Method in madness: why does Samsung Galaxy S6 lack microSD and a removable battery?

by: Michael SamsaraMarch 25, 2015
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Many of you have expressed no small measure of dismay over the latest iteration of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S, particularly that it lacks a micro-SD card and a removable back. I’ll be the first to admit that I shared this feeling initially, at least until I gave it a little more thought and realized exactly why it had to be this way.

Before we get to the reasons why Samsung made the changes that it did, let’s explore the events that led up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its rather massive departure in design language and features.

The world of high-end flagships

There was a time when the only way to guarantee you’d have a high-performing, worry-free Android experience was to forgo mid-range and entry devices in favor of flagship high-end offerings. As the competition continues to increase, we’re seeing a number of lower-priced devices that offer a stellar Android experience. As a result, manufacturers are now working harder than ever to elbow the competition out of the way and cling to their established domains in an ever more crowded, maturing market space.

Why would Samsung give up two features that for many of us have been useful, practical, desirable, differentiating factors – in a world where almost no one else had them?

This means behind closed doors at corporate headquarters big, small and everywhere – with profits and market share under assault – each firm is calling in its coolest and wisest heads who, even if they don’t know what to do, are going to make sure it seems they do. So, why would Samsung give up two features that for many of us have been useful, practical, desirable, differentiating factors – in a world where almost no one else had them? It all comes down to the Korean giant’s bottom line.

samsung logo mwc 2015 3

The market for smartphones, like the market for any product or service, can be broken down into segments. For our purposes, I’m going to divide the world of smartphone users into two segments. First, there are those of us that love and care about and get really, really (possibly more than we ought?) excited about a faster CPU, a sexy dollop of red hot RAM, and the fact mine is bigger than yours.

The rest of the smartphone users are comprised of people who can appreciate the fun and pleasure to be had by having a smartphone, but are never going to get all hot and bothered about specs. Nevertheless, they still want something special, something that is going to perform well enough for their needs and not let them down. These are the same users that are generally more motivated by the looks of the device, or the price of it, than the raw power found underneath.

So what’s a company to do when consumer interest starts to decline, negatively impacting marketshare and profits?

Let’s face it, most of the devices consumers buy have way more capacity, in terms of what they can do for us than most even realize, but the manufacturers understand that the more bells and whistles they can lay claim to, the more chance they may catch our eyes and fancies. Now, the first market segment – we – the enlightened, cognoscenti – are always going to be smaller in numbers than the second group – doesn’t make them bad people; just different.

For years, Samsung has seen solid growth in the smartphone realm, and is one of the few phone makers that can really compete on the same level as a giant like Apple. So what’s a company to do when consumer interest starts to decline, negatively impacting marketshare and profits?

If you have been following along the past few years

Many expected more from the Galaxy S5 than Samsung actually delivered.

Many expected more from the Galaxy S5 than Samsung actually delivered.

You are undoubtedly aware that Samsung has been taking a lot of heat because of their “exactly the same but different” S Series design. This is particularly true in the case of the Galaxy S5, which many hoped would be a massive step forward for the Galaxy line, only for most of us to have our hopes dashed once again. But, we here, at Android Authority – looking down from our lofty vantage point have always felt that there was more than a little rhyme and reason to Samsung’s approach. The phrase “Crazy like a fox” comes to mind; Samsung may be many things – but dumb isn’t necessarily one of them.

Would you preempt your rival by creating your own revolutionary device ahead of them or wait until the other company is forced for the sake of survival, to show theirs?

It was not lost on us, nor Samsung or we suspect you either, that it was really taking Apple a long, long time to get around to finally upping their game; content to rehash the same technology year after year, with only the smallest of revisions. So, what would you do, if you were in Samsung’s position? What would you do if your biggest rival is being pressured even by its devotees, not to mention the marketplace, to get off its slow ass and produce a new “revolutionary” device? Would you preempt your rival by creating your own revolutionary device ahead of them or wait until the other company is forced, for the sake of survival, to show you theirs?

samsung galaxy s6 vs apple iphone 6 aa (19 of 29)

Of course you wouldn’t do the big reveal, because you are smart – and so was Samsung. They waited, and waited, and waited – along with the rest of us. And then finally, Apple produced not one but two brand new, revolutionary iPhones. Granted, both these phones still lack many of the features that Android has had for years, but Apple in its wisdom continues to see fit to deny its users. But, Apple is as Apple does. Frankly, the fact you are here and not at some Apple fansite says you, I and we don’t really care what they did or didn’t do.

But, with the appearance of the iPhone 6, at last the moment had come. Now Samsung knew exactly the fixed target they had to meet and beat, the one that was going to remain the same, unmoving for a full year – if not five or six, if history is any indication.

Ready, set …. GO!

What a difference a year can make.

What a difference a year can make.

Amid declining sales, complaints about design, and the emergence of a new threat from Apple, Samsung set out to raise the bar and give the world the Galaxy S we’d been long been waiting for. Unleashing its hordes of engineers, unchaining its best designers, Samsung said unto them:

Go forth, NOW – put the pedal to the medal, hold nothing back, shift that sucker into high gear, hit the afterburner – GO THERMONUCLEAR! – Ballistic even, and make, build, design a truly revolutionary smartphone. Show the world how it is done – when it is done right – when WE don’t hold anything back and give it our all. Hoo Rah!

Amid declining sales, complaints about design, and the emergence of a new threat from Apple, Samsung set out to raise the bar and give the world the Galaxy S we’d be long been waiting for.

Okay… so I got a little carried away there, but it’s the way I saw things developing, more or less. The end result of Samsung’s shift into high gear was the production of what is arguably one of the most beautiful phones the world has seen, and not just a single, standard issue version with sculpted metal sides yielding the sophistication, fit and finish we’ve been clamoring for, but a second iteration as well, in the form of the beautiful and unique Galaxy S6 Edge.

Of course, it wasn’t just the outside that Samsung took to the next level with the Galaxy S6 and the Edge, but the inside as well. Samsung brought us a 64-bit eight-core in-house processor, a QHD display with nearly two times the pixels per inch of the new iPhone, quick charging, a 16MP rear cam, 5MP front cam, and the list goes on and on.

Read more: Galaxy S6 full review


The Galaxy S5 might have looked a bit like a band-aid, but it did have microSD and removable back.

The Galaxy S5 might have looked a bit like a band-aid, but it did have microSD and removable back.

Now to the crux of the matter. While many of us may admire the new design of the Galaxy S6, why did Samsung feel it necessary to strip us of the microSD card and removable battery? Because.

Elaborating a bit further, the goal with the introduction of the Galaxy S6 was to hit a home run and not muddy the waters with items that most people – that larger segment of the buying public aforementioned before – apparently didn’t want, didn’t care about, rarely used and definitely were not going to be persuaded to pay extra money for and which, if included, would run up the price and/or make fabrication more expensive and problematic.

We know what some of you must be thinking, and I admit I was right with you. I felt your pain, but that was my first reaction, until I took pause for thought and realized – to paraphrase Mark Twain upon reading his obituary in advance of his being dead … that “the reports of the deaths of these features may have been greatly exaggerated”.

Whether its the Active or some other yet to be announced variant, it is very possibly that Samsung will eventually debut a variant of the Galaxy S6 that has similar specs and features, while also adding in missing staples from the GS5, like waterproofing, microSD and a removable battery.

My observation is that Samsung tends to listen to its customers, genuinely cares and tries hard as it can to fulfill the desires of their customers via the features they impart to their products. So, here is my possibly prescient, hopefully true, but not necessarily correct prognostication for those of you who want so dearly want what obviously we can’t have now, or at least yet: give it a little time.

While Samsung is reportedly trying to trim the fat a little when it comes to extra phone models, the reality is that the company is notorious for creating variants of its handsets, and the rumor mill already suggests a Galaxy S6 Active is in the works. Whether it’s the Active or some other yet to be announced variant, it is very possible that Samsung will eventually debut a variant that has similar specs and features to the original GS6, while also adding in missing staples from the GS5, like waterproofing, microSD, and a removable battery.

Bottom-line, Samsung’s vision with the Galaxy S6 was to create a sexy eye-catcher, a device aimed at the type of consumer that is still willing to pay a premium for such an experience. In order to meet this vision, some sacrifices were made, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these staples are gone for good. What do you think of Samsung’s decision to ditch microSD and a removable battery? Would you consider a variant of the GS6 with slightly less impressive aesethics but the return of microSD and a non-removable battery?

  • CarlosSW

    Ok….this is BS. Samsung saw dropping sales so they went with a design that looks just like an iphone and get to call that innovation??? Honest to god…i dont need a phone to have a metal back…not when it goes right into a case. What i need is a fast phone with a removable back, SD card with functions…that i can use without bloatware.

    • Ahsan Ahmed

      They copied Samsung Ativ S.

    • -ph-

      Buy another phone…
      It’s impossible to please everybody, and proof of that are the dropping sales using the same formula of the past years.
      The reality is that most people who buy this kind of phones only cares about the looks and gimmicks. The rest like us, represent a small piece of the pie…
      If someone has 600$ to spend in a phone, certainly has a data plan to go along and doesn’t need an SD card.

      • nivekious

        Unless they travel internationally. Then suddenly they’re spending another $600 if they want to move a few GB on or off cloud storage.

    • IPhart 6 bendgate

      What do you see look like an iPhone? Is it that the speaker, the USB port and the head jack is in the same position? Otherthan those stupid reasons, there’s nothing about the s6 and edge that screams iPhone. The s6 and edge is the most beautiful devices ever built. I can’t say the same for any iPhone.

      • CarlosSW

        “the most beautiful devices ever built”…is that why you buy a phone? Im sorry, but id rather have a phone (thats going to be covered by a case mind you) that has a little less shine on the outside, that has alot more going for it on the inside. But…thats just me i guess. As far as im concerned the fact they dropped the removable battery and SD card settles it for me.

        • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

          Because fancy sells, and personally, as an engineer and design enthusiast, i know these people aren’t going to make some meh product because that’s not what they studied and worked hard for, and because nobody would buy it.

          • Mike Bastable

            Juan, Juan..,ever worked in Consumer electronics? People make awesome designs they love, these then get watered down by the engineers, and then changed by marketing, financial dept. Supply chain concerns etc etc. That anything decent ever gets released is a miracle really.

          • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

            ¬¬ obvious. That doesn’t mean they should just throw in the towel and conform to making cheap looking bricks.

            My point is, what a phone looks and feels like matters.

          • Latheryin

            Only to those shallow enough to worry about looks over function. Function will over run looks every day. Mainly with everyone covering up how it looks with a case because they know they will drop it and it will break.

          • Sue

            I want looks as well as function and I’m sure a lot of people are the same.we are not shallow.if you are happy with the stupid plastic samsung have been making all these years,good for you.i and a lot of people aren’t.why do you think the s5 flopped so badly? The reason is 1 word…”Plastic”.do you actually think I would even consider a new galaxy s phone if it were plastic again? I don’t use cases anymore so you can stop talking for me.No removable battery?-fast charging is a sd card?- get the 64 or 128 gb are doing their best to make it up to the people who wanted those features.these 2 phones will sell easily 50 million and I’m guessing between 70-100 million overall.the interest in them is for me,I’ll be getting the love to get the green one like most people but it looks like it’s a Samsung store exclusive so I’ll settle for the gold one

          • Latheryin

            I wouldnt get the S6 if it was given to me for free to be honesty.

          • sue

            i really dont know why.i forgot to tell you before that it has the best of everything on the inside as well.the best processor,best camera,the best screen and so my opinion,this is the only phone you should buy now

          • Latheryin

            I will agree that Samsung Screen is good. The rest not so much. The exynos chip is too much of a hassle. But like I said I wouldnt use it if someone else paid for it and gave it to me free.

          • sue

            you may be right what you are saying about developers and all but i doubt the regular buyer is interested in all this.i mean,how bad is the iphone when it comes to all these things yet nothing sells like the iphone.i guess time will tell about the s6 but samsung couldnt build another plastic phone again.they had to do some different after the big drop in sales last year

          • Well said.

          • sue


          • coldspring22 .

            Samsung lost marketshare primarily due to 1) surging chinese companies like Xiaomi which produce high quality smart phones for extremely low price – like Redmi 2 (64 bit quad core cpu/ 1GB ram/ HD lcd screen and very good 8MP shooter) – only $130!, and 2) apple’s one time upgrade surge from introducing iphone 6 bigger than dinky little screen. I think they can beat apple’s one time upgrade cycle, but I doubt they can hold back likes of Xiaomi, which operate on a different business model, and sells killer smart phones for one half or even one third price of Samsung phones. Smart phone technology is maturing/saturating, and even very low end phones have /will have better and better specs, often exceeding what most people use their smart phones for.

          • Latheryin

            Xiaomi will not really be an issue in the states though. I mean one of Samsung biggest sales go to military personal and they are banned from using those devices. Not to mention most sales come from carrier upgrades. Which offer things like warranty services that don’t evolve being without a phone.

          • Latheryin

            Yeah but it wont mater in many places. Due to OEM like Xiaomi having to raise the prices of their devices. This is due to them making most of their money from their services which wont be allowed outside of china, add in the fact that may other OEM would have them wrapped up courts for copyright issues they will have to raise prices or will be sued out of business.

          • coldspring22 .

            Sounds like some valid points. However, Xiaomi should still be able to continue significantly undercutting price of Apple and Samsung flagships, while delivering great end user experience. We will see how it turns out as Xiaomi expands globally.

          • Latheryin

            I think it will be along time until we see them go global. One of their biggest hurdles will be MIUI (copy right issues) But they are already working on an alternative to replace that. So we will just have to wait until they finish it.

          • ..

            You own an $800 device and you have nothing protecting it against damage? I find that hard to believe.. and if its true, its pretty risky.. Also, look around, maybe You are not using a case, but essentially everyone else on the planet is. why does it matter if there’s plastic cover under that plastic cover?

          • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

            No. One cannot exist without the other. The iPhone and the current line of smartphones wouldn’t exist without that.

      • Mike Bastable

        Your name betrays your POV, I am not an iPhone fanboy (LG fanboy) but these phones are clearly inspired by the Apple stuff with a sniff of HTC thrown into the mix. Taste is a personal thing and no phone with a huge button on its front will ever be beautiful (my opinion, glad u like them). I hope, for Samsung’s sake you buy one…..

        • IPhart 6 bendgate

          Who are you again? Oh! And I will definitely be buying one for Samsung sake thank you much lmao.

          • Mike Bastable

            i am “me” you ,Sir, are a fanboy (nothing actually wrong with that really)

          • IPhart 6 bendgate

            And you’re not an apple fanboy right? Spare me.

          • CarlosSW

            All….i was trying to say was id rather have them put more effort to whats inside….then whats on the outside. Sure…yes, the new look is awesome (cue tear) but id rather have more RAM, less bloat and some features that stand out from the crowd. I used to be an iphone guy then switched to android. Love the customization. But getting rid of the removable battery….is a game changer for me. I rely on having an extra battery just in case.

          • IPhart 6 bendgate

            Sir if you look into all the videos on YouTube, you’ll see that the galaxy s6 and edge comes with less bloatware than previous models and features that actually make sense. Fingerprint scanner for mobile payments that works at 90% of shops, restaurants, department store etc. wireless charging for all standards of charging, faster flash storage 2.0 and the list goes on. Those are the things that make the s6 and edge worth atleast a look. As the article have stated; they’ll be a s6 active with all the functionality that was strip from the regular s6. Every day folks don’t fancy those features, only nerds and tech follower craze those novelties.

          • Art Carnage

            “…with all the functionality that was strip from the regular s6.” Nowhere have I read that the S6 Active will have a swappable battery. And an external card slot is so far just speculation.

          • IPhart 6 bendgate

            True. But everything that was speculated about the s6 came to be true right?

          • Art Carnage

            According to accounts, it will have a downgraded camera, and will probably have a larger, but non-swappable battery, and no fingerprint scanner.

          • TheGCU

            Fingerprint scanner for payment only works in the US. S6 active is a rumour, not a confirmed device.

          • IPhart 6 bendgate

            It will work worldwide when it’s available in june/July.

          • I don’t care if it works, I don’t want it

          • disappointed

            How are more options a novelties ? All the other things you named are small improvement over what other phones already do. The only features that were exclusive to Samsung were the novelties they removed. If this phone is successful then Samsung will never make another flagship with these features and we will just have more of the same to choose from

          • IPhart 6 bendgate

            SD card would’ve hampered the speed of the device, dude it’s not 2009 anymore. Technology advances whether you want to or not. If it was up to you folks, we would be living in the stone age. Get with the times bro. SD card and removable is going the way of dinosaurs. wireless charging, fast flash storage and storing content to the cloud are technology of the future. Get on board or get left behind bro.

          • Guy-Robert Kernisant

            Come on mate: the Exynos 7420 is a beast, 3Gb DDR4 RAM, fastest storage option currently available for mobile, f1.9 apeture camera with larger pixels, Quad HD amoled screen, support for both wireless charging standards, louder speakers, better fingerprint scanner. US and South Korea only: broader mobile payment solution. The only thing they didn’t upgrade was the size of the battery. But everything is more power efficient to balance that out.

            If you carry an extra battery just in case Maybe all you need is a keychain power bank…

          • Mike Bastable

            as stated quite clearly LG is for me dude

        • Bob Reilley

          The iphone 6 and 6 plus stole allot of design cues from HTC’s one series. I will give you the bottom edge but nothing else screams iphone.

      • FQ2

        Don’t kid yourself. They’re VERY similar.

      • Zdenka Micka

        The curved edges make it look like iPhone.

        • IPhart 6 bendgate

          The iPhone have curve edges now? I know you iheads are funny, but never thought ya’ll would be this funny lmao.

      • Airyl

        The frame mostly. Also, the iPhone 5 looks better than the S6.

        • IPhart 6 bendgate

          With those eyes of yours anything is possible lmao.

      • Guest

        oh…and watch this to say…what about them looks familiar

    • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

      It’s because the iPhone has no removable battery or microSD and beats record sales.

      • beano

        The iPhone not having a removable battery and microSD are two reasons why I and many others don’t have an iPhone.

        • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

          It still dominates the marked and hold world records. So it doesn’t really care.

          • nivekious

            And those people will never buy anything but an iPhone, so why bother going after them? These are the people who thought the iPhone 6’s “big” screen was new and innovative when Samsung had been doing that for years. They also tend to have tons of money tied up in the appstore. Samsung should be more concerned with keeping their base from jumping to another Android option than trying to get Apple’s brainwashed masses to wake up.

          • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

            Not exactly. A lot are Apple brainwashed, but most you just have to change their mindset that X can give them a better deal on what they want (and it rarely has to do with features).
            The Mashable review is very spot on explaining this.

        • mrochester

          Samsung doesn’t care about people like you. Nor does Apple. You aren’t the sort of customer they want or make money from.

    • Pete

      I used to want that too, but with already great battery life I never recharge during the day anymore, and with quick charge I could do it fast enough not to care.
      When it has a 128Gb option I don’t care about adding more memory either.

      I think the days of needing those things are over. I’d rather it be theft proof. Disable the power key in lock mode and don’t allow the battery to come out so that I can track my stolen/lost phone and no one can disable it.

      • Art Carnage

        “When it has a 128Gb option I don’t care about adding more memory either.”

        It’s nice that you’re made of money, but some of aren’t. Memory included with the phone costs 3 to 4 times what it does for even the fasted external card. You can get a Class 10 64GB SanDsik Ultra for $40. See how much extra memory you can get for $40 on the S6. The answer is “none”. You’re probably going to have to cough up a couple of hundred extra to go from 32GB to 64GB, and you’ll still have less than the 80GB in my GS3 with its 64GB card.

        • John

          You don’t buy the highest level flagship cell phone thinking you’re going to save money or get a deal.

          If saving money is more important, you can buy refurbished S5’s with the new updated OS (Lollipop and Touchwiz) for $300 and go crazy with the extra batteries and SD cards all you want.

          You can’t have a Porche for the price of a Hyundai Accent.

          • Art Carnage

            That’s logic is ridiculous. Just because you’re buying a high-end product doesn’t mean you just turn off your brain and hand over your wallet. Having a card slot means I have a storage upgrade path without having to buy a new phone. In case you missed it, SanDisk just announced a 200GB microSD card.

        • Guy-Robert Kernisant

          You are comparing eMMC memory (slower) vs UFS 2.0 (faster). The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy A series offer expandable storage options…

          • Art Carnage

            Yes, but I’m using the the external storage for what most people use it for – mass storage of music, photos, and videos. And for those purposes, the slower speed has little or no impact on performance.

      • Latheryin

        A completely theft proof device will never happen. Not alot one can do about it really. Even apple devices can reprogrammed

    • JDMillest

      Look at the sales of the s5, it had all those feature plus waterproof/dustproof and it didn’t do so good in sales.

  • pytajnik

    because they want to make more money with the higher capacity versions

    • Martin Lane

      They were doing that anyway by charging us £100 extra for 32GB over the 16GB version.

      But maybe you think that’s better.

  • Interesting topic. Too bad I could only get through less than half of it! Why? Way too long-winded!!

  • StrikkerXX

    I felt like Samsung could have included a micro-SD card slot and a removable battery with it still being premium if they wanted to. Especially for glass backs, they could have went with a slide-in removable glass back to have easy access to the battery and micro-SD card slot (I remember my HTC Hero doing that back in the day), yet have premium materials.
    I think Samsung’s ultimate goal was thinness, but I would rather have a removable back like I mentioned above, and have it a few mm thicker. It would solve the protruding camera problem, and more room for a bigger battery. But what do I know? I’m no engineer.

  • beano

    The title to this article promised to explain why the S6 lacks microSD and a removable battery, but after reading the article I can’t say that it delivers. Or is the answer supposed to be “most people don’t want these features” or “there is going to be a version that does include this features”? The first answer would be incorrect and the second answer (if true) would be unacceptable. A premium phone should offer premium features and for an Android phone that means that it should at least have upgradable memory. And with Samsung phones the removable battery was a selling point that put it ahead of the competition. If I wanted a phone that is lacking in features I’d already bought an iPhone.

    • PQ

      Agreed – I opened this article as I fretted about Samsung’s decision much more than I should have. On Flipboard, 11 out of 14 pages were just build-up that added nothing new. And the final 3 pages left me hanging – with the final punchline ‘give it a little time’ still not doing justice to the topic. I still don’t understand why these things were removed. Clickbait!

    • FQ2

      Nailed it. Completely removing their two biggest selling points is a MAJOR fault.

      • coldspring22 .

        Should be no problem as long as they keep SD card/removable battery in galaxy note line and/or Active series.

        • nivekious

          Active doesn’t seem to have removable battery, though it may have the SD card. Personally, I just wish they’d tell us their intentions NOW. I’m already not going to buy an S6, I’d like to know whether to use my upgrade from my two year old S4 to something else now, or wait a few months for another S model with the features I care about. If they don’t announce soon I’ll just jump brands.

  • pjcamp

    If they can make a drawer for the SIM card, they can make one for the SD as well. Battery is another issue but leaving out the SD was just stupid.

    • tlee

      I agree, the SD card proves to be beneficial and should’ve been on the S6 as well. The drawer for the SD card would have worked out fine since they took away the waterproof part of the phone anyway. The battery on the other hand, I could care less about since, from experience, the battery will last as long as me wanting to keep the phone…by that time, I’d want to upgrade anyways. So yeah, non removable battery, not a problem for me, but not having an SD slot is just stupid.

      • dvdlgh

        How much will a 2 yr old S6 with a battery that won’t hold a charge be worth? Assuming that the battery is not changeable.

    • n900mixalot


    • mmm

      I’m in just the opposite situation. I’m fine with a 64GB phone with no SD, but I prefer charging spare batteries and never needing to plug in my phone. Fingers crossed for the Note 5!

      • Elftron S

        I’m fine with the 64GB, and they say the download speed will be improved, but not as fast as the Note 3 with the extra-sized USB data cable to speed things along on downloads to PC’s. This will need to be measured and then we can have more info on which to make a decision. The battery will go in 1.5 years of average use so just go with a 1 year plan with ATT and trade it in on the Note 5.

        • Guest

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        • Rey Jukes

          The download speed from a USB cable doesnt depend on its size at all. it depends on the type. For example USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0 and 2.0 is faster than 1.0

          There are also mini-varients in-between like USB 3.1 is faster than 3.0

      • Total_telecom

        They did the same thing to note 5

    • Jeff Martinez

      I agree that if they could have saved one feature, they should have kept the SD card, but at least they are offering larger storage sizes this time around. I’d be more up in arms if they decided to do the usual base line of 16gb

      • pjcamp

        Maybe. I’ll believe it when I see it. Samsung is notorious for promising big storage versions and then not delivering. I bought a 32 GB S3 some years ago after waiting an intolerably long time for the 64 GB one they kept promising and then ended up never producing. The SD card has proved essential in that one for data storage.

    • Aja Aja

      Yes, it’s called the Galaxy S6 Active. Look it up and google it.

      • Guy-Robert Kernisant

        only rumors… not announced yet

        • Dan Havelin

          The rumors were false. It’s an AT&T exclusive. No Micro SD card slot, non-removable battery. But the battery is significantly bigger.

      • Zdenka Micka

        Galaxy S6 Active gonna be 1 inch thick, and made from rubber eww

        • Dan Havelin

          It’s an Active with a built-in case and a huge battery. What did you expect?

          • robertkoa

            Actually it is only about 1.3 Millimeters thicker than Standard S6 or about the thickness of the Galaxy S5 !
            You get a 3500 Mah Battery.
            The REAL PROBLEM IS: Why don’t they just make an S6 Pro ( now would be S7 Pro) That looks EXACTLY like an S7 except 1.2 Millimeters THICKER with 3500 Mah

      • pjcamp

        Appears to be an AT&T exclusive. No thanks.

    • Guy-Robert Kernisant

      So you rather have the option of adding older technology storage to slow down your phone???
      The fastest SD cards on the market are at least 2-3x slower than this new option.

      Check out the features

      • pjcamp

        So what? You don’t need high speed for data storage. Are you planning to listen to your music at 100x normal speed?

        • Guy-Robert Kernisant

          100x normal speed good one :)
          We are talking about a flagship here why cut corners if you can offer better performance.
          Wouldn’t you notice a difference when loading a large picture gallery or music playlist, saving pictures in burst mode?
          I personally noticed a difference upgrading from a cheap SD card to a more premium one on my S4.

          • pjcamp

            Everybody has their own optimization points. What I notice is running out of space for things I need to have with me. I notice not being able to back up the device easily to a place that isn’t going to be wiped if I decide to root it. The one problem I’ve always had with every computing device I’ve ever owned is running out of storage space. Having a hard limit on that is irksome, especially when it is unnecessary.

            I read an interview a few days ago with a Samsung exec who said that the reason they eliminated the SD is because Apple doesn’t have one. That strikes me as cutting corners.

          • BlakeT

            The fact that Apple doesn’t have an SD card is one of top (of many) reasons I don’t have an iPhone – and probably never will, so Samsung not putting an SD card in the latest model “because Apple doesn’t have one” ??? Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd?

      • TheEvilBlight

        There’s always USB OTG ports. Build a nice compact dongle with a microSD card and it should solve many problems.

        • mobilemann

          that sucks compared to an sd, that won’t catch on things.

      • Gabe Percich

        An SD card slot does not slow your phone down. I use it to store all my info from previous phone like my address book and photos I do not need to wait for a long data transfer between phones when I need it replaced or upgraded I like to pop the SD card out put it in my new phone and roll.

    • Jess T-b

      I am totally agree with you…

    • Ez0rus

      Just to chime in a few points:
      – actual internal storage always a few gbs smaller
      – the price difference between model sizes is ridiculous
      – majority of people own a sd card so wouldn’t/shouldn’t need to pay out for more storage
      – the ABSOLUTE effort of transferring everything onto a new phone each time as opposed to popping in the sd card

      • Syed Abdullah

        Absolutely agree, especially with your last point.

    • robertkoa

      And leaving out SD Card on Note 5 us even crazier.
      Almost like someone intentionally crippled Note 5 and Note 5 Sales.

      I tried to use free Dropbox Storage and it is very slow and slows down the entire phone when synced.
      Read Btekt Review.
      The ” Cloud” is not secure and is not fast=

      • BlakeT

        Good point – Samsung leaving out the SD card “because it is slow” – and giving you the “option” of using Dropbox instead? Is Dropbox supposed to be faster? Just doesn’t add up

    • albanx

      I would agree with samsung if they offer as base the 64gb version and at least the 128Gb version for some more dollars

    • Anna

      Exactly how,I feel! I can deal without a remove able battery but not sd

  • deltatux

    Honestly, these features are mainly missed by a vocal few. The bulk of smartphone users don’t store enough materials to fill up their internal storage. Samsung can’t build a phone to please the few when the masses are clamouring for a “premium” device at that price point. I’m glad Samsung finally stopped shipping devices with only 16GB of storage and moved up to 32GB as it’s base model.

    • gacl

      Bulk of smartphone users don’t fill up internal storage?!?!? Even casual users fill up 16GB of internal storage, only ~6GB of which is really available to the user… I do think offering larger internal storage is better than the complexity of having a separate SD card.

      • TheGCU

        Except that they charge way too much for more internal storage. I can get a 128GB micro-SD for cheaper than upgrading from 32GB to 64GB internal.

        • gacl

          True. That is obviously a big profit center to them. As a user, I’d like both larger base storage and SD expansion. Larger than 16GB internal storage is a must. Some games will work with SD storage, but most games have to be completely installed to internal storage. If I were the phone vendor trying to squeeze out profit, I would what Apple and Samsung are doing and use tiered storage pricing. I suspect the mass market doesn’t care or use SD expansion or removable battery. Even I don’t care about removable battery.

    • klee2000

      Incorrect I am a tech that works on many phones. Guess what complains I get the most from Apple users??? That they don’t have enough storage… Point and blank! People, please remember that the consumer is not only using phones to make calls these days, they are using their phones as a media device for storing music and movies, they are capturing 2k & 4k videos, they are literally storing their family photos on these things. So when I hear some say people don’t care about this feature. I just think that’s a crock of sh*t.

      • TheGCU

        Well said. Now that 4k video is becoming so popular, having lots of storage available is a must.

      • phonefreak

        I would have to agree with you on that when i tell alot of people that a certain phone doesnt have a memory card slot or removable battery they walk away half the time by the way i work for a boost mobile store that doesnt sell iphone only phone that dont have aemory card slot is our moto g

      • sue

        then why do these i sheep keep buying iphones? i think i answered my own question.hehehe


      Removable battery is one thing, SD card slot is another. Samsung Galaxy A series (metal, built-in battery) has TWO slots. One for SIM card the other is dual slot which can be used with another SIM (support dual SIM) or SD card.

  • Cody Lamson

    I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Samsung phone but I think they almost couldn’t have done a better job. I think everything all in all makes this pretty much the best next iteration of any smartphone to date. People always complain about similarities among product lines year to year, but I think they seriously changed direction, in the right way, and I am impressed. Sure, if they flattened out their ui even more, and put a *slightly* larger battery it could have been even better to me, but I think design change and no micro SD slot is perfectly fine. I agree with what you wrote in the article about average consumers not caring about being able to change batteries and adding an SD card. Frankly, us techies are less than 5-10% of the customers who will purchase this device, and what consumers would appreciate outside of the tech world surely has a bit more influence on their decisions to change than what we can provide. In all honesty who actually needs an SD card slot? Nowadays I have an extremely hard time filling up hardly any storage since everything is cloud stored, but I guess that’s just me.

    • beano

      Why would you pay premium for not having a feature that even the cheapest phone on the market has? Why would you pay extra for getting less? That may work for Apple but Android is a different market. We have choice.

      The S6 feels like a product of stagnation. It brings nothing new to the table and it even removes items that we had gotten used to. Had it been priced significantly lower then it would have sense, but as things look right now I wouldn’t even remotely consider it.

      • TheGCU

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • Olrr

          Honestly, human needs are insatiable. S5 came with all these features but it failed S6 stripped those features and added other things yet you aren’t stil satisfied.
          Sammy isn’t a stingy company, these two features have ways u can handle them.

          No SD card: cloud storage, 32gb base model, more storage options
          Removeable battery: excellent battery life, quick charge, wireless charge

          Presence of sd card will make the device slower. It’s this same set of people that would still complain of lag.

          If you are good with the phone buy, if you aren’t buy another phone and quit discouraging interested and potential buyers

          • abazigal

            It’s not that human needs are insatiable, but that people can instinctively distinguish a great user experience from a poor one. The S5 came with many features, but many of them were half-baked and simply didn’t work right.

            It’s like a restaurant that boasts a hundred different dishes, but all of them taste like crap. Vs a restaurant that has a much smaller menu, but all of them taste great.

            At the end of the day, it’s not about who has more features and who has less, but about which combination affords the better experience for the end user. Apple understood that from day 1; Samsung is still struggling to understand this elusive concept even today.

      • theemptyhead

        S6 brings nothing new to the table?…. lol …

      • abazigal

        The problem then comes when you are not getting more of what you want. What Samsung has done here is trade a feature which most people didn’t need (removable batteries) for a new feature (better design) that they think more people can and will appreciate.

        If the end result is a net gain for consumers, why can’t people pay more to get more of what they want?

    • Blue

      I agree with you, one cannot use the same formula again that only works for 5-10% of customers in the world (us techy) if they’ve release another iteration of the s5, guess whose gonna appreciate that (another 5-10%)? They are influenced by the market and the end of the day, customers would only buy phones depending on looks and how would they look holding that phone.

      • nivekious

        But those people are always going to buy an iPhone anyway. I know literally 1 person who has ever switched from an iPhone to anything else and that was only after a particularly awful experience with Apple tech support. For the most part, once someone owns an iPhone, they are lost to every other manufacturer, and the sooner Samsung learns that the better.

    • FQ2

      Nothing can substitute expandable storage and no advantage is gained from removing it. It was a stupid move from every angle, it was a massive selling point that they just completely eliminated.

  • SkyAttacksX

    Sandisk releasing an OTG USB Flash drive. It looks pretty good and comes in 16, 32, 64 gb variants. Combine it with wireless charging or a battery pack case (probably not your preference but hey, just a suggestion) and you have two huge problems out of the way. And I mean, swapping out the USB is even easier than a MicroSD. So I don’t see why not.

    EDIT: Source –

    • Alex Ohannes

      You’ve never used an OTG drive before if you actually believe that relying on an OTG drive for media storage is “easier”.

      • SkyAttacksX

        Alright. Sure. Don’t use it. But then don’t complain about not enough storage when the option is right there for you and you just don’t want to use it.

  • Skimshaddy

    I lost a phone the other days. Just realized whoever got the phone will have to wipe out my phone to use it again but I am more worrying that someone got into my SD card full of personal stuffs. Now I don’t really care for external SD card anymore.

    • ljhughes8

      They say back your phone up. And there way to find you phone with device manager.

  • dandroid13

    As an enthusiast it’s great to see a awesome device like the GS6. It’s trully the ony one that go toe to toe with the iPhone, they’re both nice options.
    But as a Samsung fan it’s sad that they keep removing features, first it was the FM radio back in 2013 and now the sdcard slot and removable battery. Other flagships have these, why can’t the GS6 have them too?

  • Feicherman

    I agree with the article. Remember, Samsung (as well as many other companies), have access to m many resources. Focus groups, website feedback, retailer feedback, to name a few. My 2 cents… They see sd cards going away, mostly do to os, I.e. kit Kat and battery issues being resolved over the coming years. Most people use their phone avg use, don’t need but maybe 64gb max and charge their phone every night. So I say great job being ahead of the curve and anticipating consumer needs before they even know what they need.

  • Mike Bastable

    I think that these galaxy phones are designed to TOTALLY ignore everyone who posts here, Samsung has no interest in us really. These handsets are a direct reply to Apple, and only Apple. The last iphones destroyed Samsung and they needed to reply,and quick…these handsets are not copies but clearly inspired by…
    Samsung has another area of crisis…how to react to losing market share within the Android ecosystem to cheaper handsets…this will be a harder solve than being inspired by Apple. We will see whatever they decide quite soon, probably shortly after the launch of nthe G4…
    No one should be fooled into thinking the new Galaxy handsets solve anything really, they might slow Apple a little but momentum is now with others and getting that back will take much more effort…and time.

    • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

      They are a step in the right direction. They are not a direct response to Apple as much as learning from them. ‘If it works them, might work for us’.

      • Mike Bastable

        Disagree, they were hemoraging market share to Apple, these handsets only address that wound, no other.

        • Hemorrhaging market share to Apple? Nah

          • Mike Bastable

            based on?, my comment was based on fact, yours?

          • I’ve heard losing market share to cheaper chinese phones, not Apple. Where’s your info coming from?

          • Mike Bastable

            Forbes etc

        • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

          It’s a response to the entire market. Xiaomi now has the #2 spot, and many new, cheap iPhone looking Android devices are gaining traction.

          • Mike Bastable

            good points

      • Mike Bastable

        i agree a little Juan but they are certainly launched to counter the Apple upswing

        • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

          Oh off course. They are still the main competition.

  • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

    The fact that die hard tech enthusiasts care about these things means little, considering how small a segment it is compared to the average consumer that wants devices to just work. If your device lasts enough and has enough storage, and is fuckin’ pretty, they’re sold.

    The new Samsung’s are a marvel of engineering, and shows Samsung knows and understands the market. They still have some ways to go, but considering I used to find them vile and am now saying this speaks for itself.

    • Mike Bastable

      They always seem to understand the market a few months AFTER Apple…..weird that….(still find them vile copycats, lol)

      • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

        Should have said *is now understanding, haha

  • Actually they removed micro SD card because it would’ve slowed down the fast ram and rom

    • TheGCU

      Because the rom actually stores data on your micro-SD? What kind of setup do you have? Micro-SD is used by most people for media storage, which is what it’s designed for. Of course running apps or your rom from it will be slower.

      • Yes but it still slows down the whole system.

        • TheGCU

          Micro-SD doesn’t slow down my rom. Maybe because I’m running a custom ROM, and it’s bloated TouchWiz actually slowing it down. And now because of this, we can’t see how much faster the new lighter TouchWiz is when running a micro-SD. Cloud storage is useless unless you have unlimited data, and I’d rather have my stuff local anyway. 32GB is nothing is you’re recording 4k videos, and forget uploading those to the cloud. External storage has always been one of the advantages with Android, forget about Samsung. That’s always been one of the problems with the Nexus phones. This is just a stupid move.

  • Gamblor77

    I personally don’t care about the lack of SD slot because they offer plenty of space now, AND you get SSD speeds which will keep the phone fast for it’s entire life.
    Had they removed it and kept the main phone at 16gb like the S5, THAT would be a major fail.

    However…the battery being non-removable means you have no recourse when it degrades in a year and doesn’t hold a charge very well.
    Also it seriously annoys me that they didn’t just make the phone 7.5-8mm thick, put a 3000mah+ battery in it AND the camera wouldn’t protrude. They just HAD to make it .01mm thinner than the iPhone to make it look good on paper eh? So stupid!

    Fast charging doesn’t take away from the fact that the phone could have lasted 18 SOLID hours if the battery was just 20% bigger. WTF guys?!?!?
    Guaranteed once all the hype wears off people will be complaining how the battery only lasts 8-9 hours of use and people are annoyed. Well…that’s my biggest fear anyway cause I have a 128gb S6 on pre-order. FML!

  • mark

    Sammy should remove heart rate sensor instead of msd , and glass back of gs6 is no need for , would love dimpled back from s5 on s6

    • Jeff Martinez

      So glad they didn’t carry that back cover over, that would have been a bad decision

    • TheGCU

      Definitely get rid of the stupid heart monitor. How many people actually use that feature? And the glass back is just stupid. How many people complained about it when the iPhone had a glass back? You’re basically adding a feature that’s designed to get broken (which it did on so many iPhones).

  • TheGCU

    Hopefully they don’t fuck with the Note 5.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Personally I have been waiting for the Z4 to be announced… Until I saw these phones. Almost within a day I said forget the Z4, as much as I love my Sony Z1 Compact, these phones have it down, they aint perfect but they are definitely in that direction of being almost everything you could want out if a phone. No Removable storage and a sealed casing with no removable battery? *Yawn* Just shut up and take my money Samsung… Just for the record I never cared for their designs and phones, but they have convinced me that these flagship are what I want, and so I will buy them. Thank you Samsung for doing what you did.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Majority of flagships dont have removable battery… So, I wouldn’t care. I wanted to have the MicroSD in the S6 though… Even though, I am still getting the S6!

    • TheGCU

      Which is why Samsung stands out as one of the few who offer a removable battery. This is a huge step backwards for them. Now they’re truly copying Apple.

      • JDMillest

        No removable battery is coping apple. Haha so I guess every other oem copy Samsung.

  • Is this really still an issue, I don’t care for removable storage when you can buy what you need. Secondly a removable battery is such a non factor its not even funny. Do people really not leave the house with a full charge or have car charger or sockets by their desks

    • TheGCU

      Yes, it’s really still an issue. This is one of the big reasons why lots of people bought Samsung devices. Lots of other manufacturers offer devices with a built-in battery and no external storage.

      Different people use their phone differently. A full charge might last you until you get home at the end of the day. It might not be enough for other people who use their phone more than you do. An extended battery (only usable with a replaceable battery) or swapping out for a fully charged one means that people don’t have to carry a charger around with them, which is annoying. And as far as buying what storage you need? It’s far cheaper to buy an micro-SD than it is to upgrade your phone to a bigger size.

      • Wjdzm

        I wonder where you are getting your facts from.
        “This is one of the big reasons why lots of people bought Samsung devices.”

        • TheGCU

          Until you show me statistics telling me I’m wrong, I stand by that statement. Judging from a lot of the comments I’ve seen here and other sites, I’m not wrong. Lots of Samsung customers want a removable battery and an external SD.

          Let’s face facts people: This is a knee-jerk reaction to high iPhone 6 sales. Samsung thinks the iPhone 6 sold well because Samsung did something wrong, but that’s nit true. The iPhone 6 sold well because Apple finally did something right: Apple listened to their customers that have been demanding a bigger iPhone for years. Now that the furor is over, Samsung will see sales pick back up. Lots of people switched back to Apple because of the bigger iPhone, but they’ll soon start to remember that there were many other reasons why they left Apple. If Samsung hadn’t changed a thing, just upgraded the chip & camera for the S6, they’d be seeing the same pre-sale numbers. Let’s be realistic: People that buy a device based on its looks are stupid (I know lots if people buy based on looks, but that doesn’t make me wrong).

          Companies worry too much about attracting new customers and not enough about keeping the ones they already have. If they make this change in the Note series too, I’m gone.

          • Wjdzm

            How about you present me your hard evidence (statistics) showing end users moved to Samsung for removable battery. I find it funny that you are asking ME to present hard evidences when you are the one who is calling out “FACTS.”

          • TheGCU

            You’re the one saying I’m wrong, so prove me wrong. Until you do, I stand by my statement. These are two things that made Samsung so popular. External storage is one of the things that made Android so popular. And Google’s spent the last few years trying to kill external storage, and now Samsung has jumped on the bandwagon too.

          • Wjdzm

            wow what is this…. are we going back to preschool?
            This is your logic right now:
            You: Elvis Presley is alive! It’s a fact!
            Me: Many people heard that one before. What made you say that? Prove it!
            You: No, it’s a fact! You prove that he’s not alive.
            Me: Facepalm.

        • mmm

          I agree with TheGCU it’s the reason I left HTC and went to Samsung in the first place. If the Note 5 does not have a removable battery, It will be the reason I check out my first LG phone.

      • I use my phone a lot but I’m also always near a charger and I don’t carry one around, that would be just if not more annoying than carrying around a spare battery I like my pockets empty only keys, phone, card holder. As far as storage I always said I’d want 128gb I have a 64gb card in my Note 4 with 34gb free. I don’t think I can download enough music in a year to justify upgrading to more storage, and you shouldn’t need to do that anyway because you should know how much storage you need before buying

    • Alex Ohannes

      That’s sad that it’s a non issue for you. It’s 2015. Devices made in 2015 will be decent devices for likely up to ten years from now, but wait… They won’t be, because people like you who buy phones like this can’t replace the battery when it dies after 2-4 years! It’s a shame that you’re they type of guy who gets rid of his phone after two years even though he knows very well he has no good reason to.

      • Every 2 years? More like yearly, last year alone I had the G3 then bought the Note 4 but that’s because the G3 was crap. I’m really into phones so I like buying them, preferably Samsung only!

  • gacl

    Why does Samsung cave to the peanut gallery that want this cutesy metal + glass enclosures rather than light, durable, plastic? I don’t care about removable batteries and I’d prefer larger internal storage over SD card. I’d also like to get the Active variant without switching carriers.

  • LoubieLou

    Just Look at the Camera Hump on the Galaxy S6,it really Spoils the Look of the Galaxy S6,Why?did we need a Glass Back on the Galaxy S6,as People buy cases for there phones and most Clip on From the Back and with the Galaxy S6 Camera Hump the Cases might be Wider to Protect the Camera Hump,Samsung just had the iPhone 6 in there Minds and didn”t think about its Galaxy phones uses with the Galaxy S6,as just looking at the phones body its Identical to the iPhone 6 one,Samsung will get more people interested into the Note 4 instead with the Galaxy S6 as i have made my choice Already,What will Samsung do if the Galaxy S6 Fails to Be Succesful?they might end up like Nokia,Once Very Popular and now Struggling,and Hope Nokia Joins the Android Market Soon and becomes Popular Again

    • IPhart 6 bendgate

      The hump is there because of the big ass 1.9 aperture lense it uses. You want better camera quality, you get a hump. deal with it.

  • Derek Mylet

    Let the sales do the talking, I for one have went with a galaxy note 4 instead of the s6 for the very reason’s us minority wanted from Samsungs s6 if a company does not listen to it’s customers then it will fail .

    • klee2000

      I agree, most original Samsung owners know that their customers stood by them for these same exact features. The only thing we wanted from Samsung was for them to cut down on all the crappy features they put into touchwiz to bog it down and a device that felt and looked more high-end. That was our biggest complaint. Samsung would of easily taken the market from Apple if they were actually smart. Now Samsung has to worry about losing their original fans….

      • Steve Steiner

        Count me as one of them! As soon as I saw the s6 and its lack of SD card and battery I started shopping. Now that those features are gone, other features on other phones start to stand out.

      • JDMillest

        The s5 sales didn’t do so well, so it doesn’t matter to Samsung if it didn’t s6 don’t have SD or removable battery. I’m pretty sure if the s5 sales did very good the s6 would of have SD card and removable battery

        • Luya Tshimbalanga

          The reason Galaxy S5 did not fare well was mainly due to its small difference compared Galaxy S4. Samsung could easily redesign the device without removing both replaceable battery and SD Cards while retaining IPC 67 certification much like Sony did with their flagship Z3 minus the battery.
          I personally brought Galaxy S5 instead of S6 because I can easily transfer my data with my own SD card.

  • Mark

    The comments about the Active in the last two paragraphs ignore a huge issue – contract users are restricted by the phones their networks (carriers) offer. Most just offer the flagship device with one or two memory options (the lower ones, obviously). It’s likely some, perhaps most, won’t even stock the 128GB option, and the chances of offering other variants are even slimmer. For those users it will be a case of settling for a Samsung device with missing features, or picking a different manufacturer entirely. This could actually backfire in a colossal way for Samsung and end up driving users to Apple and their other competitors.

  • jayzorzzzzz

    You guys are funny! All reviewers complain about “CHEAP PLASTIC” and you wonder why they COULDN’T fit these old features on the new S6? F***, you guys will never be CONTENT hahaha! Lovin the s6! BRING IT

  • Inet Q
  • Layz

    I am waiting for the active, but it’s not for an SD card. I currently have the Sony Xperia z1 compact and one of the things I love is the waterproofing. So an s6 with the same camera, and waterproofing would make me throw all my money at it

  • Wjdzm

    That’s a really good question.
    Now that you put it that way, there is no way that I would sacrifice my S6 Edge’s premium design over microSD/removable battery.
    microSD/removable battery really isn’t growing much on me.

  • djukic

    Long story short: because now they choose style over functionality. Personally, I couldn’t give a shit about glass back and metal bezel if I can’t change the battery. But, obliviously, nobody will force me to buy this phone.

    • FQ2

      An SD card doesn’t require any sacrifice on the looks department. Source: HTC.

      • djukic

        I know. They know. They just didn’t care.


    When you consider that Samsung sold 314 million smart phones last year and Apple 192 million, the statement:

    “For years, Samsung has seen solid growth in the smartphone realm, and is one of the few phone makers that can really compete on the same level as a giant like Apple”

    seem very odd. The reality is that Samsung is THE GIANT in the industry. A giant that got arrogant and thought it could just pump out the same old device year after year without improving. Nice to see they finally woke up.

    Your theory that they deliberately withheld features because of Apple is silly.

  • Colby Capps

    I honestly have no problem with no SD card. Since we are in the 21st century, all of my music is wirelessly downloaded onto my phone through music apps, pictures are wirelessly uploaded through Google or Facebook, why would I need an SD card to take out and plug in to something else?
    Since I’ve always had 3+ year old phones, I did like having a spare battery to survive a day. But I think no SD card is just fine, especially since the S6 comes in up to 128 gig, and you can always plug your phone in to your computer, which is one less step than using an SD card.

  • mrochester

    So the gist of the article is, Samsung has waited for Apple to show what it has to offer so that they can copy them? Tell us something we don’t already know…

  • Monica

    I could care less about the battery. Having a slot for the microSD is a big part of what set Samsung apart from Apple. You still need a slot for the sim card so why not add the SD slot as well without compromising the new look and design. Such a stupid decision to remove it, makes no sense. Definitely need to return the microSD and never ever remove that feature from future designs. If I wanted to have a phone that had same features as iPhone I would of just bought an iPhone.

  • Guy-Robert Kernisant

    They aimed at making a flagship lag free phone. The SD card (eMMC) would end up being the bottle neck compared to the performance of the new Universal Flash Storage 2.0. People would wrongfully blame TouchWiz.

    WIth UFS 2.0 you get considerably faster read/write speeds plus and opmitized way to queue up commands that will directly translates into faster performance. Samsung is telling you there aren’t any SD card on the market that can keep up with this current on board storage. They don’t want you putting in any cheap SD card in the S6.

    If you still can’t put your head around not having an expansion slot, well consider the Note 4 or Galaxy A series (SD only/no removable battery).

    As for the remove battery, you won’t be able to replace/hand down this phone after 2-3 years. They probably want you on the new S8/S9 by then. Funny that Samsung didn’t introduce a keychain a la Motorola Power Pack

    • Jan Zhang

      Wow that thing is cute! , i have the samsung animal power pack good for at least 4 full charges.

    • 3223

      You’re right about the speed of the internal storage. Plus, many people have forgotten or are unfamiliar with the way Lollipop handles SD card slots. It’s there just to store photos/music/movies. Most if not all apps are still left in the phone’s internal storage (unless the OS has a workaround to it, like touchwiz and to an extent, sense).

      I’d rather have a humongous internal storage phone so I have the freedom to store as many apps and music as I wish without fear of ‘partitions’.

      • nivekious

        Why not both? Offer large internal storage for people who want it, but also offer SD slots for those of us who want to store a lot of photos/movies/music without spending hundred of dollars more for it.

        • 3223

          Of course in an ideal world that would be the best option. Imagine how beastly a 64/128gb phone with SD card support would be!!

          Still, in a world of options and compromises, it would be much better to have just one huge lump of unpartitioned internal memory. Better quality assurance out of the box, and the Android OS can’t mess around with that..

    • abazigal

      Samsung phones were lagging even when people didn’t use SD cards in the first place.

  • Jan Zhang

    I really dont see the problem of having micro sd removed, no need to have a something thats becomming a legacy feature which is bottle necking the internal harddrive( for people saying sammy is copying apple… apple had absolutely no reason to not having micro sd in the first place, since their harddrive is not being bottlenecked at all. Neither is the removable battery an issue since i always use a battery pack filled with 4 charges. For me, samsung has put a lot of high end hardware in a premium package. Of course it will not please everyone… why do you think there are multiple models of a brand, cant really say the same about apple, but hey i really dont want to compare with apple at all because the s6 is in a completly different league.

    My conclusion is that this phone is a succes to me, may not be the same for everyone but hey, i probably wont care because i will use it and not someone else.

  • Optimus Prime

    Samsung are now going by the apple way…
    Not having expandable storage…
    They could have given a slot on side for SD card.. It isn’t difficult…
    Other manufacturers are doing this.. So why can’t Sammy?

    • Jan Zhang

      Apple is apple and samsung did not want to bottleneck its new ufs 2.0 internal storage speed.

  • Magnus100

    I want both removable battery (more important) and SD support, if anything I can let go of the SD card if I have 128gb of internal storage.

    Sometimes you just can’t charge the phone especially when travelling. It really comes in handy then.

  • Joeypezz1985

    I somewhat agree with the reasoning behind samsungs removing of those hardward features we all appreciated. They were different, they stood apart from the “hermit crab” phones which apple continuously markets. As a samsung fan i definately appreciated the waterproof, and micro sd card slot. Just by taking the back cover off i already felt as though my phone was better then an iphone. I own an S5 and im still not sold with the 64 bit processor and the QHD capability. Frankly just by marketing the phone in this fashion samsung is doing exactly what Iphone has done. Market the internal components and change nothing externally. They took away the waterproof feature which for a high end cell phone should be a staple platform marketing campaign from here on out. If nothing else changes then why change the WATERPROOFING?

  • Timothy

    No way getting it if no SD card slot or battery I now got the note 4 love it in one to two months. So new note series hopefully has it still.

  • theemptyhead

    When we lose something it kinda hurts. But in the tech world we have to stay positive when slacking off certain functionality is done for the sake of innovation.
    Samsung took away micro sd slot but brought 128 gb phones and removing micro sd also makes it faster with ufs 2.0. Plus we can always use usb otg for transferring data on the go. As sandisk has made a pendrive that goes in directly on the phone without otg cable. So, losing micro sd is better for everyone just like losing keyboard from the phone when iphone first came out. Remember how everyone was complaining about the first iphone without physical keyboard?

    • My Galaxy Prime

      Pepperidge Farms remembers

    • James Childress

      That onboard memory comes at a huge premium over the base phone that exceeds the cost of removable memory by far.

  • Tyler

    You guys are living in the past. SD cards are 12x slower than the flash memory that this particular phone is wielding today. SD cards also have a high chance for corruption. The larger portion of the market does not want a laggy phone. What could possibly be the reason that you want an SD card so badly? You get 115 GB of free cloud storage with this phone. Memory is not an issue, nor will speed be anymore.

    • My Galaxy Prime

      This is besically my argument except for the cloud storage offered by Microsoft. Honestly, and maybe this is just me, the only thing Microsoft has done right was the Xbox and MS Office. For everything else, I just don’t trust Microsoft enough for their products to work properly. But like I said, this is just me. I may stay away from their one drive. I’m afraid one day I’ll try to get a picture off storage and get introduced to a blue screen or some type of error

      • Tyler

        I would say Microsoft did a pretty good job with the Windows OS as they had created a HUGE market share for themselves since they started making operating systems and computers. Windows ME, Vista, etc. were big mistakes but in the long run I think they did okay. If you don’t trust cloud storage you can always get your own Network Drive (personal cloud hard drive). I feel like there are so many options for storage these days it shouldn’t be a concern. I dealt with somebody a few days ago who had a corrupt SD card and lost 400 pictures. As we all know, humans hate change, but it is necessary and I think once everyone experiences this new phone, opinions will be a lot different! user theemptyhead also made a good point with sandisk pendrives, a flash drive you can connect through micro usb.

        I think when people realize their hundreds of pictures loading instantly in their gallery compared to slow buffering times with an SD card, it will be a POSITIVE noticeable difference.

        • My Galaxy Prime

          Trust me, I look forward to opening my gallery app and having all of photos load immediately. Sometimes, I’ll sit there and wait while I stare at a black box until the picture finally loads. I also use cloud storage. I use box for my pictures and Verizon cloud for videos. I’ve had my SD card go bad on me a few times so I can understand the need for cloud storage. My issue was just with Microsoft. Now, I haven’t used any of their newer products so maybe they’ve improved. Similar to how some people feel about American cars. I was born in the 80s, so growing up I continued to hear how terrible and unreliable American cars were. Now as an adult, I would never buy one even though I know they have vastly improved. I’m just so use to the negativity that I can’t see past it. But I’m willing to try a few storage options including the mini thumb drives I’ve been seeing. If I’m rambling ornot making sense, I had a long day at work and the only thing on my mind is getting a drink.

    • James Childress

      But you don’t get 115 GB of data in a phone data plan. Many can only afford about 1GB. You would also need to have cell coverage or a wi-fi access point to access your cloud data. Cloud data can be hacked and compromised. If you have it on your phone, you have full control of it. Companies like Samsung and Apple jack up the real cost of increasing on board memory. MicroSD is cheaper by far and can be upgraded as needed.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    This did bother me at first (mostly the no SD slot) but the more I thought about my situation, the more I felt this wasn’t a problem. I have a 16 gb S5. When I bought the phone, I had a 16 gb SD card, then upgraded to 32 gb, and now I have a 64. It’s great and all but I mostly use the SD card to hold pictures and movies. I no longer download music so it saves met some space but I can always delete the movies I’ve already seen or redownload them when I want to watch again. I was planning on getting the 64 gb edge and with a faster memory chip, lack of an SD card doesn’t seem so bad. The 2nd part that totally made me feel like I don’t need or even want an SD card slot is that many 3rd party apps still don’t have access to the SD card. So if I’m being forced to save all my content to the internal memory, might as well get rid of the SD option all together. I don’t like to use the stock gallery app or the file explorer so when I want to delete or move items, I either need to use the stock options or search for an app that can write on the SD and even when you find that app, you have to authorize that app to make changes over and over and over. It’s just annoying and an extra step I can live without. With the water resistance (because seriously, the S5 isn’t waterproof), the only time my phone was ever in water is when I was showing off. It does offer peace of mind knowing if water falls on your phone that it’ll be okay but there wasn’t a real world scenario since I got my phone on launch date when I had to really worry about water. And the battery, I no longer have a need to swap it out. So just like everyone else, I was upset and as beautiful as the S6 is, I decided I wasn’t getting it until I realized I can live without the exclusions and…the phone is just too damn pretty.

  • Terence Smith

    This article is missing the real reason there’s no SD card….Samsung is using flash memory 2.0. The S6 has a read/write speed of 300mb/s the fastest SD card is like 90mb/s. It would just slow the device by a lot to check the SD card. And you know what, no more lag.

  • keltypack

    I am happy with limitations OF the price is lowered. I don’t complain about the OnePlus One because it is such a great value. Samsung is too expensive, so I would expect a lot more. I don’t like touchwiz out their useless apps. I prefer plain stock Android. I won’t buy another Samsung.

    • JDMillest

      So you don’t root and flash custom roms?

      • keltypack

        I have rooted and flashed custom ROMs. With the right phone, there is no reason to do that. Samsung has failed in their software, but they have added Knox to make it much more difficult to root and ROM the phone. I choose to go elsewhere. I am looking for a good phone at a reasonable price. (I wanted the Nexus 6, but the price was too high.) I am intrigued by the OnePlus Two or the next Moto X. I have very little interest in Samsung.

        • JDMillest

          For us that root our devices n flash roms… It shouldn’t matter what the software is. And for Samsung they will always put end high spec on there phones.

          • TheGCU

            Exactly. People who flash custom ROMs buy based on hardware alone. I know it’s a minority, but still.

  • Sylvester Echols

    I think this article was way too drawn out Is what I think.

  • Nate

    Thank you for this wonderful article, hope you make it short next time, coz i think a lot in the comments still doesn’t understand the benefits of this sacrifice in battery & sd card. Lots of smartphones to choose nowadays, majority of consumers, first thing they look is the beauty of the fone.. thats why apple was so succesful, a lot of their users doesn’t even know the internal specs of iphone nor the difference in specs from the previous generation or doesn’t really care at all, aside from the looks of the fone.. im just saying, get over with the removable battery & sd cards.. for battery, get a power bank = problem solved.. for memory get the 64gb or 128gb version = problem solved, besides its UFS 2.0 better benefit than having external sd cards..

  • Karly Johnston

    The answer is so simple, they are up-selling storage and battery replacements like Apple to increase profit margin.

  • John

    Quite an interesting angle. Based on this article, I would guess that the next variant of the S series will be the SD back. Just like the article suggest…why shoot so far ahead of your main competitor?

  • Aja Aja

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. For those people who want good looking phones, they can buy the S6 and S6 Edge. But for those who don’t care about looks and just wants good functions like removable battery, water resistance, etc, buy the Galaxy S6 Active – almost same exact phone except for design. Where’s the problem?

    • abazigal

      Is there any news that says the Active is identical to the S6 or S6 edge, spec-wise? If I recall correctly, the S5 active last year shipped with physical buttons and a worse camera. So again, people are forced to choose between specs, and you can’t objectively say that one choice is better than the other.

  • Noah

    ITC(In These Comments) > No one knows what a bottle neck is.

  • Carlos

    Another year. Another Galaxy SX followed by 5 other crappy variants followed by a Mini. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.

    • TheGCU

      And that’s Samsung’s real problem: Too many phones.

  • daxecutioner

    I do not know if the sacrifices were worth it, but I do know Samsung needed to go metal. Paying 700 plus for plastic seems to far out. If you heavily use your phone, you probably will have to get at least the 32 If not the 64. Contrary to popular belief there are a huge amount of consumers who rarely put a bunch of content such as music, movies etcc on their phones. Some mostly use it for pictures/selfie. I mean people love IPhones right? since when has apple included external, removable batteries?. Samsung might lose a few customers, but they couldn’t come up with another S5 with its design.

  • Carlos

    There is no method. They’re just trying to crack Apple’s formula of success.

    Unsuccessfully if I may add.

    • abazigal

      Bingo. This person gets it.

  • Michael Shiver

    The tech at best buy Samsung experience told me the phone wrote to fast for any of the current SD cards to keep up with..Is this a fact ?

  • Johnny f

    iPhones work great and almost never crash. That’s whit I like them. Ease of use as well as a sexy form. Who the hell wants to move the screen with your eyes??? So much useless crap on Samsung phones. Also it takes MONTHS TO GET THE UPDATES on android. Fragmented as heck.
    Android is too much like crappy windows. No thanks.

    • abazigal

      I won’t mind the ability to scroll with my eyes if the feature worked right. The problem is that Samsung didn’t get it right and simply shipped a half-hearted implementation. Hence, people didn’t use it because the user experience simply stank. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • TheGCU

      Shut up.

  • toiletduck7

    i think we will seeing all the missing pieces of the S6 with the S6 mini because it needs all the specs and extras it can get-which i dont like :(

  • I had been iPhone user since iPhone 3G. I switched to Android phone because I got tired of having to carry two powerbanks in my backpack in order to keep my iPhone 5 up and running.

    When I was choosing my first Android phone, my final choices were HTC M8 or Samsung S5. Guess which one I picked?

    Now I’m already on my second Android phone: the Note 4. If Samsung is going to release a Note 5 without changable battery, I guess I might as well just settle for either of the Chinese brands.

  • Mark Stewart

    Had to buy my wife a new phone. No microsd slot nor removable battery in the S^ so we bought the S5. I need to replace my Note 2. If there is no microsd slot or removable battery I will get the Note 4. If Samsung doen’t bring them back I will look elsewhere.

  • ljhughes8

    They need maybe 6 phone instead of 20 of how many they made last year. Also they got rid of their best feature. Now if they take away removable battery on the note 5 I am going to who every has removable battery.

    • abazigal

      What phones are there that still have a removable battery and don’t suck?

      • TheGCU

        Note series.

      • ljhughes8

        I have to look in to it. My note 4 is fine right now. But i will start looking. But if you listened to everybody else samsung sucks.

  • Ewa2t

    In my opinion – people prefer to buy battery packs. In my experience – SD card is not reliable – used scandisk, wiped all the data.

  • FQ2

    Holy shit, get to the point! That was 3/4 completely unrelated BS and then one little snippet at the end that vaguely answered the title. A politician’s answer.

  • mikkelmus

    The main reason why they seal in the battery is something called Planned obsolesce. This is a slick way to limit the device’s lifetime, so that the consumers are forced to upgrade more frequently than they really need. For 90% of consumers there is little reason to upgrade more than every 3rd year, and most of them cannot really afford more frequent updates anyway. This is not a situation that is beneficial for smartphone manufacturers. They want consumers to upgrade every year, or at least every 2nd year.

    What the manufacturers do is to add in a battery that just barely meets the battery life requirement of the average user without causing annoyance. They typically give you a battery life of 16 hours or so with light to moderate use. This is when the phone is new. Then the battery start to degrade, typically loosing something like 3 hours of its battery life the first year. Then the battery only holds 13 hours, and the consumer needs to charge the phone at least once a day. The degradation starts to accelerate, and 6 months later battery life might be down to 11 hours. And its all downhill from there.

    The consumer will then have to charge the phone many times every day, and battery life has become a major source of annoyance and frustration. After just 18 months, the phone does no longer meet the expectations and requirements of the consumer. This is exactly what smartphone manufacturers, now including Samsung, want. Since the battery is sealed in, the consumer has few other options than to discard the current phone, and buy a new one.

    So yes, I understand perfectly well why Samsung did this move. I think most of us “vocal minority” don’t have problems understanding WHY Samsung did this, and we don’t deny that Samsung might earn more money by doing it. I even agree that it might have been a necessary move.

    This does however not mean that I have to applaud it in any way, or in any way trying to defend what Samsung did. Actually I find it very hard to understand why someone, that is not an employee of any of these companies, would defend or excuse their strategy of sealing in batteries.

    • abazigal

      Umm…most consumers are probably replacing their phones every 2 years regardless of whether they can swap their batteries or not. The way phone contracts are structured, you pay the same monthly phone bill whether you upgrade your phone or not, so there is little reason not to change your phone (unless you upgrade, sell the new phone and continue using your old phone).

      A feature is really only as useful as people use it. I see my colleagues with Samsung phones still using external battery packs to recharge their phones, even though they could just as easily swap in a freshly charged battery. Their rationale is that a battery pack works with any mobile device, while a Samsung battery works only with a Samsung phone (and only that particular model). Or they had a spare battery pack lying around from a previous phone and may as well continue using it, so they never get around to buying a spare battery. Either way, I think that Samsung has done their homework, and realised that only a very small subset of users actively use this feature, so the majority of consumers aren’t really disadvantaged by the removal of this feature.

      Likewise, the removal of this feature has allowed for what is arguably a much better-looking device. Again, for most consumers, this means they get a product that is more aesthetically pleasing, at virtually no cost to themselves.

      So it’s not that these people are defending Samsung’s decision to seal in their batteries, it’s that they are largely indifferent to this change because it simply has no impact on them at all! Is that so hard to comprehend?

      • mikkelmus

        I think most phones are sold unlocked globally, with sim-only plans.People who are for some reason forced to pay for a new phone every 2nd year, even if they don’t want to, are most likely in a minority. At least outside US.

        But even to these unfortunate people, the ability to replace the battery can be very important. Especially for somewhat heavy users who can replace the stock battery with a high capacity battery if the stock battery is not sufficient. The same goes for people traveling a lot and need extra battery life. The possibility of carrying spare batteries are also equally important for people on these contracts to people with unlocked phones. External battery packs require the phone to lay on a table for many hours while the phone is charging, so its not an acceptable solutions for people “one the go”.

        Heavy users might also experience a substantial drop in battery life after some months of using the phone. The phone that gave them 5 hours of screen on time out of the box, might be down to 3 hours after 18 months. If they cannot replace the battery, they need to struggle with a horrible battery life the remaining 6 months of the contract, until their “slave contract” forces them to buy a new phone. If they had removable battery, they could just have bought a new battery, and they would have 5 hours (or more) battery life again the remaining 6 months.

        So consumers on these types of contracts are definitely negatively affected by this change, even if this is to a lesser extent than those who are planning to keep the phone more than two years. (Also, I have often seen people trying to defend sealed in batteries more in general. Not just people on certain kinds of contract).

        Claiming that some people don’t use a feature does in no way defend removal of that feature. Sometimes people do not use certain features because they are not aware of them, or do not understand their benefits. In these cases, providing better information to the consumers is the way to go, not to remove the feature.

  • Robert Steven Meadows Jr.

    The main reason they didn’t add an SD card is because with the exynos octa-core processor it would literally slow down the phone if you added an sd card because there is yet to be an sd card that can function sufficiently with that chipset. I was mad at first too but after thinking about it it makes sense. Also, if you’re an AT&T customer you get 65gb of free One Drive Storage (100gb if you’re with Verizon), so with the starting 32gb and the additional cloud based storage, you don’t really need expandable memory.

  • Gahish Gahbo

    the real reason the galaxy s6 doesn’t have SD card is because the iPhone doesn’t have one

    • Lethal_1

      Wow!? What a pathetic excuse!

    • Anothermuse

      Or because only about .5% of the owners ever used it. Obviously all .5% are posting today.

  • Lethal_1

    I couldn’t care less if the S6 had 64GB standard internal memory, the “microSD slot” .. IS A MUST. Even when I look elsewhere like HTC, there is NO WAY I am buying a phone without a microSD slot. And I still HATE not having a removable battery, but I’m just putting up with it. Technology is NOT that great, & removing the battery has saved my phones in the past plenty of times. When looking for a new phone, “Branded Names” will lose out in sales to not just ME, but ALLOT of others like me. Samsung, Htc, LG, ETC ETC, stop being LAZY & build a proper phone where we have CHOICES!! – We need a microSD slot. When are they ever going to learn.?

  • Paolo T.

    Ill tell you why. Blogs. Blogs killed the Galaxy S6 for the power user.

    The S5 was a powerful phone. It was a functional phone. It was the epitome of “function over form.”. It can do many things that no other phone can. But the blogosphere condemned it to third place next to the iPhone and 4 “ultrapixels.” It didn’t help that Marques Brownlee pointed out the “band aid” back on the gold trim, that hid waterproofing capabilities. It didn’t help that the Verge reviewers hated using Touchwiz because it looked dated next to HTC sense, when the iconography and layout was what first time smartphone users were most comfortable and easy to navigate with. And the internet commentators really didn’t help when Touchwiz lagged for about one or two seconds next to a Nexus 5, when the nexus 5 does not even come with a decent gallery app in the first place.

    This unrealistic expectation of a phone that is “like an iPhone” to be able to trash it in sales figures got Samsung scared. Their last great hoorah was with the Note 4. Now Samsung just gave up trying to be different, and started conforming. So the blogosphere would sing praises about the New Galaxy. And it did show – 9.0 here on AA is no joke.

    But Samsung sold its soul to the venture capitalist and the public who has made apparent they’ll get an allergic reaction to touch a plastic phone, even one that carried a microSD card and a replaceable battery.

    • Airyl

      So moral of the story is the S6 sucks?

      • Paolo T.

        Specs-wise, it is excellent. But as the old Jeremy Clarkson put it, it’s comparing the McLaren MP4-12C to a Ferrari 458 – the McLaren (S6) is spec-wise better than the Ferrari (S5.M8,M9,iPhone 6,) but the McLaren makes you feel empty inside, like everything was calculated, no soul and identity went to the car. The Ferrari makes you feel alive. It’s better to be alive than to be empty but superior.

    • abazigal

      Isn’t that the thing about the free market? People vote with their wallets, and decide what products they want to buy and what features they value (in in a way, decide who is right and who isn’t). And the people have spoken and decided that they really didn’t want or need expandable storage or replaceable batteries. Power users have their needs, but they are pretty much a niche market, and Samsung can’t hope to turn a decent profit just by catering to this small market (well, decent relative to the iPhone at any rate).

      Samsung is no less a profit-maximising entity than any other company out there.

      • Paolo T.

        The thing was, everything was fine. People voted with their wallets FOR expandable storage and replacable batteries. And those people were NOT power users.

        The Galaxy S2 sold extremely well. As did the S3. And the Note 2. And the S4. And the Note 3. Trouble only really showed up in Samsung’s paradise when the HTC M8 came out, the blogosphere collectively condemned the Galaxy S5 to 3rd class citizen (1/ iPhone, 2/ M8) And it really didn’t help that the hype of the Oneplus One and the eventual launch of the iPhone 6/Plus further instigated Samsung as second-rate for using plastic and keeping everything in the hands of the user…

      • nivekious

        But Apple fans will never buy anything but Apple anyway, so how does it help Samsung to go after them? I know if I wanted a phone without a removable battery and expandable storage I would buy and iPhone. Samsung should have stuck to making phones for people who hated that form over function way of thinking as we were the ones buying their phones.

    • Captain Obvious

      This is so true…. the blogs written by people who never leave their house/computer and therefore never are away from charging ports negating their need for a removable battery. Not to mention the continued use of the word “plastic” to describe Polycarbonate – the actual material the samsungs were made of of before they downgraded to tin cans and shatter susceptible glass.

  • ryanomaniac

    I can’t and won’t buy an S6 if they get rid of the SD card. I love that feature. You can’t switch out files and audio/video and take it other places. So many things to do with removable storage. I also like the removable battery. I like the fact that if the battery goes bad that I can buy another and put in myself. Having multiple batteries so I don’t have to be a wall hugger. These two features along with the screen were the biggest selling points and if those are gone what’s the point. I suggest if anyone feels the same to call Samsung and complain.

  • abazigal

    I don’t quite understand the point of the article.

    The entire premise of the article seems to hinge on the speculation that Samsung might release a S6 variant with a SD-card, which is a bit of a stretch.

    Second, I find it unbelievable that Samsung willingly allowed its profits to tank and its management would voluntarily put their own careers and employment in jeopardy just so that they could force Apple to “show hand”. Occam’s Razor states that the easiest explanation is very often the correct one, and the most obvious explanation is that the only edge Samsung had against Apple up to recently were their large phones. Once Apple released larger iPhones of their own, there was little to keep people locked into Android phones. I believed that Samsung honestly thought their deluge of kitchen-sink features and plastic construction were enough to keep customers hooked. In other words, they got complacent. As it turned out, people not only wanted larger-screened phones, but they also wanted larger-screen iPhones.

    Actions speak louder than words, and no action speaks louder than consumers simply not buying the S5 in the quantities that allowed Samsung to maintain their impressive profits.

    Why else do you think Samsung’s staff can go on stage and declare proudly that their phones have “less bloatware” than before, and have zero lag? Why – were they realising it only now?

  • aaloo

    Lol. This is so hilarious. Samsung waits every year for apple to release the iphone and then starts working on their device. It hasn’t been this obvious since Galaxy s2 days. They gave customers what they wanted. An iPhone look alike running android. People who whine all day for removable battery and sd card slot are few and don’t make Samsung money. Samsung’s board of directors gave very clear instruction after the iphone 6 launch and multiple successive quarter losses, “just copy the damn thing like we used to before and get us back to profitability”. Apple made over 90% of smartphone profit last quarter despite having minuscule market share. This article is hilarious.

  • Zdenka Micka

    Samsung sucks, but at least it’s not Chinese

    • The-Sailor-Man

      You suck, no matter Chinese or not

  • HeartlandLiberal

    I will wait for a model with removal battery. For my S4, the first thing I had to do to keep the battery from not dying in 3-4 hours was purchase a third party 5800mAh Extended Battery and cover. Now I can run the phone literally 24 hours and still have battery life, maybe more, with heavy use. The specs I find for the S6 non-removable battery say it is Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery. Which means it will not get me through the day. The is pretty simple stuff, really, and for someone who needs to use the phone through an entire day without pausing to recharge is pretty much a drop dead proposition for not buying the S6 until I can upgrade the battery to a higher capacity. I would also argue it makes no sense not to let me slam a high capacity SD card in of my choice, too. This decision actually sort of reeks of the kind of thought processes Apple makes, since they of course know their users’ minds better than the users themselves. I would have expected better thinking from Samsung.

  • beso

    … to sell more cloud storage :)

  • Micheal White

    I think this was created because they haven’t had enough of being sued by Apple yet.

  • Lopes

    Samsung phones are known for overheating. What are we to do now, we can’t remove the back or the battery. I also don’t want to be forced to buy a phone with set storage. Seriously thinking about ditching Samsung and I refuse to use Apple products.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      “Samsung phones are known for overheating”???
      Really? LOL

      • nivekious

        Mine does all the time, even when inactive. A burning sensation in my pocket is how I know I have less than 10 minute of battery left.

    • TheGCU

      Not my Note 3. Stop overclocking your chip.

  • disqus_FYINAKV4CU

    I’ve bought all the Galaxy Notes. If they do the same to the Note that they did the s6, I will not buy anymore Samsung products. Samsung was really stupid for doing this. I will look at LG and HTC now.

  • sremick

    It’s so frustrating to read comments on this topic around the internet. So many people just don’t get it. They have misconceptions about why these features are important. So instead of replying to reach confused post in this thread, let’s just consolidate all the points:

    Response #1: “32GB/64GB/128GB should be more than enough space”.

    First of all, maybe it’s enough space FOR YOU. That doesn’t mean it is for the other user. Secondly, maybe what the user needs now will be different from what they need in the future, and this can’t always be predicted. How nice it is to be able to install more storage cheaply without having to buy a new phone. And lastly, its much, MUCH cheaper to get a 64GB phone then a 64GB MicroSD card at market prices than to get a 128GB phone, paying whatever Samsung feels like charging for flash storage.

    But lastly, one of the biggest points and benefits of the MicroSD card is NOT that ir provides MORE storage, but that it provides REMOVABLE storage that can survive a device failure. Smashed screen? Water damage? Phone just randomly kick the bucket and doesn’t turn on anymore? All the data you kept backed-up on the SD card is still safe. I do a complete, automatic nightly backup every night to my SD card… and this backup has saved me across multiple smartphones, multiple times per phone, including the most-recent time in February which forced my upgrade to the S5. Each time, I just moved my SD card to the new phone, restored my complete backup, and I was right back where I left off.

    Response #2:”Just use the cloud if you need more space”

    This is an insulting, ill-informed non-answer. In this age of data caps and significantly LESS than 100% wireless coverage, depending on “the cloud” for your backups or data overflow storage is ridiculous and unreasonable. Not all of us stay confined in a tiny little bubble around an urban oasis. Most of the world is NOT cities, and we spend a significant amount of time with weak or even no wireless service. Should I be unable to access my files, media, data, etc as well as be unable to make my backups every time I have no signal? It’s simply not an option. Secondly, with the data caps on all plans you would eat through this quick in no time, especially in the case of full phone backups (how long is YOUR data-capped plan going to survive backing up that 64GB phone?). And finally, “cloud” storage is EXPENSIVE. A few places will give you maybe 5GB free, but if you want more than that then you pay through the nose PER YEAR. My 64GB MicroSD card was a one-time cost and is accessible regardless of wireless coverage.

    Response #3: “The battery lasts plenty long enough”

    For YOU perhaps. Good for you, nice to hear you’re one of those light phone users. Those of us who are heavy users don’t have the same experience (and if you say that you’re a “heavy” user and it lasts a whole day, then actually, no, you’re NOT a heavy user). In a typical heavy-use day for me, my phone is dead well before 5pm. If it’s a REALLY heavy and long day for ME, I might even need to swap in a THIRD battery before I ultimately go to bed in the evening. And if I’m away from charging sources for a long time, those spare batteries come in real handy.

    But also… it’s not just about not being able to last through the day. It’s also about the fact that batteries wear down over time. In about 2 years, your lithium-ion battery holds a fraction of the original “full” charge it did when new. Or perhaps it has been exhausted entirely. Why be forced into replacing an otherwise perfectly-good phone for the sake of a $10 battery that should be user-replaceable? This anti-consumer planned obsolescence is why I went with Android instead of iPhone in the first place. Now Samsung seems to think it’s cool to screw over users like Apple does.

    Response #4: “Just carry an external battery pack”

    That’s just ridiculous. I don’t want to be tethered to a huge lithium brick any more than I want to be tethered to a wall outlet. Compare that with just quickly swapping in a fresh, charged battery then getting on with my day without any wires. It’s not a reasonable alternative and does not allow one to continue to be functional.

    Response #5: “Samsung couldn’t make a thin/premium phone and still have a removable battery and/or MicroSD slot”

    This has been proven wrong over and over and over, not only by other phone manufacturers but Samsung themselves. The S5 was only 8.1mm thick and had both a removable battery AND a MicroSD card slot. Hell, the Samsung Captivate had a REMOVABLE metal back. Anyone who really cares that the S6 is a “whopping” 1.3mm thinner than the S5 is just an OCD thickness chaser. We’ve long ago crossed the threshold where “thinner” doesn’t make the phone “better”… it makes it more delicate and less able to hold reasonable internals and features. Besides, Samsung is a huge, talented company with massive resources… if anyone could figure it out, they could. Their line about not being “able” to while still providing thinness or premium is just a marketing excuse that unfortunately far too many Samsung-apologist fanboys just lap up without question.

    Response #2 “SD Cards are slow”

    Answer: don’t buy crap SD cards. There are plenty of fast MicroSD cards out there, including the ones I buy. Are they AS fast as internal storage? No. Does it matter? No, things still load up wicked fast. Is it worth it for the safe, removable, expandable storage (see the last part of #1 above)? Hell yes. Stop chasing meaningless speed specs like some OCD junkie and instead look at the benefits granted by this feature.

    And finally, and perhaps most-important of all: If for YOU a removable battery and MicroSD slot are of no use, then no one is making you use them when they’re present on your phone. You didn’t use them on your previous phones? Fantastic for you, you got on just fine. Meanwhile, the option WAS there for all those people for whom these features WERE CRITICAL. But with the features gone in the S6, now those users are stuck without the option. Here are my criteria:

    – OLED screen
    – Removable battery
    – MicroSD slot
    – Usable on AT&T
    – Unlocked bootloader (had to go with a T-Mobile S5 for this one)
    – Not an oversized “phablet” style phone like the Note or any of that ridiculousness.

    (And PS: the correct phrase is “I COULDN’T care less”. To say “I could care less” makes absolutely no sense and would mean the opposite of what you’re actually trying to say.)

    • TheGCU

      You should write for this site. Perfect explanation.

    • Captain Obvious

      At one point while reading through your post I was pretty sure that it must have been one of mine that I didn’t remember typing out :) I cant stand it when people say “its enough battery, and it has quick charge / wireless charging so that should take care of it”….not all of us live our life on the couch next to charging ports!!!! it could fully charge wirelessly in 2 minutes and that would not help me when im out hiking, mountain biking, or geocaching (which uses a lot of battery!!)

    • theemptyhead

      I think you’re the one having misconceptions about so many people you think are having misconceptions about why these features are important.
      Most samsung users knows the importance of these feature.
      128gb is not more than enough but that’s the maximum amount of storage most people are using with or without micro sd. In your opinion the biggest benefit of micro sd is it keeps your precious data even when the phone is broken but do you know what happens when your phone gets stolen or lost? All your personal data will be in the hand of god knows who. Well, your personal data might not be valuable to anyone but everyone is not like you. No one should keep their personal data in the micro sd in the first place. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I use 32 gb micro sd on my note3. And i use it a lot. I use it to save a lot of tv shows and movies and other entertainment stuff. If anyone who is effected by removal of micro sd that should be me. But i think it’s not that worst because unlike iphones we have usb otg which helps us use pendrives anytime we like.

    • abazigal

      No, you are the one who doesn’t get it.
      Samsung doesn’t make a decision like this lightly. They are only just realising something which Apple has already realised right from day one, and which some people here still refuse to acknowledge. That the general populace doesn’t give a F about expandable storage and removable batteries.
      The vocal minority here might, but for all the noise you make, you still represent only 1 sale in a sea of buyers. So tell me why your needs and wants should somehow take precedence over those of everyone else?
      It might be nice FOR YOU to get cheap expandable storage, but for me, my 64gb iPhone is serving me well. I just pay once for the extra storage, then I don’t need to think about it any more, and I also get a better design. Something which I too appreciate because my phone is something I look at and hold many times a day. It seems that the only benefit expandable storage has is price, and personally, I am not very price sensitive when it comes to things like this.
      As for backups, what’s wrong with backing up your device to the cloud over wifi every night, while your phone is charging? That’s what my iPhone does every night. I wake up every morning, my phone is at 100%, it’s contents stored in icloud, ready to be restored at any time.
      An external battery pack can also serve double duty, in that you can charge more than one device. For example, I can loan it to my friends or colleagues with dead phones, or even charge my phone and theirs simultaneously. Not to mention that when I change phones, my external battery pack will automatically be compatible with the newer model. With removable batteries, they are useless.
      Do you see the irony here? You tell people not to blindly chase specs, yet you are the one here trying to force people to accept the one spec which you feel is indispensable. Just accept that different people have different needs, and move on already.

      • sremick

        “They are only just realising something which Apple has already realised right from day one”

        That screwing over your users can be profitable?

        “That the general populace doesn’t give a F about expandable storage and removable batteries.”

        The polls on this very article and elsewhere, responses and likes on existing responses on this subject suggest otherwise.

        “So tell me why your needs and wants should somehow take precedence over those of everyone else?”

        They don’t. It’s actually the opposite. As I already addressed in my original post, the existence of the removable battery and SD card slot doesn’t FORCE you to remove the battery or use an SD card. So tell me why YOUR preference should take precedence over the choice that would otherwise be granted to everyone else?

        “It seems that the only benefit expandable storage has is price”

        I already went into depth in the original post as to the other benefits. It’d help the discussion immensely if you responded in a manner that suggested you read what you’re responding to.

        “As for backups, what’s wrong with backing up your device to the cloud over wifi every night”

        Also already addressed in the original post: one does not HAVE wifi access every night. Again, please read what you’re responding to so you don’t ask questions already answered and try to raise points already addressed and debunked.

        “An external battery pack can also serve double duty, in that you can charge more than one device.

        No kidding. Guess what: I own one. And it serves a purpose. But what it does NOT serve is allowing me to move about and continue my day while being tied to it, brick in one hand and phone in the other.

        “Just accept that different people have different needs”

        Which is entirely my point: having a removable battery and a MicroSD card slot, these different needs by different people are addressed. When they are there, they don’t prevent people like you who don’t want/need them from continuing to get by exactly as if the features weren’t there at all. Meanwhile, those large numbers of people who DO need them still have a phone model out there (with all the same other nice specs) that meeds their needs. By axing these features, Samsung is kicking those people to the curb and there are NOT sufficient numbers of other phones with this feature. Most that do then compromise unnecessarily on many other features (see again my requirements list… actually I mean, read it for the first time since you’ve demonstrated more than once that you never read my original post).

        So since in that last statement you agree with me, I accept your apology. :)

        • abazigal

          No, Apple realised way early on that design matters, and that Apple has taught people to actually care about design. It used to be that PC manufacturers (and to an extent, smartphone OEMs prior to the iPhone) shipped with really horrible hardware and software. They thought that design wasn’t important and that specs and price were all that mattered.

          Apple’s success shows that design does matter to the mass consumer market. As a result, we see Apple’s manufacturers, from Google to Samsung to Lenovo, care more about design today than they ever did years ago. And here’s the thing – the removable battery at least was forcing Samsung to compromise on the design of the device. Look at the difference in appearance between the S5 and S6. This was made possible only when you have the freedom to design a smartphone without having to accommodate a removable back cover into the schematics.

          So for a consumer who uses Samsung phones but literally couldn’t care less about the aforementioned features, he is effectively getting a phone which looks leagues better than its predecessor, at no real cost to himself. You can’t distill the value of a better-looking device into an objective score, but it’s a benefit which the consumer appreciates nonetheless, and more importantly, is one that they are willing to pay for.

          And with all due respect, the people who visit tech-blogs like this are not representative of the general populace. If removable batteries were indeed a meaningful mass-market selling feature, Samsung wouldn’t have back peddled on this.

          • sremick

            “No, Apple realised way early on that design matters, and that Apple has taught people to actually care about design.”

            You’re continuing under the misconception that one couldn’t have amazing design AND removable battery and MicroSD card slot. This fallacy continues to be perpetuated by Samsung (and Apple and other manufacturers) despite being already proven to be false and just an excuse. Again, already addressed in my original post.

            “the removable battery at least was forcing Samsung to compromise on the design of the device.”

            Not true at all. They said the same thing about the Captivate, then the S2 came out thinner AND a removable battery. Same with S2->S3, S3->S4, and S4->S5. The forums were full of the same BS conversation each iteration, people INSISTING that it “couldn’t be done” then some other manufacturer would do it, often Samsung themselves. The only thing that changed this round is Samsung got arrogant. If you don’t think Samsung, with their ridiculous resources, couldn’t shave 1mm off the thickness and still allow a removable back panel that was “stylish” then they have won another hit in the brainwashing war.

            “Look at the difference in appearance between the S5 and S6.”

            Then most users slap on a case to protect their very expensive “stylish” phone, the thickness of the case being many times the thickness difference between the S5 and S6.

            I get it: you desire form over function. You’re exactly Apple’s market and it’s little surprise you’re an iPhone user. You should stick with their products. Meanwhile, a huge number of us care about function over form… it’s why we chose Android over Apple in the first place. This “iPhonification” of what used to be a quality flagship Android device is depressing, disconcerting and frustrating. Samsung is now spewing the same BS excuses that Apple did and you are eating it up from Samsung just like you did from Apple. If Samsung came out with another version of the S6 with exactly the same specs but 1mm thicker with removable battery and MicroSD card, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If some other manufacturer was making an OLED phone with the same specs, removable battery and MicroSD card, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But they aren’t, choice has been eliminated, and that’s the issue here. Critical features have been eliminated, the BS excuses are being believed by yourself and countless others who have not been paying attention to history and are content to let their limited usage of a phone dictate what options everyone else has, and it’s really pissing us off.

            There is one reason and ONLY one reason for Samsung’s action here, and it’s plain as day to the rest of us not blinded by “oooo shiny!”. It’s that eliminating these features creates forced obsolescence and ensures users buy more Samsung phones more often. Not because they WANT to, but because they HAVE to. It’s the Apple Way (soldered, non-expandable RAM not only in all their MacBooks but the Mac Mini as well now) and it’s not what we expect from the Android world. We expect choice and function, not Apple-style being bent-over the barrel and violated.

          • I really don’t care what the thing looks like as it will be in a case anyway, what I DO care about is that my phone is now a disposable pile of junk that cannot last 24 months, will have zero resale value and cannot be used as a primary camera on holiday, because it will run out of space.

      • v1nce

        Oh deary me… to see sremick’s insightful and clearly eloquent comment followed by yours is like watching a cute puppy get run over by a lawn mower. Tragic.

        • abazigal

          Not sure who is the cute puppy and who is the lawn mower here. *Shrugs* So should I feel offended or …?

      • Gabe Percich

        ahhhhhhh the Iphone users. Blind and ignorant to everyone elses tech and blindly follows a company that cares two shits about them. My old retire galaxy fascinate could damn near still out perform the newest Iphone LOL. Sremick has hit the point right on the mark. Samsung has indeed failed us in taking away two major features which most of us galaxy owners want. I more so on the SD card slot then the extra battery option but still I like to have that option.

    • maaen


  • Phillip Powell

    I currently own a Galaxy Note 4. I’m very happy with its performance and features. My UX for this phone is great. The last device I owned ( and still do) is the S5. The differences aren’t necessarily small but then again it’s like comparing apples to oranges.
    I don’t believe I could go back to the S series unless they were to include the S pen. What I never understood is why the “S” pen was not on the “S” Phones? It’s on the Note Series.
    My S5 survived 15 hrs in 9ft of salt water after a 3 ft drop onto wood, followed by a 15ft drop into the water. (Slipped off my lap, hit the deck of my Beach House on the 2nd floor balconey, and splashed into the unrelenting waters of the Gulf Of Mexico).
    It was 2am in the morning, I had been drinking quite a bit, and I figured the phone was down for the count. I dove in the water the next afternoon to retrieve it. It took awhile, but when a cloud covered up the glare of the sun on the water, I could see the screen lit up on my phone and dove straight to it.
    I was VERY IMPRESSED that it had survived!
    I opened it up and the gasket had saved the CPU and the entire phone! No internal damage at all! And only minimal scratches on the bezels.
    Make a Note Series with a stylus that can do that, and I would go into debt further to own one now those!

  • Nick

    Get to the point lol I

  • Nick

    Get to the point lol I git so bored of reading that I didn’t actually find out why the S6 doesn’t have a removable back or SD slot because I had to stop reading halfway through.

  • TheEvilBlight

    So long as ZeroLemon can make a 10,000 mAh battery for the S6. So long as the battery isn’t soldered on and can be removed by the user.

  • Teresa Michele

    I was happy with my s5 but when it was time for my upgrade I decided to go note 4 once I herd no removable battery I also don’t like that they stopped using the water resistance it saved my cell on few occasions!! I don’t care if it’s plastic I’m gonna cover with cell case regardless lol . .was happy with my s5 am happy with my note 4 and I’m not interested in s6. .

  • coldspring22 .

    “one of the few phone makers that can really compete on the same level as a giant like Apple”.. Samsung is primarily an engineering company and Apple is primarily a software company which makes money by selling hardware. Although Samsung has far more engineering/manufacturing expertise than Apple, I doubt they can compete with Apple on same playing field without Google having developed Android and made it widely available.

  • Amadeus Klein

    I’ll probably get slammed for this but no micro SD and non removable battery are fine to me. They stepped up the premium design, I used to be all about removable storage and battery, but since the s4 I haven’t changed my battery (just added wireless charging)…. and with my 32gb note 4 I don’t even have an SD in there…. that said I have 15gb Dropbox space so all my images get backed up to that and about once a month I go though and move my images to a local redundant backup where I categorize them… I stream all my music and videos so I rarely drop below 10gb free storage on the phone.

    I’m more disappointed in loss of waterproofing than anything else.

    I’m still waiting for the note 5 edge before switching, but I mostly like the new design of the S6…

    I’ve had an s2, S3, S4, S5 and now Note 4…

    • On a Clear Day

      I agree with you in terms of having come to the conclusion that a micro SD given the various backup options we currently have has become less and less of a factor. I like the Galaxy S6. It is not the phone for me because I want the Note 5, which I believe probably will have a removable battery – which is much more important to me than an SD card – especially if there is sufficient internal storage. I intend to buy the Note 5 and then forget about buying another phone for a long time and the only way one can definitely hope to accomplish that is by being able to ultimately replace the battery when it dies. The fact that having the removable battery will enable me to switch out should I need to is icing on the cake.

      So, that would be my sine qua non, deal breaking feature. If the SD card is going to adversely affect the speed of the device and has become a true legacy feature – then so be it and good bye.

      I think some of the people here are missing the point of this article by the way, which was as I see it, to address what – by the number of comments and shares the article has gotten and the lengths (of some of the comments here) a subject that is important to a lot of people including myself.

      I would not buy an S6 but as I said in another comment on a related article I would recommend it to a friend; not everyone cares about all the options and added functionality that some of us do.

      This, it seems to me is what the article is getting at and what Samsung is aiming at with the S6. They are a for profit company competing on the international playing field and their products must first be competitive and fulfill the desires and needs – real or imagined – of their target market.

      It is over reaction for people to get so bent out of shape over Samsung using their commonsense to adjust their product offerings so as to satisfy the mandate of the largest share of the market.

      I would be very surprised if they aren’t aware of the controversy re the removable battery and SD card and believe that they will address the issue.

    • Charles Patterson

      Why have you not gotten an iPhone then if you like this so well??

      • Amadeus Klein

        Because I left apple for android….

        But that’s beside the point….

        You tried to get a nice troll comment in but hey not everyone is a good troll…

        also, I should add:

        If you hate it so much why haven’t you started your own company and made the prefect phone yet?

        Seems about the same to me…

    • Charles Patterson

      Nothing is Perfect in the world. Same here have had all the Galaxy phones, well not a S5. Got Note 4 also now. So stay with it awhile.

  • nicholas vanni

    Next LG flagship phone to have plastic body

  • Total_telecom

    regardless of how their position is perceived they took a step backwards with the S6. I will take a removable battery over an iPhone like back. If I wanted an iPhone I would buy one. let’s just hope they don’t ruin the Galaxy Note. and it would have been very difficult for them to at least put a micro SD slot in the side of the S6

    • Total_telecom

      Nope they ruined the note 5 -. But they’re bargain phones still have removable storage and battery?

      • Lethal_1

        I wouldn’t even bother buying ANY Samsung phones, as they are now the new iPhones in the Android arena!! And I’m not just hating on iSam, even HTC are doing it now, so they can jump too!

        • Total_telecom

          I agree. LG is the last saviour, then there really is no differentiation. iSam! Lmfao

  • mcourrier

    64GB are good enough. What’s the point of a microSD ? Removable battery? Why?

  • Charles Patterson

    iPhone seems to be a status thing back in the beginning. Samsung just trying to get some IOS customers but will never happen in any number. So now if your battery goes bad you will have to return phone as iPhone people have been doing. Cannot not have an extra battery to take along with you on long plane ride or trip. And they could have put card slot in the side. If I wanted a phone like this would have an bought an iPhone!!!!!

  • Di

    I will wait until Samsung comes back to their senses and adds a removable battery. I would have bought the new S6 but not now.

  • noel beale

    Lack of removable battery makes this a throwaway device, so even though I have picked up every Samsung Galaxy phone from the S1 (Epic) to the S5, I will not even be considering the S6 due to the lack of this core feature.

  • cpu999

    In the voting, there should be another question asking: “Without the expected Galaxy S6 Active features, would you consider buying another version of the S6?” and my answer would be a resounding “NO”.

  • Cole Raney

    As long as it still looked premium? Are we really that superficial? Form over function is apparently popular. I thought it was just an iSheep thing, but it seems to extend beyond that.

    Your premium looks, by the way, are not premium materials. True premium would be plastic, which could stabd a fall or resist scratches much better.

    • On a Clear Day

      Truer words were logically, rationally and appropriately never spoken! lol

      However, – don’t ya just hate it how there allllllways seems to be a “however”? Here’s the important point for both you and I and those who feel as we do do feel I think to recognize and respect. “Vive la difference”.

      The S6 fits the criteria purchasing paradigms of the vast majority of people who want cell phones – thus, the success of the iPhones, which we all know are not models nor paradigms of performance pulchritude, but sell like hell. Why? Because Apple to date – but perhaps hopefully not forever – understands the market. If only someone, SOMEWHERE at Samsung or some place else would just wise up and decide to beat them at their own game seriously takes them on and decides to take them apart – not in a bad way – but in a logical, systematic, incredibly brilliant marketing (make them a thing of the past sales wise) way.

      Someone at one of the big companies needs to do a serious and intelligent analysis of Apple and come to understand the real reasons for their success and then once they understand them – being to do to bit by bit, piece by piece take them apart so that “All the King’s horses and all the King’ men can’t put them back together again.”

      In the meantime, as this article I think suggests, Samsung is smart and is probably reading your comments – certainly mine I am sure! lol – and realizes that we are not alone and want our devices truly functional – and if they can at the same time do it “but with a little sex” and make the devices both truly beautiful as well as totally, kick ass functional and mighty as mighty can be – I will not object, nor would I imagine would you?

      If you have never seen this video from the old Preston Sturgis movie that made the saying, “But with a little sex” famous, you are in for a treat. Also, see if the dialogue doesn’t sound as though it is describing the world as it is today perfectly – true art – which is what Sturgis’s best works was – is timeless – as will be the design of the new S6 – that is why it is worth having and why it is worth moving away from plastic and the less than beautiful previous versions.

  • LA Stone

    I’m still going to have to insist on the sd card and the removable battery. I’m mostly interested in the utility of a device than it’s looks. In fact the utility and notion of beauty are one amd the same. Pointless metal when plastic is more durable, or removing utility to better suit cosmetic beauty are like spoilers and aerodynamic wings on economy cars, or fake parts on cosmetic surgery. Neither is real beauty. My first question is always “what does it do”.

    • On a Clear Day

      … But, with a little sex. Sms

  • Josh

    way to talk about everything else but the issue..

  • v1nce

    I want to personally thank Android Authority for clearly labeling this “article” as an opinion piece so I didn’t suddenly start lamenting that such a beloved and intelligent site many treasure suddenly went batshit insane and drool-stupid forcing me to, regretfully look for a better site to get my geek on.

    And I truly understand the value of actually allowing such an article to be displayed on the site, knowing clearly how much activity it will generate.

    However, don’t do this often – let the other bullshit sites fill their links with this kind of tripe. Keeping AA full of insightful and intelligent, meaningful content is what makes us love you guys. Don’t mess with a winning formula.

  • Kiana ♡

    The removable battery is essential! I dropped my Samsung in the toilet and had to watch as it short circuited because I couldn’t remove the battery to save it!!!!!!! The most frustrating I’ve ever been through!!

    • Joe J

      You should not be watching porn on your phone on top of your lap while sitting on the crapper. Accidents can happen lol

  • Leonardo Monday

    Samsung always botches something s5 was design , s6 specs …

  • yumiki

    S6 sounds excellent ,i want to order a new phone but the price a little higher for me,

    have some friends use meizu m1 note?i want to order this one :

  • Matthew Wypyszinski

    The SD card was a huge hit but for me the feature that is really turning me off from the phone is honestly the “premium” feel. Samsung already felt like an Iphone clone sometimes (gs2, im looking at you) but now that they are moving the all metal body and all that it just brings us back to that old debate. I for one liked the plastic, it was strong, durable, and cheap to replace if it started to look bad.

  • Ion
  • Jake Thomas

    I don’t care If the phone looked like anything really, but to take out those features is stupid. Add literally 2-3 mm and you get way more features.

    I feel like I phones will slip out of the hand anyways, and I use an otter box too. To take away features is sad, because I was looking forward to a newer gs5 with fixed biometric scanner.

  • ..

    The first thing 90% of customers who by these $800 phones do when they get them is pop a big rugged cover over the phone to protect it (rightly so).. So, my question is, why does it matter one bit what the phone is made of or how the back looks?

  • satanburger

    You can claim that only the vocal few want expandable storage all you want, but that just isn’t true. How many times have you seen an apple user complain about not being able to install updates because they don’t have enough storage? More than once, I’m willing to bet.
    Internal storage might be faster, but who cares? Having an expandable storage slot won’t make your internal storage any slower, if the internal storage is enough for you, just ignore the micro sd slot??

  • Lucas Rossetto

    You lost my attention at “the most beautiful phone the world had ever seen”. What are you referring to since it looks closer to a f*****g iphone than ever before? From the aluminum border to the glass back. Oh wait wait, the home buttons are different still. And I don’t really care what this moronic article says, if I wanted a sh* t iPhone I would have bought one. What Samsung has made is nothing short of an iPhone wannabe. Those are THE single most important features other than the OS. Period. While samsung becomes the new iPhone maker, Apple is stepping up (as much as I dislike apple).

  • Gabe Percich

    I would never buy a phone without the micro SD card slot. That is where i store all my apps, photos and address book for easy transfer of phone info to the next phone. I rarely use the phones on board gigs. That is actually the main reason I would never buy an Iphone was that it never had the SD card slot. This was a major disappointment for me and a great loss for the Galaxy S6. Luckily my S4 is still out running any Iphone out there and i’ll keep it until I really need to upgrade. But if Samsung continues this path it will not be with them.

  • Di

    No removable battery is a total deal breaker. Until Samsung comes to its senses and goes back to a removable battery, I will look elsewhere and I have been loyal to Samsung for years.

  • DMH

    It’s a Samsung iPhone S6/S6 Edge. I am seriously disappointed, I skipped the S5 because it wasn’t a great improvement over the S4, but at least had support for MicroSD, especially since it cut some of the memory down for the OS. I despise Apple products for their religious zealotry to not play well with others and do things their way, having no industry standard ports, MicroSD, etc. Surpised it doesn’t have applet tooth, being forced to be stuck with apple branded lame a$$ products/services. So now just like iPhone, you have to pay $100 for each tier upgrade of memory. I can put a 64 gig chip in for almost 1/3 of that and probably will continue to get less. THUMBS DOWN Samsung.

  • Daniel

    Samsung always improves on the later variants of their galaxy line. It’s just a shame I feel that I have a better phone (S4) than Samsung latest flagship (S6). Starting to take a page from Apples book me thinks. “It’s quite alright to rip people off as long as the asthetics are right.”

  • WorldTraveler

    I am going to buy a Note 4 in a few weeks, as it has removable battery and expandable storage and I am going to use this phone until it dies
    (I still own/use a 2010 BB Bold)

    From my experience, the first component which starts to fail is the battery and I do not want to pay $80 just to get a battery replaced every 1.5 years, until they stop producing the components for which is otherwise still a fully functional device.
    Also I do not rely on streaming and cloud, as I prefer having all my data locally (I own a 2TB HD). I consider trusting the cloud too much to be a risk.

    To me buying a new phone every year is blatant consumerism and a waste of money. When your phone gets slower, root it and its as good as new (rooted phones can last forever). For me there is no rational reason to replace my phone every year (do you buy a new notebook every year?). And a removable battery is essential to this mentality.

  • Joe J

    I got a 64gb Sandisk class 10 card for 20 bucks over the Christmas holidays. It works well in my Note 3 and soon to be Note 4. If Note 5 does not have expandable memory then I will have to think about the competition. I will not pay $100 bucks to get the next memory tier. Hence I will never get an I phone, and my I pod is now retired.

  • Syed Abdullah

    I don’t care about the aesthetic. I pay for functionality. Unless samsung reintroduces S6 and S6 Edge with SD card, not buying anymore samsung phones. And samsung, cloud store is not feasible inside nyc subways.

  • Carlos

    Well. I was right. The numbers are in. The Galaxy S6 is a total sales failure. Even lower than the S5 which was the biggest flagship failure they ever had. The S6 is now the king of Samsung failed devices.

    It has 0 to do with removable batteries and SD cards. The reason why the iPhone is on an unprecedented sales high and Samsung keeps failing even when they try to build an iPhone clone is because of something called USER EXPERIENCE. There is no culture, no taste and 0 user experience.

    The sales numbers reflect it. SD cards or not, the Galaxy SX devices are a waste of time and research for Samsung. Get out of the flagship business and compete with Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi in the low-midrange well built phones. Android needs to get out of the “Flagship” business. Paying that much for an S6 makes no sense. There isn’t any value there.

  • So much blah blah and your point was in the last 3 lines. Still not really explained why. Lame

  • demian monarch

    This article is a crock of horse @#$
    The only reason Samsung got rid of both the spare battery and SD card was pure GREED! Nothing more nothing less.
    They saw that apple sells multiple versions of memory and wanted to capitalize on the extra $100 to jump up to 64GB (and another $100 for 128GB)…nothing but greed.

    As for the battery, you could say it isn’t the end of the world if the battery lasts longer/charges faster but ultimately, it’s a Li-ion battery that can only be charged so many times. Once it stops holding a charge for long enough, guess what your only fix is…that’s right, spend more money on another Samsung phone.

    Bottom line, I am a huge supporter of Samsung but they missed the train on this one…possibly their last chance. I can’t wait for the smaller companies to come in and steal all of us loyal Samsung fans. Oneplus +1 maybe? Or bring us the much anticipated transparent phone!

  • mdp6725

    Who cares if it’s plastic, we all have a protective case around it anyway. I want my removable battery and micro sd slot. I like having multiple batteries.

  • So disappointed! I need to upgrade & am a big Samsung fan due to the Galaxy but now no removable battery & micro SD expansion, why not just get the Iphone? Samsung made their mark with the Galaxy, setting them apart from the IPhone. Now why bother to buy the knock-off when you could have the real Iphone. Hate to say it but I’m actually looking at other makers now. Very sad day ?

    • Lethal_1

      I class Samsung as the “new iPhones” & refuse to buy their shit. If you wanna buy their outdated POS (iphones), you’re making a backward step, & following the “sheep train” with their marketing crap! I refuse to fall for that rubbish! At least with Samsung it’s still Android (which is good), but the drawback is, it’s also “overpriced” (like iphones), & I won’t fall for that scenario either!

      * Have a look at others makers, U will find the right phone for you .. all the best, good luck! :-))

      I am soo itch’in to buy a new phone myself too, doing all this research, to find the phone right for ME.
      I’m getting bagged by my friends, I don’t care, I will get the phone with the features I want, eventually!

  • Missy

    Phones with a removal sd cards and a removable battery will always be better off than a phone with a non removable built in sd card and battery. For instance, the battery might blow, or the bars die out faster after wear which you would have to charge it more often or replace the the battery which you would have to pay for the battery AND the service which from a qualified repairs person. And the sd card, well, I have personal images in one, music on the other, and business on the other, so the Galaxy S6 did a wacky job making the S6 edge with a built-in battery and a built-in sd card, because know if has disadvantages.

  • Missy

    Phones with a removal sd card and a removable battery will always be far better off than a phone with a non removable built-in sd card and battery. With a Galaxy S6 for instance, the battery might blow up or leak, or its battery performance might stop performing well because the bars die out faster after some time do to wear which you would have to charge more often or replace the the battery which you would have to pay for “AND” the service which you might also have to pay for from your pocket for a qualified repairs person. And the sd card for instance on my Galaxy S5, well, I have personal images in one sd card, music on the other, and business on the other, so the Galaxy S6 did a wacky job making the S6 edge with a built-in battery and a built-in sd card, because now it has disadvantages. And if you want to remove personal data in an emergency, you wont be able too unless you burn up your phone or swollow it or blow it up from the face of the planet!

  • Senthuran Thevaseelan

    looks like the note 5 won’t have the sd or removeable battery eather now why would they do that?

  • seanroadking

    I’m not fine with the lack of an SD slot. It is up to me surely to decide if I need extra memory at a reasonable cost. Why should I have to decide this when I buy the phone? Why am I denied this option if in the future I need extra memory?? Samsung have made a BIG boob as far as I am concerned. The battery? What happens when, not if, it goes dead? A BIG repair/replacement bill??

  • Osalt Osalt

    A lot of us consider our phones to be portable PC’s. We need as much digital power and storage that we can get. if we pay as much for a phone as a PC we should get all the necessary whistles & bells to fulfill our needs. Good looks on a phone are great but function comes first. Not having removable storage or power is a deal breaker for me.

  • Well I’m one of those average Joes that doesn’t care and doesn’t read up on every little detail of new phones. And as such I got burned badly, by buying an S6, presuming, wrongly, that it came with waterproofing, a changeable battery and an SD card slot. Finding it has NONE of those things makes me wish I’d just bought a vastly cheaper phone.

    Because of this farce I will never, ever, buy another Samsung phone. This S6 will be my last.

    Not only do i know from experience that Samsung batteries don’t last long before needing to be replaced, it will also DESTROY the 2nd hand value, which is a significant factor here in Asia.

    My old phone, wiped clean, with a factory reset and a new Mugen Power battery, will be a good phone for someone. This S6? Worthless. I’ll barely be able to give it away in a couple of years time, if it even lasts that long.

    Samsung have permanently lost me as a customer.

  • Thomas pallozzi

    I would never get a Samsung cellphone again i want the battery i can change and sd card if i wanted an iPhone i would have got one not a look a like very disappointed and tell everyone i know not to get a Samsung phone

  • Garbage. Trash. I’m so sick and tired of “cleaning out the fridge” to make room for more photos and videos. I don’t care how much slower SD card storage is compared to internal storage. I don’t need that speed. What I need is extra storage. And the omission of an SD card is downright insulting. I’ll NEVER buy another phone that won’t let me add local storage.

  • Panda Guy

    I think the argument against a removable battery is understandable but no SD card is inexcusable.
    1. because there are is a dual sim Galaxy s6 model that can ESAILY accommodate that extra space for a SD card.
    2. If people like me who are considered a “fringe group” of people then how come so many people is upset about it?
    clearly its important to people. it’s was huge reason I switched from my iPhone 4s to Galaxy s4 at that time period.
    Yes you can make the argument that you can buy a competitors device but I think I speak for many people when I say they like the quality of the Galaxy and a fan of the product.
    3. For the majority of people who won’t need extra storage then guess what? they don’t have to buy an SD card! Its that simple.
    4. The higher storage models cost a lot more per GB then a SD card and is not easily available in all regions or carriers globally.

  • robertkoa

    EXACTLY. Especially with Android M and expanding use of SD Card enabled soon.

    Samsung if not using removable Battery can still have Consumer and Pro Flagships .
    And S6 Pro at 8.2 millimeters thick could have the 3500 Mah Battery from the S6 Active and 4 Gigs RAM and SD Card but look the same from the front.
    S6 Pro at $ 100 extra would be huge Seller Worldwide.

  • dvdlgh

    Lack of SD card is a deal breaker.

  • Jared Walker

    Still angry. This article failed to persuade. Aesthetics is a poor excuse as most smart phone users slap their phones in cases anyway. Samsung needs a variant for those who preferred the freedoms afforded by an SD card slot and removable battery. They didn’t have to rob both the S and Note series of these features. They’re not competing with Apple by being different, but by becoming more similar. The LG G line is looking more and more tempting as my next phone, though I suppose some Android users may find themselves asking why they would want an imitation iPhone when they could have the real thing.

  • Jared Walker

    Reading through the comments, I see most people don’t grasp the concept of a remove able battery. It isn’t just for when your battery won’t charge any longer, but when it simply runs out of juice. My iFriends phones die, and they have to plug them in and wait for them to charge. My phone dies, and I can bring it back to 100% in under a minute using the spare that I keep in my pocket. Not to mention, I use aftermarket extended batteries, so I have more than twice the capacity of a Note 6 user to start. All of latest specs, faster processing, more internal storage, and better screen resolution don’t mean a thing when you can’t turn your phone on, because your battery is dead.

  • dee bee

    I’m switching back to Iphone SD card and especially external battery are the reasons I went from Apple to Samsung. Iphones are much more stable and don’t crash at all whereas my Note 3 rebooted and crashed frequently , however I put up with it because of the external battery. Smartphones do not last long when in use all day and to be able to swap out to 100% charged battery was priceless for me. I’ts a lot easier to carry a slim battery in your pocket vs. a charging cord.

  • ralph richardson

    Just upgraded a third phone (We have three) and I was able to get the Note 4 for free (mine you I had to pay the connection fee and taxes) Sure, I could have paid money for a note 5, but with the important things its missing (mainly the sd card slot), it was a no brainer to get the note 4 instead, and I’m satisfied!

  • Littlephilly

    The only phone acceptable to me is one with changeable batteries. I love having several of them all charged up and ready to go with no down time and the SD slot is a given. I won’t buy either of the new phones. I love my Note 4. I’m actually tempted to buy a spare if the new trend is to dump these features. They are the ONLY reasons I did not buy an IPhone.

  • R Test

    This article sucked. It didn’t even come close to hitting the mark “why does Samsung Galaxy S6 lack microSD” Waste of time

  • Tyr

    I’ll sum it up in a much simpler way. Because the decision makers at Samsung are a bunch of cunts. They are just copying apple at this point and have killed what set them apart. I’ll keep using my note 4 until it won’t work anymore.

    I stopped ready this at the “it has to be this way” point. Author seems to just be pandering to their corporate masters.