the OS.

  • Corey

    As an iPhone 6 owner I’m happy. But the S6 is probably the prettier device. I’ve held one and was wowed. It’s excellent. That said, touchwiz still sucks. Even stripped down. If you could put htc sense on this phone you’d have a near perfect device. iOS ain’t perfect, but it’s smooth and simple to use.

    • coldspring22 .

      If you don’t like touchwiz, you can get a Xiaomi phone with MIUI. Xiaomi phones are pretty amazing given their low price points.

      • Jkdem85

        Yes the phones blatantly designed and “inspired” by apple…. Who you claim is the worst

  • Andy

    After getting increasingly disappointed with Androids I waited for S6 and M9 reveals. So disappointed, you’d be mad to buy them at these prices and nothing spectacularly new. No way paying £550 for something that is worth half that in 6 months. So nervously went over to iphone 6. Why oh why did I not get an iPhone years ago. So much better in every way, I was shocked. Goodbye Android.

    • Boolean Corporation

      Good that it worked for ya. I just don’t like the way iOS works.
      My sister in law bought an iPad for her mother to learn basics and I was in charge of explaining her how to use it. It was a mess.
      iOS6 and older was MUCH more intuitive than iOS7/8. Looks like they have lost the user friendlyness that I remember on products like 3GS and iPhone 5, which I used plenty.

    • Prasad Velkuri

      Ios is for people who dont tweak their phones much.
      Ios is created for customers. Android is created for engineers.

      • Jay Kim

        itunes is not created for customers, it was created for greed.

        • Jkdem85

          Total opposite of reality. Apple is successful because they care about customer experience. The experience is why Apple has the brand cache that it does. Samsung is a soulless money machine, that makes devices without a heart just for profit. I love many of their devices but they don’t seem to be made by a passionate company. Passion means something and it’s tangible in a company’s products

          You may hate apple but jobs created the company and every device to trancend technology and make a real emotional connection. Their entire company is based on this, think of all the ad campaigns!

          HTC is a great example of an android oem with similar heart.

          • Jay Kim

            i dont hate apple. sure they made tech what it is today but itunes is pretty much the reason they make more money.
            no being able to use your phone as a mass storage device is a no no. the fact that itunes also corrupts your files.

            apple is also greed. remember the time he told his apple users that they dont know how to use their phones because they are holding it wrong on the iphone 4? do you seriously believe that? have you ever heard apple apologise to its customers for its faults? no. apple thinks they are better thus treat you like scum.

        • Prasad Velkuri

          Thats a joke. So for you pirating everything is the way to go. Obviously the whole hollywood hates google…u know why?

          • Jay Kim

            what joke? how my itunes kept corrupting my files? how i have to convert flac to aac? how apple has such limited and “exclusive codec” that i cant simply move my avi files until i convert it?

            lose all my songs i recently reformatted my computer? why not leave it mass storage. either way you can put pirated songs on the iphone, apple just makes it a pain in the ass corrupting files.

    • Jay Kim

      im opposite to you. getting rid of my iphone 6 when i get my s6 edge.

  • Cami007

    Good review, but I don’t get why is the 6+ here, to some 6+ is a phablet

    • coldspring22 .

      Because apple was too cheap to give iphone 6 “a flagship phone” OIS, so any comparison will be a blow out. So that’s why they had to use iphone 6 plus to make the playing field a little more even.

    • HotelQuebec

      S6 competes with iPhone 6. Note 5 will be a valid comparison for iPhone 6+.

  • HotelQuebec

    Your video player is so laggy. Can’t you use YouTube?

  • P W

    Just for my own curiosity. Does an iPhone6/Plus have a 32 GB storage?

    • Jay Kim

      no it does not.

  • aaloo

    2013 called. wants it 64 bit processor and touch ID back :)

    iPhone wins clearly, especially the camera test :)

    and why are all the cut outs at the bottom of S6 so misaligned. speaker holes match up with the mic, but power port and head phone jack are along different lines. so awkward :)

    and not sure how exactly samsung is measuring this phone as 6.8mm thick. Even if you take the 5mm thick camera hump out of the question, the picture above showing the bottoms of both phones clearly shows iPhone to be the thinner of the two :)

    finally, what happened to getting at least 4gb of ram, or else 64bit is just a gimmick :)

    • coldspring22 .

      Nope Galaxy note 4 by a mile in a blind camera test:

      And S6 camera is even better than Note 4. I think 8MP does not really even qualify as a high end shooter any more. For example, one big complaint about camera on my 2 year old Galaxy note 2 is it’s only 8MP and shots doesn’t have enough details. I tried same shots with my wife’s iphone 6, and details are as expected no better than my Galaxy note 2

      • Prasad Velkuri

        So android is adding features which are not useful amd criticized once…obviously following Apple.
        Touchid, unibody…
        Suddenly all deal breakers are not important anymore…removable battery, sd expansion, waterproofing etc…

  • Anonymous

    Look at the chart. S6 wins at everything. I understand both sides are stubborn at this point. But seriously, not equal. The only reasons the author said they were was to get appeal from both audiences. The S6 is better at everything except maybe touchwiz, but you can get a new layout from the store. There is much more freedom with the Samsung. I dislike taking away the removable battery and additional storage. The additional storage is an excuse to charge more. The iphone specs are terrible for the price and the only reason they are still purchased is for the the logo. They released the bigger screen as a brand new idea although Samsung had it for years. The iphone layout is basic and ordinary. The user of a Samsung can choose the way his/her apps are laid out.
    Looking back, wow. What a rant. Sorry if hurt feelings.

    • coldspring22 .

      If Samsung is smart, they will release another version of S6 (“active”?) with removable battery and SD card slot. That way, they can keep everyone happy.

      • abazigal

        Then what would be the point of removing them in the first place?

        • coldspring22 .

          Cater to people who want glass back and “beautiful” unibody design. I don’t see the point of it since expensive smart phones will be in protective case anyway, but some people seem to crave it.

          • AllPurposeRadio


  • Kardash Eddy

    If the note 5 drops the expandable memory also, I was looking at getting the new note 5 when comes out. Sadly ill just be keeping my Note 3 till they take a hit in sales, and put the expandable memory back. That or will just drop Samsung for something else. That and the battery is the most stupid thing Samsung has done. Is a couple of the things I hated about the iphone. Possibly a former Samsung user. Guess Samsung and Apple are out maybe HTC or something else.

    • Jkdem85

      Unfortunately Samsung already took a major hit in sales, hence the switch to the new design. Unfortunately the vast vast vast majority of consumers don’t care about replacing batteries or removable storage. You should adapt now because it’s not comming back, and even if it does I wont be for long

  • abazigal

    The greater emphasis on specs around here continues to highlight the difference in philosophy between Android and iOS, why many OEMs (including Samsung) missed the plot, and why Apple continues to thrive despite its iPhone being specced the way it is.

    Apple markets their products based on the user experience. Everything from the purchase to the unboxing to the ease with which you set up Touch-ID to how your webpage scrolls is considered right down to the finest detail. I may not be able to quantify the delight experienced by a smooth scrolling experience and distill it into a single number, but I can nonetheless feel it.

    In every market, there is always a segment of consumers with the means to buy nice things, and a segment of people who value a great user experience and don’t mind paying a premium for it. These segments often overlap, to Apple’s benefit. And enough people felt and appreciated it enough to result in an average selling price which is triple that of the industry average.

    The moment you try to market your product based on specs over the user experience, you have already lost. Much less if you try to trump the fact that your Android flagship has 8 cores or triple the ram over the iPhone. People don’t so much care about specs as they do a great user experience. And specs in a vacuum don’t always guarantee a great overall user experience, so I don’t find a spec-to-spec comparison between the 2 phones very meaningful. For example, in his 2013 review of the iphone 5s, Anandtech noted how the use of quad-core processors in smartphones actually led to worse performance, greater heat production and faster battery drain.

    All in all, you can all continue to trump the “fact” that your S6 has a higher PPI, more cores, more ram, higher-pixel camera etc, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything at the end of the day. What ultimately matters to the consumer is the user experience, which oddly enough, is something I see this website address only very superficially at best.

    • coldspring22 .

      Sure if specs don’t matter to you, then by all means keep using your apple II plus with 64K of ram. The truth is specs do matter. That’s why my wife’s old iphone 5 went in to garbage can, and my galaxy note 2 (bought at same time) is still highly userful, except for the 8MP shooter which I don’t like because it lacks detail. Yes my wife’s iphone 6 camera also lack detail because it’s only a 8MP shooter. So specs do matter, definitely, despite apple dressing up it’s 8MP camera (and lousy 1.2MP front shooter) as something great to behold.

      • abazigal

        I am not saying that specs don’t matter, but that they aren’t the be-all and end-all of what makes a great user experience. Apple has shown that they are able to provide a great user experience despite their phones having lesser specs (or sometimes, precisely because their phones have lower paper specs).

        When Apple continues to stick with dual-core processors and 8mp cameras after so many years, and prospers for it, maybe it’s time to stop mocking Apple, and actually start examining why Apple does things the way they do, and start acknowledging the merits and intent behind them.

        • coldspring22 .

          Sorry, I like Xiaomi’s business model much better (high quality, obscene attention to user experience at great affordable price) than apple. Also, I don’t agree Apple produces great user experience necessarily. It depends on who you are. For example, Apple’s newest laptop with single charge port would annoy the heck out of me it I had to use it. Also apple does not deliver good value in longevity of their hardware. For example, I can install latest windwos on a 10 year old thinkpad, but that’s impossible for most older macbooks due to apple’s planned obsolescence program. But for people who are mostly content consumers who can obediently fork over money to apple every year it might be ok. Apple makes habit of charging obscene price for their hardware. Meanwhile, companies like Xiaomi delivers great value, great user experience and quality at very affordable price. Apple does not feel much of a threat from Xiaomi because it’s currently localized in China, but as Xiaomi goes world wide, tables will turn.

          • abazigal

            My friends who use Xiaomi phones have quite mixed reactions, from crappy build quality to problematic touchscreens. It seems that to them, the price was the main draw.

            Apple’s latest laptop may be annoying to some, but then again, it’s not for everyone, it’s not like it’s Apple’s only laptop, and nothing is forcing you to use it if you don’t like it. There will be people who want an ultraportable laptop and don’t mind compromising for it.

            Even if Xiaomi were to come to US, I see them posing more of a threat to Android vendors than Apple. People want iOS, they want the great user experience only iOS can deliver and this is something not even all the specs in the world can replicate.

          • coldspring22 .

            Whether IOS is great user experience is mainly based on your point of view. Remember, android is superset of all IOS functionality, because android is much more open and flexible than IOS. Android can emulate all IOS functionality, but IOS cannot emulate android. And while apple claims to be “changing the world”, actually android is the platform that’s changing the world, and most people by and large will be using Android over iphone/IOS.

          • abazigal

            There’s a difference between being able to do something, and being able to do something well, fluidly and with so little friction that it feels like second nature. Delight from a great user experience is a real thing, as is annoyance due to a feature not being implemented properly; not feeling stupid is worth so much more than theoretical capability.

            Look at what all the features like eye-tracking on the S4 got them. People hardly talk about them these days because they were gimmicky and simply didn’t work right. And today, Samsung is actually boasting that their phones sport fewer features, not more.

            The iPad had worse specs than windows tablets, but look which has taken the world by storm and redefined the modern tablet.

            Why hadn’t mobile payments on Android taken off despite it having a 3-year lead on iOS? How is it that Apple, with its smaller market share, can influence the direction of flash?

            More isn’t always better, especially when it is not more of what people want, but instead results in more issues that they have to contend with,

          • coldspring22 .

            And ipad is going the way of ipod … deep south. You seem to have lot of respect for apple as corporation, I don’t. Lets just leave it at that. Future will tell if apple/IOS will persist as a major market force. Android will be around and dominent even if Google dumps it, because it’s open source and used by thousands of companies, while iphone/IOS will live and die with apple.

          • abazigal

            Fair enough. :)

          • Awayze

            get a life coldspring22, half of the comments on this article are from you and frankly theyre all nonsense. Jealous of Apple.

          • Jkdem85

            iPad sales are down year over year but still tremendous amounts sold, and the worlds most popular tablet. By your logic Samsung is going “Deep South” since sales plummeted dramatically in the last year.

            I find it amazing that you don’t have a single good thing to say about apple

          • Prasad Velkuri

            Android5 is a superset of features and problems as well. Im sure you have not used LLP much. There is a difference in doing everything and doing something effectively

          • Jkdem85

            You think Samsung doesn’t care about money? They are ruthless, much more so than apple. Also I see many iphone 5’s in the wild, hell I still see 4s’ so your comment about obsolescence is not universal. Most people in America buy a new phone any 2 years anyway, regardless of OEM or OS.

      • mobilemann

        again, what do you do with your devices that you think only android can handle you? I’ll bet i do more with my 3gs than you’ve done with your last 2 smartphones. Please wow me.

  • Prasad Velkuri

    Every time i see this S6 photos compared to iphone6 i feel ashamed to own samsung phone in the past. No class and no vision. Never ever buy samsung. LG or Chinese are better value for money. If you want class go with Apple.

    • Dapsy

      You have definitely smoked some expired weed…

      • Guest

        And you’ve been having a bit too much EXPIRED DRUGS BTW NOST REPLY TO THIS COMMNET

        THANK U

    • Jay Kim

      every time i see my iphone 6 i am filled with regret in buying the iphone. no class and limited. never ever buy apple. everything except apple is better value. if you want something that is worth your money buy anything but apple.

      i translated it for you.

      • Prasad Velkuri

        Limited…agreed. no class? Then why did you buy it in first place? You decide on what you want from now on.
        I decided against sammy after using touchwiz and observing their obsession with apple..simply adding whatever they add in iphone…yawk..very cheap…

        • Jay Kim

          its the same as what i had on my iphone 5. i bought the iphone 6 thinking it would be different also i was interested in apple pay but it doesnt even work in my country.
          and adding what? samsung had nfc payments before apple, multi window?, antenna lines like htc m7-9 glass back like xperias. what exactly did they copy?

          • Prasad Velkuri

            “Not work in my country”.
            There you go. That says how much you know about tech and phones. I dont.think apple is mentioning apple pay outside US.

          • Jay Kim

            how does that even translate how much i know about tech and phones. you’re just an apple fan. don’t talk tech if you know nothing especially if blatantly talk crap.

            so what is apples vision?

          • Prasad Velkuri

            apple vision is simple. Improve on what you already have. Not remove the current feature and add something else because your competitor added it. battery, sd, water proof, metal, glass etc…

          • Jay Kim

            apple only has 1 or 2 flagships compared to samsung. and apple removed ois from the iphone 6 and 720p right?

          • Prasad Velkuri

            Removed? Please do some basic research. It was never there to remove. Where was samsung adds something and removes later if that is not added to iPhone – no need to mention the features added in iPhone will be followed on Sammy’s.

            At least you guys should support Sony and LG who are making better devices. Example: Sony introduced water proof phone and they still make them.

          • Jay Kim

            yes and there was a reason there is a galaxy s6 active version. what right do you have to say what samsung shoud have and not have? do you own samsung? if people really cared about the features, then it should have alot of demand compared to the s5 which was what everyone wanted and yet still had slow sales. even is samsung did have the features you will still stay royal to apple. you are just plain bashing.

            i have owned both xperias and htc as well as lg so i did support them.

          • Prasad Velkuri

            No. Im not just bashing them. I used their products in the past… Now im using LG. I used iPhone in the past. Its not about demand or sales.

            If Samsung thinks they have a good feature then why remove it?
            all Im saying is that Samsung do not follow a design principle or method.
            They just wake up on fine day and start designing to sell for next 6 months. After 6 months they will not care for the buyer or the phone.

          • Jay Kim

            to be honest, the s5 and the s5 active did the exact same thing. they did function over design and yet the consumer didnt like it. now look at samsung. they did design over function and people are gossiping more than the s5. ir means it is working. and they do care about the older phones. if they didnt, why would they update their old phones for their customers. their updates were faster then sony. by the time samsung updated galaxy 4 to lollipop sony updated their xperia lines to lollipop.

          • Prasad Velkuri

            You are commenting as if you own the company and you already know the sales. Take a breath..
            S6 will not sell more than S5. Take my word.

          • Jay Kim

            I dont own the company but i know that the s6 will sell more. just watch.

  • I am vote Iphone 6 Plus for design. but samsung galaxy is great phone as well. this is my review about flagship smartphone Kamera smartphone flagship, Hp Kamera Bagus

  • Manilam

    Like your review… but on the CAMERA REVIEW blog mention SAMSUNG is better than IPHONE…… which i thinks it is only on HARDWARE SPECS but as per SAMPLE PICS which SHOWS IPHONE HAS BETTER CLARITY then samsung on SAME ENVIRONMENT.

    So, Plz make it CORRECT “either BLOG or ME” .. :)

  • Android Developer

    About the camera samples of the low light (with Megaman), I think that both devices got bad results, but at least for iphone6 the colors weren’t as red-ish as of SGS6. I can see that Megaman’s color is blue.
    Why was this mentioned:
    “Low light performance favors the Samsung Galaxy S6, as it manages to get good detail without too much noise in plenty of darker situations”
    Or is it for other low-light tests, and this one was just something that was played with, as written later :
    “though some fiddling with the exposure compensation will be needed to keep things from going uneven”

  • JY

    Wish the s6 and edge had a more minimalist look on the front like the iphone or at least remove the front logo, spoils the look, battery life hopefully final software improves it right now seems mixed some say its worse than the s5 while some say it matches it, and touchwiz the icons still has the same ugly look not enough lollipop look and feel and the themes are childish htc is better more professional and customisable

  • Awayze

    IPhone 6 wins. Even with the low hardware , iPhone wins in benchmarks and actual visual observation of speed of apps and games. Samsung is for jealous of the iPhone people, why would anyone buy something of a company who’s idea is just to copy Apple. Just look at the bottom of the S6, copied from iPhone 5.

    • Guest

      Troll, isheep

      • Awayze

        I have a Xperia Z3. Samsung are awful. Ive seen friends iPhone 6’s be a lot smoother and faster than the laggy S5’s. People like you are deluded. I’ve owned iPhone and Android since 2007. Anyone who isn’t a moron will realise Android apps have lag issues but Touchwiz is awful, even with 4.2ghz octa core, it’d suck. You’re a Samsheep.

        • HotelQuebec


          • mobilemann

            i’ll never understand wanna be neck beards like yourself.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          iPhone 6 is NOT smoother than S6 .

          Let’s see the rest: Display? Battery? Functions? Camera? Bezels?……….

          • Awayze

            At the end of the day it’s a Samsung. It’ll slow down and lollipop is hardly perfect. Just wait until the memory leak issue starts slowing the phone down. Samsung copying Apple since the 3GS. Fact. Apple design, finger print reader, home button still not gone, speaker design, s voice, original touch wiz etc. At least HTC or Sony try and differentiate themselves.

  • Fanatic17

    I think the iphone looks Like a very old Phone compared to this

  • Daniel

    What game was played in the video?

  • carol argo

    Bad comparision,the counter for iPhone 6 is the galaxy alpha with exynos CPU.i

  • Fifth313ment

    Android Authority do a little research and then update your specs comparison. The iPhone only comes in 16, 64 and 128GB flavors (such scammers Apple are!). Also the S6 is an Octa-Core meaning 8 vs 2 processor cores which should be in there. Sped is as follows: four 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 cores, and four 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 cores. S6 has 3GB LPDDR4 while the iPhones have 1GB of LPDDR3.

    • mobilemann

      Those specs are meaningless without the knowledge to understand what they mean, which you clearly don’t have. It’s not like 1MHz = 1MHz between processor types. It’s not like the move to 14nm will not happen for apple and qualcomm (the only two ARM chip makers who design their own chips, although one chinese OEM (huawei) has recently gotten that same license and will start. Samsung only makes off the shelf arm reference designs.

      That doesn’t mean they don’t have great fab’s, second best in the world. Ram usage is another completely inaccurate view, considering how differently android and iOS handle ram management.

      But yeah, numbers on a paper is all that matters. Don’t worry about the stat’s that actually indicate performance, don’t worry about single core, lol.

    • Gary W

      Poor thing, you.

  • jbelkin

    Typical review – android is passably similar to an iPhone when u fiddle with it for 10 minutes – you’ll notice the review skirts over real testing as usability, the UI, depth of OS and APPS are just glossed over. ( going by MP is like saying a 9 gear transmission us better than a 6 gear transmission or that the galaxy camera is better because it has dozens of filters – as if you can’t download 300 camera apps with 800 filters IF U CHOOSE). Obviously android authority is going to skirt over a real daily use test but that’s okay – just be aware it took Samsung 7 months to copy the latest iPhone. ( as for the large screen thing – Apple released a Newton with a large screen 20 years ago) … So just wait 2 weeks and it’ll be BOGO free, just don’t pay more than an iPhone for a copy and emulation of one.

    • HotelQuebec

      Reality is iPhones used to be tiny with squared off edges but they’re starting to look more and more like Galaxies. When Apple finally add 2GB DRAM, pen input, AMOLED, split screen multitasking, etc. it’ll be just like the 2012 Note II.

      • mobilemann

        so your entire account is created with the premise of ripping one company down? That’s some dedication!

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Apple own the rectangle and the rounded holes.
        Ativ S and Note one might been before iPhone 6 with the edges , but Apple made it to “just work”

    • The-Sailor-Man

      I would agree with you , if you only tell me one thing that iPhone 6 is better than S6/S6 Edge.
      Or even on par.?
      Display? Battery? Functions? Camera? Bezels?……….

  • NeoDelRio

    I wouldn’t say The SG6’s design is innovative. Two glass panels with a metal bezel. Apple did it better in 2010 with the iPhone 4.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      2010 there were not Gorilla Glass 4. Right?
      So it was stupid back then. How it cold be “Apple did it better in 2010 with the iPhone 4.”?

  • William Hickman

    You might want to change the specs for the iphone… there is no 32GB variant, only 16GB, 64GB and 128GB

  • Nathan Weaver

    iPhone 6 does not come in 32 GB models. The comparison chart is incorrect.

  • Tomas

    Samsung is launching the dual-sim version of Galaxy S6 in China,Russia and Philippines as reported in

  • On a Clear Day

    This was a very well balanced review. It provided all of its information in an impartial style. I felt it might be pointed out that the negative of the camera lens “sticking out” and thus potentially vulnerable to damage – is a sort of damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation – both blessing and small curse in one. The reason the lens is larger is to accommodate the size of a lens that has the ability to yield higher quality pictures and a low light, 1.9 aperture, which has been remarked upon as being noticeably better at capturing low light photos than either iPhone.

    That was the one point I found missing in the review and which I felt was a fact that was worth knowing; given many people make their decision on the quality of the camera and Samsung’s has the edge. Also, as to the danger of the lens getting damaged, I would think that a prudent and intelligent choice of a good case by one of the top manufacturers would most likely reduce if not totally eliminate that risk. I have no definite information about that – the cases available and how they relate to protecting the camera. Does anyone out there?

    • The-Sailor-Man

      “This was a very well balanced review.”???
      You mean , if favour of Apple. Right?

      • On a Clear Day

        No – if anything I think it favored the S6 – I mean it would be hard – unless one were an Apple cultist – to not see that it has more to offer. I meant that the tone of the article was even handed and wasn’t trying deliberately to put down Apple in favor of Samsung – though I wouldn’t have minded! I have NO time for things Apple – period – and unlike a certain President who doesn’t mean anything he says even when he emphatically states it by saying Period! – I do. Period.

  • Marty

    Discrepancy in the iPhone 6 specs. There isn’t a 32GB version. It’s 16, 64 and 128GB. No 32GB version is probably Apple screwing with people. Apple does that.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Yet , another compare-review made by Apple shill. LOL

    Only to mention some to proof my point:
    “but Apple’s retina displays definitely….” ? What “retina”??

    About the battery: “Samsung might have lost its edge a little…” But not mention that S6 has better battery than iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And that S6 Edge is even better than S5. All than with pre-released OS build, and no after release updates, like the iPhones had.
    I could give many more from this article.

  • Ion

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  • Ion

    Enjoy funny videos on Android. Play and Download funny videos.

  • roboticengi

    Why the hell all these isheep on ANDROID authority? The iPhones just got trashed big time. And Who gives a shit about a synthetic singlecore benchmark, when real life testing shows that the iPhone has been beaten. And Who gives a shit about Who designs Their own SoC’s, it doesnt bring anything to the user, as the Exynos has shown us now.

  • roboticengi

    The S6 totally trashes the iPhone in all aspects.

  • Ivan

    Somehow apple made peope think is better having no SDcard… Repeat a lie and will become true!

  • Greg

    After useing galaxy s2 and note line of phones, when someone lets me use their iphone its like a childs toy to use. Simple basic little plaything you give a child to play with. I cant get used to no back button on those wretched things, sometimes you get to a stage where theres no way to go back and you have to start all over again and hit that home key. I have never touched my home key as i have a back button on the note. Just trying to send a file across to someone who dosent have an iphone is nearly impossible. Even the other day a friend was left out of geting something i paid for as they had 2015 iphone, yet one of my friends had an 8 year old clamshell phone with bluetooth file transfer. iphones have never supported this. Only something for a child.

  • Mark

    The iphone 6 camera in all blind testing forums, had the galaxy s6 blowing the iphone away. Most of the public voted in the 90% range for the galaxy s6 camera. So until apple matches the galaxys specs and yes specs do matter. A 8mp camera with a 2.2ufs lens can only do so much. When you have an optimised 16mp camera with a 1.9ufs lens it proves without a doubt the s6 has the better camera. And the public decided not joe blow or larry from the office.

  • Shaun Marsh

    The samsung mobiles truly have some stunning display and designs. Nice comparison between apple and samsung phones by the way.