Following on the heels of HTC’s announcement, Samsung has now taken the veil off the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. While the Galaxy S5 promised a new look and feel from Galaxy devices past, the GS6 finally pushes that vision forward, trading in the plastic-is-fantastic approach for a premium design that melds an aluminum frame with a glass back.

Samsung’s material choices have received a much needed refresh, but much of the Korean giant’s iconic design language still bleeds through, for better or worse depending on your tastes. The Samsung standard home button is still present and accounted for and, despite its more premium upgrade, there’s still no mistaking the phone for anything other than a Galaxy. Whether the Galaxy S6’s redesign is a big enough jump forward is open to interpretation, though it certainly seems to be a step above its plastic clad, dimpled back predecessor.

Of course, for every step forward there are a few points of sacrifice to be made. The new design ditches the removable battery that has long been a staple of the Galaxy brand, following in the footstep of devices like the Galaxy Alpha. Another potential point of contention is the lack of a microSD slot.

samsung galaxy s6 edge aa 8

Turning to the Galaxy S6 Edge, you’ll find largely the same design as its brother, meaning the same metal and glass body. The non-removable battery and lack of microSD also carry over to the Edge model. Unlike the Note Edge, the curves here are more about aesthetics than adding extra functionality, but that’s not to say the GS6 Edge doesn’t offer anything new. There are two main features that the dual curves bring. First is People Edge – you can assign colors for up to five contacts, and when you put the phone face down, you can know who is calling because you see the colors from the right edge. The other special feature is the ability to show notifications and bits of info on the edge, giving users a quick way to see texts, calls and more, without the need to open the case.

Display5.1-inch Super AMOLED
2560 x 1440 resolution, 577 ppi
ProcessorExynos 7420
Storage32/64/128 GB
Camera16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens
ConnectivityWiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS + GLONASS
NetworksLTE cat 6 300/50
Battery2,550 mAh
Fast charging
WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging
SoftwareAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Dimensions143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm
138 grams
ColorsBlack, white, gold, blue

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge also share the same specs, aside from dimensions and battery size. Both phones are powered by a 14-nm Exynos 7420 processor with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. You’ll also find a 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED display within both devices, though the GS6 Edge display is slightly different thanks to the dual-edge design. Some of the other specs include a 16MP rear shooter with OIS, a 5MP front cam and storage options ranging from 32GB to 128GB (UFS), with 100GB of OneDrive storage thrown in for two years. The GS6 has a 2550 mAh battery, whereas the Edge model is marginally larger at 2,600 mAh.

galaxy s6 aa 1

You may have noticed the battery is slightly smaller than the last-gen Galaxy S, though Samsung does introduce some interesting changes that should improve the charging experience a little. First, there’s wireless charging compatible with both the WPC and PMA standards. Second, the phone now offers fast charging tech that can give you a charge good enough for two hours of video playback in just 10 minutes, and can fully charge the phone in about 80 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 not only promised a revamped design, but we were lead to believe that there would be some changes heading to Touchwiz as well. While the software looks nearly identical to older TouchWiz builds at first glance, it is important to note that Samsung has scaled back the number of apps included this time around. Overall, the UI is true to the spirit of Samsung’s Touchwiz, but much of the bloat has been scaled back and should hopefully adequate to smoother performance and more out-of-box storage space. There’s also the edition of themes, which should allow users to mix things up a bit (as seen in image directly below).

samsung galaxy s6 edge themes aa 6

There’s also a few new handy camera features like a new auto HDR mode, tracking autofocus that tracks moving objects like kids in a shot, and a new double tap the home button feature that launches up the camera in 0.7 seconds. Of course for a really good look at what to expect, you’ll want to check out our hands-on look at the Galaxy S6.

Expected Availability

Few details on pricing or exact release timeframes have been unveiled just yet. Of course, the phone was just announced, and so it should only be a short matter of time before the first details surface. We’ll be sure to update the post as soon as we learn more.

More Coverage

Be sure to check out our other great Samsung Galaxy S6 coverage for an even better look at what to expect:

What do you think of the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge? Everything you were hoping for? Any disappointments?

Andrew Grush
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  • Christopher Vanwinkle

    Still don’t like look of touch wiz

  • Paarth Desai

    looks hot

    • bennylee 123

      Looks good sounds good missing key features

  • Georgi Georgieff

    iPhone 4 got a new look. :)

    • Petter Forsberg

      So you are implying that this looks even remotely like the iCrap 4? Wow, get your eyes checked mate!

      • Aj Orozco

        He’s implyin the specs are alike of those in the iPhone 4 (Non removable battery, no micro sd slot, even the glass back and aluminum sides) but all with a NEW LOOK!

        • Seth Forbus

          Yeah, and the 1GB of ram, dual core processor, sub-1080P screen. Oh wait…

          • Aj Orozco

            I did specify which ones though.

          • Ismail Bahhane

            iPhone still blows benchmarks out of the water and the camera is unbeatable. Don’t get me wrong, I despise Samsung because they blatantly and shamelessly copy Apple. I hope they will keep drowning, as for Samsung fanboys, they keep disappointing me again.

          • bennylee 123

            Copy apple you’ve have iphone brick of s4 to what looks like a galaxy android ipone 6 plus think apple copy android on this one look at S1 s2 look at iphone 6 plus who copy who Iphone thinks not

          • Aj Orozco

            I did mention which specs though. And iPhone 4 had 512mb of Ram btw

      • Ismail Bahhane

        From the back, it looks like an iPhone 6, you can’t deny that.

        • Aj Orozco

          Also from the bottom

    • bennylee 123

      No buy metal rim glass back sounds same sealed battery no sd slot it’s sounds so similar

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    uh wow, it got even more ugly than the s5, samsung one must love you ;)

    • George Av

      5 reasons why it’s ugly.. GO….
      5 reasons why the s5 is ugly, c’mon, I’m waiting.

      • fora

        1-5: It just doesn’t look good

  • Motoroid

    The Edge’s screen must feel good to use because of the curve. Somewhat similar feeling to the Moto X 2nd Gen screen.

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    Battery just too small

  • No more sd card, no more removable battery, no more changable back cover, smaller battery, no more IP68. WTF

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Duuude its 2015 cloud storage and streaming are a way better option then SD cards. Cards were great when high speed data wasn’t plentifull and cloud storage was weak. Swapping batteries is so 1990 we have way better battery tech now… If you actually swapped your battery those snappy things on the cover would break off. And in the 90s they did it better with a battery that comes off withought a cover which means less janky/creaky build.

      • Billy joseph

        I agree with you with the battery but not everybody’s got unlimited data plans and cloud storage is a data hog. I go over my alloted 6gb of data without cloud storage…

        • Bobbie Garnet Bees

          Yeah, up here in Canada the idea of using cloud storage may be the wet dream of the network operator but it’s an absolute nightmare for the subscriber.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Ahhh man I know that shared data stuff almost seemes like it was created to increase overages. I lost my mind when they forced me on to that.

          • Bobbie Garnet Bees

            Yeah, I think this is one of the reasons the Telcos push tablets and shared data plans. They make a killing from 1s and 0s.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Hmmm yup your right. My bills are over a 1000$ a month for my four phones here in Canada. That was awfully short sighted of me I’m sorry.

        • bennylee 123

          And if lots of recharges partial not full boom battery I had s4 battery went boom cracked inner led panel bad batch reported online had the serial number .Samsung wouldn’t repair warranty shite. bog paper more useful 150 for new screen when damage was internal not external see if battery in one sealed then boom exploded as won’t see the swell and back cover won’t pop off like mine did whilst on charge see warranty fail. You house will go with it as like molten lava when they go .Samsung won’t cover it either never admitted nothing the ones who where lucky enough to claim also just lucky enough to survive seriously getting injured had to sign confidential clause before any settlement there fore we can’t find out rest

      • rick slick

        Cloud? You mean get stuff hacked cloud? Are you for real?

    • Pieter Uys

      128G internal memory. Boom!
      Processor & screen optimised for increased battery life. Boom!
      Quick and wireless charging. Boom!
      Water damage covered by Samsung ADH Premium cover FOC. Boom!

      • Bobbie Garnet Bees

        Hard lock-up requiring the removal of the battery. Boom.

        Happened once to me. Now with the new non-removable battery I’m not relishing a trip to the local TELUS repair shop and their service charge.

        • Pieter Uys

          S3 was the last phone that froze on me. Owned a S5 for 11 months now and never had that problem. Technology has moved on bro.

          • Bobbie Garnet Bees

            Hopefully so.

        • bennylee 123

          Yep especially if rooting and flashing quick nice looking brick .jtag repairs boom!!!@!@ warranty

          • Bobbie Garnet Bees

            Interesting thing is none of my phones or tablets have ever been “rooted”. The idea of doing my banking or other secure tasks on a phone that’s been rooted just never made any sense to me.
            Sure, I might miss out on some of the fun, but that’s just me.

          • bennylee 123

            You can create more secure phone by rooting it than not if you know what your doing as apps have full read and write access to your phone internal sd and sd card where as once you have rooted it you can put up restrictions of apps access to do so so your in control of what apps can and can’t do I still can do online banking via my phone and can control which apps can and can’t have access to what ever I want it’s more about having full access and being able to see what other apps have access to what sure there a brief disscripation of what the apps have access to whilst installing it but you can’t then stop anything once it’s installed when not rooted where as I can still add and take away access via root and xprivacy when ever I want to without having to fully un install the apps there a lot more to root thsn just gimmick and hacks I can see who’s using my wifi at home who looking at which website and also block them from Web access just on my phone on home network

          • bennylee 123

            no android phone has been secure for at least 5 years they know about it but failed to fix the security loop holes ,just like the jailbreak loop holes every phone lacks security ,it can be more secure from rooting as you add the security so it cannot do anything without your knowledge or you allowing it too by accepting them

        • zeus

          You know that you can hard reboot the phone by pressing the power button for longer, right?

          • Bobbie Garnet Bees

            You’ve missed out on the fact the the S4 sometimes does a “hard lock up” and won’t respond to the power button no matter how long you hold it for.

      • xxcxccc

        and only 700£..

        • Pieter Uys

          Yes, but I can afford it.

          • fitnesspro22

            You don’t have to. Samsung is playing in Apple’s paws.

      • fitnesspro22

        And $800-850. BUST

      • rick slick

        128Gb memory at 10x times the cost of SD cards that can give you 200gb… yea, no thanks. The other crap? I can get a Xiaomi or Huawei with similar hardware for 1/2 the cost. Who would waste money on Samsung?

        • Pieter Uys

          If you want to talk crap, then talk Chinese phones! I can afford hi-tech quality phones, and don’t have to settle for Chinese crap. Sorry for you though.

          • rick slick

            LOL seriously? So you’ll overpay for Korean crap instead? And did you know the iPhone is made in China? ROFLMAO massive fail dude.

          • Pieter Uys

            Everyone knows that the crappy iPhone is made in China. Stick to your budget Chinese phones and continue to be a loser. I, on the other hand, will buy a quality phone as I can afford it. And your retarded reply is an epic fail, you dimwit!

          • rick slick

            Nice try, you retarded troll. A1 quality trolling there LOL.

          • Pieter Uys

            Ha ha, LOSER!

          • coldspring22 .

            Budget chinese phones are getting better all the time. It’s shocking how little money buys a pretty good phone now a days.. Even now, you can get excellent budget phone which is on par with last gen flagship phones.

          • Anthony

            I agree, he has several demons to use that word that way. How many more years will it take him to learn. Did you guys have a friend break up?

        • flamencoguy

          Samsung’s new storage is much faster than the SD cards

        • Anthony

          People who are making money. I thought you had a Samsung.

      • rick slick

        Peter you ugly slut…

        • Pieter Uys

          Oil slick, you Faggot!

    • abhish3k

      Support for MicroSD sucks (I don’t care for the battery though, gotten used to it) but I believe the internal memory is going to make S6 a lot faster than any MicroSD card. (UFS 2.0 memory modules, remember?) SD Cards act as a bottleneck. Maybe, that’s why Samsung ditched it. TouchWiz doesn’t seem to lag anymore. Smooth Sailing from now on.

      • rick slick

        SD card is just fine for casual photos / videos which can add up fast. This is a huge fail on Samsung’s part.

    • fitnesspro22

      No more Galaxy. But wait to see the price.

  • Taha Benashur

    No removable battery !? no Sd card slot ?? Com’on Samsung are you fucking kidding me !!!

  • Juan Sebastian Camargo Visbal

    I honestly dislike Samsung. I really do. But god, i want the Edge in Green.

    • boss5733

      i love the emerald green on S6 edge!

  • Matt

    No removable battery? NO SD CARD???? ok no more samsung for me!!! switching to htc…

    • MJay

      I would switch so as well but never to the space ship looking HTC!

      • Seth Forbus

        Note 4 owner here. I’m going to the Asus Zen phone 2 when it hits.

        • Alex Rud

          Does that have an open bootloader, removable battery, a good camera and such?

          • bennylee 123

            Don’t forget knox no warranty once e-fuse blown knox 0x1 and no code released for exynos chip so be while for roms kernels ect no modding maybe get custom recovery but who knows as yet no fix for knox0x1=no warranty just how they like it when Dev community built there customers base

        • Mike Fox

          I’ll buy you a Zenfone 2 and you’ll give me your Note 4. I don’t mind that at all :3

      • Ship looking HTC? Hahahahah. Please switch to z4

    • Switching to HTC? Why? Can I recommend experia z4 for you? The z4 will blow all the crap out in this years flagships

  • pjlk

    Big let down. No sd card means im not able to swap/bring/share my files with ease if lacking of a computer or internet. Battery? 2k display only 2550mah? Big doubts.

    • MasterMuffin

      Though everything you said is true, there’s Bluetooth and NFC (that of course aren’t an option in all cases) and the possibility to have 128GB. And to that battery part: that CPU + AMOLED means that it should perform at about the same level as M9 if not better. Fast charging too!

      • Davey

        By Samsung’s own admission the battery life on the S6 won’t be as good as that on the S5. Battery life remains a primary concern of consumers, so it’s disappointing to see Samsung regress. I suppose quick charging technology is a mitigating factor but similar results could be achieved with the S5 by using a 10-15 watt charger.

        • MasterMuffin

          Yup it’s sad to do worse than the former flagship, but I was comparing it to the M9. We’ll see some real comparisons later

      • crutchcorn

        Not to mention the redesign of Samsung UI, nice camera, and the crazy pay system that was added. Oh, and built in wireless charging!

        • MasterMuffin

          Wireless with 2 different standards!

          • crutchcorn

            RIGHT? That was awesome!

        • bennylee 123

          All great I agree but at a cost for loss of sd and battery and premium for extra memory plus loss of pulling battery if bootloop.and modding . Lots of jtag sales spares repaired bricked phones

          • crutchcorn

            But these are things that I don’t care about, as they have been covered. I’d rather have my memory be faster anyway! :)

    • abhish3k

      Sharing of files can be done by Wi-Fi (peer to peer). (Android Beam, remember?) It’s there in the Wi-Fi settings. If you use ES File Explorer just select the file -> more -> Send. It will search for other devices in the network connected or create a Wi-Fi hotspot of his own i.e make the phone a router so other devices can connect to. The ‘other’ people (those you want to send the file) just need to keep ES File Explorer open. This feature is not limited to this app. There are tons of similar apps in the Play Store. ES is my favourite as it combines as a awesome file explorer!

      • bennylee 123

        Otg usb storage menova plug it its tiny enough to leave in device and just big enough to hold micro so card and the get extra portable drive on a keyring

        • abhish3k

          This is awesome. Thanks! Tell this to @pjlk:disqus

          • bennylee 123

            Watch “Meenova Mini MicroSD Card Reader Unboxing and Review” on YouTube
            Meenova Mini MicroSD Card Reader Unboxing and Review:
            review of it it just works I got one then bought another better thsn otg and a click 3.5mm headphone jack pressy button free so can a sign an app ie camera to it and press button open camera

          • Ben Edwards

            I had one of these for my Nexus 5, but they absolutely obliterate battery.

          • bennylee 123

            They do but it’s useful when no sd card support so needs must for some

    • griddark

      Have the LG G3, the QHD screen is overkill, I’ve found no benifit, but there are plenty of pitfalls, the 3gb of ram will get eaten up quickly and most things don’t run in native QHD. I haven’t liked the samsung phones since the SGS2, no improvements in sound, a step back in storage space, and a design that really just looks like a badly made sony doesn’t impress me that much.

      • fitnesspro22


      • Rvr

        Agree with you

    • fitnesspro22

      You got it right bro. Dito

    • ziplock9000

      1 in 100 people will want to swap/share via a memory card. So why bother.

      • rick slick

        Not in my experience. Most of my friends chose Samsung because of ease of adding storage for videos / photos. Don’t assume as you know what that makes you.

        • ziplock9000

          They are in the vast minority then. Overwhelmingly users don’t use the memory card ports.

          • coldspring22 .

            Removable SD card has been invaluable for me – my galaxy note 2 came with only 16G, and I take lot of videos, so being able to swap out SD card and put in a new one has been a life saver. Also valuable is the swappable battery – being able to pop in a charged battery anytime means I never have to worry about battery life, as I always carry a spare. I am afraid Samsung is going in the wrong direction. They could have introduced two varients of S6, one with removable SD card/battery and one without for those who like iphone type “premium” feel.

          • rick slick

            You’re correct, you know why? Cause stupid manufacturers won’t include them, google killed them in favor of “cloud”, and stupid consumers go right along with this fleecing.

  • Aaron

    QHD and 2550 mAh battery, bye battery life.

    • bennylee 123

      Or hello galaxy s5 906 lteA same specs note 4 been out 8 mths already

  • Stocklone

    Samsung really needs to do a cross promotion for the Galaxy S6 Edge with Daft Punk. Anybody else feeling me on this? It seems like the perfect match.

  • Charles Patterson

    Well been waiting to get S6 but Not anymore. NO SD Card to store pi, music etc. Maybe could live with No removable battery. But NO SD Card Killed it for Me!!!!!!

    • Stocklone

      I haven’t missed the microSD card at all after switching to the 64GB OnePlus One. But that’s just me. Everyone has different needs. You could always go with the M9 which has a microSD slot.

      • MJay

        I have a oneplus one as well and I miss the SD card slot because I upgrade phones yearly. I do not like cloud storage because you need an Internet connection and it is slow to reveal pictures most of the time. Just more convenient to take out the card and put it in the new phone.

        • boss5733

          ya also when the phone undergoes any fault or becomes unusable u needn’t worry people peeping into your content
          just remove the SD card and give the phone to service !

        • Stocklone

          Not even sure it’s that convenient because I’ve had multiple instances where a microSD card worked fine on my old device but mysteriously had issues with the new device. In those cases, I was out extra money because I had to purchase a new microSD card and wasted lots of time trying to figure out what is going on. And I always buy well trusted class 10 cards. Buying cheap ones feels like your just asking for trouble.

  • Henry

    The s6 is just asking for a skin on its back, or a case
    leaps to 1440p, no go for me
    sure its sharp,but i like it better on note phones
    1080p is fine
    they shouldve went with the way the alpha was made
    removable back for battery,
    atleast put a tray on the side for an SD card

  • Henry

    i hope they dont consider these limitations for the note series

  • PMF

    I don’t care if a phone cleans the dishes and vacuums, if it doesn’t have a removable battery, then forget it.

  • simpleas

    as you guys know im a huge sammy fan but NO MICROSD SLOTS, REMOVABLE BATTERIES WTF

    • boss5733

      Ya they could have carried out the Alpha’s design with a 1080p screen,3000mah battery(removable) and card slot
      disappointed ! Samsung !!!

      • simpleas

        yeah, good thing im a Note guys. But still this phone is about to break all records.

        • bennylee 123

          Watch the note 5 sealed soon so no swapping batteries so can claim it’s more protected for business uses. So can’t pull battery and wipe and flash rom they heading for business buyers. Especially with all the knox software not for devs or Android community any more. They want big buyers like the ones who buy apple products and businesses to buy they by the hundreds that’s what there really aiming it at .By the looks of it with NFC pay ect it’s them saying bye bye xda developers we moved on as you didn’t buy our crap s5. Especially when we tried to con you with cheap crap and hid our best s5 we put out one with twice the specs only in Korea called s5lteA 906 with snap805 QHD 3gb Ram 300 my plus download LTE speeds but limited it to only us in korea.we thought you wouldn’t notice.since your lite bands are so slow any way .now that was a really bad idea .and a piss take and was cheaper

  • Dominic Giordano

    Im just waiting for the LG G4

    • boss5733

      hope LG doesn’t mess up !

    • No need to wait. Ever heard of Sony xperia z4

      • Dominic Giordano

        Yeah and not interested if it doesnt come too verizon

      • Levi

        Settle down with the Z4. Youve commented on nearly every post on here. Yeah it’ll be nice but there will be better.

        • bennylee 123

          Opo2/ oppo ???/meizu/xiami x5

  • mtap27

    How about no…..

  • Tom_Slaapstad

    Waiting on the review – my only minor concern is battery. Otherwise if youtube is anything to go by. Look awesome! Well done samsung, maybe I will cave to one in the end.

  • The amount of idiocy here is immense, i get that people are mad about the lack of microSD slot and removable back but come on people. These are the same people who probably complained about the plastic and similar designs to the S4/S5, you have to sacrifice one for the other. My main point though is its 2015 people, yes microSD cards are nice but its really a dying tech. That’s like people complaining their new blu-ray player didn’t com with a built-in VHS player too. Not to mention they upped the storage and made a 64gb/128gb version. The phone comes with a minimum or 32GB od storage which is enough for dare i say… 80% of consumers. If you had a 32gb SD card or less just get the damn 64gb version, if you had a 64gb card get the 128gb version and stop complaining.

    • Dude, it’s Samsung. They’ll always criticize Samsung. I have no clue why, they always do.

    • Captain Obvious

      SD cards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, they are still used by Cameras heavily, and just recently brought back by LG and HTC – because they realized that it is not up to them to dictate how a consumer uses their phone. You say you don’t need them, well thats great for you and if they have the SD card available you are free to choose not to use – no one is going to make you buy an SD card. However for those of us that have been buying the Galaxy S line for years because they were the only one who consistently gave us the option for SD card, and removable battery, and IP ratings – this is very upsetting. For you to assume how people use their phones, and to call their opinions “idiocy” is simply ignorant and narrow minded. Feel free to check my comment history by the way, since you believe that these people are the same ones that have been complaining about the “plastic” as you call it, which by the way is polycarbonate and a much better material choice than aluminum or glass.

      • Umm ok I hear you but these are phones not Cameras. And dude the reason they offered those before is because they realized 16gb in an era of HD this and 4k that wasn’t going to cut it, but thats why they are offering models with a higher storage amount so i really don’t understand why the exemption of microSD is really a big deal. Also you do realize polycarbonate is plastic? A lightweight, more premium feeling tough plastic, but plastic none the less.

        • Captain Obvious

          I realize these are phones and not cameras, however I was using that as an example in response to your comment about SD being a dying tech – which is simply not true. I use more than one phone, so to be able to pull my memory and simply pop it into a different device is very convenient – I also have more than one SD card, one of which has offline gps navigation maps because i spend time in places where signal cannot support navigation and these are huge files – if my phone gets damaged, or rendered unusable for any one of a number of possibilities, I don’t lose my files I simply move my SD card to a new phone and everything is there. Calling polycarbonate a plastic is like calling the aluminum some cell phones use tin or cast iron because they are all metals. Polycarbonate is used in bullet proof glass and airline windshields, it is much more than a simple plastic. My overall point being if you dont want to use a feature, like SD cards, you don’t have to – but not having it as an option leaves those of us that do use it without an option….and just because how you use your phone dictates that you don’t need it doesn’t mean that everyone else doesn’t, we all use or phones differently.

        • bennylee 123

          And for 2 pounds on ebay you can get a aluminium back cover for battery’s compartment and made it look feel premium it made It feel tougher and is removable fits tighter and more securely to the phone . They could of at least offer the option over a silly curved screen that isn’t going to be good for much since they locked down there devices that will enevitably lead to lots of problems for people who like to root there devices to offer more options to them since they bought and paid for it they want to be able to use it as they want too it’s about options not gimmics

    • bennylee 123

      No look up s5 lteA beast QHD snapdragon 805 3gb ram 16mp camera S5 water proof extra battery included battery x2 plus external battery charger everything s5 better specs 300 me plus download speeds and that was last year’s s5 korea model they could of put that into major markets just change LTE bands in it people would of been happier than what they got made LG G3 look good and messed them up showed at the time they could do better but didn’t even offer us it it works out of Korea too on the right carriers shame they shot there self’s in the foot with that one

  • SeanPR11

    If I wanted a stupid iPhone I would have bought one years ago. No thanks Samsung, I “might” get a note 4 still, sorry I waited for this.

  • Billy joseph

    I’m somewhat disappointed I guess. I really thought that samsung was done trying to be like Apple. This is basically an android iPhone. The sealed battery I was expecting, the glass back not so much. The plastic or faux leather backs had a second purpose, heat dispersion. A glass back? Are they fucking kidding. I’m very disappointed with the lack of SD card I was looking forward to buying a 128gb device and slapping on an additional 128gb SD. What this shows us is that samsung totally lost faith in themselves, forgot what made them great. In other words they threw the baby out with the bath water. I was all for starting from the ground up but I didn’t know it meant getting rid of what made them great. I’m sorry Samsung. FAIL!

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    I hope these moves don’t translate into the note 5….

    • bennylee 123

      It will unless sales not good as Samsung wants to be seen as business phone like apple corporate company phone look at the reveal it about corporate businesses got it locked down none removable battery stops tampering and knox efues it’s what they been pushing to beat apple to corporate business partners phone they want it to be to main office phone it’s way they going or trying and failing

  • Rick_Deckard

    Man…. No Micro SD???? Even though, I am getting the S6!

  • Better screen, way better design, better specs overall, this phone will be a success stop complaining about MicroSD cards and just buy the 64/128GB model.

    • gkeli

      give the money then

      • I will, had an S2 and an S3 loved them both. Skipped the S4 for my old G2, then skipped the S5 for my G3 cause i got it for super cheap but I’ve been waiting to go back to Samsung. I was gonna go back with the Note 4, but i think i like the S6 a little better.

      • I will lol

    • bennylee 123

      Note 4 option or s5 906 model lteA same specs just not really heard of because they kept it to Korea why do you think people passed with normal crap spec s5

  • Nate Ford

    Does anybody know if it still has the IR blaster on top to control TVs and such? That is one of my favorite features of my S4.

    • Bobbie Garnet Bees

      So, I’m not the only one who enjoys going into a restaurant or what ever and turning the damn volume down on the TV without anyone noticing?

      • Nate Ford

        I am the god of the waiting room.

      • Chris

        or switch sports to lifetime movie network. hehe

    • bennylee 123

      Watch on has now deactivated

  • Gamer97

    The galaxy S6 is available in Blue & Black and White & Gold

  • Faiz Gulraiz

    just wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Captain Obvious

    This phone will fail, the reason being is that the people who have been whining about not uses sub par materials such as aluminum and glass won’t buy it anyway. They are already apple fans, or HTC fans, that try to find anything to criticize Samsung phones about. The people who did buy the Galaxy line, like myself, are now going to be shopping around for a phone that provides the functionality of removable battery, expandable memory, and weatherproofing.

    Is there anyone here that has not previously bought Samsung that is now planning on buying this phone because of these changes?

    • gkeli

      i agree with you, but yes

    • You make some good points about those people not buying anyway, but as for you not buying and being a customer anymore i disagree. Just get the damn 64gb model, this is easily the best Galaxy to date and my last 2 phones were LG as well as being a previous OPO owner, I’m still going to get this phphone.

      • Captain Obvious

        My last 4 devices were Samsung, S2-Note2-S4active-S5, and yes these changes are a reason not to buy the phone. I responded to your SD questions in a different thread below so I am not going to do it again here. Removable battery is a another non negotiable for me, i dont care how fast it charges – if you are nowhere near an outlet that doesn’t matter…. and yes I do actually change the battery, a lot, you need to realize that how you use your phone is not how everyone else uses their phones – and as such features like this that are not important to you are deal breakers for others.

        • I do realize that how i use mine isn’t how everyone uses theirs, but what you need to realize is that most people don’t need seperate batteries or SD cards, Apple anyone? Samsung is trying to please the majority not us bro.

          • Captain Obvious

            That is the truth, but there are already so many options for the masses, what made Samsung great was that they built in the features no one else did. Where is one to go now for removable battery, expandable storage, ip rating….from a trusted manufacturer with distribution to major carriers and solid mod support?

            I feel so cold and alone……i’m scared, someone please hold me! (JK, but I do wonder where my next device will come from)

      • bennylee 123

        It is best to date but at a cost not only losses if feature we need but giving us locked down devices knox. efues. Should have made a third device for development people that would be the best option with different back no knox or locked bootloader and code so can create rims for development then people would see the true potential for the new features they just lack the final features that xda and other developers can create and make devices that go that extra mile .This one same as locked down as iphone not good at all .But Samsung wants to go that way problem is iphone already got the people Samsung want Samsung is then turning back in ones it already has lose lose for them if continue to go this way they ain’t apple as last year showed record high for apple record lows for Samsung. there can only be one (highlander )

    • bennylee 123

      I agree step backwards should of done right by us last time with better spec so would be in a loss not making stupid designs took us for granted like I sheep now watch them bleet

  • I went through the list and you know what I was looking for?

    2,550 mAh

    I found that too. Shame. 2015, less than 3000 mAh battery? That’s a big meh.

    I like the screen pixel density push up though, but hey, you’re gonna power those pixels with a less than 3k mAh? Shame

    • Dude if android could optimize Lollipop a little bit you could easily hit 24h with a 2500mAH battery, battery size is fine its Android that needs to be less of a resource hog.

      • If batteries could also be 4,000 mAh, android can have a rest as to optimizing their code. You know how many eyes goes through android source code? You know how optimized it is already? You know much battery it saves?

        Have you heard of ART? Do you know the magic it is doing? Android has been optimized for months if not years. Its now the turn of battery makers to also help, and they’ve planned not to

        • Yes i know its already optimized, kitkat already did a great job at running on lower end hardware but i mean even more optimization couldn’t hurt. How did the iphone 5/5S make it work with only a 1430mAH battery? It can be done is all I’m saying.

    • bennylee 123

      Same screen that is on current galaxy s5 906 model s5 lteA similar specs to note 4 as well

  • Tino Pascual

    No removable storage? No more removable battery? Only a 2550mAh battery? All this so it comes out in steel and glass? Sound like a big step BACKWARD, Samsung! These are same exact woes that IPhone owners are having. I can pretty much expect your profits hitting the drain in the next quarter when this comes out.

  • Pieter Uys

    Well done Samsung for launching two beautiful devises crammed with innovation. I will gladly trade my S5 for a S6 Edge. Samsung will retain current customers, as well as attract many new ones. The negative comments on this post are from a very small minority which consists of Samsung haters and Nexus Nazi’s who will never approve of what Samsung does. But that’s immaterial, as Samsung will find a couple of hundred million happy customers in 2015.

    • Excuse me to ask, who are the “as well as attract many new ones.”? Who’s that foolish? Already the customers are pledging to leave. So who’s that many ones

      • Pieter Uys

        No, you’re not excused for asking an idiotic question. What, do you want names?

        • I dont want names. It is a rhetorical question. Sorry you didn’t get my point.

        • Socrates

          His point is that Samsung didn’t add any compelling features to the s6 which aren’t already available through other companies, so there would be no reason for them to gain customers they couldn’t have gotten before…and since Samsung removed some compelling features which had, in the past, attracted buyers, chances are they will lose many customers. (What I can’t figure out is, given that Samsung anyways made two models of the s6, why didn’t they at least give one of them a plastic (polycarbonate) back?)

        • bennylee 123

          You know shit about Android if so look at specs note 4 look at specs galaxy s5 906 model LTE A same specs snapdragon 805.QHD 3GB ram so not much improved over last model just this was only released in Korea .but your not a Samsung fan so don’t know what models of phones they really do have .y You only see what’s in shop not what’s available world wide .and yes they remove more than added but taken away removable battery .waterproofing. sd card slot. Only added a metal frame and none removable glass back that time will tell how many break. Or how many crash that should of been an easy fix by flipin battery out

    • Captain Obvious

      That is not true, I am not a Samsung hater and currently own the S5 in addition to many other’s. I will not buy this based on the features they have removed – removable battery, expandable memory are non negotiables for me and the IP rating I think was one of the smartest additions to a mobile device….they have now taken all of these away.

  • Groud Frank

    Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t, eh? You complained about the design and they have fixed that part for sure. However, one drawback of that is that design compromises functionality. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Apple moves huge numbers of units even though they lack the very same things that this phone lacks. Why is that? Could it be that your view of how things work is a view of the minority? I think so. Samsung haters are a minority. They are just more vocal. Like it or not, the S6 is the face of Android, especially for the average consumer. Personally, I think this is their best device yet and will be tech reviewer’s and the average consumer’s favorite Android device of 2015; until the Note 5.

    • Do you even use Android? And do you even know what you’re saying? I bet you dont.

      Samsung is the face of Android? Where did you learn that, my brethren?

      • Groud Frank

        All of my smart phones have been Android phones. A triple boot x86Android on my laptop along with 2 Linux distros and I am currently learning Android development so to answer your question, yes. Truth is, for better or for worse, the average consumer sees Samsung as the best Android offering. Go out in a public place and ask random people which phone they know: the Nexus 6 or the Samsung Galaxy Whatever and compare the answers.

        • Jack Hsiung

          and “your truth” only apply to American where many are ignorant and naive and .. OLD and still think icrap is the best.

          the rest of the world, we feel a mid range android phone that is thin, cheap, runs well, supports removable battery and micro sd expansion as the best phones out there = 90% of android phones in the rest of the world.

          oh ya, the american version of those phones = Blu phones.

          Samsung phones are nice , but they would suck without removable battery, micro sd , and most importantly, IP ratings.

    • bennylee 123

      Apple isheep They have been waiting for 4 year for a bigger screen iphone even the ones that said no iphone 5 is as big as I want it have now gone for 5.5 plus it means they don’t need ipad mini any more it all on one device screen sizes have increased every year for past few years it’s just the apple fans never had the option before now they have hence the sales both iphone are bigger

  • welshblood

    It’s not all about the looks! The features Samsung have removed could lose them an army of followers. Though the battery capabilities have been improved (faster charging) the option to remove / replace is preferable to many. I have a 16GB S5 with a 128GB Micro SD card which I use /swap regularly. This is no longer an option on the S6. If I want an iPhone with the Android operating system, should I buy an S6?

  • PrfsrChaos

    I’m really interested to see how the battery stacks up after heavier testing. Based on the performance improvements for touchwiz I’m excited to see if Samsung really did optimize the os enough to give us a longer battery life. I haven’t been excited about a Samsung S phone since the S3, this one certainly has some great things going for it.

    The loss of the SD card slot is sad since I’ve been using the same modest 32GB card for the past 2-3 phones I’ve had. Regardless, bring on the S6-Edge first look!

  • Escorpio123ps

    Biggest disappointment ever. Prefer my GS3 with 5 batteries and my 32GB micro sd card. :)

  • Captain Obvious

    Did they copy the glass back of the Sony line because they have been selling so well?

    • eilegz

      but then even with all the glass sony could make it waterproof and micro sd card

  • Captain Obvious

    Now that they have ruined the S series Samsung should make a Galaxy B for business. Bring back expandable memory, removable battery, and IP ratings. Ditch the cheap metal and breakable glass back and go back to uses the optimum material for a cell phone: polycarbonate. Instead of trying to make the thinnest phone with a protruding camera module, put a larger battery in that will make it a flush back….that should get us about 5000 mAH. I would buy that right now.

  • crutchcorn

    Okay, I am honestly fully impressed with this phone. I am sad that it is no longer waterproof or has a removable battery – but I feel that all the crazy changes that were made totally make up for all of this!

  • nsage

    Sandisk announces a 200gb micro sd card, Samsung announces s6 without micro sd card support.

  • Alexey Blacky

    I’m just waiting apple to sue them because it is actually a copy of iphone’s
    samsung i got dissapointed .

    • bennylee 123

      No apple watching meizu an xiami as they make better copyright phones than the others theses are going to be the biggest soon in phone

  • Sergio A. Guzmán

    It would be interesting to see software-side improvements that Samsung promised, the new theme-manager for example, it’s a plus.
    Hardware-side: hhhmmm no removable-battery, no SD, no IP68, iPhone-like-aesthetics….. 50/50, some steps back.
    Conclusion: I don’t know but I’ve waited more by Samsung: more premium/killer design (like some HTC’s), water-resistant at least….
    It’s my opinion :)

  • Sizzler

    Unless the 128gb version is decently priced for monthly payments, the lack of microSD is a deal breaker. I love love love my G3, and can wait for G4. Feels like Samsung is so concerned with Apple and trying to get iPhone users to switch, they forgot some of things that made people like them in the 1st place. Kinda 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

    • bennylee 123

      It won’t be available in 128gb when have you seen an s3 s5 s5 or s anything in 32 or 64 gb until year after they been out. (Ok note line.but not until recently) they just don’t bother until demand dies down they always ship cheaper lower memory ones so you could have money for expensive 128gb version getting one .good luck might as well as for invite to purchase a one plus one on a cake decorating fourm. As chances are there’s more chance of getting cake and eating it somewhere else than Samsung

  • ive82

    Looks good, and they finally put the speaker on the bottom. I like the edge version the best! But one of my biggest things is the SD card. I know some of you are saying just buy the 128 gig, but that’s more money, and you can’t swap out that memory like you can with a SD card. Might be a deal breaker for me.

  • Yusuf

    meh, my lg g3 is still better

    • bennylee 123

      Yeah with its dull led screen where’s the light switch

  • Hc

    My phone is on 30%. I’m about to leave the house. I’m going to swop my battery, so zero to 100% in 7 secs AND not have to worry about battery life for the rest of the day (priceless). Come on Samsung…

    Seriously, did anyone at Samsung look at the usage stats on those that swop battery / sd cards vs those that don’t?

  • fitnesspro22

    I don’t care about the Galaxy. I’ve had the 2,3 & 4 and nothing but problems with draining batteries and eating up my data 4G when not using the phone. I may consider the Note 4 but it is getting old tech fast. I will wait to see the Zenfone2 with the 4G and 64 memory. Another sensible choice would be the Phone plus Phone, 64 g memory. The Galaxy 6 looks like a let down. Who gives a crack for glass back. That means more problems and headake replacing it when it brakes. Samsung has no vision. Just keep on borrowing from Apple.

  • This looks like a poorly made Sony, and that too without a big enough battery n memory card slot. Disappointed.

    • Sony had SD Card slot on the Z1, Z2, Z3 and yet that glass back design was never a hit. Samsung will learn a lesson in this.

      • They still got more pre-orders than Sony can ever dream of!

  • danxmanly

    sigh…keeping my S3 till they put the sd and removable battery back in the S7.

  • LR1881

    Samsung is very desperate! And it looks like they F’ed this one up for a lot of their die hard fans! I don’t see this one being cheap either, expect at least iPhone territory pricing and possibly higher! Apple can demand the high premium because they are the most valuable brand in the world and Samsung is far from that. I thought my Note 4 was expensive but take a look at the Note Edge pricing and WTF, no way! The trend looks like the Galaxy flagships devices will get more and more expensive, and the downside is the shitty resale price. Final thoughts though, the S6 is the bastard of iPhone 4, 6 and Sony Xperia!

    • bennylee 123

      What 490gbp for note edge 32 gb model isn’t as bad as iphones

  • mi

    Lokking good samsung.. Especially with the lighter ui, the battery though…

  • Cole Raney

    Come on Samsung? This is supposed to be better than the S5? I’d rather buy an S5 than this.

  • yardie

    HTC beats this. Ill take that black bar over this nonsense anyday

  • ronnnyraygun1

    Samsung just lost a whole lot of customers. Brand loyalty is key, and when they release a big fail like this, it’s hard to gain back new customers in the future. Good news is, wait a month and buy up their stocks when it plummets.

  • Amanda

    Now that the S6 isn’t going to have removable memory/battery I have no idea what phone to upgrade to. What are the best phones that are coming out in Q1/Q1 2015 that are going to still have these features?

  • Life is getting interesting by day. Big up to Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Andrew White

    On the small side for multi-media use, cost….because of contruction materials when you are going to cover the thing in a case anyway.
    No expansion of storage and a battery that might only be useful for 2 years. Fast charging is essential, but I believe will shorten battery life.
    Samsung should have made 2 versions of this flagship to give many if us the option.
    I will see what LG`s G4 brings to the table before throwing any hard earned dollars toward a new flagship device.

  • willemco

    That will be the end of Samsung Galaxy as far as I am concerned. Longstanding Galaxy fan and iPhone hater I feel completely let down by Samsung. I feel betrayed! To add insult to injury I today was told by the Samsung Service Centre here in Manila that I should ditch my Galaxy Note8 tablet because after 18 months the battery stopped working AND CAN’T BE REPLACED!
    End of an era…. I don’t care about plastic or otherwise…. I WANT MY REPLACEABLE BATTERY AND EXTERNAL MICRO SD CARD – don’t care any longer about brand

  • Infidel Gastro

    I like it a lot. It’s a far better effort than the misery that was the S5. It will always have it’s haters & detractors and although there’s not much wrong with it, it’s not perfect either. If I was looking for a top end device I’d snap it up in a heartbeat.

  • Jambo86

    Why would a company reduce the features and functionality of its offering? Makes not sense. I guess Samsung has decided to take away the features that made it stand out from the rest. Not very smart.

  • Page

    Finally caved in to the “cheap plastic”reviewers and what a bad decision it was. What your phone is made of means nothing because you’re going to cover it in a cheap plastic case anyway. I’ll take removable/replaceable sd card, battery, and water-proofing/resistance over metal and glass that my hand will feel and my eyes will see only a number of times in the lifetime of my device any day. Less battery too…
    Mobile phones are essentially throw away devices with roughly a max 3 year life span. Features that make that 3 years all the more likely to happen with the same device and transition to a new device easier far outweigh premium looks. 
    Will be sticking with my s5 and unless the s7 brings back these features I will buy another s5 should mine fail. Though it’s more likely some carrier stamped release of Android will mess my phone up….

    • Captain Obvious

      I agree, I have started taking very good care of my S5 since the S6 announcement….will probably have to hold on to it for a while :(

  • CheezyBubble

    Could there be a micro sd tray + a sim tray next to the power button? Did anyone open it?

  • Messer Brown

    well its about samsung improved build quality….im a s4 user and due an upgrade and was seriously considering swapping to another manufacturer….but not now…the new design is simply stunning and now my biggest concern is wether to go for the s6 edge or not….this would of been a simple decision if the s6 edge came in the topaz blue

  • justin

    i love frozen

  • amandra

    Wow, cuz a few brain dead reviewers complained that the s5 wasn’t an iPhone as brain dead reviewers tend to do, they impaled their user base to make a crippled phone with multiple other crippled competitors. Their software was garbage anyway, so it was my last Samsung, but the hardware was damn near perfect in a usability sense. Kiss power users goodbye, welcome iPhone users, oh wait… They already have a crippled phone.

  • Tjoohej

    Everyone here including me is a minority of Samsungs customers. Nobody really cares about SD card or removable battery as long as the battery life is good and charge is fast. As long as the phone works as intended then it’s all fine. And to you fan boys, nobody us forcing you to like it, your opinions don’t even matter, you buy a device because it suits you, not because of what anybody else says. Uf you ask me, I’m getting it because of it looks, the camera, the fast charge, the skinned down TW, and because it’s Samsung because Samsung ui is what I prefer. As I said, your opinions don’t matter, don’t like it, fine, move on, if you got a problem about other ppl liking what you don’t don’t like them you most likely got some serious issues from your childhood that requires you to go to therapy.

  • iKrontologist

    hmmm….. looks like Apple copied Samsung not only on the direct rip off of Note Phablet sized screen device, but they copied the exact location of Power Button on right side, Power Port, speaker location of Galaxy Note 3 to go with it. Why can’t Apple be original? The Supreme iCopyist of all time is at it again. Well at least they didn’t include a stylus as they were rumored to be working on. That would have been the supreme unadulterated iCopyist on par with Steve Jobs ripping off the former Samsung Exec’s (court ordered separation of Saehan) in flight designed MPMan Player for for his iPod! ……not to mention ripping off that 70’s MP player for shuttle control. Which they admitted they had done and never compensated him for it. Though they had him testify on their behalf in a lawsuit claiming shuttle control was ripped off this other company!

    Again….. leave it to Josh Vergara to twist up the truth in favor of Apple. Since he is almost as big of a Samsung Hater as the Legendary iDiot in Ron “The Monkey Dancer” Amadeo! ;-P