Samsung Galaxy S II Release Date and Pricing Revealed

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 28, 2011

[UPDATE: May 3rd, 2011]

The release date for the UK, Germany, and the rest of Europe has been pushed to early May. For those you from the US, it’s likely it will be released on major carriers like Verizon as early as July 14. Read our full article here.

It’s still looking like it will take some time for this amazing piece of technology to hit North American shores. It’s slated for release sometime in July in Canada, and you can read more about that here.

Performance Unleashed

Read our full review on the Samsung Galaxy S II’s performance – as it’s looking like the most powerful smartphone in the world currently available.

Check out this video for an idea of what this phone is like

Samsung Executives were joking that it might actually go on sale in Canada (at least through a carrier) earlier than the US.

While initial reports back in early April indicated the Samsung Galaxy S II would be priced somewhere north of $800, it appears as though things are finally heading south towards the much more reasonable area of $600-$699. The Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Android 2.3 Gingerbread Smartphone will be released at some point in the beginning of May 2011. The 16GB version unlocked version will be priced somewhere in the range of $599- $699 USD, while the price of 32GB variant remains unknown.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S II is looking to be one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, but who cares? This phone is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to get it. What we are talking about here is a phone that can take 1080p video at 30fps, has arguably the most advanced display on it, runs the fastest, and is the lightest and thinnest of any smartphone out currently. To top it off, early adopters are all over the forums saying that the battery life is fantastic. We all know this phone is packing amazing hardware, but it will have to get picked up by a carrier (like AT&T) and be priced somewhere in the $199-$249 range for it to sell like hotcakes.

Check out of our review of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II, i9100) here.

We’ve also compared the Motorola Atrix and the Samsung Galaxy S2 here

Also, it appears that the radio inside the Samsung Galaxy S2 will enable it to properly function on AT&T’s network, so it’s likely it will be offered their soon, and thankfully, probably subsidized by a healthy amount. In Canada, it will function on Rogers, Bell, and Telus’ HSPA+ networks, and be able to receive healthy download/upload speeds. No word yet on whether it will function on T-Mobile, but we will keep you posted as soon as we know.

What do you think – the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Motorola Atrix?

For an extra bonus – look how the Samsung Galaxy S II doesn’t even break a sweat under heavy browser usage, with full flash running on multiple tabs:

Check out the newly updated info we’ve just received on the Samsung Galaxy S II release dates here


Anyone getting one? Think it’s better than the iPhone?

  • The REAL Joe Blow

    At $1,000 Samsung won’t sell very many of them if any, but really, it’s not even available in Europe yet where it was announced for release in May at MWC last month. And even there, the phone prices haven’t been officially released, it’s all pre-order speculation at this point. There’s no official or even unofficial info on availability for North America, so likely they won’t be available here till late in the year; let alone reliable info on NA pricing.

    I’d expect that this will have to go for $199 subsidized on a 3 year contract to be competitive, which I’d certainly be willing to pay as a maximum, but not a dime more. If it’s in the $250 to $300 range, I’d go with the Atrix and just wish that Samsung had been more realistic with their pricing, because based on the reviews to date, this is going to be *THE* phone to have in 2011, but price does matter.

    BTW, in Canada it will also work on MTS Allstream’s HSPA+ network scheduled to go live March 31, and also on Sasktel’s HSPA+ network that was lit up lat fall.

    Hopefully Canadian carriers take this phone seriously and make it available to their customers – we have a pretty poor track record to date in getting the best available technologies…

    • Twon Solo

      over pricing could totally hurt sales of this phone, bell had the atrix on sale at $99 on contract a couple weeks ago. hard to say ‘no’ to a deal like that.

      • Ramchandrareddy123

        what is the locked piece cost of samsunga galaxy 2 in usa????

        • Pmillson

          Got one for my wife,myself ,my 10 and 12 year old with 3 year contracts. Out the door from costco here in Canada for all 4 was 275 dollars. 200 more for 3 year extended warranty. believe me it kills the I phone on so many levels. Picked them up August 1st

          • boo

            With what company? Is Bell the only one selling it right now?

        • Pmillson

          Got one for my wife,myself ,my 10 and 12 year old with 3 year contracts. Out the door from costco here in Canada for all 4 was 275 dollars. 200 more for 3 year extended warranty. believe me it kills the I phone on so many levels. Picked them up August 1st

    • p1gnone

      The REAL Joe Blow: “Samsung won’t sell very many of them if any, but really, it’s not even available in Europe yet where it was announced for release in May at MWC last month. And even there, the phone prices haven’t been officially released, it’s all pre-order speculation at this point.”

      …and after 55 days on sale [outside of North America] 3 million sold, the best samsung initial sales ever. I just hope AT&T with its SGS1.5 Infuse will not skip it; that Attain rumors are not false rumors.

  • Wow Guys!

    European prices are just that. They are not north american prices. This phone will not be over 699.99 there isn’t a phone in Canada that costs over that other then the iPhone.

    This is a pretty amateur mistake to make coming from a site called the Adroid Authority.

    • Darcy Alexander

      Of course, the price is subject to change. Just like the Real Joe Blow indicates, this pricing is highly speculative, and for pre-orders. Typically, high end, highly sought after devices fetch ridiculous prices as pre-orders. When the Samsung Galaxy S II finally hits North American shores, it is highly likely it will go for $599.99 off contract, and 199.99 for a three year in Canada, or $249.99/$199.99 for a two year contract in the USA. Just my thoughts.

      And yes, Europeans pay significantly more than we North Americans do. Also, it seems like it will still take some time for it to come Stateside, and most definitely after the release of the Droid Bionic.

    • pjamies

      I know that your comments are from months ago, but the phone is available in Canada right now (tho not with a carrier)
      In Toronto, go to Pacific Mall (Steeles & Kennedy) and you can find it.
      And YES it is expensive !! $700.00 (unlocked)
      I did find it for $690.00, you can probably haggle the price down a little ..
      It is brand new in box .. and looks fantastic and super light and thin !!
      If you pay cash there is not tax, so the price is what you pay …

      Just thought I would pass that on !!

  • Austin

    American phones are generally sold with 2 year agreements, not 3.

  • nguiejgqiojfwioejf

    Is there a confirmation on the phone coming to Canada, eh?

  • phonatic

    1000$ is an unacceptable amount, even for sum1 like me(waiting desperately).

    ~1000 $-equivalent, is how much the smart phone would cost in India. (PS: No market beats India at S*%#$^! consumers).

    Get sensible Samsung!!! You are already lagging behind (in time). Get em out for $500/600(16/32GB)… ASAP!

    @AndroidAuthority: Thanks for the info.


  • anything beyond US $ 500 not acceptable.

  • Porfirio

    These samsung people must be crazy. Why should I pay 8 hundred bucks for a phone like that when I can get an iPhone for less. I will give them 200 gasukis for that thing, take it or leave it. I can buy atrix for a hundred bucks now.

    • Joel

      Because this phone blows the iphone out of the water in terms of technical specs. The iphone is already obsolete compared to current hardware like the g2x and skin to be released t-mobile sensation. I’m not justifying the high price tag, but this phone is far more valuable than the iphone.

    • KEYZ

      NO these samsung ppl are not crazy. there must be a mistake because I too will never except a phone beyond 800 bucks. It might be around 200 to 300 THE MOST.
      there are some reasons why iphone is cheaper than galaxy s II since most of the critics say that galaxy s II has more options and better qualities I guess. Half of the ppl like iphone and half likes galaxy s II . they are comparing both samsung and iphone these days since iphone 5 will be coming out soon. But I guess I go w/ galaxy s II :p

  • K0rsan

    I think that with a contract of 2 years in the US the cost will drop to $250 or less. This smartphone is a BEAST it’s a Dual Core 1.2Ghz using Gingerbread 2.3.3. He can easily beat the iphone 4 cause his processor is only 800 Mhz and for sure the iphone 5 cause he will get a processor around 1Ghz or less. The Tegra processor that Samsung use is preparing a trip-core processor “Tegra 3” soon we will have a smartphone with 3 cores another New Lamborghini … Welcome to the Tegra and Android World guys !

  • droid

    I’m buying the s II pre-order or release day. It will be my first smart phone. I don’t care the cost, the specs are insane. I think Apple filed their lawsuit against Samsung because they fear this phone…and that just makes me want it more.

  • ultimatekaos

    I think that paying a dime over $800 is too much!!

    • Guest

      then fuck your face and gtfo. or go steal one, cunt face.

  • pHyRe

    just letting everyone know, its nowhere NEAR $1000, hasnt been released in usa yet but mobilecityonline says 700, i mean its 900 in australia and stuffs always expensive here now cuz the dollars strong

    • Yourekidding

      Ahh dude the dollar being stronger means the price of something thats imported should be lower not high as you indicated. Higher aussie dollar makes aussie made things more expensive for people to buy from us. The reason you might be confused is because Australia gets bent over by overseas companies and local retailers that DON’T reduce products pricing to keep it in line with the higher Australian Dollar.

  • kur

    Samsung gone nuts. Who would pay for that price while Atrix cost mere 130.00 or less with 3 yr contract. For nearly $1K, those who could afford it, will wait for a few months to get Apple iPhone5 instead. I bet ya, HTC and LG will release same, if not better, within a few weeks. Samsung will end up losing more than gain.

    • Justin

      Nexus 3 is ganna rape that shit

    • Atooston

      yeah, i think they are selling it to expensive

  • mat

    For one, all this talk on pricing is a waste of time since nobody knows what it will be priced at and you are all making assumptions based on foreign market pricing which has nothing to do with North America. Second, this phone Blows anything else out of the water and is like many are saying, futureproof which means you won’t be needing to upgrade in a year because your phone can no longer keep up with the apps. Lastly I was a big fan of the Atrix and still think it’s a great phone but it’s not in the same league as the GSII and the reason why they are selling for so little isn’t because moto is more reasonable with pricing but mostly because they aren’t selling any and are reducing pricing to sell them. I think the Atrix, altho not because it deserves it, will be the most dissapointing in sales this year. Oh well … so GSII where are you ? I’m Waiting.

  • Nick

    You guys are hilarious complaining about its price. DON’T BUY IT THEN. People who can afford this miraculous piece of art will raise up their sales mark LOL

  • venomriser

    How much does the phone cost? im asking without any carrier attachment to it..just the phone price….

  • Robert

    NO ONE UNDERSTANDS TH PRICE!!!!! it’s $800 BECAUSE the phone is international and is unlocked (meaning no contract) phones without a contract have prices 4x the original. ughh you people have to do your research. No it’s not a mistake and no it’s not the legitimate price. If you want a foreign phone you have to use it unlocked so you can mak the sim card compatible with the local area.

  • nader

    when is it coming to puerto rico

    • Honestabe

      Where is this place called Puerto Rico? Is that in Cuba?

      • Anti-TROLL

        dont be fucking trolling jew fuck. google maps

        • Jasonsosine

          your a fucking moron you dumb ass fuck why dont you suck one you fag

  • Max

    Does the galaxy s2 retain some of the original features on the galaxy s? For example the ablitiy to use the phone as a remote control for your samsung tv. Also have the release dates for North America been announced yet?

  • nader

    when is it coming to puerto rico and what is the price and also when is it coming to t mobile

  • Darn

    If price gonna be a problem….. Then why y’all not choosing recently released motorola bionic….. It got a 4G …while the samsung galaxy s II DOESN’T…..

    Also has a 4.5 inch huge screen…..

    It ain’t gonna cost like this shit… Huh

    • Honestabe

      Wrong it does have 4g

      • Rituparnaforfacebook

        it doesn’t have 4g

        • Atticus509

          Sorry, well not sorry, but it does. Sprint wil call it an Epic Touch 4G. Please notice the 4G in the name.

        • sempleking

          it does have 4G

  • codeRebelBase

    Is this out in US on AT&T yet????

    • Nick

      No, US doesn’t have a release date yet. Mid July for Canada though (woot!)

      • Incognito


        • jew

          september. check and sign up for updates on samsungs website.

  • Ameer

    When is it going to arrive to Israel !
    I can’t wait to buy it !!!
    and I don’t give any kind of attention to the price because no matter how it will cost to my point of view it would even cost more than the amount they might decide!

  • Visiteur

    Just spoke with a Bell rep and he told me that the Samsung S2 will be in stores on July 21th ! :)

    • Honestabe

      Today is July 24th and he lied to you.

      • Laura

        Actually, you are mistaken. It has been out in stores for the past few days now, check out their website.

        • Atooston

          did it release in usa???

          • Anonymous

            “Did it release in America?” will be the new running joke if something doesn’t happen soon over here. So pathetic.

  • Mat13

    I bought this awesome phone today in Quebec ( Canada) for 160 $ with a 3 year contract. It runs on bell 4g network and you could buy it for 600$ without any contract. So far I really enjoy my first android phone :D

    • Atooston

      really? mine is 3g….

  • MS

    Hi All, I Got my First Android Phone S G S2 today from Nairobi @ 665$….Amazing machine….

  • Jeton

    Hi Is there any programme for decoding this ???

  • checkmate

    its funny how people are comparing samsung to apple when samsung are the guys that make the iphones and samsung is making the iphone 5 and it will be there last phone they make since apple fired samsung cuz apple doesnt appreciate samsung copying there ideas and samsung really doesnt care about the lawsuit cuz they know that this phone will make billions of dollars and that more then enough money to cover damages if they lose in court which i doubt there gonna even lose cuz samsung aint even americans that usally love to copy in china and they know they can get away with it with no problems cuz thats there turf but may this be a big lesson in the usa companies that you should have made your phones in your own country dumb ass apple and now apple gonna start working with the tawian to make there chips so i bet you tawian will take notes and i bet you there gonna get sue by apple when tawian copies apple next.gen phone and appple is probably going to also work with sony for the camera which is not a good idea cuz then sony gonna copy and improve there new phone which should be a secret not let it leak on the internet but the samsung galaxy 2 is an iphone 5 just a little better on ram is all and for the camera will samsung always made good cameras so 8mp camera is great and android 2.3 is great as well but the security isnt that great like apple cuz apple all about security and there more advance when it comes to bug fixes and security and thats where android needs improvments and i know that android app market has alot of maleware and it isnt safe to download and i never really like 2.3 as much as i like honeycomb but thats to bad that it isnt ready for smartphones cuz the phones are not as powerful but now that this phone came out it looks like honeycomb and icecream arent to far from hitting the first smartphone which will own the industry and hurt iphone sells alot more then ever.congrats to samsung for you copy and paste good job cant wait to own one lol and i might have to buy the galaxy tablet i bet you its just like an ipad lol will it better be just like an ipad since samsung also makes apple ipad but this gave me a great idea if china or anyone can invent something i could copy you and i could make a fortune in america thanks in advance so please invent something already.but i just hope that this samsung phone gets release soon because i heard apple and microsoft have started a campaign to sue google,htc,and samsung and that this lawsuit will delay production.

    • Joe

      punctuation much?

    • Kitara

      If this sentence was said via word of mouth, I’m pretty sure 90% of the entire population in the world would pass out from lack of oxygen. The other 10% is our one and only checkmate and those little girls that can miraculously spit more words out in 10 seconds than Busta Rhymes could in 2 minutes while hyped up on Adderall and cocaine.

    • FashionTECH

      Learn something about distributing as well as technology, many companies just like car manufacturers buy from one source or from similar companies for parts. You also realize how contradictory you are to your own story by saying “Apple is mad at Samsung for copying their parts…” clearly a lack of sense there considering most the generic Samsungs scraps is what Apple pays to have used in their phones, so how are they copying their own technology when they arent creating their own parts to be used, if they did they wouldnt need Samsungs parts.. Apple wasnt the first person with a smart phone by a long shot, why everyone acts like the iPhone is the pentacle of smart phones is beyond me.

      Im glad you realize the iPhone 5 will be no different than this phone and the Galaxy SII will be slightly faster and better but not by much, but still better still a lot of irony in your story claiming they are that similar.

      Samsung does do in fact manufacturer some parts for the iPhone, is it major influence on what Samsung does or uses for themselves? of course not, Samsung still saves the best for them as with any billion dollar company, although they do in fact produce products that are used in the iPhone they are in no way the same as you would find in a high end Samsung phone, in other words like i said iPhone is paying for the technology but they arent getting the best of what Samsung has to offer, they save that for their company.

      I know the iPhone 5 will match closely but there will be a noticeable quality difference in almost every aspect versus its Samsung counterpart.

      Its like walking into a Lexus dealership, being told a Toyota is the same, not the case at all. although they do go through the same manufacturer for parts, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of Lexus built cars versus Toyota.

    • One phrase only, hmmm, and Samsung makes only the display and a chip I think

  • Denny

    I was going to buy one but by the time it gets released here (USA) the iphone 5 will have made it obsolete.

    • Cockberries

      oh really? cuz you know this phone has released over 3 million units over seas in its first few weeks. thats more than the iphone 4 total. so go fuck yourself if you wanna carress apple and its shitty products.

    • FashionTECH

      Seriously you iphone fanatics are a joke, most of you dont even realize whats in your phone but you are going to compare the two. You will soon realize the iPhone 5 will have probably barely the same Specs as the Galaxy SII just watch, i bet even crappier components though.. no matter what iPhone does Samsung has the best cameras in the world literally right now, im not sure if you have actually experienced a high end Samsung camera but it looks better than life itself and even in complete dark it is the same, looking better than my own eyes can see themselves, the processing power of Samsungs units let alone of even its cameras capabilities to smoothly translate in completely breath taking real life videos and photos is incomparable to any other competitor even the precious iPhone 4 soon to be 5..

      Didnt you guys learn from the iPad, why do you think they released iPad 2 so fast? because Android tablets were blowing them out of the water quickly. The iPhone 5 will be no different and the only reason they are even making the 5 is because Androids have once again been blowing the iPhone 4 out of the water in almost every category for a while now.

      You guys have fun spending your money on a company that isnt leading in the technological world anymore, Apple is slow now and they keep attempting to copy their competitors and it just isnt working out well for them because they arent catching up by a long shot.

      The Galaxy SII as much as i hate hyping phones, is truly breathtaking, just check, watch the comparison videos against all other top or soon to be released phones supposedly on the market now even HTC cant touch this Galaxy SII, Samsung has their products on lock down, they work well, there not one lacking component in them, great prices, durable phones overall exceptional in every aspect. For instance the Galaxy SII has a 2mp front facing camera, no other phone really has that you always buy phones nowadays feeling like damn this one thing could be a little better, for once with this phone you wont even question that let alone question getting the iPhone 5.

      I cant wait for the iPhone 5 to come out and be compared to this phone, for one im not going to wait for Apple with their slow asses to catch up to the Galaxy SII when i can just get one now and not worry about another phone for a good 4 years or hell ever again, seriously ive been trying to find something wrong with this phone and i cant, its practically perfect in every way and is the literal term of a beast.

      Im almost dead certain the iPhone 5 will have about the same specs of the Galaxy SII, i can rest assured the iPhone will have crappier cameras, crappier front facing camera, slow processor and practically the same crap as the iPhone 4 but slightly better with a better screen, iPad 2 all over again..

      Its one thing to give into hype but iPhone 5 hype is absurd. People are assuming it will be the best and they dont even know what it will have component wise, its just stupid. Unlike most people i actually know whats in what i buy, every little thing, i know iPhone 5 isnt going to be ground breaking it will be better than the iPhone 4 yea, a lot? no. Will it be better than the competitors? i really doubt it will be, like i said they are catching up.

      It will be a iPhone 4 with a 8mp camera, slightly better processor and slightly better screen, nothing Androids havent done for almost a year now and what Samsung has seem to perfected with the Galaxy SII.

      Im telling you just wait for it to come out, i mean for christ sakes the iPhone 4 cost $699 and it wasnt even leading the industry by any means let alone worth that price. i cant imagine how much the 5 will be, close to 1 grand… just ridiculous for a phone that isnt going to be any better than anything else on the market currently.

  • Denny

    They are selling in the USA on ebay and amazon now. Unlocked for $625 usd

  • Rituparnaforfacebook

    smartest smartphone ever,really used ,way better than mom’s iphone 4 .Truly speaking iphone 4 and galaxy s2 have no comparison.iphone 5 will be even better than s2 as sources divulge.

    • Animallover

      fuck iphone. come talk through my asshole, itll be the same experience as your beloved iphone 5.

    • cajun420blend

      You are a complete fucking dumbass, in case you didn’t realize this. The iPhone is, was, and always will be a sad attempt by a company that should’ve never started in the first place. All of Apple’s products that I have seen at some point in time, will always fuck up and stop working properly. They will never live up to Microsoft, Ubuntu, or anyone else in terms of computers, nor will they live up to the glory of HTC, Samsung, Pantech, (insert other prevailing brands here). I mean seriously, think for a moment, even Nokia has better phones out than Apple. Most of my phones have been made by Nokia and not a single one of them ever gave me problems plus, they always withstand the most ridiculous torture. (i.e. The Nokia Mural was my previous phone and I could literally throw it a good 50 yards or more skyward and it didn’t even have a scratch on it after plummeting to the concrete.)
      So let’s face the facts, your precious iPhone will be sent by God himself to the seventh layer of Hell to burn in eternal burning.

  • Slimfrd

    Its September, can anyone tell me when the Samsung S2 will be Released?

    • Herpiderpi

      go sign up for the updates on samsungs website. newb

  • Luzsolar

    Tmobile… when, oh when.

  • Tamm

    The new phone has really impressed me and i think that samsung has really stepped up their game. As far pricing wise goes i think it rediculously expensive. even though it is an amazing phone i wouldnt pay that much money for it.

  • why in hell did samsung change the way the s2 looks in india i love the way it look in usa

  • Wer

    iphone 4s

  • Mm

    i just want it in canada :(

  • its the coolest phone that i have used

  • Keisha Hester

    Hello, my name is keisha and i was wondering how much it costs in australian dollars without having a contract??

  • Anonymous

    I want to buy the Samsung galaxy 2. I have been checking prices for about a month. The time when T-Mobile introduced the phone. I have had 2 year contract quotes $229/79.99 month T Mobile. Best Buy $149/79.99 month T mobile service. The 79.99 month is everything unlimited.Speed slowing I believe at 2G but no extra charge. Sprint offers the Galaxy Epic 4G their version. but monthly cost was more. I was at a T-Mobile store today and they have a Black Friday special. Total of $449,00 but you give them $199.00 they rebate you money then they have $20/month payments(you can pay payments in full).My head was spinning. Sam’s Club 1 cent /2yr contract I didn’t check carrier .Black Friday deal if you live through the camping out and stampede the 1 cent is a great deal. I just don’t want any more contracts. Technology moves so fast and then I am stuck with a dinosaur phone. I’m hoping this phone will come down in price. E Bay sells it new and used 400-700.forgot those prices. I’ll give it awhile and hope like everything else the newness will wear off and it will sell for $199. I don’t think I’ll need more phone than this but they keep out doing themselves. Until then it is a waiting game for me and my wallet’

  • bests2deals

    This phone is a beast! I just got one last month from amazon and I’m still being wowed by what it can do! For the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy S2 visit