Info roundup: Samsung Galaxy S3 in Europe – prices, availability, and carriers

May 4, 2012
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    Galaxy S3

    European readers, how eager you are to get your hands on the Galaxy S3? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, we know that most of you are uber-excited over Samsung’s beautiful new flagship phone. To make the wait easier, check out our hands-on coverage, our Galaxy S3 spec list, and our event pictures.

    Now, let’s get down to business. Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S3 will be available in Europe by the end of May. But we’ve gone the extra mile to bring you a roundup of the information we have on the pricing, availability, release dates, carriers, and versions of the Galaxy S3 in Europe, including major markets such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and others.

    That’s a lot of information in here, and we’ll keep this post update with even more news. Also, we have a similar Galaxy S3 round up for the United States, so check it out if you are interested.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 European carriers and availability

    There are a multitude of carriers around Europe, but a handful of really big ones, most of which will mostly carry the Galaxy S3. We are talking about Vodafone (present in the UK, Germany, Italy, Romania, the Netherlands, and others), Orange (present in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and others), O2 (in UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic), T-Mobile and others.

    Vodafone is set to be the first carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB and the exclusive 32GB version, white and blue), starting on May 29. The 32GB version will be exclusive to Vodafone for a month. In Europe, unlike the US, carriers seldom have exclusivity for the major devices, so expect to see the S3 on all major networks.

    Here’s what we know so far about the Galaxy S3’s availability in major European countries:

    Galaxy S3 availability in UK

    Release date: May 29

    Available on:

    • Vodafone
    • Orange
    • Three
    • Carphone Warehouse (first 1000 pre-orders (pay monthly) get a free Galaxy Tab and a free car charger)
    • Phones4U

    Pricing: not yet available for contracts. Off-contract, the device is listed from £499.95.

    Galaxy S3 availability in Germany

    Release date: May 29

    Available on:

    • Vodafone
    • Phone House

    Pricing: not yet available for contracts. Off-contract, the device is listed from €597.

    Galaxy S3 availability in France

    Release date: May 29

    Available on:

    • Orange
    • SFR
    • Bouygues Télécom

    Pricing: not yet available for contracts. Off-contract, the device is listed from €649.

    Galaxy S3 availability in Italy

    Release date: May 29

    Available on:

    • Vodafone
    • TIM

    Pricing: not yet available for contracts. Off-contract, the device is listed from €600.


    We’re working hard to make our way through all the Galaxy S3 offers in major European countries. We’ll update this post with more info. Let us know if you get any details that we didn’t catch!


    • MichalSG

      The new Galaxy is finally here and looks good! Thank you for your support and likes :)

    • Bulgaria

      Thanks for that information!

    • Hennie007

      What about South Africa?

    • Amine Elouakil

      649€ for the 16gb version in France where as the One X is at 549€ and getting tons of promotions way to go Sammy no wonder HTC stock are up by 20points or over 4,3% and still clibing right now

    • costs of surgery

      The best cell phone I think this is and let see how buyers react.

    • sadfsdf sadfsdfsdf

      you want us to pay premium money?
      then give us premium hw&sw and PREMIUM looks using PREMIUM materials.
      Iphones despite their rather dull specs get to be boasted around as STATUS SYMBOLS because they look nice.

      you already are way past dull specs, FIRE YOUR DESIGN TEAM!!
      put your PREMIUM hw&sw specs in a PREMIUM shell so that your customers won’t be laughed at as paying PREMIUM price for CHEAP finish/builds!

    • sadfsdf sadfsdfsdf

      since we are preparing and researching for a better phone if indeed this phone fails to meet our expectations once reviews comes in and even we ourselves get to hold it, the obvious other option is the htc one x.

      we should do our research before we shelve out hard-earned money:
      like this one, htc one x having issues already :(

      [Q] HTC one X yellow spot (tint) display issue, any one find?

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      what about sweden?

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      650€ is way too much….let’s hope it will cost around 590€

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      btw Portugal doesn´t have Orange but Vodafone

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      What about Sri Lanka (South Asian Countries)

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        Ya I also want it to come to sl pretty fast!

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      Any news on which countries will carry the LTE/4G version? Specifically whether it will be available in the Nordic countries?

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      Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Amazon for $799 and up, ships June 1.

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      what about Tenerife Spain????

    • ecof

      Hey…what’s the price of an S3 in Madrid. Also, is the sapphire black colur variant available?
      Do you get this only with Orange, or can I buy the phone separately and get to choose the best provider. Sorry, but I’m unaware of how things work in Spain. I’m going there for a one-year study. I’m contemplating buying the S3 from my country and then going there as against buying the phone there itself.

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        Hey..could throw some light on the question I asked above?

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      what is the price of Sumsung S III?