(Updated) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won’t come to Europe in 2015

by: Jimmy WestenbergAugust 13, 2015
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We’re here at Samsung’s Unpacked event in London, where the tech company has just unveiled the new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. While many of the availability details have yet to be released, we are hearing some bad news from some official Samsung reps at the London event.

Unfortunately, Samsung has no plans to release the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe in 2015. As for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, pre-orders will commence in the UK on August 18th, with the handset officially launching on September 4th.

Like I said, details are pretty scarce at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update this post as we learn more.


  • BOB


  • TheGreatDroid

    Samsung is leaving no stone unturned in order to completely screw with its user base. Would love to see how the sales of these enlarged S6’s go.

    • VersedNJ

      You do know the 6Edge+ cost more then the Note5?

      • Btort

        $100 more most likely…, UK customers will be forced to pay this since they might not reslease it there. I’d rather go for the NOTE4, much better than this CRAP

    • shima

      Indeed if your gonna sink a ship at least do it right. Yeah Samsung lets sink this ship!!!!!! (cries inside)

    • Ron Williams

      Wonder if we’ll see a bump in 6+ sales due to pissed off Sammy users over this?

  • Rekcus

    Haha, this must be a joke. But if they where to ask me they don’t need to release this phone at all. 3000mAh fixed battery, REALLY samsung?

  • Peter Balga

    Isn’t the unpacked event in New York ?

    • Jimmy Westenberg

      Yep. Josh and Lanh are at the New York event, and Nirave is attending the London event.

  • Cybertech

    Maybe they are fixing their big error and changing the hardware to add microSD support on the international model… one can dream…

    • GasPoweredCat

      or maybe they just felt like pissing people off a bit more!

  • mobilinnov_it

    It is a stupid decision…

  • Wjdzm

    I may be just dreaming but is samsung planning to come up with a new flagship line (category)…?

  • Alex

    No Note5 in Europe this f*cking year….what the f*ck Sammy???

  • Mark Farthing

    I’ve had an S3, Note 3 and Note 4, and I assumed I would get a Note 5 when the time came. But this is just taking the whatsit. I was already getting fed up with waiting for ever for software updates (Stagefright anyone?) but this puts the tin lid on it. Where do I place my preorder for a Moto X Style?

  • Chris Conway

    From the German news sources I have pieced together that market reasurch in europe showed that people bought the Note 4 for screen size and not for the pen. So there thinking is the s6 edge + will cover Europe’s needs. ABSURD! As a loyal note user I could accept the loss of battery and SD (power management is enough on my note 4, and the sd card issue was accepted because of the speed and architecture of the ssd). To say you won’t bring your phone to one of the world’s largest markets, as a loyal note user, I sadly might have to look elsewhere for my smartphone needs, sadly.

  • Joe Knaggs

    Sammy have really fucked up this time around. Note 5 is just an S6+ and it won’t come until next year in the UK. As a HUGE Note fan, I’me incredibly disappointed

  • jallamann41

    LOL i dont care, i have note 4 232GB anyway, so no need for me to downgrade my note 4 to note 5 ;)


    Really pissed off really wanted Note 5 have to wait months now… no way buying s6 edge + piece or sh*t.

  • Vero Nique

    Well, there is a good reason Samsung won’t release it in Europe. Before the announcement today they made a survey. Turns out noone is interested in an iPhone lookalike with non-removable battery.

  • Moto x style and nexus 6 2015 for the win!!!

  • shamesung

  • Tim

    At the launch, they said they listened to what customers wanted.. but no expandable memory.. if they were listening… they clearly ignored us… exploring other options now…

  • leeTronix

    Samsung obviously knows best by ousting an entire continent. I noticed it said for 2015 not 2016. Either way they have made things even worse for themselves.

  • Siralf

    Ams, wha, … I’m speechless. The Sammy guys are our of their minds, If they had die hard fans still, they were the Note Line guys, … What The Frak!

  • James Casserly

    Marketing via focus group. Never works. All they have done is alienate their core customers. I have bought every iteration of the Note, but now will stick with Note 4 until the batteries completely run down. Hopefully by then Samsung have seen sense and brought back the removable battery & micro sd card slot. If not, I’m sure some other manufacturer will fill in the gap.