I have a confession to make. When I first laid eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S3, I thought the design was unappealing and uninspired. I felt that the styling was a bit dated; akin to a slight upgrade of the Nexus One. From the initial launch invitation which featured marble white and blue blobs, I expected something more raw, more edgy. I was expecting a fusion of liquid metal and styling from Verizon’s iconic Droid campaigns. I was expecting to be impressed, to be blown to pieces with something completely revolutionary.

Thankfully, I was invited to the launch event here in Malaysia, and my first impressions have been ripped to tatters. After having had the opportunity to spend some quality hands on time with the Galaxy S3, I have realized that my initial impressions were unfounded. The leaked images of the S3 that appeared in the few days leading up to the S3 launch did not do justice to this amazing piece of technology I hold before me now.

Honestly, I am in love. It was love at first touch, and all preconceived notions I had about the S3 design have melted away, and been replaced by pure technological bliss and delight.

Designed To Make Sense

Right out of the box, the battery was amazingly thin – thinner than any removable battery I have ever seen or handled. That’s 2100mAh of power that will keep you going for long. Once popped in, the plastic battery cover snapped on easily – something that Samsung has used previously in the S2, Galaxy Nexus and Note.

Even with a gigantic4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, the phone feels incredibly light and very comfortable in my hands. Getting the device for the first time, I find myself in a perpetual state of what can only be described as ‘eureka moments’. The whole ‘inspired by nature’ talk began to make sense. It’s a design that works perfectly.

Quite simply, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a breath of fresh air in the midst of sharp and edgy ubiquitous mobile design.

A Garden Of Eden

The Samsung Touchwiz Nature UX is fast and fluid; like the way water ripples with your every touch. This is the most refined version of Touchwiz ever. It is a welcome from the ‘raw and efficient’ versions of homescreens currently on Android.

If you remember my article on the Galaxy Nexus, the Google flagship wasn’t up to my expectations in terms of smoothness. The S3 is.

I also commend Samsung for their proper execution of the app drawer. Previously (on the Note), grid view was a mess. However, this time, they included alphabetical grid view, which arranges everything nicely. I wish they gave the same option to the Android 4.0 update to the Note (they didn’t).

Going through the ringtone options, the soothing ‘nature’ sounds that are incorporated made me love it more. It’s not just love at first sight, but love at first touch and sound.

Power Packed Processor

To be honest, there isn’t anything revolutionary about the hardware. Yes, it does have a 1.4GHz quad core Exynos SoC – which is among the best there is right now. This time though, Samsung actually went above mere raw hardware, and really took their software to the next level. Having used the phone nonstop for the past few days, I can confidently write that Samsung has actually improved on stock Android 4.0 ICS  in ways I thought no manufacturer was capable.

Spec wise, the device hold its own among the best devices of today, including the HTC One X (both international quad core and its dual core S4 LTE variant), and rips to tatters the best devices of yesteryear, including the S2, the HTC Sensation, and other similarly spec’ed devices.

Even though the camera is a ‘measly’ 8MP, it has a new BIS sensor for low light shooting, which really helps to take fantastic shots in low light situations, – with no flash. Apart from these obvious changes, sticking to the 8MP camera makes everything seems quite normal.

Other specs include 1GB of RAM, an overclocked Mali 400 GPU and that glorious 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen. Enough good cannot be said of the 4.8 inch display on the Galaxy S3. Despite having a Pentile Matrix, which many a blogger has moaned and lamented, colors have never beeen richer, and blacks have never been more bottomless. Comparing it to the displays of the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note, I can say that Samsung seems to have improved on those already fantastic displays this time round.

The amazing, attention grabbing display, all the powerful specs, and the most mature, refined and robust version of Android yet work to create what is arguably the finest performance of any smartphone ever devised.

Lightning Fast Performance

The 1.4GHz quad core Exynos completes any task you throw at it in record time. The result of having the Exynos is extreme fluidity and smoothness, a kind of fluidity that is unparalleled at this point in time. I cannot stress how fast this device is. It’s unlike any device I have ever used – everything occurs instantly.

Comparing the Galaxy Note side by side, it was obvious that the S3 completes tasks seconds before the Note even has the chance to react. The difference in performance is simply shocking.Web pages are only limited by your internet speed. Capturing photos is instant. Multitasking between apps occurs the moment you finger touches the screen. I am still in awe, and picking up my Galaxy Note or nearby Galaxy Nexus suddenly becomes a dreadful, cumbersome activity. 

Camera Joy

For all of you out there that love taking pictures and video with your mobile device, I think you’ll be happy to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers quite a few new innovations in the optics department, too.

Firstly, there is the Burst Shot and Best Photo. Burst Shot lets you burst up to 20 consecutive shots at 6 frames per second. Best Photo is a feature that automatically recommends the best photo to you from 8 consecutive shots at 6 frames per second. On its own, the camera shoots almost instantaneously and ‘burst’ manually – which is absolutely fantastic. Zero shutter lag makes taking burst shots even better.

There is also a HDR mode that you can shoot with, which was able to take some fantastic shots in high light environments and situations. I’ll be uploading them to a gallery here as soon as possible.

In video mode, there’s Recording Snapshot, which enables you to grab 1920×1080 resolution images while the video is recording. The best is is the touch to focus feature in video recording, which allows you to switch your video’s focus on the go. This provides videos that have substantially better depth of field, a feature previously unavailable to any smartphone. Here, the Galaxy S3 and the thought and effort that went into it, shines through bright and clear.

Benchmark Heaven

In terms of benchmarks, the S3 was very impressive. To some degree, it was miles ahead of its nearest competitor, the HTC One X. In other areas, it sets a standard that seems – for now – almost impossible to beat.


  • 5444 in Quadrant Standard.
  • 2081 in Vellamo
  • 58.8fpsin Nenamark2
  • 55.299 single thread and 177.544 multi thread on Linpak (both 2.2 precision)
  • 60.0fps on Neocore
  • 22258, 5084, 11953 on CF Bench

If benchmarks are any indication of how great a device is, then these figures will tell you that the S3 rocks – and rocks harder than even the HTC One – to become what is likely the most powerful smartphone in the world. In terms of real world performance, it is better than the One X. Bam!

The benchmarks do confirm that drastic hardware improvements have taken place, but the changes in the S3 aren’t just about the cores and megapixels. On the software side, Samsung has taken Android to a whole other level of intuitive operation and usability. Their refinements are tucked into so softly to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, that they feel like they should have always been there. It would seem that Samsung has finally listened to their fans, and minimized their overlay in such a way that it enhances the user experience. Great job Samsung!

Smarter Call Features

Under the Motions setting, you can turn on Direct Call, which allows you to immediately call a person from their SMS message or from their contact profile. This makes using the Samsung Galaxy S3 a very natural experience.

There’s also a Smart Alert function under Motions. Whenever you have any missed calls or messages, it vibrates when you pick up your phone. Apart from this ingenious function, there’s always the notification light to inform you of any missed calls or messages. Despite the soft and soothing tones, the speaker (placed behind the phone, next to the camera) is sufficiently loud for day to day purposes.

We really have to commend Samsung here, as this is exactly what people were looking for. The notification light is a very  welcome addition, and the baked in thought that went to making this device offer a natural, intuitive experience are both profound, and, in practice, very useful and appreciated additions.

Connectivity Just Got Better

If you think Android Beam is awesome, you’ve got to see what the S Beam can do. S Beam works just like Android Beam, but goes a step further with WiFi Direct. With WiFi Direct, you can transfer items like huge 1080p videos (that are hundreds of megabytes in size) in minutes. However, the problem is this – S Beam is currently available only for the S3. This makes it a problem for non-S3 users. To transfer to and from older (Samsung) devices, you’ll still have to pair your devices manually via WiFi Direct.

There’s also a new app called AllShare Play that share files and media to other connected devices. Through AllShare Play, you can also create a Group Cast – which also allows editing of files and the changes to be immediately applied across numerous devices.

S Voice, A Better Version Than Vlingo

Although there are some who claim that S Voice, the voice recognition app in the S3, is nothing more than a repackaged Vlingo app, it is clear that the former has been much improved.

S Voice now offers advanced tasks such as changing phone settings, voice record and updating your social network status. During the launch of the S3, Samsung also demonstrated taking photos with S Voice. I can imagine that this being very convenient for lots of different reasons, but most people might find it to be sort of ‘gimmicky’, but then again, so is Siri.

Either way – on par and better in lots of ways than the leading voice recognition apps for mobile devices in the world. Android 4.0 already features truly excellent voice to text functionality, and Samsung appears to have improved that here. We will be really testing the full limits of what S Voice can do over the next several days, so stay tuned for a follow up on this aspect. So far, so good!

Features that are Smart

In a bid to make the Galaxy S3 more user friendly, Samsung came up with Smart Stay, a function that disables screen timeout when detecting a user viewing the display. From my observation of using the device extensively for the past 48 hours, I noticed that the S3 checks for eye contact at certain intervals, and proceeds to dim the display. However, the moment the screen is turned off, the display won’t switch back on. To summarize, Smart Stay really works well when you’re staring directly at the screen, but awkward angles and occasional glances proved to be a challenge for the device. Perhaps they can improve this with a software update, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Video lovers can also rejoice at the introduction of Pop Up Play, where your videosc can play in a floating window, above your other tasks like email, SMS, web browsing or whatever you like, really. Have ADHD? You’re going to love this device.

Sudden Surprises?

In addition to all the magic the S3 is packing, Samsung decided to sweeten the deal even further by offering an unprecedented amount of cloud storage for device owners. They’re offering – for 24 months – 50GB of Dropbox space. Make no mistake ladies and gentleman, that’s a lot of cloud space to have for 24 months.

There are a few things that left me puzzled and scratching my head. For example, the ‘News and Weather’ a la ‘geniewidget’ has been removed from the S3. I am a huge user of Geniewidget, and surprisingly, it’s gone. Perhaps Samsung felt that users might lean towards Pulse or Flipboard. For that matter, there’s no Flipboard on the phone. That eye pleasing app which had made waves over the past few weeks is absent on the review set. That is quite a surprise.

Even more surprising, is the lack of Swype on the S3. This may come as good news to some – especially those who prefer getting Swype beta. To work around this, Samsung incorporated similar Swype features in the Samsung Keyboard. That’s a good sign, as consumers can choose which keyboard they prefer.

Ultimately though, none of this matters. The software, keyboards, apps, and all other elements like that are user configurable. My minor gripes should not dissuade you dear reader, for they are 1% of the picture. Samsung has created something truly magical with this device.


Honestly, i’m speechless. I love everything about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s modern, it’s human and it’s closest to being perfect that I think a smartphone could ever be. To see Android having come this far, leaves me in awe. It’s display is the best I have ever witnessed – better than the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, iPhone 4S, or that of any mobile device I have ever laid eyes on. Its speed and fluidity of operation are unrivaled, and near instantaneous. Despite its relativley large size, it is remarkably well balanced in the hand, and feels fantastic to the touch. It is, in my opinion, the best Android device – no – the best Smartphone – ever created.


There is one thing I hate though, and that’s the fact that I will have to return this review set in two weeks time.  Going back to my Galaxy Note is going to be very difficult. Make no mistake folks – this is quite simply the best smartphone in the world.

What are your thoughts?

  • Nice review, can’t wait to get my hands on my SGS3 in a few days ;) Did you see any refocus problems when shooting video?

  • Focusing is excellent and very fast. So far so good – even in moderate to low light situations. The video it captures is butter smooth, and on par or better than that grabbed by the One X, S2, iPhone 4S, Note, and other leading smartphones of today.

    But the ability to refocus the video while it is recording is absolutely fantastic! !

  • Gamblor77

    Amazing review. I already planned on getting and S3 the day it came out but this review just makes me even more excited like a kid on Christmas morning. Rumours say June 20th in Canada but I’m hoping they’re wrong and it’s much sooner. The launch date can’t come soon enough!!!

  • Siavash_p

    Hi Randy, I like what I read here, but I still have some concern over Android’s app, and the fact that there is no regulating bodies overseeing apps developed by third parties, the same way iPhone apps are.
    Also the other thing I hear is that once you purchase a product running android, you won’t get the upgrades to the OS either at all, or with a very long delay?

    Would you be able to provide us with some info on that?

    • That is very much dependent on the manufacturer, telcos and possibly google themselves. Before the updates reach you, chances are a lot of testing is done prior to its release – hence the delay.

      This is very different from the custom rom scene, where users test the custom rom and feedbacks directly to the developer – which results in better roms at a shorter timeline.

    • Densetsu86

      That is a major problem with android. But there are companies that are better then others. Samsung used to be one of the worst in this department but they seemed to have stepped up their game. They unlock their bootloaders for most devices now and this on will probably be the same. Basiclly if their to slow or when they stop supporting it the dev community will keep on going.

      If your thinking about android then choose htc or samsung. The rest are horrible especially motorola. Don’t know about sony yet but hopefully they will follow them (htc, samsung).

  • My sincere opinion, i think you guys over did it with the “best smartphone in the world” thing.
    I already read 3 or 4 reviews on this phone and there no straight line here.

    Some blogs, as yours, clame it to be flawless, top of the tops, and other point some things to take in consider when and if you buy a smartphone at this price rate.

    For instance, you say that refocus on video is a cool ability, and have you seen the reults of that?, you get a recorded video with that refocus kind of zoom in + zoom out effect!!! thats not a good thing!

    I think that, yes , Galaxy S3 is an amazing, amazing machine, and for the time being, its the best smartphone overall, but i would give it a 8.5 to 8.9 point out of 10, considering that a some part of S3 “greatness” its on its exclusive apps (S voice / S Memo / Flipboard /…) and those can be replicated or as you all know, used on other devices with the leaked ROM.

    Best regards,

    Bruno Coelho

    • How can you rate a phone you don’t even own? Another thing. Only read these blogs, and don’t take them to heart. Reading a bunch of blogs, and never going out to get the device is silly. Go get it, then give YOUR review. But simply saying you are going to rate a device based on what others are saying, is flat out silly.

      Don’t be a window shopper, go get your own.

      • Lime

        Not everybody have the money to just go out and buy a phone at the price like s3, people wanna know if its the right phone for them. But the best thing would be to go down in a phone shop and try out some phones, and see which one you like the best :D

        • Case and point. If you can’t afford, don’t sit here and say things like what was said. Stay in your lane.

          • DerpYouOut

            You sound like those typical egoistic spoiled brat that don’t empathize. Kudos for that.

          • Empathize because some poor sap can’t figure out how to make money or save? What a crock of New Age BS.

          • Prodigy_techus

            You’re an asshole snob – go to the Apple side will ya jackass !!

          • CXD

            lol, maturity runs strong with this one

          • Pedro

            Williams, you have no idea how stupid and arrogant you appear to be.

            You might want to stay in YOUR lane instead of preaching to everyone about how they should just go and simply buy the phone without consulting other’s opinions.

            That’s dumb advice kid.. incredibly.

            And it’s case IN point you ignorant fool. LOL!

          • I thought I told you to go away, lol. Calling me names only makes you look stupid, and it lets everyone know how IGNORANT you are. Grow up.

          • Pedro

            Williams… Yet another case IN point (got it right yet?) You just keep them coming don’t you, continually demonstrating your ineptitude.

            You ‘thought’ you told me to go away did you? Well think again Einstein. You didn’t. I only ever posted here twice in my life – this will make it thrice. Yet another error of judgement.

            If you can’t accept the feedback left by many others who disagree with your impractical and pompous views then you shouldn’t be posting at all. Open your mind sonny. You’re not the only one with an opinion.

            I suggest you take a long, hard look in the mirror sonny.

        • Dickens_Cider

          Then don’t give your review on a phone you can’t afford and thus won’t be using daily so your review is worth absolutely NOTHING!

      • WELL… you ripped him a new asshole.

        • Jakepotty

          Well said

      • Pedro

        What an incredibly narrow minded view Mr Williams.

        You don’t have to own something to be able to review it. Virtually every car in the world is reviewd by motoring journalists who never own the car. They drive it, live with it and then return it. The phone was on loan to Randy and 2 weeks is plenty of time to form a valid opinion.

        Good luck with your view that reading blogs is silly and the only way is to go and buy the device. You obviously have more money than sense.

        As for me, I will applied some common sense. I read a range of blogs and talked to a few owners before making an informed decision.

        Oh… I own an S3 – and my review? Exactly what Randy wrote.

        He is absolutely right. It’s without doubt the most incredible phone I’ve ever used.

        • GP

          Pedro, you obviously don’t understand how to read the comments section of website, or for that matter, many of the people who replied in this string. If you go back up to mrjlwilliams original comment, you will see that it is “in reply to Bruno Coehlo”, who posted an idiotic comment about Randy’s review. Mrjwilliams is criticizing Bruno for actually giving the S3 a score without ever touching one. Bruno has only READ about 3 to 4 reviews (by his own admission), but felt compelled to criticize Randy’s HANDS ON review. That’s just dumb, and to make things dumber he even gave the phone a score of 8.5 to 8.9 and he has never TOUCHED OR SEEN an S3!! That was what mrjlwilliams was talking about. I can tell that you didn’t understand that because all through your reply you are defending Randy. You need to read more carefully in the future.

    • Pete

      Bruno, make your mind up!

      You write that Randy ‘overdid it’ with his comment that it is ‘the best smartphone in the world’ and then you actually agreed with him! (‘for the time being, its the best smartphone overall’)

      Also, he never claimed it was flawless. That is your own choice of words.

      I suggest you stop inventing things and make some sense.

  • No more plastic and touch wize, i will difinately wait for SGS4 otherwise i wont change from Samsung Galaxy Nexus! LOL

    • sn0wbaLL

      plastic is underrated. coming from an i4s, plastic rules

    • Yeah because the galaxy nexus isnt plastic.. Oh no..

    • This isn’t that kind of plastic…trust me…. And touchwiz 5.0 rocks !

  • Hartley (Buck) Macklin

    Do we know if the US version will use the Samsung Quad-Core Exynos? Your unit being from Malaysia would have the Quad-Core. I would like to know more about how the Qualcomm dual core tests.

  • Medicci3737

    Best smartphone ever ? NO F-ing way ! Several phones have better screens. & 2 gigs of ram will be standard in most high end smartphones. Same with the camera. The design & material is sh*t.

    • I understand you do not share the same opinion with me.
      However, considering the phone isn’t really officially released globally, i would suggest you go check out the phone for yourself.

      Samsung isn’t playing the specs wars here. Of course, you could say there are better cameras and better specs elsewhere, but question is – do those devices work as well as the s3?

      Also, like you i had reservations before i tested the phone, which proved me wrong after reviewing it. I would suggest checking out the phone and make your own judgments then.

      • Medicci3737

        I guarantee most of the new features will not work as advertised. They are just good marketing. Specs actually matter most to me. The only new feature I would find useful is Allshare. I will wait for something with more RAM, a better screen, & probably, quadcore processor.

        • Marco

          It wouldn’t be the first phone with features that don’t work as advertised……SIRI is a prime example. S-Voice on the S3 remains to be seen.

    • Materials are shit? So is the One X then because both are polycarbonate, and the S3 has better glass.
      It also sounds like you are reacting to the pentile screen without actually seeing it. You cannot tell its pentile

      • Medicci3737

        I have the Nexus. With the same screen, but more ppi than the SG lll. & you can definitely tell. I have also read reviews from Phone Arena, saying the pixilization is noticable. You have to remember, the screen on the SG lll is almost 5 inches.

  • Qazibasit

    Samsung galaxy s3 is not revolutionary, it has nothing unique besides a quad core or sone eyebalk tracker controlling the standby mode. Galaxy s2 was revolutionary as it was sonethibg both lightweight and fastening as light with super amoled plus one and a half year back. Galaxy note was rebolutionary in terms of its expansive large display making it a phablet and a great medium to watch movies and work on. S3 has nothing new just a little bit of mods to the previous techs. I am still loving my galaxy note and will wait for a note 2.

    • I dont know how people come to this conclusion. The S3 has a much bigger step up in software than the S2 had, bigger step up in screen resolution, more advancements in the camera. The S2 (which i own) is a fantastic phone, but revolutionary? No

  • Ferreira

    Please, how is the folder creation? Is it like nexus???????????

  • Ferreira

    Please!!! How is the folder creation??? Is it just like nexus????? Aaaaaaahhh

    • Opps… Totally missed that one…
      Folder Creation on the homescreen is not like the Nexus…
      You have to manually create a folder…
      It’s not like the Nexus where it auto creates when you move an icon above another.

      • DefaultUser

        Wow, so that’s another improvement to ICS Samsung has killed off.

      • Jangael_23

        Wow! gues dts what made it “the best phone ever” BAM! Anything else u missed bro?

  • Hemant Pokharel

    I saw dis device yesterday in Nepal… very nice.i felt BIG WOW when i hold it in my hand….
    Such a nice device…

  • Stanbury

    Any release date for Australia yet?

  • Tim

    Thank you for writing a review with your head and real world experience. Too many other reviews were being too PC and just didn’t want to tell it like it is. They sat on the fence or said the GS3 was the best phone but it was close. Bottom Line: This phone destroys anything else out there. I love my HTC One X, but I will be selling it, and buying this phone. I’m not sure how to explain this, my HTC One X is a powerhouse, but something about it actually didn’t feel as quick and smooth as I’ve experienced on my buddies S2 running ICS. And that kinda bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quicker, but it didn’t give me that smooth as butter feeling. Sorta like the Galaxy Nexus. It’s smooth, but it does indeed have times of stutter. I’m not sure what Samsung does with their Galaxy S line, but they indeed do run smoother than other Android phones. Maybe it’s touchwiz. I really don’t know.

  • hassan001

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  • Ako

    sheesh this is what a bad review should be like. Everything is good about this phone and its truly magical when you yourself cannot properly hold it one hand.

    Here are the negative points if you are fine with it then its not a bad phone for you.Design is the worst part apart from being a huge 4.8 inches screen, the hardware buttons, the bluish white when you are looking at something really white on screen (compare it with htc one x), a pentile display and the cheap plastic look. yeah the camera is not impressive either. s voice is just an added gimmic which is as useless as siri. On top of it touchwiz yeah touchwiz. You are among the few guys who actually LIKE touchwiz. Guess thats the full review. i have an s2 by the way and except for its processing power there is nothing special which is worth upgrading for.

    • Randy Khoo

      I’ve used many android phones.
      Legend, captivate, optimus 2x, galaxy s2, sensation xe, note.
      I’ve reviewed other tablets and phones as well.
      All I can say is – I’d you’re going pick and fault find each and every phone there is, then you’ll not end up buying anything.
      Samsung had to make some decision calls, and the s3is great because of that.

    • Johannes

      the hardware buttons are nice to wake your phone up, the pentile-display waas used because of it’s longer durability, the plastic is in reality Polycarbonat, which is 300 times tougher than ordinary plastic + it does not feal cheap if you hold it in your own hand. additional, the camera is impressive! it’s pretty much the best camera you will find in an Android device at the moment and touchwiz got so many major improvements, that you can now tell that it really improves ICS, not the other way round

    • french toast

      AKO; If you must offer your opionion fair enough, at least do some research and be objective instead of sounding like a clueless fanboi..

      There is no such thing as a 306ppi RGB AMOLED, its impossible with current technology, pentile offers improvents also, such as improved battery life, brighter screen, longevity and better outdoor visibility,
      In comparison with the one x, photos compared between the 2 show the one x looking blurry and washed out compared to the amoled, although the lcd2 does offer superior whites, the response time, contrast and colour reproduction does’nt compare. also the batterylife of that amold is better for everything but webbrowsing, and it still pulls 5.5 hours of doing that.

      The plastic is the same high grade treated polycarbonate of the one x, from all accounts so far people prefer the appearence and build quality of the one x, no shame in that its a very sexy phone indeed, but the gs3 actually feels more comfortable to hold, thanks to the neat rounded design, is thinner and that design also enables extra features such as the removable battery, micrSD slot, and optional batteryextender, wireless charging,etc etc.

      The software by all accounts is buggy as hell on the one x, the camera pics are goodbut not as detailed as even the galaxy note, the video the same, and it also only shoots a 22fps..which means it lags.

      Performance blows the S2 out of the water, even when both running ICS, ive actually ordered one for this wednesday…woop!

    • Steve Jobs

      You won’t appreciate the design until you actually hold it in your hand. Trust me.

      Hardware buttons should always be on a phone. All touch is not really smart since you can’t operate it without looking at it.

      The pentile display is not like the pentile you’re used to because of the extremely high ppi on the S3.

      To my surprise, the camera is actually better than the htc one x according to every reviewer.

      S Voice is hardly a gimmick. It is a god send to be able to wake up your phone by speaking to it, which is a mind blowing convenience when you’re driving or waking up in the morning.

      I love Touchwiz, and so do many people I personally know.

      Touchwiz happens to be the smoothest, lightest, and most intuitive and feature packed UI out of all the Android skins.

      HTC’s Sense is really bloated and laggy, while looking really cartoonish and old fashioned.

  • Nklenchik

    It’s display is better than the Galaxy Nexus? That makes no sense unless you’re talking about screen size….

    • I did compare it side by side with a nexus.
      Both looks similar, but the pixel density difference and red lcd does make the S3 more pleasing to the eye. and softer to the eyes a well.

  • samster11

    Does anyone know whether the S3 can still use Android Beam with other ICS phones?

    • samster11

      I guess not! :)

      • Yes you can. But S Beam works better.

        • samster11

          Thanks Randy. Problem is S Bean only works with the S3 so it’s good that ‘default’ ICS beam still works with other devices…

  • Jangael_23

    I think you got paid…hehe, 4 me, no matter how good the device and the features are, as long as its a copy cat, it would look and feel cheap, trying hard and fake… from water ripple wallpaper whom they just changed the background to s-voice,,,what you say may be true,I would still prefer iphone or htc one x which has class and originality! BAM!!!

    • I wish i was paid to do so, but i wasn’t.
      There are reasons why Samsung ships the most smartphones AND mobiles…
      One of them is that they learn from their mistakes, and change.

      They don’t offer free bumpers to hopefully sweep problems under the carpet, nor ignore complaints about their multitasking bugs.

      But hey, there are people who love FREE bumpers and a LACK of accountability.

      • Jangael_23

        Can u honestly say that samsung aint a copy cat or that most of their designs are original? 4 me copying is no different from stealing, well dts just me.

        • I can’t say that they are 100% original.
          Neither can anyone say anything in the market is 100% original.
          Nope, not even the iphone. There are phones released prior to the iphone with capacitive touch screens. So based on your logic, Apple stole that too?

          Like i said earlier, if you want to point flaws, nothing man made is perfect.
          You seem to be beating around the bush with no points to make, except to trash talk the S3.

          • Sayan

            jangael, its ur choice if u like it or not but have u ever asked that even IPHONE is a copy of the first phone made. that means that its actually stealing…u must think bfore u post

        • Zk_yong

          haters will hate.like that lets take a look at ios shall we?ios5 the so called ‘revolutionary new features’,god knows how many % is taken from android!notification bar?!please nobody creates something that nobody copies.if evrybody thinks like you there will be 1 car maker,1 tv maker etc…

    • How is it a copy cat? What does it copy? iPhone? No, not even a little tiny bit. The One X? Hardly..

      • Jangael_23

        duh! can anyone as dum as this rrrobust robo whatever talk some sense to it.

    • Pwned

      I can see how the iPhone has class

      but the HTC looks like a cheap CHINESE KNOCK OFF of the Lumia.

      No originality there. Looks like HTC is trying too hard to be like a Samsung or an Apple.

      • Terrence Greene

        I actually perfer the design of the one x. It really is a better design. It had a removable batter sd storage and well more memory it would destroy the s3.

        granted i love the s3 and im gonna get it.. but the one x despite its flaws looks and feels much better in the hand.

  • yeah.. I’m sure this the Best android smartphone ever made! want to have this phone. but with money It’s difficult to me.but now I’m so excited to have this. so however I try to have this and experience this amazing phone. what an amazing phone! ;)

  • Paul Kim

    Nice review :D

  • So it is better than HTC One X?

    • GerStud101

      “Honestly, i’m speechless. I love everything about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s modern, it’s human and it’s closest to being perfect that I think a smartphone could ever be. To see Android having come this far, leaves me in awe. It’s display is the best I have ever witnessed – better than the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, iPhone 4S, or that of any mobile device I have ever laid eyes on. Its speed and fluidity of operation are unrivaled, and near instantaneous. Despite its relativley large size, it is remarkably well balanced in the hand, and feels fantastic to the touch. It is, in my opinion, the best Android device – no – the best Smartphone – ever created.”

    • Guest

      Obviously, according to almost every reviewer out there.

    • The S3 is definitely superior. The One X is only better in a few areas, such as:
      Screen (non-pentile 720p RGB LCD)
      Performance (Dual core Snapdragon S4 is still more capable than anything with 4 cores)
      Network (LTE)
      Design (Not a Nexus with a button)
      Software (Not a version of Touchwiz identical to the last 4)

      But you know, nothing important.

  • julian

    whats wrong with plastic?
    -because its leightweight?
    -because its flexible?
    – because it can have different characteristics?

  • bruv, you sound like an android in this video.

  • Haiderjawed

    @ Randy Khoo

    Very nice review there

    Just had ONE query
    How do you compare the screen of the S3 vs the HTC ONE X’s screen (assuming you have used it in person as videos and pics dont do it justice).
    The HTC screen is simply superb and I wonder how the S3’s screen stacks up to it ?

    • Randy Khoo

      In terms of colour accuracy, no amoled screen can match ips or slcd.
      The HTC one x has one of the best screens, but it too has many multitasking problems and battery concerns.
      The s3 will give you saturated colours, which isn’t accurate in terms of real world colours.
      But amoled is more pleasing to look at.
      Fonts also won’t be as crisp as slcd, though I doubt that will bee a deal breaker

  • hemanthjava

    Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Amazon for $799 and up, ships June 1.


    • Terrence Greene

      ssssssssss…… ouch… 500 hell yea.. 600.. hmmm.. ok.. 700.. really….. 800.. you gotta be kidding me.

  • Jafvs150

    After watch your video,i’m started to think to buy s3,before this,i really want to buy one X,but after watch it,i think maybe s3 the choosen one.nice review from lengchai lived in PJ..never expected that..

  • Superb review…very detailed one ..thanks alot

  • Tester

    Video snapshot is full resolutions… When fhd recording. The res
    olution of picture is wide 6M.. When vga. It is 8M resolution.

  • Ronnieuk1

    I have had the pleasure of holding both the one x and the GS3 in my hands and I would say the one x has a better screen although I was well impressed with what sammy had produced.

  • TheRealChizz

    that guy breathes really hard! lmfao #Random

  • Damn I hate Samsung soo so soo much. I got yesterday the message from where I bought my SGS3 telling me that I have to wait 1-2 weeks for my pebble blue :'(
    I can’t wait another 2 weeks !!!!


      Would you like one without a back cover instead?

      • Surely not, but the reason I hate them is that they should have tested that new color and all the stuff months ago, not find out 2 days before the release that the back cover have problems. Hope you know what I mean. We all expected SGS3 at WMC 2012 in Barcelona, but they didn’t presented it. We expected the launch in May 3, they released the phone and announced that they will sell it starting 29 May (another disappointing news). Now, what the hell they done before 3-29 May ?



  • Androidguy

    Seriously a 43 minute video review? Fuck that

  • Marco

    I just hope the U.S. version lives up to all the hype. People don’t get caught up with the hype just yet until you have the phone in your possession because you are just setting up yourself for a letdown. From what I’ve seen in this review along with others the Galaxy S III looks good but my question is: is this a revolutionary device as was the first Apple iPhone a few years back? or is this just the next thing for the next 6months until something else comes out? No one has had this phone long enough to really troubleshoot it and find out what flaws it has. All mobile phones have flaws, some more than others. The Galaxy S II was a solid device and I expect the S III to follow in its footsteps. I’m not expecting any major leaps and bounds in this version. What is the last phone that blew anyone away? There was a ton of hype around the iPhone 4S, 5. That fell short of my expectations. Maybe it’s me and my standards are just too high. Lets wait and see how the S III does before we crown it “best smartphone ever made”.

  • hanshi

    I have one and I love it already!!! Many things to learn still but I will get there one of these days hehhee!

  • Great review Randy! Because of your article, you helping me to decide to go for Samsung Galaxy S III.

  • I found there to be only one dissapointment. And thats the screen….in direct sunlight. still too much reflection….other that…fantastic “phone”


    • B Brandon B

      Agreed, this is the ONLY flaw. Poor in sunlight

  • Bob Hanuman

    I prefer the curved design and no bloatware of the Google Nexus. Overall at the moment I like the Lumia 900 because of the amazing fresh interface and tight office integration. The S3 design just feels last generation no matter how good it is from a spec standpoint.

  • I have both the 0ne X and The Sg3..I prefer the One X…Yes,the Exynos is without doubt King but the difference between the 2 speed wise is not that apparent..You notice in the speed which it opens apps which are lightning fast..Screen is bright on the Sg3 but i must say The One X screen beats it by a long long way… Also,the build quality on SG3 is not the best..It feels nice in the hand but does like mid range which i dislike immensely..But it is a matter of taste both phones are amazing plus both have their faults either way these are the best phones out there…

  • I think the samsung galaxy s3 has many new features that leads the market in human intelligence social features such as social tag, s voice, s beam ,pop up play, I love it. http://buysamsunggalaxys3.info/samsung-galaxy-s3/

  • Nck7777

    sure I will buy the S3 althgough I have the S2 but what I want to know did Samsung improved the S3 as to read Arabic where S2 unable to? Waiting to have it in hand to discover

  • FullMetalEG

    Best review of the GS3, i think alot of people who tryed to review the phone left out alot of bullet points. I was sold on the hardware from day one but after this review i can see how solid the GS3 was built.

  • Sams Ann

    Highly over-rated review. the review is as though the guy has been paid to promote the phone. i feel the design is jus cheap. and some pf the features mentioned like the smart call from msg have been in phones since ages. the pricing is just too much. the only thing to boast for is ICS. even quad core is not as appealing as the output is still 1.4GHz and it consumes a lot of battery. S-voice is again available in most of the smart phones. i feel this is an eye wash for the readers and they must see other rewiews too.

  • KeithOYS

    Great review, Randy!
    Thanks so much for bringing us in-depth into the Mighty SGS3!

  • Joshi R
  • Is this a review or an advert? I can’t even tell.

    Sure, it’s a nice phone, but the sum of its parts seems to add up to less than that of a lot of other phones out there at the moment, such as the One X.

  • Nah. I don’t think you can say that it’s the best phone ever made. Better phones will come pretty soon and this is constantly changing.

  • Thanks for the beautiful review Randy. I would like to get this device now

  • Patriots4734

    Looks like a big iPhone. Color, home key, samsungs gonna get sued. Again.




    but htc one x and samsung galaxy s3 are pretty equivalent in performance. but the htc one x is a far superior phone in terms of product design. it is better better designed and higher quality than the s3. the s3 is just ugly, cheap looking and plasticky. htc one x – the better smartphone. BAM!!!!

  • Thyrdrail

    you all need to read this review of galaxy s3. much more professional and thorough. engadget accurately favors the ONE X over the s3 and explains why – one big reason being that the ONE X overall is a better designed and better quality phone:


  • A feature that no one talk about is that the front camera can do HD record video. Also the galaxy s2 you can do voice command to update your twitter or facebook status.

  • Dee

    Excellent review and such a thorough video. Brilliant.

  • SilverIsle

    Hi. May I ask how do you put the S Planner icon on the weather widget on the home screen? Thank you very very much.

    • It seemed to add it on its own. Not sure how that works. I’ve returned the review set.
      Sorry mate. You might just have to pop to a store (or try it on your own phone).

  • Lord_summerisle

    What an irritating reviewer. Is it possible for this guy to gush any more!? It’s a mobile phone, not a woman, you cretin!

    • Michael

      Summerisle: What a rude, unjustified and childish comment! There’s nothing wrong with the review at all. Not a single remark relates to describing a woman at all. If you can’t understand passion in any sense other that relating to women you’re sick.

      Grow up. There’sOnly one cretin here – and it’s you.

  • Ninaizurin

    love the review! superb! i was thinking in getting Note..tot i needed to change to a bigger screen..reading your review however makes me certain on what to get!

  • Guest

    Really liked the review. Thank you!

  • SimonSP

    Thanks Randy for the great review!!
    I’d like to ask about the audio performance. I’m kinda an audiophile in a light way and use a separate device for music playing when Im on the go because Im not happy with the audio performance and battery life of smartphones. I heard the S3 has a Wolfson audio chip and also uses Sound alive eq to improve acoustics. I’ve even seen reviews compare it with MP3 players. so whats your opinion on the music playing?

    • SimonSP

      Is this the All-in-one device we’ve been waiting for? Or will we have to wait for the Sony GX… or maybe the forbbiden fruit called iphone5..
      Oh.. incase people dont know this already in S. Korea we get 1.4Ghz exynos Q + 2GB ram + DMB for LTE versions but the S3 gets fat(?) 9.0mm and 136g. Love the Homeland!!!

  • Love this phone. Thanks for the review. We actually went through this review quite a few times in order to do our own video review. Check us out.


  • andy b

    This is killing me…get a free HTC One S from T-Mobile this weekend, or wait for the S3? Aaaahhhh!!!

  • Fadkar

    I have a galaxy note and so far i love it but i really.want the s3. However i live in the US so the s3 won’t be quadcore:( although im sure there will be some performance gain from the s3 to s4 processor?

  • Thank you Randy. Most reviews I read tend to back handedly applaud the item which is being reviewed. You’ll hear things like “fastest phone ever” and two sentences later a phrase like “slow to open…” appears describing something about the same device. I appreciate your honest and personal assessment of this device and look forward to the arrival of our S3s. My wife and I are both leaving our Droid X handsets for the newest member of the Samsung family.
    I’ve read through multiple reviews, but this was the first well rounded, hands on with photos and video. It’s nice to see the product responding real time to everyday use and not just the semi-controlled environment of a public launch. I understand things can and will go wrong, but overall, I was pleased with what I saw in a regular location being reviewed by a regular person.
    This review cements the fact that purchasing S3s for upgrades was a wise choice. I honestly can’t wait for my phone to arrive July 11th and see for myself what this device is capable of. Some reviewers called it the “flagship” of smartphones for Verizon. After viewing your assessment, it would seem they may be right after all.

  • cool like it

  • Velmurugan

    Video Calling Feature missing!!!
    USA Samsung S3 has all the features expect the Video calling.

    Other versions of SGS3 still have the video call option in contacts or even in keypad.. so that you can directly do video call for the contact person by phone. no need of any third party application. it is same as iPhone 4S.

    but not sure why US versions doens;t support this feature.

  • pree

    Hi i jst had a question. How do you get the birthday symbol on the accuweather on samsung galaxy s3. I have tried by putting the bday’s in the splanner but i still dont get the birthday symbol on the accuweather. Is there a way to do it. I have tried searching for it on the net but i cant find anything. It would be great if you could tell me how to do it.


    • if the widget is on your homescree, tap on it.
      Once you’re inside the app, go to menu-> setting -> event notification and select ‘contact’s birthday’

  • markah2007

    ive had an s3 for about a week now its an amazing phone so fast and the touch screen so smooth the camera is amazing compared with my iphone however i do personally think the iphone is more straight forward and user friendly its simple how u want it this is complicated at times and sometimes i want my iphone back as it felt nicer to use and more day to day friendly. on this it feels like a hard task to do something as simple as uninstall an app on iphone its so quick and simple, but all the very good intelligent parts of the s3 make up for all the faults i love the way you can swipe a contact left or right to txt or call or you can just lift the phone to your ear, however i personally think the eye recognition system is useless and dosnt work over all id give it 9/10 id give my iphone 8.5/10 so not much better but faster and easier to use

    • B Brandon B

      Install go launcher and you can uninstall just like iPhone (long press icon). Folders will include app icons in the same fashion as well. Not to mention you can choose from thousands of themes and different screen icons

  • Leili

    it,s the best phone ever!!!!

  • Ameya Bhagwat

    Wonderful review! And one of the few genuine reviews I have ever come across, I must say. Because I have seen a lot of writers bash this stupendous piece of beauty by Samsung needlessly. The other day I came across a review where the person concerned said Samsung have failed terribly compared to HTC, who have created History with One X. Please. As an all-rounder, the Galaxy SIII is light years ahead of HTC One X, or, as this unbiased reviews says, any other phone in the market there is, or there ever was.
    Hats off to this review for saying how it is, for writing what it is.

  • avninja

    I have to say i love this phone. It does everything my iphone never will and it is extremely intuitive!

    The S voice stills seems gimmicky. I cant stand it but i could really care less about it… i like handling the phone and going through the menus, etc.

    The wifi isn’t very stable. I have to restart my router and phone at least once each a day for a solid connection. I tried turning wifi power saving (*#0011#)
    Nothing seems to solve this annoying issue. Tried everything i know, and the internet knows…. not a lot of wifi love.

    I’d give the phone a 9.5

    • B Brandon B

      Grab a new router, don’t blame the phone. It’s not the phone

  • I bought my “NOTE” yesterday… However, after your AMAZING and INFORMATIVE review, I shall be exchanging it tomorrow for the S III. WOW!!! From “tap tap tap” to go to the top of a screen, to 20 burst photos, to alphabetizing apps, this sounds like the PERFECT phone for me! (I’m an ADHD mom of 3 with many schedules.) LOL. I also breed puppies – and have been waiting desperately for YEARS for a digital and/or cell phone camera with ZERO shutter lag !!! Taking pictures of puppies and babies shall be a snap with the Galaxy S3. Bye-bye, Note – You’ve been a cumbersome friend with messy homes screens for 24 hrs, and too wide for my little hands to make calls comfortably. Can’t wait for a brand new day when I can get my little hands on my new S3!!! ~ Karen Mac.

  • the first time i had read this review, i thought it sounded extremely biased until I played with one in person, and this guy isn’t over exaggerating or be biased at all, its the first smartphone I’ve played with since the iPhone 3G that screamed out of this world. and it really comes down to the screen, i’ve seen the One X and thought it was the most gorgeous thing ever, even more so than the 4S I had, but this display tops even the PS Vita. Its hard to comprehend it at first and going back to anything less is like a kick in the throat!

  • Jetmechanicdave

    Its the best smart phone made hands down!!!!!!

  • jaguirre

    My S3 is a absolute BEAST!! SOLD MY 4s and am very happy!! Best smartphone ever with the HTC evo lte coming in second!!!Great review!

  • Tim Stover

    I purchased the S3 recently and I’m amazed with all it can do….Not thoroughly familiarized with it yet….Had trouble setting up the voice commands with it…and the screen does tend to sleep even when looking at it….